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Frozen Hell is a Soulcalibur fanon collaboration that revolves around Oh Mario and Lyrical Disparity's fanon universe. The universe focuses on the stories which follow Myth and Raisa along with their Friends and Allies.

Members and their characters


Sergeant Kusanagi Ky

Ky as he is while assigned to the unit Dawn

A Weapons Smith of Japanese descent. Kusanagi's life took an abrupt turn for the worst as his parents were killed. After taking what belongings he could, he left Hokkaido and departed for Europe. He wanted to continue the craft which his parents themselves had began and when he had things set up, he would be made. Unfortunately, he would not have that chance so easily. After traveling for nearly a month, he found himself in Parousia. It was here that he had lost the last of his funds and it was here that he would spend the next couple of years of his life. He along with Raisa, saved a widow's life but due to their conjoined crime of murder, they were imprisoned. To their luck, the widow brought their plight to Girardot, one of the generals of the Parousian Military. His deal was simple as it was brought to them, with their skills, they would provide weaponry and firearms for the military. Faced with no choice, he accepts this as did Raisa.

Raisa (Act I)

Raina and Sapphire

Born within Russia, she has a natural Russian accent. She is cold hearted, stern, and precise. Her burden is her own life. Due to the men of the cloth, her family was separated and ultimately destroyed. Her younger sister, so given to lust that Raisa has been forgotten and is no more than a jest to that same younger sibling. Raisa believes in keeping her body from untainted means and is not one to give herself to anyone while her younger sibling accepts not a gold coin for her features. Though Raisa holds a reason to be as cold as she is. The men of the cloth killed her father via stoning. He was accused of aiding a demon in the birthing of abominations. Her mother perished by allowing herself to die for the sake of her children and refused Raisa's aid. Ultimately, Raisa witnessed her mother scream and for those same screams to cease as the fire ravaged her body. As the morning rain fell, she trekked on only to be taken in by a church. This was only because her younger sister had taken refuge there. Seeing her family was still near, she went only for that purpose--for family. Though after three years of spending, Raisa found her younger sister, Raiko, in bed with the priest of that church. She was sickened with such sights and as she attempted to leave, she was stopped by another priest who attempted to rape her. In turn, she killed him and fled. Raisa wandered for months before coming upon Parousia. As she did, she came across Ky, whom had been defending a woman and an injured man. Raisa joined in the battle and together, the two prevailed. No deed is without consequence though. She was imprisoned along with Ky until Girardot proposed their only escape. She accepted seeing that their was not another choice and along with Ky, she provides for the military in not only weapons, but also as a soldier.

Commander Priya Thumbnail

Commander of Gungnir: Priya

The youngest child of a great Parousian commander, Priya knew much about war and the talents which were required. Ultimately when she heard stories of her father she was fascinated if not obsessed with his success as a soldier and a commanding officer. Though for a female to get into the military, let alone a commanding role, it would require much effort. Stories she had heard of others whom had tried and failed were numerous and most females had attempted to deter Priya from ever thinking of enlisting, however, she wanted to follow her dream, and that was to be as great as her father. As she passed trial after trial most of the onlookers were beyond impressed and often complimented her skill while few held scathing remarks of her being the daughter the military which is why she could ascend so easily through the ranks. Of course, it was not true. Priya had trained for years with her elder sister Surina Delgado, and when it came to combat, Priya may be small in stature, but her heart was behind every strike she delivered which is what made her as strong as she was. Upon her receiving the trust to guard the border of her country, she was assigned her paradigm. This paradigm, she deemed Gungnir, after Odin's Spear and for the fact that she loves to study mythology of any origin. Though as she assigned her subordinates to their checkpoints, she was rather caught by Kusanagi's appearance. He was Japanese and Raisa was mixed with "Oriental" and Russian. Priya's choice to make Ky her second due to his more reserved nature as well as his performance while he trained. He was more for his defense and protected his allies even while exposing himself to a greater if not fatal circumstance. Most claim that Priya has fallen for him, yet this is untrue. She believes that she can learn best from him about protecting those of her paradigm.

