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"Soul Searching" is the longest and most poignant of the seven Story Modes of Soul Calibur: Legacies, it follows the young protagonist Patroklos, continuing his quest to eliminate the Malfested from the world while his sister Pyrrha "safely" resides in Valencia, Italy. Once the "Second Evil Seed" rains from the sky, he takes it as an omen (correctly) that the Malfested are to return in full swing, and that he needs help in stopping the influence of Soul Edge. When the bickering kingdoms of Europe fail to step up to the task, the Schwarzwind and Ivy prove to be useful allies.

Like in other Story Modes, Created Characters have a chance of appearing as opponents depending on their Class, or whether they are of the "Lizard" base.



The Opening of the story changes depending on what character is selected for "The Gauntlet (1609 A.D.)", and may be any of the following:

  • Patroklos: He is at the outskirts of a town, and notices some pale-looking individuals; he asks them about the Malfested, and they become hostile to him, justifying his fight against them.
  • Ivy: None (Skip to Episode 1)
  • Siegfried: He is patrolling the streets of Wolfkrone at night and happens upon three Bandits.
  • Aeon: He emerges from a cage in an unmarked fighting pit, and a group of humans cower before him. He roars and beats his chest to the cheers of a crowd before lunging for the attack.

After said opening, the Episodes continue as normal.

Book I

Episode 1
Inside an undisclosed private chamber, Ivy is talking to a Nobleman about an "Antique treasure" he owns - a fragment of Soul Edge. He does not know its origins, and she tries her best to hide that information from him. He gets inquisitive, but Ivy dodges the subject, and tries numerous tactics to persuade the man to give up the crystal: first with bribery, then with seduction, and when both fail, a threat. She walks outside, shard in hand, and opens her bag - with multiple shards already inside. She notices she is being followed by masked men who draw their weapons and order her to give up her fragments of Soul Edge (They identify them to her surprise)

Opponent: "Cultist" Characters (3)
Team: Ivy

After her victory, the Cultist who survives claims that the Soul Edge will live again and consume her before he flees. She ponders deeply about this, hoping that the man is wrong.

Episode 2
Pyrrha is at a port in Valencia, talking to Dampierre (she does not recognize him as having sold her) when the sky becomes red and toxic substance rains lightly.
Bystanders everywhere slowly become rabid; the conman flees, snatching up as much of his (and everyone else's) goods as he can, leaving behind a few chained slaves. While Pyrrha is cornered by the violent mob, Aeon Calcos is caught in the crossfire, allowing him to break free of his bondage and and grab "weapons". At first he is eyeing the girl as prey, but the surrounding hostiles divert his attention.

Team: Aeon, Pyrrha
Opponents: "Pirate" Character, "Soldier" Character, "Bandit" Character, "Dancer" Character, "Villager" Character

Depending on who deals the killing blow to the final enemy in the fight, the scene changes slightly.

  • Aeon: He roars trimphantly and throws a body over his head. Pyrrha starts cowering before the Lizardman, but as Aeon closes in on her, he suddenly has a vision of his past, human family. He cannot bring himself to attack, and so bows his head, fangs unbared. Pyrrha collects herself and acknowledges the reptile, leaving the scene while he follows close behind.
  • Pyrrha: She sighs and kneels, lamenting the "nasty weather" and "having to kill again". Aeon is wounded and grounded, and she offers her hand to help him up. He growls at first, but lets her. He has the vision of his family as this happens, and loyally follows her out of the scene.

Episode 3

Patroklos has a monologue describing his past actions and his vigilante work. He states that he is always an enemy of the Malfested, and claims that as a Holy Warrior, he is ready for anything that they may throw at him. He is at an inn, asking a keeper about the "Second Evil Seed". She expresses confusion at his request, stating that nothing is wrong. He accuses her of being a Malfested, but is manhandled by the bouncers and tossed outside.

Ivy makes an appearance, making light of his treatment and narrow mindset. She notices that he possesses a Shard of Soul Edge, and requests it. He gets angry, and readies his weapon, which causes the woman to mock him further.

Team: Patroklos or Ivy
Opponent: Whoever the player does not choose.

Regardless of who wins, Ivy expresses approval of Patroklos' improved fighting abilities. The boy remains upset until she claims to have been looking for him, citing his experience with Soul Edge and the Malefested as a factor. She urges him to help her find the other Shards; he refuses at first, expressing disgust at taking orders from other people, but she assures him that they would be equals.

