Joshua is a fan character in the Soul Series of games. He appears as a background character in SoulCalibur III, IV, and V, and as a main character in SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords. He is on an ultimate quest to put an end to the threats of both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.

 What lies in his soul is Uncertainty. In SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords, he is referred to as The Man Who Seeks to End The Threat of the Polar Swords.


In his debut, Joshua is a young man with red, long hair; blue eyes, and fair skin, standing about 5'8 from the ground. His outfit consists of a black long coat with golden lining, khaki pants, and black leather boots. In SoulCalibur IV, his outfit only changes slightly. His coat now has a white lining, and now has a hood (Usually Pulled Down). He wears a satchel on his thigh, and a baldric going diagonally across his torso. In SoulCalibur V, he now takes a more drastic appearance. His skin has become pale, his eyes red, and his once bold red hair has become completely black. His 2P outfit reveals more has happened to him. Inside his mouth, he's grown fangs, and blood leaks from the corners of his mouth. Scars envelop his torso (On the front, a sun. On the back, Soul Edge). In his 1P outfit, he's heavily covered up (Most likely to hide his vampirism). He wears a hat similar to a clergyman's, but the brim is turned up slightly less, and is longer. He wears a black half-mask that covers his mouth and nose. He wears a shorter coat that is completely opened up, revealing a red dress shirt. His pants and satchel remain. His gloves wrap around his thumb and the rest are fingerless (Similar to the Bronze Gloves from the Ancient Pack 2 DLC), and he now wears black greaves that reach his shins. His 2P outfit is much different. No hat or mask are present, nor any shirt. He now wears black pants with armored flaps reaching his thighs, and his greaves have silver lining to them. In SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords, most of his human features return, except his red eyes. His outfit has changed again. He now wears a black trench coat that reaches the back of his ankles, and an armored vest underneath. He keeps his gloves and his hat, but not his mask. In his 2P outfit, he wears a red trenchcoat, black vest, white button-down, red tie, black dress pants and black dress shoes.His hair is also black and unruly.  He also wears silver-rimmed glasses in his 1P, and golden sunglasses in his 2P. 


Soul Edge

It seemed impossible... The kingdom had survived the great tragedy. Word spread of the "Evil Seed," yet no one in his kingdom cared... They only rejoiced.

But the celebrations soon ended.

Joshua- then only 14 of age- found a strange metal shard in the fields... When he presented it to his father, a great disturbance arose in the court. People tried to fight each other, and even kill the prince in order to take the shard. Yet the king would have none of it. He took the metal from his son and went to go investigate it.

Some weeks later, the king was reported to be dangerously ill. Joshua was prevented from seeing him until two more weeks later, he was allowed to see his dying father. The man gave him the shard and instructed him to take the shard and keep it till he could find the source and destroy it. In his father's last moments, the young prince vowed to do exactly as he was told. He cut a hole in it and fastened it into an amulet, which the then wore around his neck.

He stole weapons from the armory and trained himself in combat, and seven years later, he set out to find what ultimately killed his father...

SoulCalibur III

His quest had only begun when he stumbled upon a group searching for what he was. Unaware of their true intentions, he joined them. They came across others searching for the sword, and were quite succsesful at putting down those they came across. During this time, he befriended another member of the group named Adam. Adam, however, knew of the group's intentions, and told him about what they really meant to do: To claim and complete Soul Edge and take over the world. Horrified, Joshua vowed to stay till they could get Soul Edge and kill everyone except Adam.

One day, they came across a knight in blue armor with the unmistakable blade: Soul Edge. The group all ambushed him, but were no match for his might, even though the sword was fairly weakened and incomplete. Adam and Joshua were the only survivors, but Joshua's shard was stolen and used to further complete Soul Edge. Enraged after Nightmare disappeared, Joshua left Adam alone and set out to find and destroy Soul Edge.

SoulCalibur IV

"What madness is beginning to take place?" 

These words were uttered upon hearing of recent events. A tower has risen in the- No, beyond the sky. Soul Edge has been rediscovered, as has Nightmare. Wars were being fought over Soul Edge. And the return of the hero king Algol...?

He decided that it was time to investigate.

