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Template:FanVerseOwnership The Astral Series is a Soulcalibur fanon collaboration that revolves around JaseyJasee's fanon universe. It's canon is the same as the Soul series with some changes. The first game in the series is Soulcalibur Astral Swords an the sequel is called Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light. The series focuses on the legendary swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. The first three games (The Astral Trilogy) focuses on the Cassaventes family, Kisandra, Kilina, Klymene and Millicent, as well as their friends, allies, and enemies. The primary focus of the Astral Trilogy is Astral Chaos.


The Astral Swords Trilogy

Kisandra Cassaventes - is one of the main protagonist of series one in the Astral Series. Kisandra is the elder sister to Kilina and mother to Klymene. She was thought to be dead but 17 years passed and she returned. Having being stuck away for so long Kisandra lost her memory. After retrieving it she decided to settle down with her family after battling a powerful enemy. But now more danger lies ahead for her and her family and she will do whatever it takes to keep her family safe.

Kilina Cassaventes - is one of the main protagonist of series one in the Astral Series. Kilina in the younger sister to Kisandra and aunt to Klymene. She blamed herself for her sisters supposed death, after battling her she was left with a scar down her left eye that was infected by Soul Edge. For many years Soul Edge taunted her and put her through much pain. She heard rumors that her sister was alive and went on a journey to find her, after a while the sisters where reunited and battled a powerful enemy together. Now, thinking everything is fine Kilina relaxes with her family but she doesn't realize what dangerous lie ahead for her and her family.

Klymene Cassaventes - is one of the main protagonist of series one in the Astral Series. Klymene is the daughter of Kisandra and niece to Kilina. She was only a few months old when her mother was presumed dead so she was brought up by Kilina. Kilina trained Klymene to fight to protect herself but Klymene was scared and thus fights with hesitation. When her mother returned Klymene got a confidence boost and helped her mother and aunt fight against a great evil. Now, thinking that everything is fine Klymene relaxes with her family, but more danger is just around the corner.

Abelia - is a major supporting character of series one in the Astral Series. Years ago she was best friends with Kisandra and Kilina, she began to train them when she turned 18 to prepare them to fight alongside her as a soldier for the kingdom of Grandall. Eventually Kilina and Kisandra left the kingdom and thus had to fight against Abelia. Now, reunited with the sisters Abelia is helping them in their fight against the evil from Astral Chaos.

Leandra Scott - is a character created by SoulGauger and a supporting character of series one in the Astral Series. She first made an appearance as a boss battle in Soulcalibur Astral Swords and is now a supporting character in A New Light working alongside the Cassaventes family. She is a close friend of Kilina's and has journeyed with her in the past. Leandra is a strong willed woman who wields Dual Swords. She is better known as a Legend among people.

Janice Barnes - is a character created by SoulGauger and a upcoming antagonist of series one in the Astral Series. She is to make her first appearance in A New Light working alongside the deep evil coming from Astral Chaos. Her mission is to kidnap Kilina to meet her true destiny within Astral Chaos. It is unknown what this "destiny" is for Kilina. Janice calls herself The Winter Soldier as she doesn't remember her real name.


The Astral Swords Trilogy

The Astral Swords Trilogy focuses on the Cassaventes family fight against the evil lurking from Astral Chaos with the help from friends. It also focuses on the return of Kisandra, Kilina's true destiny, and what Soul Edge wants with her.

Soulcalibur Astral Swords - Is the first game in the Astral series of video games and first game in the Astral Swords trilogy. It takes place immediately after the events of Soulcalibur V. The game focuses on Kilina's search for the lost swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, the return of Kisandra, and a major time altering threat coming from Astral Chaos.

Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light - Is the sequel to Soulcalibur Astral Swords. It takes place right after its predecessor and continues on three years later. The game focuses on a bigger threat from Astral Chaos that is willing to do anything to get Kilina. Will the Queen of Astral Chaos be successful in getting Kilina to fulfill her true destiny? And with Astral Chaos merging with Earth once again will Kisandra be able to protect her child and sister?

Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny - Is an upcoming sequel to A New Light and the third and final game in the Astral Swords trilogy. It will take place after A New Light and will bring closure to the trilogy. Kilina's true destiny has been revealed, however thought to be dead by her friends and family will they be able to save her in time? The final chapter is about to begin, this will test the entire family to the max!


These are games that are not created by me but are in the same universe and "canon" as this fan universe.

Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage - Is a game created by LightningSakura. It takes place immediately after the events of Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light and focuses on a young girl named Nirvana who was manipulated by Tira to become the new host for Soul Edge. Nirvana's older, adoptive brother, Alexander is on a journey to rescue his sister, but at what costs? With help from his close friend Klymene, and others, will they be able to rescue her in time?

Timeline of events




  • Kaarina was born.
  • Astra abducts Kaarina and implants the seed of Astral Chaos in her.
  • Kaarina's memories are wiped by Astra.











  • Shura was born (possibly).




  • Xianghua was born.
  • Kisandra was born.
  • Astra visits Kisandra to collect the seed. She discovers the seed is not in her.


  • Yun-seong was born.
  • Hilde was born.
  • Kilina was born.
  • Kaarina's memories of being abducted are restored.
  • Kaarina abandons Kisandra & Kilina.
  • Astra took Kisandra & Kilina to the Kingdom of Grandall.
  • Astra kills Kaarina and her husband.
  • The King of Grandall take Kisandra and Kilina in.
  • The King hires researches to do experiments on Kilina to remove the seed.







  • The researches extract a very small amount of the seed from Kilina.
  • The researches mix the seed with Kilina's DNA and use her body as a host for a baby.
  • Millicent was born. Removed from Kilina magically by Astra.
  • Astra takes Millicent to Astral Chaos and raises her as her own.
  • Patroklos was born.






  • Kilina begins teaching Klymene how to fight.


  • Kilina leaves Klymene and sets off on another journey to pursue Soul Edge.
  • Alexander is kidnapped by a mysterious Cult.





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