Soul Calibur V and Beyond

We all know it, and we all hate the words, but Soul Calibur V was a bit-bad. I would call that a euphimism, but some would call it what it is. I honestly felt that Project Soul really rushed the game. The story seemed as if it was completely narrowed down to what the team wanted. I would not know why, perhaps due dates, budget cuts, etc. Obviously, the true harcore fans of Soul Calibur would obviously want a makeup game. Soul Calibur V was released less than a year ago, so we shouldn't expect a game to come so soon. Let's say that it at least comes out in mid-2014, because we know by then that the PS4 and the Xbox 720 will probably be out. Now, we shall dwelve into greater detail of what could be a great make-up game.

What will Soul Calibur VI be about, and how will they do it?

I think Soul Calibur VI should take in event at least a few months after the events of Soul Calibur V. The prologue of it should start a little something like this. (Spoiler Alert) Right after Pyrrha and Patroklos "destroy" Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and Astral Chaos is sealed from the real world, there is a big gap where the sword just magically disappears. This could mean anything could've happened, a dragon could've kissed Pyrrha and farted on Patroklos and we wouldn't know. I think that right after the whole destruction of Soul Edge and counterpart leaves a chitinous-like residue which Patroklos and Pyrrha toss into the chasm where Nightmare had fallen after Z.W.E.I had beaten the mess out of him (which to me seems dang near bewildering). As Graf Dumas lay broken in many pieces, the parts fall upon him and touch the armor that he once wore so proudly. Soul Edge, now being pure yet in a dormant state, began to mend Graf Dumas' injuries and made him pretty pissed. Now with a wielder, Soul Edge would awaken and shape into its' familiar Zweihander shape (Design will obviously be left to the team, but I suggest something similair to Soul Edge in final form SCIV with Night Terror's Soul Edge in the same game). The Graf would stand tall and proud with the sword firmly in his hand, and then here comes reality. Soul Edge with its' complete power would be too powerful for the Graf and then he would disintergrate while Inferno would take the place and metal scraps of armor around him would mold and shape to his taste (We hate new things, but a new look for Nightmare- I mean Night Terror would be dandy). This being (Up to the team, Night Terror or perhaps Soul Edge, or something completely different) will then walk to distant land to find followers. During this time, (Let's call him Night Terror for now) would then find old and new followers, and soon he would have an underground establishment in some city (Perhaps a return to Ostrheinsburg?). Then, word would slowly leak out of the return of the Evil Sword and people would gather to the tainted city to see the sword itself. Then, Night Terror would tease the people by saying he would allow them to see or even fight him if they won a tournament he would hold (We'll move onto world domination and yada-yada as we get further into the series). The whole tournament idea may be a bit cliche, but it's a new start for the evil. Now with this, we can actually bring back in the classic story-mode style where everyone gets to see their favorite character win it all or watch as the character realizes their mistakes. For everybody that's played Soul Calibur 3 knows about the basic rp element that was brought in. I think everybody loved that, and perhaps we could take that one thing a step further. With story mode, you would make decisions for the character that you play as, and here's the big bonus. You could get to use your custom characters as well, and receive different endings for them! Of course this would go with the original characters as well, we don't want to single out one audience. There should at least be three different endings for your character, depending on what choices they would make throughout the game.

Character Creation and A Credit System

I think many people absolutely loved the armor system from Soul Calibur IV and loved the creation options for Soul Calibur V. If you would mold those two, you would have a dang-near perfect Character creation for any Soul Calibur game. The thing that would need changing though, would be the armor itself. For the past two games, we had armor pieces that were the same (But there were a few new pieces).

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