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Sword of Liberty is a Soulcalibur fanon collaboration that resolves around DeathNyx's fanon universe. The story focuses on Abelia Schiffelt in Episode I, Chris Silverwind in Episode II and Julian Hägen in Episode III along with their Friends and Allies.

Soulcalibur characters that appears in this Fan Universe: Abelia Schiffelt


Here are listed all the main characters of this Fan Universe. (Contains Spoilers)

Kingdom of Asylia

Royal Knights:


Abelia Schiffelt - Main protagonist of the first episode. Born from a wealthy family of Asylia she was able to reach high ranks between knights in no time also due to her strength. First, Captain of the Royal Guards then one of the Commanders of the Royal Army during the end of her exile, she will assist at the fall of Asylia and the massacre of her family by Hillenia's Army. With a strong personality, during her journay as exiled, she will manage to rebuild an army with the support of other countries and a group of mercenaries. Her great power can match with a member of the Holy Brotherhood. During the final battle against Marko she trying to save him from falling at the Lost Cathedral showing that she was always interested in him. She is good with many weapons such as sword and shield, short sword and lance. She's a destined wielder of the Soul Calibur during the final battle at the Wall Stronghold and during the final encounter with Marko at the Lost Cathedral.

Boris - Abelia's best friend since childhood. Boris decides to join Asylian knights together with Abelia, and he always shows respect for her, hiding his love. A strong man with high sense of humor but also a strong sense of honor. He will die almost a year after Asylia occupations fighting in useless battles to retake Asylia from the Hillenia.


Laurentius - In the first episode he's the commander of the Royal Army of Asylia, Laurentius is severe with his soldiers but at the same time he's their best friend and always ready to help them. Respected by his knights he will die for a single of his men. Abelia's best friend later in story, he will fight alongside her for Asylia freedom.

Georg - Abelia's Swordmaster. He always seen a strong personality in Abelia teaching her to become a real knight. He will die during the occupation of Asylia in 3090 AOTD fighting in the city.


Marko - As a mercenary sent in Asylia he will hide his true nature as member of the Brotherhood helping the royal knights in few battles against barbarians. During his stay in Asylia he will mature a relationship with Abelia.


Loden - Together with Marko he will never reveal Hillenia true intent during his stay in Asylia.

Asylia Order of Knights:


Chris Silverwind - Main protagonist of the second episode. Born from a great dynasty of knights during the begin of the Age of Wars in a city that still fear a next invasion from The Brotherhood and Hillenia. she was educated with a male attitude from her severe father, born to be perfect, she will join the army at age of 10 under male appearance becoming a respected knight in few months and surpassing his friend, Perceval, the most respected knight of Asylia at that time. In 3102 AOTW after seeing that the Royal Knights were in caos without leaders and without a king since the invasion of Hillenia she decides to found her own group of knights in order to stop the imminent Brotherhood invasion. In Episode II Chris Silverwind is a destined wielder of the Soul Calibur and the only one who can unleash its full potential.


Perceval - Chris' best friend and strongest knight of Asylia since Abelia's death and before Chris' ascent in 3102. He will play an important role through all the second episode helping Chris in her war against the Holy Brotherhood. Perceval is the second strongest member of the Asylia Order of Knights after Chris and very respected by his soldiers and by the citizens of Asylia. He has a crush on Chris but in the end they will remain only good friends.


Rose - Rose was the captain of the Royal Guards, a group of special knights under the command of the king. In Episode II Rose will join the Order of Knights founded by Chris in order to stop the Brotherhood and avenge her soldiers and friends from the Royal Guards.


Glen - Perceval's father. During the events of Episode I Glen was a famous commander of Asylia Royal Army together with his friend Laurentius. He appears only in Episode II as a former member of the New Order of Knights where he will fight alongside Rose against the Brotherhood.

Laurentius - As a member of the Order, Laurentius will help Chris against the Brotherhood and every time he see Chris fighting he remembers Abelia. In the second episode Laurentius will face his fate against Kristoff.

Holy Kingdom of Hillenia

Holy Army of Hillenia:


Decimus - First of the three High Commander of Hillenia, he's also the king's brother and father of Kristoff leader of the Holy Brotherhood. He will never appear in this story, his role is to protect the city of Hillenia and the Royal Palace.