He travelled to the base of the tower only to be attacked by strange men... Each with green skin, all masked and wielding curved blades. He easily killed a few before being ambushed. But a gunshot knocked his attacker out of the air. Standing behind him was the ghost pirate Cervantes. They began to duel before Cervantes dropped his weapons and held his hands up. 

"Wait, aren't you searching for Soul Edge as well?"

Joshua nodded. "Soul Calibur as well. They must be destroyed."

A smile forced itsfelf onto Cervantes' face. "Then let me help you. We have the same goals. There's no point in fighting, eh?"

Joshua shrugged. "Guess so. Lead the way, old man."

And they began the ascension...

SoulCalibur V

But they were too late. The swords had clashed. Siegfried and Nightmare disappeared into Astral Chaos. The swords had gone missing. 

And Cervantes was furious.

He turned on Joshua, violently attacking. The nobleman was wounded, and managed to repel Cervantes long enough to escape. As he ran away, Cervantes called out to him, yelling about how he was being used anyway.

He just needed enough energy to get home, just that and he would be fine.

But he couldn't find it. He passed out in the woods hours later. 

Eventually he woke up in a swordsmith's house, who explained to him what transpired. He had blacked out, and was found bloody, with massive scars on his chest and two holes in his neck. He wanted to leave, but he then realized... He had left his weapons behind. The swordsmith offered to craft him a rapier, which he accepted. It wasn't what he was used to, but he took it anyway.He left and returned home, only to realize that his home was being destroyed by malfested. He took it into his own hands, and managed to kill off most of the malfested. The rest retreated. From there on out, he became a hunter of the malfested, the beasts he would eventually become...

SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords

For nineteen years, he had become a malfested hunter. Two years ago, both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur were reported to be destroyed, and in the prior year, he managed to recreate the wave swords he loved so. But now, in current day, he met a man who cured him of his vampirism. He thought that he could easily rest, thinking that the duty was over,,, But he was wrong. Soul Edge was reported to be back, as well as Soul Calibur. Upon hearing this, he sighed and took up Rage and Pain. It was time to fight again.


Joshua's personality reguarly changes with each game, In SoulCalibur III, Joshua is completely unaware he's being manipulated, and is quite gullible. However, he does have a sense of morality, as he vows to punish the party for what they are attempting to. His gullibility returns in SoulCalibur IV, as he decides to pair with Cervantes, who is using him to get to Soul Edge. Once again, though, he realizes what he's done wrong after learning about what had happened. Also, it's shown that his combat abilities have heightened, allowing him to kill dozens of soldiers and others who get in his way. In SoulCalibur V, he's grown tired of searching for the two blades and has become a bounty hunter. However, he only takes jobs that involved malfested or malfestation. He's grown much less gullible, and still shows a sense of justice as he'll go out of his way to try and purify malfested or protect innocents. In Crossed Swords, he's decided to attack Soul Edge again. He's grown much quicker to learning, as his brother manages to convince him that he alone can't defeat Soul Edge. He's also much more cooperative, deciding to join Schwarzwind to destroy Soul Edge. 


SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords

Joshua defeated Night Terror, and then Inferno. Soul Edge lay before him, and with it, Soul Calibur. But before he could destroy them, the Hero King Algol appeared before him as Siegfried and Patrokolos approached his side. Algol took the swords and smiled. "I thank you. I thank you for keeping the swords in balance, and keeping the world from being destroyed. I never thought mortals could do such a thing anymore..." Joshua spoke, "But the world is still in danger. Malfested still roam, and the corruption spreads... Will you please help us before the time is up?" Algol shook his head. "I'm afraid not. That is a task you must accomplish, and even then, the world won't be safe. In time, the swords will fall back into the world of mortals, and it will constantly fall into danger by the clash. But at this point, you men can solve anything. Maybe one day, you can join the gods." Joshua nodded. "Then I guess I'll do what I must..." 

The text only epilogue says, "He became a scientist, dedicated to ending the threat before it one day arises... A man has become a warrior, and a warrior a hero."