Episode 4

The scene changes to Ostrheinsburg Castle, where a meeting between The Masked Empress and various rulers of different European societies are present to talk about the "Malfested Crisis". Among the familiar royals are Hilde, Demuth, Strife, Aurelia, and Yan Wujin. Dampierre is also present, no doubt masquerading as someone important. Most of the European royals, especially Aurelia and Demuth, are condescending to Hilde for her "meek and slowly-recovering" kingdom, and to a mysterious, ancient-looking King for refusing to reveal his name or credentials. Yan Wujin tries to keep the peace in the conversation, and is first to offer his own resources to help. He claims that his trusted agents have had experience with the Malfested and their past source: Soul Edge.  Whereas the Ming General is mostly working pro bono, the cheeky conman says that he will only help "for a fair price". Eventually, a shaky alliance is formed between the present factions under the service of the Holy Roman Empire.

After the council, Hilde meets up with her trusted right-hand-man, Siegfried, to talk about the rumors of the return of Soul Edge. He denies such a thing, and claims that he wishes to put that phase of his life behind him and live in relative peace. A commotion is heard. When the room is entered again, the royals are trying to repel a sudden sneak attack led by Tira, who taunts Hilde for being "late to the party". Hilde swears vengeance, and the malfested girl summons her minions to dispose of the interlopers.

Opponent: "Malfested" Characters (3), Astaroth, Tira
Team: Hilde, Siegfried, Demuth, Aurelia

After the fight, Tira is able to flee the scene. Siegfried promises to the Masked Empress that he and his Schwarwind will work to protect the people, whereas Hilde states her obligation to return to her own land to "tie a few loose ends".

Episode 5

Ivy and Patroklos journey to the Money Pit, where she explains to Patroklos her attempts to collect the shards of Soul Edge should they become malignant again. She prides herself on her preparedness, though expresses disappointment that the need for the shards (and keeping them from evil hands) would arise so soon. The matron then claims that another shard of Soul Edge lay buried within the deepest level, protected by a familiar guardian.

The pair eventually reach the desired area within the tomb, where Voldo awaits, as if he knew they were coming. Ivy gets cocky until Voldo summons back-up.

Team: Ivy, Patroklos
Opponent: 3 "Dancer" Characters*, Voldo

  • Only Characters wearing Mummy Wrappings will be fought; Created Characters of the Dancer class will need to wear that specific item to appear at this stage.

Episode 6

A green-clad woman knocks on the door of Pyrrha's home. Aeon leaps from behind it and pins the woman to the ground until Pyrrha commands otherwise. After the misunderstanding, the three characters converse inside. The woman tells Pyrrha that she knows that she witnessed the second Evil Seed, who she is and what she has done in the past, and is therefore not safe in Valencia. Pyrrha calmly replies that the last person who came in and told her that tried to abduct her, and was dealt with by her new bodyguard. The woman then claims that she has good intentions, and suggests that she relocate to Orstheinburg, where the Schwarzwind reside and are more able to protect her from the Cult. She asks about the cult, and the woman replies that she cannot reveal any more information, just that she come with her. Pyrrha is reluctant until there is a more forceful banging on the door. It is broken down and the Cultists arrive.

Opponent: "Cultist" Characters (5)
Team: Pyrrha, Aeon, "Disguised Woman"

After the fight, Pyrrha thanks the mysterious woman for helping her, and resolves to do as she says. The woman shows appreciation, and tells her that sometimes the best way to achieve peace is through violence, and not to hesitate to fight or kill if it is necessary.

Episode 7

Siegfried and his Schwarzwind mercenaries are conversing with Hilde and Demuth about the information they have gathered about Tira and the Cultists. One of the local soldiers, Johan, talks about a strange shard he found on the body of Malfested he fought. Siegfried recalls it, and tells the man to fetch the object from where it was stored, only to be informed that it was stolen. Siegfried ventures out of the military camp to find Raphael toying with it, claiming that it jogs his memory. Siegfried warns Raphael that regular citizens and men like him risk becoming demented from exposue to the shard and to return it; Raphael laughs and claims that he is already quite demented. Siegfried mistakes this as a claim that he is Malfested, and initiates battle.

Opponent: Raphael, Viola
Team: Siegfried, Hilde

Siegfried asks Viola to explain her "betrayal". She apologizes and tells the knight that she only wanted the Soul Edge shard because it bears importance to Raphael, who she had saved recently from the Malfested. She recalls how the Cultists made some sort of reference to sacrifice, and about a Desecrated Temple before she intervened. Lastly, she asks for temporary leave from Schwarzwind, presumably to help Raphael, and Siegfried allows it, whilst warning her against future treachery.

Book II

Episode 8

Within yet another dungeon, Ivy recognizes the brooding figure of Zasalamel, who in turn tells the odd pairing that he is fully aware of their desire to collect fragments of Soul Edge, and to stand aside. Zasalamel claims that as Soul Edge is an enemy of mankind, he cannot allow them to collect the shards; Ivy and Patroklos mock the reaper's resolve, and engage him and his new minion.