Loden - Second of three High Commander of Hillenia, Loden is a silent man who prefers to fight instead to talk, he's also Marko's best friend. In 3094 AOTD Loden leads his army against Asylia in order to conquer it and he will maintain control of the city for four years until Abelia returns with an army build during the years of exile and together with Laurentius retakes Asylia. During this battle Loden fights against both Abelia and Laurentius and after a hard battle he dies, the death of Loden will lead the Nine Elders to send Johanna and to the events of Episode II. Loden wields a Two-Handed Sword and he has also a good knowledge of fire based attacks.

Victor - Third of the three High Commander of Hillenia. During the story he's far from the continent and he will return during the end of the first episode where he plays a small but important role. In Episode III Victor will fight with Lucretia against Arxax Empire.


Lucretia - Lucretia is the High Commander that will replace Loden after his death. She will appear only in Episode III where she leads her soldiers against Arxax Empire. Lucretia is also Zaretra's sister.

The Holy Brotherhood:


Kristoff - Spiritual leader of the non legendary members of the Brotherhood of this generation and one of the main antagonist of the second episode. in addition to his straordinary ability he's also the son of Decimus, and so, a member of the royal house of Hillenia. At the beginning of the second episode he will "join" the Asylia Order of Knights as a tactician to help the knights against The Brotherhood invasion, in the reality he will lead them into a trap everytime, first, during the invasion of Petrus and Åsa, second, during the invasion of Gregor and Lucia. His true nature will be discovered only later in episode II before the final battle against Margareth's legion. Chris will fight against him two times: first, at the discovery of his betrayal where he will kill Laurentius, second, at the Holy Brotherhood headquarters. He shows a lot of respect for Chris and probably he always loved her.


Petrus - A strong and severe man fanatic of the Brotherhood and it's ideals. Petrus is also a famous smith of Hillenia and together with Arcturius is the oldest member of this generation and for this reason, very respected by the other members. His power is well-know and feared by other countries due to his many victories during the Hillenia expansion, his weapons is a giant axe forged by himself plus a good knowledge of earth elemental attacks. His Partner of War is Åsa. 


Lucia - Lucia is a countess from one of the most wealthy family of Hillenia. "Hateful personality and always self-confident of her powers" this is what Gregor and maybe other member of the Brotherhood think of her. Lucia is the assassin of the Brotherhood, when the Elders need to kill an important person without move an entire army she is the most indicated person. She also won few battle for the Brotherhood especially against pirates and mercenaries. Lucia, Gregor and Loden are good friends since childhood.


Marko - Marko is one of the two main antagonist of the first episode. A strong member of the Holy Brotherhood born from a wealthy family of Hillenia, he has great war strategy ability, magic powers and he's also a great swordsman things that grant him respect within Brotherhood ranks. Best friend of Loden and love interest of Giulia. Known to have never lost a single battle he has a hateful personality towards the enemy, he likes to see the enemy suffer and fall in war thanks to his ability in war tactics. He see Abelia as the only person who can match him but he also like to humiliate her in battle. Before die during the final battle against Abelia he admits his weakness and his respect for her.


Gregor - Before become a member of the Brotherhood at age of 25 Gregor was a potential candidate for High Commander of Hillenia however, with his potential he was soon noticed by the Nine Elders. He is one of Loden best friends and his contemporary. His Partner of War is Lucia.


Åsa - Åsa is an orphan raised within the Brotherhood. Not much to say during her early life besides she possess a great power she also helped a lot during some invasions in order to expand Hillenia territory. She always fight alongside Petrus, the only really attached to her and the only one who see her grow.

Demetrius - Currently there are few informations about him and can be found only in the archives of the Brotherhood. Demetrius was a member of the previous generation and Marko's mentor the person who saw in him the true potential to become a Brotherhood knight, indeed, was Demetrius to introduce Marko to the Nine Elders and ask for his entry into the Brotherhood. Demetrius was a powerful tactician of the organizzation, skills that he handed down to Marko when he started his journey into the Brotherhood. About his physical appearance Demetrius looks like an middle-aged man with a white long beard, white medium haircut and a fancy silver armor tiphical of the members of the Brotherhood. Demetrius was very respected between the members of his generation but first of all Marko who considers him a hero of the Brotherhood and probably a second father.

