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"Fear is pointless"
— Syridon Calibur

Spyridon Calibur (Spyridonキャリバー, Spyridon kyaribā) is a character in the Soul series and appears in The Soul Calibur Chronicles

Spyridon Calibur is basically the opposite of Spyridon Edge, except she is not actually living. Soul Calibur created her during the events of Soulcalibur IV to combat the rising amount of Malfested and to stop Soul Edge from once again having a wielder. She has the ability to purify/cure people of their malfestation.

Creation and afterwards

Spyridon Calibur (energy form) was created before the events of Soul Calibur IV. Soul Calibur realized that as long as there were malfested and Soul Edge shards, there would be Soul Edge. The only way to defeat the Cursed Sword was to destroy all traces of it. The way to do this was to purify malfested and liberate Soul Edge shards so that they were nothing but pieces of metal.

During her time she used her Aura to power up the Soul Calibur sword to defeat Nightmare as an assistant to Siegfried thats why the sword reconized Siegfried as the hero and the of her own vessel, after Siegfried (and spyridon calibur in aura form) defeated Nightmare she used her aura also to freeze both Nightmare and Siegfried to not let anyone got to harm anymore.

But the ice melted and Nightmare flied away to Astral Chaos and Siegfried followed him and defeated him once more with the help of Spysidon Calibur, but this time it was all of Spyridon's energy that took out of Soul Edge as it was breaking into pieces Spyridon Calibur used her last energy to transport the sword back to the Realm of Peace where it was layed to rest as it had to restore itself as it was able to create another life form from an Crystal Angel Feather as it was named The Guardian

Her duty was to protect Soul Calibur and Spyridon Calibur aslong as it was in the Orb to restore herself

As it was restoring itself Soul Calibur didn't feel it could rely on someone else to do this job, so it did what it needed to do and created someone to do the work. Thus, Spyridon Calibur had rested in the center of the Sword.

After some years of restoring Spyridon Calibur leaved the orb in which she came for her return to time period in 1607....

As it was taking her return to the human world it had to took a human form as she was looking with her aura she encountered a woman named Sakura as it was knowned that it used Soul Calibur one time it used her DNA-Structure to create her human form to enter the human world....

Nemesis Edge

Spyridon Calibur's energy comes from the Orb in the middle of Soul Calibur wich was created from the years when it was resting as Soul Edge was destroyed the calm returned to the spirit realm (knowned as the Realm of Peace) where Soul Calibu was resting.

But Soul Edge wasn't destroyed it happend that the evil sword took some of the energy of Soul Calibur before it was shattered to pieces the sword was created back as one again and as the creation of Spyridon Calibur was done sow was another creation made inside Soul Edge, This creature was everything opposite of Spyridon Calibur as it named itself: Nemsis Edge

This Nemesis Edge had one mission destroy Spyridon Calibur and take the energy of Soul Calibur for itself

Physical Appearance

Spyridon Calibur appears to be coloured the same as Soul Calibur (SCIV version). She is faded greys, blues and whites. She is also scantily clad for the most part, similiarly to Elysium.


The Personality of Spyridon Calibur s the opposite of Spyridon Edge she comes from the Orb in the middle of Soul Calibur, she has a pure soul and is against the existance of Spyridon Edge


As Soul Calibur (Two-handed sword) standing in the Ice after it defeated Nightmare its Orb lightted up and made a new vessel to defeat the powers of Soul Edge, Spyridon Calibur is now the user of Soul Calibur the sword once wielded by Siegfried



Thor Soundtrack - Ride to Observatory02:11

Thor Soundtrack - Ride to Observatory

Spyridon Calibur's Theme

Fighting Style

Memories of Soul Calibur's previous wielder..

Critical Edge

Track of Ice: Spyridon Calibur raises up her Sword and makes an Ice Track what will cause damage to her opponent

Series Appereances


  • Recongnizes Siegfried, as he was the previous Wielder of Soul Calibur....
  • Created by Soul Calibur (from inside the Orb)
  • As it had to choose a human form she used the DNA-Structure of Sakura to make her Humanic Form


Unlike Elysium, Spyridon Calibur is not Soul Calibur itself, but a humanoid figure created by Soul Calibur.


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