Team: Ivy, Patroklos
Opponent: Ulfric or Marth or Lu Bu (Depending on game), Zasalamel

After the fight, Patroklos insists to the downed Zasalamel that his intentions are pure, so the dark saint acquiesces. He hands to the pair a Soul Edge shard of his own, claiming that he wanted to destroy it himself, but will allow them for the task. Lastly, he instructs them to travel to Orstheinsburg, where an alliance is being made to combat the Malfested and Soul Edge.

Episode 9

On their way to Orstheinburg, the cloaked woman tells Aeon and Pyrrha that they are about to take a "little detour" to a yonder dungeon. As they draw near, she explains that the Cultists inside are the reason that the new Evil Seed happened, and why Pyrrha is unsafe. She goes on to talk of a "bloodstained blade" being used for human sacrifice, and how she wants to steal it from them before it's used for more evil.

The two women sneak into the lower levels of the dungeon, with the Lizardman following close behind. The cloaked lady is able to find the secret room where the bloodstained blade is being kept. Before the three can approach the exit, a group of Cultists apprehend them. Aeon notices something in the corner of his eye and charges deeper into the dungeon, whereas the cloaked woman, sword in hand, urges Pyrrha to follow her out of the building instead.

Team: Aeon*, Tira*, Pyrrha
The enemies and difficulty change depending on who is chosen; following Tira makes for fewer fights and an easier route, whereas Aeon leads Pyrrha straight into a trap and both fight it out against hoards of enemies.

  • If Pyrrha is victorious after having chosen Tira, the two safely make it out of the dungeon. The cloaked lady gleefully caresses the blade, taunting her absent foes about how they cannot fulfill their horrid prophecy. She thanks Pyrrha for helping her and vows to lead her to Orstheinburg without further distraction.
  • If Pyrrha instead helps Aeon defeat the Cultists, he begins breaking the bonds of the surrounding lizardmen working in and patrolling the dungeon. He motions for Pyrrha to do the same, and she hesitantly frees a frilled lizard, who stares into her soul without a sound. After watching the leading reptile and his human follower free their kind, the remaining Lizardmen rally around the pair in rebellion. "My FAMILY!" Aeon roars, and the newly-formed Lizard army ravages the fortress. By the time Aeon and Pyrrha leave the now-burning building, the woman is long gone. Pyrrha expresses desire to continue on to Orstheinburg, and Aeon enthusiastically follows.

Episode 10

On a patrol outside of Orstheinsburg's borders, Siegfried eyes two young girls in the distance. He warily approaches them, and they request the soldier's protection. He recalls Viola's words about kidnapping, and allows them to follow him. Just as he does, however, he notices a lizardman in the distance. He readies himself, but Pyrrha assures Siegfried that "Aeon" is friendly. However, as she draws close, she realizes that this Lizardman coming close is different, and more Lizardmen make an appearance, led by an assassin, who orders the capture of Pyrrha and Siegfried for their "workable souls", but to kill the bystanding woman for her impurity, which makes her angry.

Opponent: Lizardman (4), Shura
Team: Siegfried, Cloaked Woman, Pyrrha

The cloaked woman expresses disgust at the woman cultist and reptile soldiers, telling Siegfried about the "new" Soul Edge that their Cult is trying to create. Siegfried, now armed with this knowledge, orders the two women inside the city for protection, and later rallies his men for an assault on the Desecrated Temple, in order to stop the conspiracy.

Episode 11

Ivy and Patroklos are aboard a frigate headed to Ostrheinsburg. The captain of their ship suddenly sounds the alarm, and their ship is hijacked and destroyed by none other than Cervantes de León and his new pirate crew. He notices who is on the victim ship, and expresses his annoyance at how he can never be rid of "that annoying wench". Ivy threatens the captain but is mocked and laughed at. Patroklos steps forward and challenges Cervantes, much to his amusement. He shakes his head and claims the boy is in over his head before initiating the fight.

Opponent: "Pirate" Characters (2), Maxi, Cervantes
Team: Patroklos, Ivy

Once Cervantes is defeated, Regardless of who dealt the killing blow, Ivy hoists the captain up over the plank with one hand and wields Valentine in the other. Annoyed with the captain's selfish, uncommited lifestyle, Ivy demands acknowledgment as his daughter. Cervantes refuses and is whipped; this torture continues for a while until he spits in Ivy's face, frustrating her enough to kick him in the groin, overboard.

Shaking and breathing heavily with agitation, Ivy implores her visibly disturbed compatriot to find the wheel and steer the ship, so that she may throw the other bodies overboard. Patroklos is put off by her assumed authority and harsh treatment of their enemies, but acquiesces after she repeats her demand. He solemnly goes to the wheel, audibly questioning his journey.