Holy Brotherhood legendary members:


Margareth The Demigoddess - Kristoff once said: "I prefer to fight against all Asylia and Arxax alone rather than Margareth". Found by an old member of the Brotherhood in the middle of a battlefield she knows only war and has no mercy in battle. Not officially the leader of legendary members because they are leaded by The Nine Elders themself, she's the strongest member of the Holy Brotherhood, mute and always covered by an halo of light and also, immortal. Margareth is in possess of the greatest legion of the Brotherhood (200000 knights, 10000 Juggernauts and 50000 Elephants). From ages, she fights in a far continent where the lands are dominated by barbarians until, after all Brotherhood losses she is recalled from the front by The Nine Elders awere of her dangerous. Only an upgraded Soul Calibur will be able to damage her and match with her almost divine powers. Margareth is one of the two main antagonist of the second episode.


Krystal - Krystal is a hero of the Brotherhood and a destined wielder of the Soul Calibur during many battles in the name of the Brotherhood. Many people think that Krystal is immortal and ageless, only the Nine Elders know about his past. His duty is to protect the Brotherhood headquarters.


Johanna - One of the two main antagonist of the first episode and one of the strongest legendary members of this generation. Johanna's past is part of the legend, there are few informations about her early life. Her primary duty is to defend the Holy City but after the liberation of Asylia she is forced to leave the homeland. She's also the strongest enemy of the first episode and Abelia will be able to deafeat her only with the Soul Calibur. The death of Johanna will cause Brotherhood anger and this will lead to the events of Episode II. Johanna's Legion is one of the most feared, a soldier from Asylia remembers some details: "At Johanna's arrival the sky became red and the earth trembling, i was in the forefront, i saw armored giants and a sparkling silver armor... then, hell."


Giulia - Marko's friend since childhood. Giulia was born from a wealthy family in a small village near the capital. Her past is unknown but thanks to her efforts in some important battles the Nine Elders promoted her legendary member of the Brotherhood at age of 13. She's also called "Princess Warrior" because of her family relationship with the royal family of Hillenia. She fights in another continent alongside with Arcturius. Her ultimate fate is unknown. 


Arcturius - Like Giulia, Arcturius will never appear in this story. Almost all the time he will fight alongside Giulia in another continent. His ultimate fate is unknown.

Magdalene - info here


Forion Mercenaries:


Peter - Leader of the mercenaries, reckless but loyal in fight. He appears for the first time during Abelia's journey after her exile helping her to build an army and regain her honor becoming her true love interest. Unfortunately his fate is sad, after the liberation of Asylia he leaves to fight Marko alone dying in the battle, Abelia will know it only before the final battle.

Robert - Peter's best friend he will appear few times in Episode I but he will help Chris and Asylia during Episode II. At the beginning he was contrary to help Abelia with her war but later he learns that the Brotherhood threat was far greater and Forion wouldn't do anything alone.

Ashley - During Episode I and II she is a child and she will help only to gather war informations. In Episode III she will help Julian against Arxax and will build a relationship with him however never reciprocated the two decided to remain only friends. She's a skillful ranger and a good archer.


Julian Hägen's Rebels:

Julian Hägen - Main protagonist of the third episode. Julian cames from a normal family in a small town of the Arxax Empire, during his early life he always seen the Empire as the greatest enemy to defeat. (in update)

Rohn - Rohn is Julian's best friend. During childhood they always dreamed a life without the Empire playing together and stealing from the guards in the town. Rohn will play an important role in order to help Julian and the rebels against Arxax but a cruel fate awaits him...

Priscilla - info here

Brom - Brom was a skilled soldier from Arxax Empire who served under the command of Orion. After seeing that the Soul Edge was becoming the main obsession of the Emperor he decided to leave the army and join the rebels. He will die fighting against Orion before the final confront with Hector.

Arxax Empire

Dark Knights:


Hector - Main antagonist of the third episode. Emperor of Arxax and leader of the Dark Knights. In this episode he's a destined wielder of the Soul Edge.

Orion - The strongest member of the Dark Knights besides the Emperor and also the commander of Arxax Army, Orion is the last defense in the Black Palace.

Zaretra - Zaretra is a powerful knight who leads the Emperor's personal escort and a guardian of the capital. Zaretra is also the sister of Lucretia; an High Commander of Hillenia, the enemy country. Her weapons of choice are the Lance and the Short Sword.