Fighting Style

In SoulCalibur III, Joshua uses the Wave Sword Discipline. In SoulCalibur IV, he uses Cervantes' Battlestyle, and Raphael's in SoulCalibur V. In Crossed Swords, since every character has three disciplines, Joshua uses: Dual Wave Swords, Chinese Blade, and Soul of Joshua (A combination of the former, latter, and a dagger). The Dual Wave Swords are very similar to the ones from SoulCalibur III. The Chinese Blade has a fighting style very similar to the one Hwang and Seong Han Meyong use in Soul Edge. His original battlestyle involves constantly swi0tching between different weapons, and combines physical attacking as well (Making it similar to Ezio Auditore's, but without projectile attacks).

Critical Finish

Tartarus Griet (Shared with Cervantes ): Joshua slams the opponent to the ground, throws them into the air with his swords, and then teleports above them to fire a soul-charged bullet, which sends them hurtling down to earth.

Critical Edge

Royal Vexati​on (Shared with Raphael ): Joshua performs an uppercut with his rapier. While the enemy is in mid-air, he stabs them quickly three times and delivers a fourth finishing stab while rose petals fly about.

Crossed Swords

  1. Bloody Dance: Joshua begins the Critical Edge by leaping at his opponent, and if he connects, digs his swords into his opponent. He then quickly drives the swords up and down his opponent's body several times before finally stomping his opponent in the head and removing his swords from their body.
  2. Seong Family Secret Attack: Joshua begins by performing a sliding kick forward. If it connects, he kicks the opponent more as his sword gathers flames. He then raises it above his head, waves it in a circle in front of him, and slams it down on his opponent.
  3. 'Valiant Blade:' Joshua kicks his opponent upward and throws his knife at them. He then pulls out his straight sword as it shines, grabs his knife and pulls it out before slamming the opponent to the ground with his powered up sword, covering them in blue flames.

​Weapon Master

In SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords' Weapon Master mode, Joshua is seen as the main protagonist, along with Siegfried and Patrokolos. It begins with him battling malfested, hoping to get information about Soul Edge. He does, but is stopped by his younger brother. 

"What are you doing here?" 

"I can't let you advance further... I'm sorry, Joshua."


"You can't destroy them... Not with your current strength alone. You'll die."

They battle, but Joshua loses. This helps him realize that his brother is right, and he needs assistance. He sets out to find the Schwarzwind, hoping they can help him. He battles other trainees to test himself, and he passes. After some time, he convinces Siegfried to speak with him about what he wants done, and pleas with him to help him defeat Soul Edge. His offer is declined, but Siegfried offers to send him to investigate reports of an area where shards of Soul Edge have been spotted. He accepts.

He finds himself at the nearly destroyed Ortheinsburg Chapel, where he meets Zasalamel. He asks him for help, who explains that the sword shouldn't be tampered with. He pleas for help, but Charade then attacks. Zasalamel summons Revenant to help them, but he too turns on them. Zasalamel escapes, leaving Joshua to fend for himself. He is quickly outmatched and his weapons are destroyed. Just as he is about to be finished off, Charade stumbles over with the Stigma sword jabbed into it's eye. It's owner then follows and removes the sword, severely weakening it. He then defeats Revenant and helps Joshua. After conversing, Patrokolos admits that he left the Schwarzwind a while ago to be with Pyhrra and offers to let him stay at his home. With no other option, Joshua accepts.

The peace is soon interrupted, however, when reports of Nightmare arise. Patrokolos goes out to fight him and wins, but malfested soon infest the town. Joshua feels that he can't leave Patrokolos by himself and goes to fight, unarmed. He kills some malfested after taking a sword, but the sword soon gets away. Angered, Patrokolos questions if Joshua can even help him. They fight, and Patrokolos easily wins. He informs Joshua that if he can't handle him, he might as well give up.

Joshua wandered for weeks, eventually stumbling into Korea. He is found by Hwang, who helps him into the Seong dojang. Joshua explains what is happening, and the old man realizes that he has to help him to destroy Soul Edge. He offers to train him, and Joshua eagerly accepts.

Though it took him time, Joshua eventually surpassed the other students, and Hwang took him in as a private student, as his own master once did to him. After months of rigourous training, Hwang decided that he could no longer teach him. Yet, there was one more thing he could do... But was it right?

