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"I am Hyubi,King of the ninja's!

-Hyubi, before taking Kagekiri 

Hyubi Yastuyo is a character in the Soul series and was in the backstory in Soulcalibur ll and Soulcalibur lll . He then made his appearance in Soulcalibur lV and returned in Soulcalibur V . What lies in his soul is Vigilance. In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is refered to, A Warrior that fights in the Shadows.


Before Soulcalibur ll

A wealthy family was making great buisness until a tragic day came when a group of bandits raided the family home. Unfortunately, they stole 1/3 of the rice the family was making. However, the mother tried to stop the bandits but was sliced in the abdomen and died from internal bleeding. The father wanted to know who would've done such a malicious act. The father quickly decided to move the rice farm over to a suburb near Edo, and demanded justice to the muder of his wife. The emperor was informed that this was a part of a series of rice stealings all over Japan.

On the third month, the bandits was caught by the father stealing rice in the night. The clan revealed themselves as the Fu-Ma Ninja clan. The father took his sword and tried to fight the leader. But his right hand was cut off and was kicked to the ground. The leader got ready for the final blow. "Who are you? What are you trying to gain?" said the father. The leader took of his mask and spoke boldly. "I am Toki, your executor!" He decapitated the fathers head and claimed as a trophy. He then noticed a shivering, quivering boy, with too much fear. "Luckily, I spare young brats like you. But next time, you won't fare so well", he said as he was putting his mask on. He called out the ninjas and they fled.The boy then saw the Kunai, lying still on the blood, soaked ground of a murder. He picked it up and gripped it on his hand. He made a stab in his hand and made a pledge. "I will avenge for my family!!!"

Soulcalibur ll (backstory)

In 1591, he matured into a self-disciplined ninja. He heard tales of an evil sword known as Soul Edge and figured it would be the ultimate weapon to exact his revenge on the bandits that murdered both parents. He traveled to a town that was the place for him to embark on his quest. When he ate at a restaurant, he noticed a girl in a red jumpsuit. He then saw a ninja that ate with her that had the Fu-Ma symbol. He then saw a pair of strange swords. He was curious to check it out. Just before, supposedly trying to steal them, the girl drew her swords to stop the man."Who do you think you are, trying to take my blades?" she exclaimed. Hyubi drew his Kunai's. Taki merely laughed."You dare challenge me?" she boasted. Hyubi spoke confidently, yet he was nervous due to make a scene."You're part of the Fu-Ma Ninja clan. Your master murdered both my parents. Its time for my revenge against you savaged beasts!!" He attacked first with a series of kicks. Taki was astonished by the blows he made. He vanished out of thin air. Taki heard a whistle and turned. There was Hyubi, on the ledge of the balcony with Kagekiri in his sash. "Who are you?" she demanded. Hyubi chuckled in embarrassment. "I am Hyubi, King of the Ninja's!" He jumped off the ledge and ran out of sight.

He hunted for Soul Edge and found a fragment of it. The foe revealed to be a replication of Toki. But during this, his mind was in a subconscious state, or like a dream.

"You are a great fool for avenging your family. Prepare for your demise!"

He fought the battle of heaven and hell as he had to kill or be killed. Amidst the battle, Delta Toki stabbed the shard of Soul Edge into Hyubi to make it act on as a poison. Hyubi then stabbed Kagekiri into the heart of Delta Toki and destroyed the creature into oblivion. He found himself back into the world, but was feeling very badly wounded. He looked at the wound and saw that it was a fragment of Soul Edge, stabbed in his right side of the chest. He was welcomed by a Monk who had a white beard. He then took him for a walk.

Soulcalibur lll (backstory)

The old man helped him train to resist the poison through a special training known as,"The Trial of the Will". It was to help him adapt to a special will to act as an anti poison effect to stop being possessed by Soul Edge. He had to fight different souls in the process. They included Hwang, Li Long and Seong Han Myeong. He managed to even fought Edge Master at the end to finally stop the poison, but must keep the fragment inside. He won victoriously.

"Now, release the poison and muster your will into one."

Hyubi channeled the will through his body, and broke the poison through the system. He opened his eyes and spoke, "I am one," he spoke lightly. He left the trial and walked on a path of a new life.

Soulcalibur lV

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