Orox - Together with Zaretra, Orox is a guardian of the Black City of Arxax and his duty is to protect the great gate that protects the capital. His great strength and violence granted him the name of "The Hangman".

Shadow - A fearsome assassin who killed many enemies of the Empire. His real name is unknown and he never fights on the battlefield but he prefers to kill his victims using the darkness of night. Even people of Arxax really seen him and many think that he takes orders directly from the Emperor himself.

Countries, organizations and flags

Here are listed the main countries that take part to this story with their organizations and flags.


  • Kingdom of Asylia

A small region placed between the sea and mountains. Asylia will suffer many times because of its position between two powerful countries. This is the homeland of the main characters such as Chris and Abelia. This country own some of the Soul Calibur fragments.

  • Holy Kingdom of Hillenia 

The great and strong country from the north covered by snow and forests, know for it's history and his powerful ranks of knights. The capital is a great city with white/silver buildings and a blue star on its sky always shines during night and day, symbol of the country protected by the Soul Calibur. The Brotherhood stronghold is placed in the northest part of this region. According to the legend, Soul Calibur should rest here.

  • The Holy Brotherhood

Founded by nine elders from Hillenia that probably were the first group of Brotherhood knights, The Holy Brotherhood it's not officially part of the Kingdom of Hillenia and it can be considered as a very small, independent country. The Brotherhood is also a racist organization because only Hillenians can hope to join it. In war, this organization has its own army of nonhuman knights made with magic like to empty armors, this grants an almost infinite numbers of soldiers. Plus it has the feared Juggernauts, strong armored giants and Elephants. Its main stronghold, which is also the capital of this microstate, is called Sanctum. Very similar to a cathedral, this building has a characteristic gothic architecture with white walls and decorations. This stronghold is also built where the Soul Calibur sleeps after the great battle at the end of the world in the age 0.

  • Arxax Empire

Hillenia's powerful rival country from the South surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, the capital is built right near the biggest volcano and a red star on its sky always shines during night and day, symbol of the country protected by the Soul Edge. Arxax Empire was founded where the battle against the dragon took place. It's said that was a hero from this region to kill the dragon. Arxax Empire objective is to become stronger than Hillenia that has been the strongest country for many ages but Arxax hasn't been always evil, many Arxax emperors were great conquerors and for this reason this region was marked as an evil country, fortunately Asylia and Hillenia will be able to stop their conquest plans. According to the legend, Soul Edge should rest here.

  • Forion

This region from the East is far from the problems between Hillenia, Arxax and Asylia but soon will be forced to choose a side in order to maintain its indipendence. Placed near a desert this nation doesn't possess a great army however there're many famous and strong mercenaries from this land.


  • Royal Army of Asylia

Main army of Asylia, the small kingdom between Hillenia (North) and Arxax (South). Abelia, Boris, Georg and Laurentius were originally in this army.

  • Asylia Order of Knights

An order of elite knights established in 3148 AOTW, founded and leaded by Chris Silverwind in Episode II. This group will fight against the Brotherhood invasion and in the years to come playing an important role during all Episode II. In Episode III this order, under the command of a new leader and with new members, will help Julian and his rebels against Arxax.

  • Holy Army of Hillenia

Main army of Hillenia Kindom, leaded by three High Commanders. In Episode I, Loden, the second High Commander leads his legion against Asylia. In Episode III, Victor who becomes the second High Commander and Lucretia who takes Loden place after his death will fight against Arxax helping Asylia and Julian's Rebels but always for Hillenia's business.

  • Holy Brotherhood

Powerful group of knights know for their ability on the battlefield. The Holy Brotherhood is the most ancient order of knights and it's members are stronger than normal humans. The requirements for join the Brotherhood are few but hard to accomplish: be native to Hillenia and strong powers since childhood, for this reason only few people can aspire to join this order and for most of them is only a dream but this organization has it's restrictions like no marriage and love attachments for it's members and a severe codex to respect. This order is also an independent state and it has nothing to do with Hillenia Army but its actions are aimed to protect the country.

  • Arxax Army

A strong army know for it's brutality. Arxax Empire accepts everyone in its ranks even barbarians. In Episode III, with the power of the awakened Soul Edge this army becomes really dangerous and a potential threat for the continent.

  • Dark Knights of Arxax

A group of five warriors almost similar to the Holy Brotherhood but leaded by the Emperor himself.