Days later, Hwang called Joshua in for a duel. If he won, he would teach the noble one last trick. They fought a long, hard duel that lasted for hours, pushing them each past their limits. Yet Joshua eventually succeeded. Hwang then tought him a new technique that would prove devestating to his foes. 

Joshua prepared to leave, but Hwang asked if he could come as well. Joshua accepted, and they eventually left. They returned to where Patrokolos was, and Joshua challenged him to a duel to show his newfound strength. Joshua eventually bested Patrokolos, who barely lost. Surprised by his new strength, he taught Joshua as well, and the three returned to Schwarzwind. Siegfried questioned the return, and Joshua explained that he still needed help. Siegfried challenged him to a fight and won. However, the old man knew that Joshua had the right mindset, and taught him the rest of what he'd need to know. 

At this time, Nightmare had gotten closer to completing Soul Edge, and he needed to be stopped. Before they left, however, Hwang gave Joshua Blue Storm, the sword he originally used to find Soul Edge, now rebuilt and stronger than ever. Joshua took the sword, and they left. Nightmare had gathered an army of malfested, and had grown more and more powerful. However, they managed to defeat his army and get to Nightmare. 

They would've lost if it weren't for a man named Strife stepping in and defeating him. Afterward, however, he took Soul Edge and completed it with the shards he carried, including Soul Calibur. He then raised Soul Edge above his head, and with a frightening scream, enveloped the world in a corruption... A new Evil Seed?

Years later, Strife had enslaved the world as his own. None dared challenge him... Except one. 

Joshua secretly trained himself and pulled the Schwarzwind back together, but this wasn't enough to win. They'd need more... Much more. On Patrokolos' advice, the two went to the labratory of Isabella Valentine, who agreed to create a new sword to combat Strife... With some help. 

Patrokolos was sent to find the ninjas Taki and Natsu, while Joshua was to find the fabled Yoshimitsu. However, he wasn't trusted, so the Manji leader attacked. Joshua fought him to a draw and explained the situation, and Yoshimitsu agreed to help. They returned, and the power of Ivy, Taki, Natsu, Yoshimitsu, and a "Holy Stone" was enough to produce a new sword, one that could mimic and outperform Soul Calibur. Joshua took it and named it "Valiance." He also repaired his wave swords, and his new set of weapons would be a great asset to the battles ahead. 

His next order was to seek out the greatest warriors of the world. The first he decided to search for was Aeon Calcos. He tracked him to a cave, but was ambushed by Lizardmen. He managed to defeat most of them before Aeon showed himself. They battled a harsh duel, but Joshua managed to power up Valiance and purify Aeon, returning him to his human state. Aeon was grateful to regain his humanity, but had to go plea with Hephaestus to recieve a new set of Holy Arms and left. Joshua then decided to seek out Cassandra, but Patrokolos asked that he could just do it himself, and eventually returned with his aunt.

Siegfried then set out to find the pirate Cervantes, and Joshua decided to find the samurai Mitsurugi. On his way, however, he was ambushed by Setsuka, who nearly defeated him until he told her of what he was doing. She warned him of Mitsurugi's strength, but decided to join him. Eventually, they found Mitsurugi, who was accompanied by Arthur. They dueled, but Mitsurugi and Arthur won. They decided to help, but only to get stronger. 

More people joined them until they were finally ready. Joshua led the attack, and eventually battled his way to the top of the tower, along with Siegfried. The dark knight Veral battled them, but retreated halfway through even though he wasn't close to losing the fight. They eventually reached Strife and fought him until Veral stepped in and killed Strife, only to usurp his power and took Soul Edge. He used it to split open Astral Chaos, allowing Night Terror to enter the world.

Two seperate teams were formed: One would battle and end the malfested entering the world, and the other would fight Veral and Night Terror. Veral was eventually destroyed, but Night Terror absorbed him and his Soul Edge, quadrupling his strength. The situation seemed hopeless until Soul Calibur landed beside Joshua. He took the sword and combined it with Valiance, and managed to finally beat Night Terror. But still, it wasn't the end. Inferno arose from the sword, now more powerful due to combining with another Soul Edge. Patrokolos, Siegfried, Mitsurugi, Arthur, and Joshua decided to kill it. 

