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"I...I don't want to fight you. But I will if I must."
— Mona

Mona is a fan made character who appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul is Hope

Early life

Mona was born to Rebecca Bennett somewhere in Europe. Mona was orphaned at a very young age, being only a couple months old. Her mother had sent Mona away to Asia for safety before her death. She was then handed off to the Li family. They took care of her and raised her alongside their son, Wei-Shung.

As a child, Mona lived a very happy life. Her foster parents provided her and Wei with everything they wanted. Mona had long since forgotten about her mother and real family, accepting the Li's as her own.

Soul Calibur V

Mona, now 15, was shocked to hear that she was a foster child to the Li family. She decided to do research on the Bennett family and find out what happened to her real parents. She searched for days, not finding a single clue. One night, the Li's home was attacked by some dark knights. Hong Li, he foster father, fought the nights alongside his wife. Mona managed to escape with Wei, leaving her foster parents behind.


Mona traveled the countryside with Wei to find a new home, as their village had been burned down. Wei decided that he was going to search for the Soul Edge. He believed that he could fight off the dark knights with it. Mona refused to help him with his idea. SHe knew the dangers of the sword and so did Wei. He simply left without her, leaving Mona alone. She decided to travel to England, the last known location of the Bennett family.


Mona meets Bao-Yu

During her travels, Mona ran into Bao-Yu, the grandmaster of the Li Monastery. Mona told Bao-Yu of her quest to find the Bennett's. Bao-Yu was also a Bennett, her mother was too. Mona was pleased to meet a distant family member. Bao-Yu noticed something strange about Mona, she had demonic markings on her arms

Mona simply said that those were birthmarks, but Bao-Yu had seen those markings before. Bao-Yu explained to Mona that there was once a dark warrior named Zethias. She told Mona that Zethias was from a clan of vicious demons that seek nothing but the Soul Edge. Zethias was Mona's father, making her half demon.

The Soul Swords

Soul Edge

Mona eventually made her way to England after earing such strange news. She could not accept the fact that she was half demon and that her father was Zethias. Mona passed through a thick forest, getting lost. Suddenly, dark
Demon Mona

Mona, becoming a demon

knights attacked her, claiming that she was Soul Edge's host. Mona tried to defend herself, but was no match for them. They captured her, and took her to a strange cavern. Inside, there were hordes of Malfested and Demons. They cheered as they saw her dragged to the new Soul Edge's pedestal. Mona tried to get away, but then Soul Edge began to speak with her. It told her that it could offer her great power. Power that could smite those who killed her family. Mona was forced to grab the sword, causing her demonic blood to take over. She had become more demonic than human, roaring into the sky. The demons and
Demon Mona2

Mona prepares to face her enemies.

malfested bowed to her. Days passed as Mona's demonic transformation neared completion. She was going to lose all of her sanity.

Wei, along with Bao-Yu, Chun, and Meng-Yao, arrived in the cavern. The fought their way through the malfested and emons to reach Mona. Mona was now a ruthless killer. She instantly attacked them. Chun, using the Soul Calibur, managed to hold her own against Mona. Meng-Yao and Bao-Yu eventually stepped in and over powered Mona with their great skill. Wei also fought her, attempting to take the Soul Edge from her. Mona roared at them, her rage building as her power increased.

She defeated Chun, Bao-Yu, and Meng-Yao with a burst of powerful demonic energy. Wei managed to take the damage. He then proceeded to fight with Mona. With one vertical strike, Wei was able to disarm Mona and threw the Soul Edge deeper into the cavern. Mona came to her senses and began to revert to her original form.

Soul Calibur

Some time passed and Mona had full recovered from her demonization.

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