  • Julian Hägen's Rebels

Group of rebels from every towns of the Arxax Empire who oppose Hector's regime leaded by Julian Hägen and his friends. In Episode III this group will join Asylia is order to defeat Hector and his army.

  • Mercenaries of Forion

A group of mercenaries from the East leaded by Peter. It's not an official army but it was able to gain its own flag and a place in the history, before the events of Episode I this group was barely known to other countries. This group will play an important role through the first episode.



Flag of the Holy Kingdom of Hillenia with the royal crown. The white side represents the white buildings of the capital and the cyan side represents the sky. This flag is also the official insignia of the Holy Army of Hillenia.


The Holy Brotherhood flag represents the Nine Elders around the circle table and the white background represents the white/silver walls of their stronghold. This flag is also used to represents the country of the Holy Brotherhood and not only the organization.


Johanna Legion's flag also called Epuration Army. Johanna is the only Brotherhood member of this generation that possess her own flag, all legendary members can possess a flag for their own army and this one is used to represent Johanna's Legion, one of the most feared. The tiny silver circle represents Johanna and her silver armor surrounded by her legion (the black circle) and the red background represents the red sky that always appears during her battles.


Arxax Empire flag and official flag of its Army. The dragon on the background is Arxax with the imperial crown and the black background represents the black buildings of the capital.


Flag of the Dark Knights of Arxax, the elite group of knights under the command of the Emperor. The great cross represents the Emperor, the small crosses are the four Dark Knights and the black background represents the black walls of the Imperial Palace.


Forion Mercenaries flag represents a wolf, symbol of their loneliness fights and the yellow background represents the sands of the desert near this region. This flag was invented by Peter but this is not Forion official flag and it's not recognized by the other countries (at least until 3098 AOTD) but these mercenaries are proud of it.


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A short description of the main events of the prologue and the three episodes. (Contains Spoilers)


Many eons ago a hero (probably a barbarian) from an unknow country, strong of the power of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge was able to slay the mighty dragon Arxax at the end of the world. After the battle Soul Calibur goes to the far north leaving few fragments in the middle of the continent and Soul Edge remains in the south. Accomplished his duty the hero dies, the world ends and a new one begins. According to the legend, Soul Calibur will appear to the person who will show a strong will of protect and Soul Edge who will show a strong will of conquer.

Episode I

The first episode tells the story of Abelia and the occupation of Asylia by Hillenia. During the exile Abelia will travel in the continent trying to rebuild an army and always during this journey she will find Peter the leader of a group of mercenaries and her lover for few days before the final battle for the liberation of Asylia where he will die by the hand of an old enemy. The last part of the first episode is centered in two battles: the first final battle for Asylia where Abelia will join Laurentius army on the battlefield near Asylia. During the battle Laurentius will fight against Loden in a furious 1Vs1 battle. With Asylia finally freed Abelia is nominated Commander of the Royal Knights together with Laurentius. In the meantime Hillenia is shocked by the death of one of its strongest commander as well Marko, still incredulous of Abelia's return. After few days of peace the main council of Asylia receive a letter of an imminent invasion of the Brotherhood, the Nine Elders have decided to send Johanna, a legendary member, to destroy Asylia and every child and woman to answer at this affront. Marko is called from the frontline to fight together with his "sister" of the Brotherhood, Johanna. The second final battle will take place at the Wall Stronghold that mark the line between Asylia and Hillenia, Abelia army (70000 men) will fight Johanna's Legion in front of the Wall, this legion is one of the most strongest of the Brotherhood and it counts 100000 knights and 1000 Juggernauts but only 40000 knights and 500 Juggernauts are showed the other are behind the Wall Stronghold. On the other side of the battlefield Laurentius army (50000 men) will fight Marko's Legion that counts 60000 knights and 2000 Elephants. During the 1Vs1 battle with Johanna, Abelia will be able to acquire the Soul Calibur that will help her to kill Johanna and put an end to one of the most greatest battles of this Age but the battle is not over yet... on the other side Laurentius is in trouble against Marko and so Abelia, with a devastated army, decides to join his friend in the battle. Marko, with anger and amazed by Abelia's war tactics, is forced to leave the battlefield and find refuge in the Lost Cathedral in Hillenia territory. Abelia eager to settle the score for the death of her family and the invasion of her homeland reach the Lost Cathedral. Tired for the battle with Johanna but still in possess of the Soul Calibur, Abelia engages Marko in the final 1Vs1 battle. At the end of the battle Soul Calibur disappears; Abelia tries to save Marko, grabbed at the cliff with his sword, incredulous, Marko says he's sorry for all Abelia's losses by his hands but he doesn't want her pity; then leave the hold falling from the cliff. Abelia, sad and exhausted, leave the Cathedral and take the road towards Asylia with Laurentius and other 5 men but even the journey of a hero is destinated to end... on the road for home Abelia and Laurentius are intercepted by Victor's squad that was informed of Loden's fall and so he decided to return in his homeland, luckily Abelia and Laurentius take refuge in an old stronghold near their position. With Victor's squad almost inside the stronghold Abelia takes a decision to avoid the massacre, she will go to Hillenia with Victor in exchange of Laurentius and his 5 men freedom, Victor accepts the conditions and with Laurentius disagree, Abelia, with a last smile to her men leave with Victor. After weeks of journeys Abelia reach Hillenia where an angry mob for Loden and the two Brotherhood members death, wait for her. After days of torture in prison Abelia is escorted in Hillenia main square where will be burned alive. "For a future of liberty" after this words Abelia dies becoming a martyr putting an end to an Age and a story.

