I know a lot of pepole will not agree with me but still i think Soul Caliber 2.5D Fighting Game would work out very well personally. Sure i would love to see another good SC 3D Fighting Game but personally i would not find a 2.5D Fighting Game set in the Soul Caliber Universe if it was done right. 


The Game takes place on a 2D Plane but with 3D Models. The game has more similarities with Killer Instinct than MK9 and Street Fighter 4 but it is still it's own thing. Many of the mechanics from SC series return in this game. For example: Guard Gauge and Guard Burst returns in this game so you can't just be defensive with this game however it is not as offensive/ focused on combos than the Killer Instinct Series. Both Critical Edges and Just Guard also return. There are more game modes than Killer Instinct however it is still lackluster when compared to games like MK9. Since this is a small project there are 6 characters at the start and 2 characters later for season 1. To get all the 8 characters is only £20.There could be a season 2 down the line with more characters and a story mode. 


There are 6 Charcters when the game comes out but 2 more for season 1 that come in a 1-3 months.


Mitsurugi soul blade soul edge arcade ps1

Mitsurugi is a character similar to over characters like Jago and Ryu. He also has some elements from Vergil in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. He is effective at taking on all characters and is the easiest to pick up and play.


Flame Sword: Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Mitsurugi fires a Fire-Ball from his sword. The typical Ranged Fire Ball)

Flare Sun: Shouryken Motion + Kick ( Mitsurugi launches the opponent into the air with two kicks)

Blazing Slash: Back Hadouken Move + Punch ( A Counter Move. If opppeant hits Mitsurgi. He counter attacks with a slash that can set up for a combo)

Witching Hour: Hadouken Move + Kick ( Mitsurugi primes his sword and then he does uppercut and slashes downwards.)

Super Move - Demon Slayer: Mitsurugi performs four quick slashes that briefly ignites the opponent burning them



Siegfreid is a balanced character but it much different than Mitsurgi. He is slower but more powerful and like Seig from the classic he focuses more on powerful strikes than Combos. This style for Sig compliments his moveset. 


Legacy Testament: Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Seig stabs his sword in the ground. A Trail of Crystal Spikes appears into the direction of the enemy. Has to be blocked low. Once he stabs his sword into the ground. He can move while the spikes are still on screen..making for mix up opportunities)

Blue Flame: Back Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Sigfreid summons Blue Fire from the ground which trails across the ground like one of Elizabeth's moves from P4. This can be used to mix up with Legacy Testament.)

Soul Conviction: Shouryken + Kick ( Seig uses his sword to knock the opponent from out of the air air and brings them down to the ground. Used as a Anti-Air.)

Forsaken Sanctuary: Back Hadouken Motion + Kick ( Sieg lunges using his sword. Similar to Dante's stinger from UMVC3. Used to get in close)

Super Move - Darkness of Fate ( Siegfreid. Summons a Giant Ice Crystal which traps the enemy and then he says " I will not give into darkness". He then slashes the crystal causing a good amount of damage to the enemy) 


Soul calibur nightmare by dragont111

Nightmare in this game is a lot different in this game. First of all he no longer has Soul Edge ( His main goal is to find Soul Edge and punish Seig for his actions). Secondly he is no longer Seig but Fredrick who has had his soul fused with blue Armour and been given some of Soul Edge's Power by the mysterious person which turns the blue armor demonic.As for his playstyle. He is a grappler character using his claws and demonic energy to beat people to a pulp


Dark Requiem: 360 Motion + Punch: ( Nightmare uses his claws to grab the enemy. He calls the enemy " Fool" and slams him to the ground. Which causes a ground bounce. You can Combo a bit after that. The command grab is hard to pull off)

Soul Wave: Back Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Nightmare surrounds himself with small electro-bolts from the ground, this can be used for making longer combos and putting more pressure on the enemy)

Soul Grab: 360 Motion + Kick: (Nightmare grabs the enemy from the air and slams them into a wall causing a wall bounce. It is difficult to combo after this but you can do it.)

Evil Seed: Back Hadouken motion + Kick ( Nightmare punches his foe with his claw then he uppercuts his foe into the air. Used for combos or Soul Grab) 

Super Move - Darkness will Rise: 3 360 Motions + Punch ( Nightmare grabs the enemy and sucks out their life force before punch them into the air before punching them back to the ground. The most powerful Super but also the hardest to land)


300px-Sc5 pub 2d ivy1-copy

Ivy is the Zoner of this game. She is best at a distance and can really annoy some of the more up close characters like Nightmare and Talim. She is very much like Glacuis from KI..she is a difficult charcter but the rewards of using her to the fullest effect are awesome..