Commander Surina Delgado

Commander of Exodus: Surina Delgado

From birth, Surina was solely for protecting her younger sister. No matter the threat. Even when their father perished from his injuries and their mother took her own life due to her failure, she vowed to keep her sister protected. Even if it meant lying to her about the very way their parents had died. At a young age, Surina witnessed her father's passing and after speaking with her mother, she heard the blade sink into her flesh. Despite this knowledge, she wanted to protect Priya from the corruption of her mother committing suicide for she knew not how she would take it. Especially for Priya being the more delicate of the two. As time passed, it is what Priya has come to believe while Surina kept the truth buried and as it was buried, she intends to take that truth to the grave. Surina pursued a militaristic career since it would be a stable beginning and she would have herself, and herself alone to rely on for if she failed...or died. Priya had also decided to follow in this idea yet, she had differing reasons. Surina wanted to avenge her father's killers and she knew that they were still alive from the reports she had taken from Girardot's keep. With this information known, she trained and brought her skill to near perfection and with her training, she traveled to Parousia's singular ally, Dalkia. While she was there she gave her loyalty to the Dalkian King and with her history, she was accepted. It was not long before Roin, general of Dalkia's Army, took a liking to her. A few months time it was before the married and when they did, they were in love. Or so she thought. Roin betrayed her with one of the King's harem's. Her name was Aurelia and in the King's sudden death, she seized power and claimed the throne for herself. Roin was her secret lover to the public but he made it obvious to Surina. Betrayed and broken, she left Dalkia as they reinstated their aggression towards the Halteese Republic. With her heart shattered, Surina resumed her training with Parousia and became a commander of her Unit named Exodus. She would resent any man who dare to take interest in her and even more aggression towards those whom would attempt to take Priya for the same heartbreak which she had gone through.


Aliyah during The Mantis War

From birth, Aliyah was raised to serve others. With etiquette and grace, she was trained in providing whatever it is her master needed. Her master was Halphas Halteese although, she would learn at the very end of the war itself, that he was in fact her father. Aliyah lived and served him in the ways which a common servant would. She would prepare his meals before he would wake and Sundays he desires breakfast in bed for it was a day for him to enjoy himself. The other servants whom were of the other members of the Royal Halteese Family were dressed as if they were meant for nothing better. Aliyah was treated with the best and wore only what was the absolute best. Among other guests, she was praised for her speech and style of dress. Her hair, attire, and Aliyah's actions overall were pleasing to the eye and with this praise came jealousy. The other female servants had attempted to kill her, but had failed. Halphas took pride in her daughter and had even taught her the way of the sword. In addition to this was basic ways to defend herself though she had already picked up on several things as she stood overlooking her master train his soldiers. The resulting conflict led to one of the servants needing medical treatment thought Aliyah was not punished as other members of Halteese wished, Halphas instead praised her and taught her more than she was truly supposed to learn. By the time Grandallian soldiers had infiltrated the Halteese, it was a widespread panic due to the invasion of the Malettan Forces. Not to mention the ongoing war with Dalkian which Aurelia had reinstated. Ultimately, Halphas released Aliyah of her duties and forbade her to return. Adhering to this wish, Aliyah fled even though she did not wish to. Servitude was all she knew and she loved serving her master despite the hatred she recieved from others. After a difficult battle with Parousia's Annebella, she had later come across Hyle: A proud member who wanted nothing but the highest riches for himself. She alone fought him yet she was forced to retreat due to several other soldiers of Maletta interfering and she was not prepared to be overwhelmed by the number. This time however, as she retreated, she came across Gungnir and Exodus' Commanders along with Gungnir's second in command. It was him who had protected her in her weary state and from that point, Aliyah allied herself with Parousian Forces due to the treachery which she had learned from a few soldiers of Maletta which she had defeated. As long as she could follow her Master's final wish, she would due whatever she could to delay her own death.

