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Aiko Sutcliff - 愛子·サトクリフ (Aiko Satokurifu) is a character from the Soul Series.

What lies in her soul is Disturbance.

Background history

Childhood:  Lived with mother and father until 3 years old. Lived with her father, Stephen, until she was 7 years old and he died. Lived with her mother after this.

Teen years:  Traveled to Greece when she was 14. Got to know Sophitia and Cassandra. Lived with them for years, and after all that, started searching for the “evil sword”, thinking it was something coming from her mother and got to know Siegfried. started having a crush on him on Soulcalibur, and started to feel "something else" in the same game.

Adult Years:  Started searching for Siegfried, finally found him on the 3rd game. On the end of the 4th game, they both confessed everything they felt for each other and started fighting by their side. Has a son with him (Christopher) 2 years after Soul Calibur IV, married him the same year.


Soulcalibur V

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