Episode II

Work in progress...

Episode III

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Main chapters of this Fan Universe (soon with clickable link direct to the fan fiction.)

Episode I

  • Act I - Daughter of Liberty 
  • Act II - Downfall
  • Act III - Exile
  • Act IV - A New Life
  • Act V - Return
  • Act VI - The Battle for Asylia
  • Act VII - Preparations
  • Act VIII - Final Battle for Freedom
  • Act IX - Remembrance

Episode II

  • Act I - New Order
  • Act II - Brotherhood Anger
  • Act III - Glimmer of Hope
  • Act IV - Calm Before The Storm
  • Act V - Goodbye Brave Warrior
  • Act VI - Return of a Legend
  • Act VII - Day of Judgement
  • Act VIII - Fall of a Great Organization
  • Act IX - Liberty

Episode III

  • Act I - A Short Peace
  • Act II - The Dark Knights
  • Act III - Friendship
  • Act IV - Hillenia, Ally or Enemy?
  • Act V - Battle Against the Army of Darkness
  • Act VI - The Black City
  • Act VII - The Power of the Soul Edge
  • Act VIII - The Last Struggle
  • Act IX - The End of the Empire
  • Act X - New Days


In this timeline are listed the major events of this Fan Universe. (Contains Spoilers)

Age of the Dragon

0 - The mighty dragon Arxax has been defeated. The previous world is destroyed and the Gods create a new one.

1000 AOTD - The Holy Kingdom of Hillenia is founded. Lucis I is the first king.

1264 AOTD - The Holy Brotherhood has been founded by Nine Elders of the Hillenia Kingdom. The stronghold is built where the Soul Calibur sleeps. Soon the deeds of the members of this organization will be remembered by all countries.

1270 AOTD - "Born" of Margareth The Demigoddess, strongest member of the Holy Brotherhood and heroine of Hillenia. She was found on the battlefield by a member of the Brotherhood during a battle between Hillenia and a group of barbarians.

1337 AOTD - Furious battle between Hillenia and an army of barbarians who want to conquer the land. Margareth alone defeats the barbarians army.

1339 AOTD - Margareth is sent to the far East to reject the barabarians. The Holy Brotherhood is now indipendent from Hillenia

1340 AOTD - Death of Lucis I The Conqueror king of Hillenia, his son, Lucis II takes his place on the throne.

1500 AOTD - Golden Age of the Kingdom of Hillenia.

1634 AOTD - Lucis II was murdered.

1700 AOTD - Dark Times.

2000 AOTD - Arxax Empire is founded on the land where the Dragon was slayed. Orus is the first Emperor.

2679 AOTD - The small region of Asylia is founded between Hillenia and Arxax. King Artas is put on the throne.

3013 AOTD - Born of Demetrius, a famous Brotherhood member.

3040 AOTD - Born of Decimus, King Tyorn's brother and first of the High Commander of Hillenia.

3044 AOTD - Born of Laurentius, commander of Asylia Royal Army.

3045 AOTD - Born of Glen, one of the future leaders of the Asylia Order of Knights.

3046 AOTD - Born of Loden, one of the three high commander of Hillenia's Army. Born of Gregor, a member of the Brotherhood.