They eventually succeeded, with Mitsurugi dealing the finishing blow, but Inferno used the last of it's strength to create one last Evil Seed, strengthening the existing corruption and causing great destruction and tragedy.

Finally, the warriors thanked each other and and set out before Algol appeared before them...


​SoulCalibur III

Wave Sword

SoulCalibur IV

  • Phlegethon

SoulCalibur V

Royal Rapier

SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords

Wave Swords

Wave Swords

Pain and Rage


Soul Calibur (Complete)

Soul Edge (Complete)

Chinese Blade

Straight Sword

Wo Dao

Mountain Breaker

Midas Blade

Blue Storm


Soul Calibur (Complete)

Soul Edge (Complete)

Soul of Joshua

Pain, Rage, and Valiance

Wave Swords and Blue Storm

Soul Calibur (Complete)

Soul Edge (Complete)


  • Ally and Trainee of Patrokolos
  • Trainee of Hwang and Siegfried
  • Assisted creating Valiance
  • Gave Aeon his humanity back



  • Joshua's English voice actor, J. Michael Tatum, is known for voicing characters such as Sebastian from the Black Butler franchise.
  • His Japanese voice actor is also known for voicing anime characters, such as Renji from the anime Bleach.
  • Joshua is based on the character of the same name from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones in terms of appearance (Long black coat, khaki pants, red hair, etc). In personality, however, they are different. Joshua is a bit more of a laid back gambler, while the one present is much serious and never participates in acts of gambling, lust, etc.
  • Similarly, they are also both swordfighters.
  • During the events of Crossed Swords, it's been shown that he can completely ignore pain for periods of time, similar to the Guardian Force skill in SoulCalibur III.
  • ===SoulCalibur III===
  • Joshua uses the Wave Sword discipline, though the rapier and dagger disciplines could possibly work.
  • Had he been an actual character, his Destined Battle would've been Nightmare.
  • Also, he would've used the Young Man 2 voice, like Hwang.
  • His appearance matches the character he was based off of, but his fighting style does not. Joshua is a myrmidon, a class in Fire Emblem that focuses on high speed, accuracy, and critical hit rate. While the discipline he uses does focus on speed, it also has dominating strength and uses unblockable attacks and the like. Additionally, the myrmidon class only uses one sword instead of two.
  • His class is a Swordmaster.

SoulCalibur IV

  • Like Revenant, he uses Cervantes' battlestyle since the Wave Sword is not available.
  • Unlike Revenant, he doesn't use Styx to mimic the wave sword, indicating that he may have actually changed weapons. This is unlikely, however, as he's only been trained in the use of the wave sword and dagger, so it seems foolish for him to change to a weapon set he has no idea how to use unless he planned to use the dual swords as Wave Swords.
  • Or, his weapons were broken and Cervantes loaned him the weapons. However, Cervantes never canonically uses Phlegethon.
  • Had he actually made it to the tower, he would've challenged Algol. If he didn't die from this battle, Cervantes certainly would've killed him to claim the swords as his own.

SoulCalibur V

  • Joshua's 1P outfit is supposed to resemble a vampire hunter. This makes sense in a way because he's taken up a job to kill malfested. Yet, it is also ironic, as he too is a vampire. This may have been done on purpose.
  • In his 2P outfit, he somewhat resembles Orochi from the King of Fighters games by SNK. They look similar except for the color changes, different patterns and Orochi has no fangs or blood.
  • His skill with a rapier may indicate that he is trained in the use of rapiers.
  • This may not be true, however, as he states that he's never used a sword rapier before. This is yet another conflict with his weapons and backstory.

SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords

  • Joshua has somehow been cured of his vampirism during the two year timeskip. In his profile, it states that Kilik was responsible for helping him.
  • During the same timeskip, he created new wave swords and named them Rage and Pain.
  • His 2P outfit is reminiscent of Alucard from the Hellsing franchise, This was done on purpose.
  • In the Nintendo NX version of the game, Joshua's exclusive costume is Marth.
  • Marth, like Joshua's namesake, originates from the Fire Emblem franchise.
  • He was originally planned to be trained by Seong Han Myeong. However, it's been decided that the swordmaster is deceased.
  • Hwang's final test for Joshua involves a one-on-three: Hwang, Yun-seong and Seong Mi-na.
  • The same warriors later assist Joshua to destroy Soul Edge.
  • Joshua uses Wave Sword, Chinese Blade and Soul of Joshua discplines. Soul of Joshua is the combination of the latter two along with a dagger.
  • In his preferred fighting style, his stance is similar to that of Ezio Auditore's.


SoulCalibur III

  • You stand against me... How unwise.
  • Please, get out of my way. I've a mission to accomplish,
  • The sword will only destroy you. You will find no salvation in it.- Press X when you win.
  • You really want to do this? Alright.
  • It's over!
  • You're mine... Now die!
  • Let's go!
  • How about,,, This!
  • You ready?
  • Careless!
  • Die!
  • I'll end this!
  • Dammit... How could I?

​SoulCalibur IV

  • You're only going to destroy yourself. 
  • No point.
  • Get ready!
  • If I must win to survive...
  • Must we fight till one of us fall?
  • Don't worry. I'll go easy on you.
  • It appears words won't be enough.
  • I'll end this. You stand no chance.
  • You leave me no choice. Prepare to die.
  • If only you could've forseen this mistake. (Perfect)
  • It was an honorable battle.
  • I'm sorry it had to come to this...
  • We'll meet again. Maybe then, you'll win.
  • This is your death sentence. (Critical Finish)
  • I'm so sorry... (After Critical Finish)

SoulCalibur V

  • You will die.
  • How foolish,
  • See you in Hell. (Before Critical Edge)
  • Your fault... (After Critical Edge)
  • Just a scratch.
  • If only you knew...
  • Dammit! (Ring Out 1st Time)
  • Again?! What the hell?! (Ring Out 2nd Time)

​SoulCalibur: Crossed Swords

  • Bad mistake.
  • I have no time for games.
  • I've no interest in a fight.
  • You won't leave? So be it.
  • You who stand against me... Prepare to die.
  • Now is no time to pick a fight. (Against Patrokolos)
  • What's this? Some training course? (Against Hwang or Siegfried)
  • Nothing good will come from using that sword. (Against a character that is using Soul Edge or Soul Calibur.)
  • I used to get payed for killing your kind. Let's change that. (Against Tira, Raphael, Astaroth or a chatacter of the "Malfested" race.)
  • I will no longer allow you to threaten this world. (Against Nightmare, Veral, Strife, Night Terror, Inferno, or a character of the "Soul Calibur," "Soul Edge" or "Demon" race.)
  • What exactly am I looking at? (Against Lizardman, Voldo, or a character of the "Mutant," "Lizardman," or "Shadow/ Unknown Soul" race.
  • Never been beaten? Guess this will be interesting." (Against Edge Master, Mitsurugi or Arthur.)
  • Damn! How-?! (Timed Out)
  • Are you kidding me? (Ring Out First Time)
  • Annoying... (Ring Out 2nd Time)
  • Guess there's more to learn... (Time out against Hwang, Patrokolos, or Siegfried)
  • You should know better. (Taunt at low health)
  • Dumb bastard... (Taunt after K.O)
  • Poor soul... (Taunt)
  • C'mon. You can do better.
  • If you want to fight, make it worth my time. (Perfect)
  • Looks like I've finally surpassed you. (Win against Patrokolos, Hwang or Siegfried)
  • If only I could've saved you. (Against Tira, Raphael, or a character of the "Malfested" race.)
  • Come on! Reveal your true self! (Win against Nightmare)
  • You've recieved proper punishment for your sins, emperor. (Against Strife)
  • What you've done to the world... May your name be spoken no more. (Win against Veral)
  • Monster... May you disappear forever. (Against Night Terror, Inferno, or a character of the "Soul Edge," "Soul Calibur," or "Demon" race.)
  • You lived up to your name. Thus, I shall keep you alive to be victorious yet again. (Against Edge Master, Mitsurugi or Arthur)

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