Soul Calibur Legends of Heroes Cover with Leandra Scott and Captain Falcon

Soul Calibur Legend of Heroes is a fan game made by Austin624fan. This game Features some of Nintendo's Characters.

About the Game

Soul Calibur is the most popular game like Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter. I had this Idea but this is a fake game It never comes out.


Captain Falcon : The main character fight for the truth of Soul Edge.

Blood Falcon : Enemy, Clone, and Rival of Captain Falcon.

Fox McCloud: The Leader of Star Fox has come to fight.

Falco Lombardi : Falco Joins the battle of history.

Wolf O' Donnell : Villain of StarFox come to challenge Fox, Once Again.

Little Mac: The miniature boxer has came to battle for the gold

Patroklos A.: Now becoming Capt.Falcon's Rival in Arcade mode.

Nightmare the Azure Knight: Main Villain of the game but Rival of Blood Falcon

The Spy: Character from Team Fortress II who is a Rival to Natsu.

Natsu: She is alone but she has a Rivalry with The Spy.

Link the Hero of Hyrule: The Legend of Zelda's Main Character has came back.

Cervantes: He came back from the dead and seek for Vengeance.

Siegfried S.:Now back for revenge on Soul Edge

Leandra Scott: She's now a newcomer to the game and a Updated Character,Special Thanks to SoulGauger

Deadpool: He joins the roster in Soul Calibur Legends of Heroes as a Update character.

Raiden: Jack the Ripper joins the battle as a Update Character.

Princess Zelda: Princess Zelda joins the Battle as a Updated Character

Sheik: Sheik the Ninja Joins the Game.

Sonic:Sonic the fastest thing alive is now an updated Char.

Jim Neckhood: Jimmy Neckhood joins the Battle in Soul Calibur Legends of Heroes.

X: X has Join the fight and became a Updated Character.

Ms.Macho Woman: The Female joins the fight and becomes a Updated Character.

Tim Sanders: Tim join the Fight and come as a Updated Character.

Medic: The Medic join with Roster and in no mood for Surgery and came as Updated Character. 

Cheat Codes

JoinClubNintendoToday!: It unlocks Little Mac's Theme

CantLetYouDoThat: Unlocks The Star Wolf Theme

RedVsBlue: Unlocks Red Spy.

MirrorSheildMaster: Unlock Link's Bonus Weapon.

FunnybutWow: Unlocks all Joke Weapons.

NoMoreDeaths: Infinite HP for the 1st Player Offline only.

TrueSwordsofLeagcy: Unlocks all Bonus Weapon.

More Fashion: Unlocks Every Creation Pieces.

YouGotBloodOnMySuit: Unlocks Spy's Alt theme.

Up,Up,Up,Up, A: Raiden Codec Call of his Opponents with Wolf, Boris, Kevin, Courtney, Doktor, and Sunny.(only in a Game).


Arcade: just a 8 level arcade with Rivalry, and Ending. Final Boss is Nightmare (Good only) and Siegfried (Evil Only).

Exhibition: a mode with four segment: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, and 4 on 4 battles.

Creation: a mode for everyone to have fun a make their Costume a create their Narrator Name.

Nintendo Wi-Fi: A online mode that you can play with everyone from around the world.

Options:A mode with Battle Rules and Lanuage Changer: English, Spanish, Russain, Japenese, Chinese, German, French, Itailan, Swedish, Vientenese, Indian. and a new Referee On/Off If its on the Referee will appear and Count: 1 to 10 if he's counts to 10 he calls it a Knock Out. If the Opponent gets knocked out 3 Times its a TKO. if Timed The Referee makes a decision on whos the winner of this match.

Create Lincese: You are now free to design your Lincese with a picture of anything and Titles.

Dojo: A Training mode for practice or jut for Skill list.

The Characters

Special Thanks to


Highwayman Myth

Music (Guest/Non Fan Characters Only)

Captain Falcon: F-Zero - Mute City (Sega Genesis Remix) from:TheLegendOfRenegade.

Blood Falcon: Mortal Kombat Armagedon - Hell Stage.

Fox McCloud: Star Fox Command - Fox's Assault

Falco Lombardi: F-Zero - Port Town (SNES Version)

Wolf O' Donnell: Star Fox Assault - Star Wolf

Little Mac: Punch Out!! (Wii) - Major Circuit, Minor Circuit, World Circuit

The SpyNinja Gaiden Trilogy - The City

Deadpool: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds - Deadpool's Theme

Raiden: Metal Gear Rising Revengance - It Has To Be This Way

Princess Zelda/Sheik: Super Smash Bros Melee - Temple Stage

Sonic: Tatsunoko Versus Capcom Ultimate All-Stars - Wasteland

X: Mega man VII - Opening Stage - Ruined Street

Medic: Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon City - Leon's Theme

Music (Fan Characters Only)

Leandra Scott: Naruto - Strong and Strong

Jim Neckhood: Dead or Alive 5 - Gotta move on

Ms. Macho Woman: Castle Crashers - Barbarian Boss

Tim Sanders: Marvel vs Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes Boss Stage 1

Music (Menu)

Main Menu: Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears Remix 2008

Character Selection Screen: F-Zero GX - Selector

Creation: Tekken Tag II - Your Sunset

Nintendo Wi Fi: F-Zero GX - Character's Profile

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