Annebella's Card

Annebella, the Squadron Commander of Relic

Annebella is the commander of the military squadron Relic. Originally hailing from Dalkian soil, she abandoned her country after suffering the abuse of her mother whom beat her children relentlessly. She left her four brothers behind for they did not wish to abandon their mother, but instead help her. She crossed the Welshdat Bridge and into Parousian Territory. In doing so she sought out Girardot. Annebella knew of him for he had been good friends with her father, whom had met his end by Halteesean forces. Taking after her father, Annebella was a natural strategist. Using the elements as well as the world to her advantage and seizing fortresses with just her sole squadron of ten. Unfortunately, Annebella agreed to fight alongside Dalkia in their war with Halteese and as such, she was in far greater danger than most other Dalkians. Grandall had never allowed themselves to be tied to Dalkia's war as they supplied Dalkia with troops to combat their foes. This was due to Parousia and Dalkia being allies. As such, if she or any of her squadron captured, she or they would be abandoned and not acknowledged to exist. In order to prevent Halteese from invading or warring with Parousia that was the price. Yet, this was her life and she chose to accept the mission. Months had passed and after a small victory, her platoon was ambushed. She was not the commander of this platoon so she had no say in where to tread yet she knew this area well enough to survive. Her platoon of thirty was reduced to one. Annebella herself was the last to remain yet, she refused to allow herself to meet her end. Annebella fought not just for herself but for her father. Vengeance burned within her soul and the platoon which had ambushed her allies, were slain. All fifty-four of them were killed, strewn throughout the ridges and mud and dirt. As she returned to Dalkia, she delivered the head of the Halteesean Platoon's Commander. It was that day which she re-signed from dealing with Dalkian affairs for she mourned the deaths of far too many. Nearly eleven years later, Annebella commands her own squadron: Relic. The insignia is the very same as the one which her platoon carried when they met their end and she believes that carrying this insignia will never allow her to forget what sacrifice comes with fighting for what you believe in. Her squadron consists of only five. Annebella herself, Arrai, her second in command. Eurydice, a light infantry specialist. Pfieffer, whom leads assault, and Kai, the Medic of Relic itself. Annebella had wanted Archer to join her squadron yet, he had already been chosen for Surina's Exodus. As she contemplated on adding a male to her squadron she thought of the possibilities of sexual distraction. Arrai she knew would not be seduced by such things but Kai and Eurydice she was not entirely sure of. Pfieffer would simply kill him which would defeat the purpose of even recruiting him. After much thought, Annebella decided to leave Relic as it was; an all female squadron. One of the very few in all of Parousia's history. Though she was not yet sated, she ensured that her squadron respects one another and treats each other the very same as they would family. In a matter of respect, fairness, and understanding. This is how she wanted to them to act for once they treat each other the same, they will come to respect their fellow brothers and sisters in arms which shall strengthen the Parousian army as a whole.

Pfieffer's Thumbnail during Act II
Growing as a child without a mother, Pfieffer lacks the nurturing and caring sense which most females developed through their own mothers in youth. Of course, her mother left not only her father, but Pfieffer behind due to financial difficulties. Pfieffer despises her mother for leaving them and has swore to kill her if she were to ever cross paths with the whore. In her earlier years, Pfieffer was ridiculed and teased for being different. Not wanting marriage and not wanting to be "swept off her feet" as most of her peers sought. She believes that relying on a man for her own security is the same as sacrificing her own mind to live her own life as she chooses. Pfieffer dislikes weakness and hates most people. It is with this solipsism which gains her audience of hate. She mocks those whom she believes is worthless and belittles those who she knows can be stronger in order to push them forth to be as strong as she know they can be. This is of course, one of her very few redeeming qualities. As a soldier, she takes pride in having authority over those who know nothing more than rising from bed in order to harass others. Those 'men' who claim they are truly 'men of men' and encourage others to abuse their wives and treat them as if they have no true purpose without men are the individuals whom she loathes the most. Pfieffer often taunts and degrades those whom she believes are beneath her. Ky is of no exception to this. Throughout their history of knowing of each other, she has yet to show any form of kindness let alone a shred of respect to him.

Dawn Larrieux (improved thumbnail)

Commander Dawn

Dawn's life is shrouded mostly in mystery. From city to city she has relocated and she has never given a reason as to why. As far as most know, Dawn is within her early or even her mid twenties yet no one is quite certain. Her accent reveals that she is French yet, she is uncommon when she revisits her "place of origin". All that truly is known of Dawn is that she has served within the Parousian military for years and is one of the youngest commanders to date. Even more commending is that she is one of the few whom leads a S.T.S (Special Tactics Squadron) as Parousia has very few whom hold the potential that Dawn and her squadron do. She looks after her squadron as a pack of wolves defends one an other. She does not expect betrayal and she treats others with respect--friend and foe alike. Though her weakness is often said to be her over protective nature as well as her kindness. She loves to explore new areas and is rather competitive when it comes to doing something extrodinary opposed to ordinary.


