Kylo Malcovich

Kylo Malcovich was born in Sweeden on July 17 in the fifteen hundreds. He was captured by a group of thevies, and smuggled into China. By the age of twleve, he began training in the art of kung-foo. By fifteen, he ran into Nightmare. About to be killed, something happened. He unleashed a blast of energy into Nightmare, knocking him down, dropping Soul Edge. Kylo touched it, and was changed forever. Nightmare said, "You are not a normal boy. But Soul edge seems to like you. Your life is spared, today. Next time, you're not so lucky!"

Nightmare ran off with the cursed sword, leaving behind a frightened Kylo. By age 31, Kylo became a fighter. He uses anything he can find, but a staff is his specialty. He became friends with Maxi, Kilik, and Xuangua, because of their fighting style.


He wears a robe to cover himself. He has one eye, blonde hair, and speaks with a rough accent. His clothing is all black, because of the shame and hatered inside of him.


Friends with Maxi, Kilik, and Xuangua. Ran into Taki and Mitsurugi once. His enemy is Nightmare.


"I don't care who you are, but you're still my enemy." -before any fight.

"I must go, and leave you to die." -after any fight.

"You, are the one I hate." -before fighting Nightmare.

"It is done. My purpose is over." -after defeating Nightmare.


Stage: Proving Grounds.

Music: Nightmare/Seigfried's theme.

Weapons: Uses staff, nunchuck, grieve edge, Chinese sword, dagger, and rapier.


Even though his family is a mystery, they say Kylo is the last of his village.

Kylo was blessed by Soul Calibur at birth.

Kylo only used his energy blast once. And that was with the first fight with Nightmare.

Kylo mysteriously vannished after defeating Nightmare. But his spirit lives on.

Some even say, that he took Soul Edge for himself. He became evil, and was granted power by it. It also, gave Inferno a new host.

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