"Fortis adhuc ignorant,"

-Lux after defeating and sending Starkiller back to his world

Lux is much mysterious warrior that had appeared in the world of the two swords since the appearance and disappearance of Link, Heiachi, and Spawn.

He shall appear as a hunter of Soul Calibur in the sixth installment along with his twin brother Skotadi who in turn is hunting for Soul Edge.



He's a tortured soul that seeks answers about himself and about his brother. Whenever someone asks him what's wrong, he'll just act like they're not there. The reason why is because he has six inds residing within him, each with a different personality and name. Ignis, Glacio, Lacus, Igneus, Vis, his demon form, and his light form are a part of him all of which wish his survival but his demon form has other plans of his own.

Physical appearance

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