Aneko (thumbnail)

The Queen of all Lycanthropes: Aneko

Aneko is beyond the age of most documented tribes within history. Her people lived under the rule of a man. A hero King whom had ruled over his people and his land and within his grasp was a blade. One of life which she has yet to see. For at this time, Aneko was still within her mother's womb. Aneko's land and people were stricken with disease. A violent disease which had only came to be due to the very man which had given them so much. Algol had found the most powerful mage of the land so that he could combat the sword which took his only son's life. As this knowledge is lodged within her mind, so are the struggles her people faced. Due to the energy released from Algol's decision; his people were given a new life. Or rather, a curse. Most had died while others, others had taken on one of two new abilities. Some were capable of transforming into wolves. Others were given the same trait, but were able to adapt to the standards of human movement. This meant that some had moved about on all fours while others were capable of roaming about on two. The races were separate until much conflict had nearly tore the Lycanthropes asunder. With their numbers dwindling, they reached out to the Werewolves so that they could improve their chances of survival. It took many years and many mates to balance both Breeds of Wolf and when this balance had been achieved, a third race had been born. The Hybrids were those whom held the abilities of both races and instead of their eyes being Lycanthrope green or Werewolf Blue, the Hybrids eyes were a golden yellow or a yellowish green. Aneko at this point, was the head of her race while Isai led the Werewolves as she saw fit. They had a truce at this point and things were all well. Except that Aneko thirsts for a mate. Not just any but one whom she could crave as her own. Despite her calm, sexual, and playful demeanor Aneko will torture, twist, vivisect, and dismember her foes if she feels crossed or is enraged. She believes that her rule is supreme and by all others, she should be held in the utmost respect. In addition to her solipsism, she is attracted to both genders and for a time, had a female mate which brought her much pleasure both day and night. Yet, her mate fled and turned on her and it was to Aneko to kill her former mate even though she did not want to. This ultimately brought her former mate's children into the fray. They both wanted her dead and they were building a force to hunt her down. Though, the leader of them, Thanatos made it seem as if they were not after such. It mattered none. In time she would have them all. Thanatos and Kuro would be at her call whether to play about her lips or to play about her lips.
Ouroboros (Helm-Less)

First Hierarchical Lycanthrope: Ouroboros

Once a human whom lived for work and worked to live. Her life was stripped of her just as her clothes and even the sun. Egyptian born yet a prisoner for life, yet she herself would never see this until it was far too late. Brilliant with complex problems and she was even one of the many minds behind the irrigation system of ancient Egypt. Returning from her days toil, the young woman was attacked by a group of men and bearing no significant strength, she was overpowered and her purity, her body, once untouched was polluted. Her spirit, and her will had been broken and in addition to her torment, she was taken away from the land she knew and away from the people she loved and she was imprisoned. As the months dragged on the young woman, so beautiful was nothing more than a shadow of her former self. A mere play thing she had become to these men and she was not alone either. She knew by the screams and the pained pleas that she was not alone; wherever she was. Shackled by foot and by wrist she rarely saw daylight and when she did it was only through small cracks of her own personal Hell. She remained a prisoner and was often visited throughout the nights by her captors. Pleasure and pain their sweet torment brought her and the only pleasure she truly received was when her strength had all but left her limp and broken. It was a full moon the night that she heard one of those accursed men scream. Perhaps one of the other prisoners bit down on his phallus? If not that then surely she fought back and struck with force and low. She did not know; the young woman, now prisoner for two years laid on the floor, in the spread fashion of an eagle in her indecency. She only moved when she shuddered as the barred door to her prison opened. She thought of pleading with them but that never worked. They would simply take her for the long time that they always lasted—until the sun had arisen. In her helplessness, she was lifted from the cold floor but not by her captors; it was by a woman. She thought of her to be one of the other prisoners until she took noticed of her well defined physique. She also appeared to be young as well. Yet, none of that mattered. Her eyes were what had struck fear into the young woman’s heart. A pale green they were and a fierce fire they burned in the somber horde they stood in. This female asked her if she wanted to live and without thought the woman, a prisoner for years pleaded for her life yet, the life she was given was far from what she truly sought. As the years passed, she was given a name. Ouroboros. She was turned from human to Lycanthrope by Aneko herself and it was also Aneko which had given her, her name. Ouroboros had learned the forgotten arts which most rule out as "black magic" or simply "forbidden arts" as well as Alchemy, and the Ars. A necromancer which has learned over the years how to strip the essence from another as well as their many talents and gifts. Ouroboros serves her Queen locked away from most others of her race and once she is released, none shall survive an encounter against her.