Alchmey Trap: Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Similar to Trish's move from UMVC3. Parlyises the enemy if they stand on the Alchemy Trap can be used to stop people getting in)

Grand Alchemy: Shoryken Motion + Punch ( Ivy splits the blade up into small pieces and shoots them at the enemy. Can be used while Ivy is moving)

Alchemy Ball: Hadouken Motion + Kick ( A Command Grab. Has priority over at of moves. Ivy grabs the enemy and places them in a ball that explodes sending them far back.)

Soul Ball: Back Hadouken Motion + Kick ( Ivy fires three small Soul Balls. Is used for zoning out the enemy)

Super Move- Valentine: ( Ivy seals the enemy inside a Alchemy Trap before clicking her fingers and the trap explodes.A counter super)



Talim is the close range fighter of the cast and is also the best combo character in the game. In a sense she is similar to other close range characters like Saberwulf, Makoto etc. Her main goal is to get in and go on the offensive. She has also the second highest damage in the game besides Nightmare but has also has the lowest HP. 


Wind Strike: Hadouken Motion + Punch (Very similar move to Makoto's Hayate. Talim dashes and then does a punch. Medium and Heavy versions go through most Projectiles but Light Version is one of the quickest moves in the game, Great if you just want to close distance.)

Rising Uppercut: Back Hadouken Motion + Kick ( Similar to Jago's Anti-Air. Is great for a anti-air and puts the enemy close to Talim which allows her to keep the pressure on. You can follow it up with a Light, Medium or Heavy Punch to start a combo)

Wind Power: Shouryken Motion + Kick ( Talim uses the power of the wind to bring the enemy foward. The EX Version will always bring the enemy close to Talim. Great for countering Zoning)

Wind Combo: Hadouken Motion + Kick ( Talim does a single strikes however once you have done this attack you can combo it but constanly pushing the punch button. Similar to Saberwulf's Combo Trait. Used for continuing combos and getting high damage)

Super Move - The Power of Wind: (Talim punches the enemy similar to Wind strike and then punches them multiple times and then does once more punch. You can combo after it but it's not that easy.



Sophita is a Counter Fighter. She is a Mid Ranged character. While having no projectiles her moves can be very effective at both short and mid range however she does not have the combo potential of Talim. She is a easy character to pick up and ply but can be tough to master due to her counters


Holy Counter: Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Sophita's counter move. The Light Version counters High and Mid Attack, Medium counters low Attacks and the High version counters Projectiles if you get the timing right)

Holy Stab: Back Hadouken Motion + Punch ( Is a command grab with decent reach. Sophita will stab the foe and then knock them down. Great if you want to put pressure onto your enemy)

Holy Slash: Shouryken Motion + Kick ( Sophita slashes at the enemy. Similar to Taskmaster's Sword Master. Great for combos and for taking on foes at short range) 

Holy Sheild: Back Hadouken motion + kick ( Sophita uses her shield to charge at the enemy. Simialr to Captain Amercia and Taskmaster. Great for closing distance and starting combos)

Super Move - Divine Palladium: ( Sophitia slashes her opponent with her sword on their chest, pushing them back and then a flash of thunder comes, striking her opponent down.)

I might do Taki and Cervantaes Later..

==Stages ==

Mitsurugi's Stage is a a mix between his Soul Calibur 1 and Soul Edge Stages. You fight on a Platform with the Takamatsu Castle on the Background. There are pirate ships attempting to raid the castle. There is changing weather in the stage including Sun, Rain and Snow.

Siegfried's stage is a Old Fort in the middle of the forest. There is a battle going on and you can here the fighting in this stage. Once the 2nd Round is over a Giant Monster will come in from the background. He is there in the forest

Nightmare's stage is Denevér Castle but it looks very demonic and twisted look. As almost if Soul Edge was controlling the place. There are flying dragons in the sky and one will come near the stage once the 2nd round is completed.

Ivy's stage is Valentine Mansion. It is the home of Ivy Valentine and it is mostly abonded as their are secrely ghosts wondering the Mansion if you look cosely. In the back-ground you see the full moon and it looks awesome

Talim's Stage is from Soul Calibur 2. You are in a House with its side blown off and in the background there is valley full of different things to look at. However, somtimes  it is being invaded by a demonic army. The Sky turns red and their are demon's everywhere

Sophita's Stage is the Shrine of Eurydice. It is a Great Shrine on the top of a mountain with mutliple mountains in the distance . There are a lot of birds flying around in the background and once the 2nd round is over the moutain in the background falls. Due to an exploshion. 

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