King Johnny Torkelsson is a Soulcalibur: Chronicles of the Sword fan character created by Johnnthemaster. What lies in his soul is Freedom.

[edit] History

There was a kingdom outside the other kingdoms called the blue kingdom it is symbolizad by the great pigeon.

King johnny as he appears in Soulcalibur III
Birthplace The Blue Kingdom
Birthdate January 23th, 1551

31(Soul Edge) 34 (SCI-SCII) 35 (SCIII) 40 (SCIV)

Height 6'4"
Weight 195 lbs.
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Zweihänder
Weapon name

Soul Calibur (SCIII

Soul Calibur (SCIV)

Fighting style

Self-Taught or Heavy sword


Unloaded uncle/ Jonny

Father/ King Anders (slain in war)

Mother (slain in war)

Master/ Jonny

friend/ Daniel

Brother/ King Marcus

Unknowned Brother/ John

Son/ John

Daughter/ Jenna

Appears in Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

First game Soulcalibur III

[edit] In Soul Calibur III

[edit] In Soul Calibur IV

[edit] Ending

Soul calibur IV King johnny destroyed soul egde then raising his sword and lanced the giant eye of soul edge on the ground after that johnny went home

tell his people the news. King johnny sitting on his throne with his love queen jenny by his side

what is it that bothers you asked quenn jenny.

nothing said johnny and walked to the balcony.

Draco faust williams i have destroyed the evil sword i hope you and Tira can now life your life in peace. thinked johnny and went in with a smile.

the text-only epilogue reveals this: He knew that evils never ends they evil will be back.

[edit] Fighting style

Johnny's fighting style is the same as Siegfried's. See Battle Style: Siegfried for more information

[edit] Critical Finish

Summon Godpower johnny uses his sword to knock the opponent in the air and brings them down. raising he sword to the air let the god of the animals send his power to his sword soul calibur. As the opponent stands up, he slashes his blade through them vertically, sending crystals everywhere as the opponent drops dead, consumed by blue flames.

[edit] weapons

soul calibur (SCIII-SCIV)

[edit] stages

Lost cathedral (SCIII)

[edit] Music

Forsaken Sanctuary (SCIII)

[edit] Quotes


Tira! remember who you are!- before fighting Tira

Tira...remember Draco- efter defeating Tira

Come i will end this once and for all-before fighting Night Terror

I......i did it father- after defeating Night terror

[edit] Trivia

Sometimes called The Blue Pigeon or the Blued knight From Heaven

Saved tira from Night Terror twice

Saved Draco from Night Terror in soul calibur IV

Hates Human Nature

nobody deos not know about johnnys mothers name, not even johnny himself

[edit] Relationships

Friend to Draco and Tira

son of king anders torkelsson

alter-ego of Night Terror or the new nightmare and evil johnny

Father of john and jenna

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