Brass of Intermission

Temperance "Brass" Rivera

Temperance "Brass" Rivera is the elder cousin of Kusanagi Ky and Kisaragi Ren. She has lived most of her life in the open and also in fear. Her parents had continually fled from the slaughter which was left in Nightmare's wake and it was only by luck that they had escaped each time. Finally, after years of running, the killings ceased yet as this temporary peace was about them, Temperance was hiding with others from the cursed knight. Each of them, young and each of them terrified. Days had passed since they hid with few of them leaving only to never return. as the numbers dwindled, Temperance had reached the point of maturity. Or rather, her body did. She bled freely from her orifice and only two survivors knew what to do. One boy and one girl whom helped her get through her menstruation and as this was done, she, Ariel, often toyed with the young Temperance in ways that no child should truly know. Xavier also enjoyed himself yet, this was with Ariel. The other children and teenagers were oblivious to their acts, yet, as Temperance watched, she wanted to try herself. So she did. Ariel, expressing her curiosity tested Temperance out and when she had finished, she would never look at another woman or girl the same. After this experiment, they group had been found yet, Ariel and Xavier were separated, she still had Temperance. The two were with their respective familiars and each had also convinced their own families to settle within Spain and in doing so, life had continued on as if nothing had ever happened.

Years later, under the alias of Brass, Temperance runs a tavern and a forge all within the same construct. She crafts, shapes, forges, and tests various metals, steels, and prototype weaponry which are oft sold underneath the table. Truth be told, she enjoys her line of work and doing such, she had built a deal pf physical strength which has proven useful when thieves had attempted to rob her. All in all, Brass holds the skills to sustain her own way of life as well as ensuring those she looks after are well-protected. Ariel, had enlisted within the guard and holds the rank of lieutenant. With her beneficial ally in such a high rank, Brass could do nearly as she pleased. She also held this grim fact of Goldback's head. With Ariel knowing Goldback's face and a decent portion of her history, it will take nothing more than a word for a manhunt to begin if she chose to act beside herself.

Ryia's Lycanthrope Card


Upon being born, she constantly was in fear of her family. Ryia was adopted and this she knew at an early age due to her being of Okinowan descent while her "parents" were of the Nivkh whom were nomadic in lifestyle. This meant that tracking her biological parents were nearly impossible. As she grew older in age, she had been neglected of many friends due to her appearance. Ryia held swarthy flesh but blonde hair. This meant that either her mother or father had been German or something else. At a point, she had been abandoned by her so-called friends within the Sakurai Dai Gate; the old capital of Japan. This place was often rumored to be haunted by spirits yet, upon being trapped her she was captured by people. They were monks and priestess'. Some held snow white hair and these individuals were called Kaminchu. The next few years of her life were spent with these Kaminchu and monks and through them she learned of what she truly had been. A Hybrid. Though she was not just a Hybrid, she was Lycanthrope dominant. Her eyes were a greenish gold yet deep in color. As this realization sank in she began to doubt her true meaning of life let alone if her parents did not abandon her but thought she had been better off without them. It mattered much to her while she traveled with the three Kaminchu. Kami (Spirit), Mi~Na, and Arrai introduced her to Nikita whom would watch over her while they, the Kaminchu would tend to their own business.

Ryia spent the next couple of months on board Nikita's ship, transporting goods to and fro all while learning of her true heritage.

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