Jack Ravencroft is a Fanchar and nobleman from Transylvania, who's bare fists and sorcery earned him the name, Angel of Death. What lies in his soul is Darkness.


Jack Ravencroft has pale white skin, black hair and red irises. He wears a black coat or robe, with a blood-red shirt underneath. His "Noble" costume has dark purple greaves and gauntlets in the place of blood-red boots and gloves. He has black dress pants in both costumes. His hair is noticeably longer in his "Noble" costume.


Jack Ravencroft was always interested in the occult, even as a child. When he was six years in age (In body, twenty-four), he killed all of his family to forge a pact with a demon, to enable him to use sorcery. However, his sister, Elena, wasn't completely dead, and for breaking the bargain, Jack was absorbed by the demon. but after a minute of batle, Jack had regained control. Then he studied Soul Edge, hoping to be able gain unimaginable power for three years. When it resurfaced, he left, followed by Elena, to clain its power.

Fighting Style

His fighting style and demonic magic are similar to how Jin Kazama fights in Tekken when absorbed with the Devil Gene, and is thought to be the originator of the Devil Gene by some. As such, they have similar strengths and weaknesses.

Critical Edge

His Critical Edge is exactly the same as Harada TEKKEN.


Castle Under Siege

Theme Song

Raven's Cry


Fear the wrath of God!

Another plaything...


Any last request?

Finally. (Said against Pyhrra Omega or Nightmare)

You, I thought I killed you! (Said against Elena Ravencroft)

Leave you fool! (Said against Algol)

Death... so beautiful!

You cannot... annihilate me!

Ashes... to ashes!

Dust... to dust!


You ass!

Bitch! (Said against women)

Bastard! (Said against men)

Sleep in Tartarus.

You were worthy of being my foe.


Yes! Finally! (Said after defeating Pyhrra Omega or Nightmare.)

Stay dead. (Said after defeating Elena Ravencroft.)

Hero king my ass. (Said after defeating Algol


He refers to the Call of Duty song "Beauty of Annihilation" often.

He also refers to the Bible.

He, like Raphiel, seems to be a vampire.

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