Azula Marselles is a Soul Caliber IV fan character manufactured by the Architect of Halo (DON'T EDIT THIS PAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!!!!!). She is a guardian of the oceans across the worlds of the universe. What exists in her soul is Ambition.

Azula's appearance in Soul Caliber 4


Azula has the ownership of a beautiful girl in her 20's, she wears barely any armor and has a dress over her lower body underneath. She placed her amber-colored hair in a French-braid underneath her head-covering, and barely showed it to anyone despite its wonderful look. Her green eyes has won over many teenage boys and young men in their 20's.

Underneath her dressing lies a set of barely visible tattoos that have only shown in the morning sun, only three have been able to see their astonishing manifestation, and due to that wonderful looking event, none of them ever spoke of it. It was so wonderful that they all passed out when they saw her tattoos and her face at the same time, but despite this, she was still shy to show them.

Her beauty was responsible for her victories against her male opponents in almost every single battle she had in her travels, and that is why she has had many young men attempt to make her their soul-mates, and yet they had all failed because of her wonderful appearance.


Personal History


(I created the Glassits and a little more than half of the story material, do not use any of this without MY permission)

A fountain on a planet that appeared to be made of a Black Glass substance housed a civilization of great moral principles. They passed around bowls of life and sent an ambassador to a world similar to Earth. The man took his robes and mask to hide his species from the human people and took his vessel to the planet and would begin his goal to make peace with the Human people.

When he arrived, he encountered something that wasn't a Human civilization, but it was a race that his own kind had been having conflicts with since his was a child, and did not hesitate to let his impulses take over. He took his blades, and cut through the five slave drivers, and freed the three Human slaves that the dead creatures had captured. "Have you been harmed in any other way, my companions?" he questioned with compassion. None of them replied, as if they did not understand.

Damn, he thought to himself. They think I am one of them, I came to this world for NOTHING!! Before he continued to roar within his mind, one of the three humans handed him a glowing blue crystal. He accepted it, but did not understand the gesture. "Please take this object, and insert it into that fountain up there." the female of the trio asked kindly. He shrugged with a mellow variant of energy and walked up the steps. Once he gently slid it down into the diamond shaped hole, an explosive blast of energy threw him outward.

After a few seconds, he analyzed his robe, and attempted to put out the scarce blue flames that nearly expanded on his robes. After he performed that task, he searched for his mask, and turned to find an unimaginably beautiful Human woman in front of him handing him his mask. He stood still in fear, unable to find an appropriate reaction to her face and body. She wore all sorts of wonderful fabrics, and had the best possible smile that human females were capable of. He remained silent, and nearly urinated his pants when she spoke. "Thank you for letting me out of there Myriament," she spoke with a voice that was just as beautiful as her face. "It was really boring in there."

Myriament quivered and felt suspicion in his bones. "H-how do you know my name...?! Outsiders f-f-from my world can't figure out our names unless they-" he attempted to reply until he was cut off. "That's not a very nice way to talk to me," she said while taking some odd steel paddle off of her back. "I don't want to have to spank you for being bad." WHAT?!, he thought disrespectfully. Well...I shouldn't be mean to this girl, and it's irrational to feel fear.

Myriament shrugged and began to return to his means of transportation. "By the way, who are you?" he asked her with some amount of respect and compassion. "My name is Azula," she introduced herself. "I'm the guardian of the oceans, and I love to date cute guys like you." Myriament waved goodbye and almost ran back to his vessel with nervousness.

Azula swam through the deep, enjoying all of the animals she viewed from the inside, she noticed new creatures were swimming by, and that was when she found the most unusual place there was. Once she exited the water, she found all sorts of interesting people, all wearing bizarre fabrications. And one particular odd-looking man wore a bandanna along with red colored pants with yellow tips. This man had been fighting gigantic-reptiles in front of what looked like his sister, and had been busy cutting armored men in half.

"What an odd person," Azula giggled noticeably. The man turned around and placed his hands up. "That's not a very nice think to say, you know?"
Azula took off her helmet and un-did her French-braid, letting her long hair float in the wind. "I don't think cutting that little kid in half is too nice of a gesture either." she told him. "Oh, he's fine! Look at him, I didn't-" the man attempted to say before looking at the mess. "Oops..." he whispered. Azula then heard the individual's name echo through the air, and stuck her paddle deep into the ground. "Your sister is calling you Yun-Seong," she said to him. "If you come with me, you'll be safe."

Azula walked through the lands with Yun-Seong, and was instantly surprised. He did not ask one question, or complain once. She knew it had nothing to do with her though, it was because of his mindless destruction back at the recent festival. "I'm suprised that you have no interest in where we're going." she said to him. Yun-Seong looked at her and gave a weak (one-second) smile. "Actually, I kind of want to know what town we're going to," he responded. "Though it's just to get away what I just did." Azula gave an amuzed grunt. "Maybe that evil magic that those creatures had taken control of your brain, and turned you against the other people there." she informed him. Yun-Seong then gave Azula a look of interest. "So...Are you single?" he inquired with a look of confidence are curiosity. Azula then stopped and frowned at him. Yun-Seong then raised his arms as if someone was pointing a gun at him. "I'm just curious!"