3055 AOTD - Born of Victor, High Commander of Hillenia until his death in 2110 by the hand of the Empire.

3058 AOTD - Born of Hector, son of the Emperor of Arxax Julius III.

3060 AOTD - Arxax Empire is now Hillenia's greatest enemy and a powerful rival country.

3065 AOTD - Born of Lucretia, High Commander of Hillenia in 3100 until 3120.

3067 AOTD - Born of Rose, one of the future leaders of the Asylia Order of Knights.

3069 AOTD -  Born of Kristoff, son of Decimus the king's brother and one of three high commander of Hillenia's Army.

3070 AOTD - Born of Johanna, heroine of Hillenia and legendary member of the Holy Brotherhood. 

3072 AOTD - Born of Giulia in a small village near the Holy City. An orphan was abbandoned in front of the Brotherhood headquarters, it was Åsa, future member of the Brotherhood.

3073 AOTD - Born of Marko from a noble family of Hillenia in the same village where Giulia was born.

3074 AOTD - Born of Abelia from a noble family of Asylia.

3075 AOTD - Born of Boris, Abelia's best friend.

3076 AOTD - Death of Julius III, Emperor of Arxax, Hector become the new Emperor at age 18.

3077 AOTD - Born of Chris, main protagonist of Episode II and future founder and leader of the Asylia Order of Knights. Born of Perceval Chris' best friend and one of the future leaders of the Asylia Order oF Knights.

3085 AOTD - At age of 12, Marko becomes a member of the Holy Brotherhood. Love between Giulia and Marko. Johanna defeats Arxax Army who wants to conquer Hillenia.

3092 AOTD - Demetrius' death, end of a generation of Brotherhood members.  

---Begin of the FanVerse---

---Begin of Episode I---

3092 AOTD - Abelia becomes captain of the Royal Knights.

3094 AOTD - Marko and his mentor/best friend Loden are sent in Asylia as common mercenaries to study the ground for the next Arxax invasion. Marko, Loden, Abelia, Boris and Asylian Knights defeat a small army of pirates who invaded Asylia. Friendship between Abelia and Marko.

3095 AOTD - [Night] Abelia wake up and Asylia is under attack by Hillenia's Army. King Dantius is killed. Abelia try to reject Hillenia's Army with Boris and his master of arms Georg. Georg dies, Boris continue to fight in the city under attack, Abelia reach his home where his family was slayed. Abelia reach the throne room where the king was killed and sadly discover Marko near the dead body. Marko reveals himself as member of the Holy Brotherhood sent to Asylia by the nine elders to conquer the city because Asylia is a good stronghold for its position and this will help Hillenia to reject every Arxax invasion. Fight between Abelia and Marko which results in Abelia defeats but Marko doesn't kill Abelia and she's exiled instead. Occupation of Asylia by Hillenia Army.

3096 AOTD - Death of Boris near Asylia. Laurentius retreats his army.

3097 AOTD - Abelia's exile period. Journey of Abelia in the East of the continent and friendship with Peter, leader of Forion's Mercenaries. 

3098 AOTD - 

3099 AOTD - 

---End of Episode I---

---Begin of Episode II---

Age of the War

3102 AOTW - 

3103 AOTW -

3104 AOTW -

3105 AOTW - 

---End of Episode II---

---Begin of Episode III---

Age of the Fall

3108 AOTF - 

3109 AOTF -

3110 AOTF -

---End of Episode III---

---End of the FanVerse---

Age of Rebirth

3223 AOR - Asylia is invaded by the remnants of Arxax Empire and with the help of Hillenia the last trace of the old Empire is defeated forever.

3227 AOR - The Empire of Arxax is in caos without a new ruler. Civil war.

3230 AOR - End of the civil war. An ifluent man from the noble family who won the war become the new Ruler of Arxax.

3233 AOR - 

3370 AOR - Peace between Arxax, Asylia and Hillenia.


  • Partner of War - All the members of the Holy Brotherhood have a brother or sister who fights alongside. Legendary members are the only exceptions, they can fight alone if they want to. The only exception since many years is Johanna that has Marko as Partner of War but she fights alongside him only few times.


  • The flag of the Holy Kingdom of Hillenia is loosely inspired by the flag of San Marino with vertical bands instead horizontal.


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