Azula grunted with dirision. "What do you care...?!" she almost yelled. Yun-Seong's face then showed that he was upset. "Sorry...I didn't mean to...I didn't...I wasn't saying I wanted to marry you or kiss you, I just-" Azula took out her steel paddle and smacked Yun-Seong across the face. "What the hell is your problem?!" he shouted while wiping the blood off of his nose. Azula then stuck her paddle up in the air, and teleported far away from where she left Yun-Seong. "God damn...!" he said while collecting his spilled wallet materials and his sword. "What is that girl's problem...?!"

Azula made sure that nobody was anywhere near the beach she sat on, and then she broke down in tears, bawling over her horrid past experiences. She remembered her previous experience, how one of her previous boyfriends had left her, and how she was left without a date to the next event afterward. Her tears poured down her face, and she was almost embarrassed when she discovered a nineteen-year old boy carrying a map across the beach, trying to discover where he was. Once he saw the back of her helmet, she could tell he was about to speak to her. "Excuse me," he said to her politely. "Do you know which direction San Diego is?" He stood for a second as Azula budged to the side.

"Okay...?" he replied with confusion. "Is that a no?" Once Azula looked at him, he froze, obviously speechless over her beauty. "Good god..." he muttered silently. She then put her head between her knees, and gestured for him to go away. "Why are you upset?" he asked. "Go away...!" she ordered. "I don't want to talk to anyone!!" The individual's eyes moved all the way to his right, and he almost turned around before she got up off of the ground. Before he walked away from her, Azula grabbed and hugged him for an unknown reason. "I'm sorry...! I just didn't...I..." she stuttered. "Have we met before?" he asked her. Azula then remembered who he was, and started to feel better and forget about her past. "...Yes, we went to school together before I got trapped in that crystal." she replied. "I'm sorry for being mean to you."

The teenage boy known as Magnet had been a friend of Azula a while ago, and she didn't expect to see him here. Once they talked about what had happened to her, they both prepared to go back to his home.

As they arrived towards Magnet's house, Azula told him that she would be back in an hour. The reason was a secret, but the purpose was for surprise gathering, a present Azula wanted to get him for a reason she did not know why. Before he opened the door to his house, Azula tapped him on the shoulder, and kissed him on the lips. Magnet was speechless, and his brown eyes demonstrated no emotional expression. Azula kept both of her arms held behind her back, and knew he liked that. While waved goodbye, she knew she had won him over, and knew how to keep Yun-Seong away from herself.

Yun-Seong felt Siegfried's armored boot impact his chest and send him flying over half of the town he entered. He landed on his back send, and could feel his spine shatter in half. "What did I do?" he nearly yelled. Siegfried smiled at the statement. "You were in my way," he replied. Once Siegfried turned around, he saw Azula stand in front of him. "You are so childish," she informed him rudely. "What?" Siegfried replied with a strange tone. Siegfried's shining white armor then turned around to have the back facing Azula. Before he could figure out what she meant by that, he felt a rectangular mass impact his rear, as if he were being spanked like a little boy. "What the hell are you doing?!" he roared before the back of his armor came apart. Siegfried then grabbed the Soul Caliber, and sliced the front of Azula's armor vertically in half. She grabbed her giant paddle, and slapped Siegfried across the face.

The two then began to fight as if they were both standing on top of a narrow twig, and both kept their weapons as far away from each other as they could.

Magnet read the morning newspaper at eight o' clock, and saw a gigantic blue explosion overhead. He then witnessed Azula fall down from the sky, and caught her before she landed. Azula did not pass out, and revealed the Soul Caliber as her present to him that she promised. Magnet then showed her a golden ring that as his surprise, but thoroughly explained that he did not want to marry her. As the two went into the house, a long hard trail was finally over with.



Azula can be a seductive girl, but also very kind. She does not hesitate in her tasks, and during fights, she can be extremely brutal. She rarely becomes angry, but if she is provoked, she will do whatever she can to make her opponents suffer an unimaginably painful wrath. Outside of fights, she shows a loving personality that makes every man and woman want her to be their love.



After the fusion between Algol, Nightmare and Siegfried perform to attempt to defeat Azula, she finds a weak component to strike, and causes the creature to transform into a substance which is a combination of glass and liquid. The object exploded, and Azula discovers a sword that is the Soul Caliber and Soul Edge combined as one.

After using its power, she returns home, and secretly finds a way to get her boyfriend to marry her. As she learns that the new sword can grant her an unlimited amount of desires without corrupting anyone or anything, she gains happiness beyond anything she knew possible. After kissing her love several times, a white flash of beauty appears, and all is peaceful and just.



  • You're quite bizzare...
  • Did you enjoy that...?
  • How odd...
  • What a waste of my precious time...
  • You're not very entertaining...
  • Come here, I have something special for you...
  • You're pathetic!
  • Stupidity gets many people killed!
  • You're just like a child!
  • Ugh! How disgusting!
  • I've never been this insulted in my life!
  • It's like I'm standing in front of a walking pile of dirt on two legs!
  • You're silly.
  • How very cute, but strange!
  • You love being humiliated like that, right?



Azula's power opens a whirlpool of unstable magnetic energy that will cause organic material to liquify if they are anywhere close to the center. By the time they are within the center, an explosion of liquid shoots out, and the whole thing vanishes.




Azula and her steel paddle.

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