Episode 12

Pyrrha is alone inside a room in Orstheinsburg Castle; presumably under the protection of the Schwarzwind. Someone sneaks in through the window and asks to talk to her. It is the green-cloaked woman, finally revealing herself as Tira. Her voice and mannerisms are panicked; the Cult found out that she betrayed them and stole their new project, and are heading to Ostrheinsburg to capture the both of them. She condemns Kunpaetku as an unworthy pretender, and says that Pyrrha is the true heiress to the new Soul Edge. She hands Pyrrha the blade she stole, and urges her to slay the "cowardly king" Demuth in his sleep, explaining that once the sword has enough murder under its belt, it will complete its transformation.
Pyrrha, unwilling to become a murderer again, much less a Malfested again, indignantly refuses the "honor", causing Tira to become Gloomy and hostile.

Opponent: Tira
Team: Pyrrha, Aeon

Tira curses the victor of the fight, complaining that if she does not finish the job, the Cult will surely murder all three of them. No sooner is the room broken into by Kunpaetku and a group of Malfested soldiers. Tira is easily finished off, and though Aeon makes a valiant effort, he is overpowered, and Pyrrha is captured.

Episode 13

Siegfried and his mercenaries infiltrate The Desecrated Temple in search of the new Soul Edge. The cultists are well-prepared for him, and ready their soldiers.

Team: Siegfried. He has increased health, but one life and no re-tries.
Opponent: "Cultist" Characters, Lizardman (Total of 8 opponents, 2 for the first round)

After the first round, he finds Kunpaetku and a woman at an altar for sacrifice. The following scene (and the rest of the game) changes dramatically depending on whether or not Siegfried was able to defeat the second hoarde of cultists.

  • Victory: Siegfried recognizes Pyrrha and calls out to Kunpaetku. The monk laughs and tells Siegfried that reinforcements are coming; he has no chance to stop the ritual. The soldier then offers himself in the girl's place, which Kunpaetku accepts, citing his prior exposure to Soul Edge's radiation as the major factor in seeking his tributes.
  • Defeat: Siegfried falls unconscious, and the ritual for sacrificing Pyrrha continues uninterrupted.

There is one more chance to change the story, as there will be an input during Kunpaetku's ritual. Pressing it correctly will cause Aeon to break in through the stained glass, push Pyrrha (or Siegfried) off of the altar, and viciously attack the master cultist.

The three possible endings to the scene are as follows:

  1. Pyrrha, through silent tears, readies herself and acknowledges her own personal courage before she is stabbed - the screen blackens out.
  2. Siegfried looks up solemnly at the blade before him and has a vision of the Nightmare he once was. He comments to himself on the futility of his actions before he accepts his fate and is killed. Pyrrha silently mourns his sacrifice.
  3. Aeon is inevitably taken down by other cultists, declared a traitor, and chained as the sacrifice. Pyrrha and Siegfried are speechless as the Lizardman meets his fate. To the surprise of the monk, Aeon's corrupted body proves a worthy tribute for the sword.

Book III

Episode 14

In the castle of Ostrheinsburg, Ivy and Patroklos introduce themselves to the Masked Empress, who tells the pairing that she already knows who they are, and that someone is here to see them, sending them to another room to wait.

The scene differs in three ways, depending on Episode 13.

  1. Siegfried walks in and nods to the travellers. He talks to Ivy of the Cult that he fought, and she shows him her Shards.
  2. Pyrrha runs to Patroklos and hugs him. She explains the Cult that she saw, and of Tira's involvement.
  3. Siegfried and Pyrrha enter the room and acknowledge their closer relations. Siegfried explains of the Cult, and Pyrrha tells them about Tira.

The heroes piece together the plot of the Fygul Cestemus, and come to the conclusion that they must have sacrificed enough souls for their weapon to become a new Soul Edge. Johan interrupts them and calls for their aid. The throne room is re-entered, and the Empress is slain by Shura. The heroes ready themselves for battle.

Opponent: "Malfested" Characters (3), "Cultist" Characters (2), Shura
Team: Patroklos, Ivy, Siegfried* Pyrrha*, Johan
*One or both of them may appear depending on the events of Episode 13.

Johan thanks the heroes for their aid, and tells them that it is their duty to stop the Fygul Cestemus from conquering Europe. He tells them that Ivy must keep the shards, for they are not safe in Orstheinsburg or anywhere else.

Episode 15

"Weapons do not kill people, woman... People do! The sword is simply a means to an end." ~ Kunpaetku

The fighters, led by Ivy, approach the Desecrated Temple once again. Kunpaetku is still at the Temple, and has anticipated their approach. He claims that the fighters are too late to stop him, and that the sword was never his high-end goal, only a way for his Cult to gain sufficient power to become conquerors. He says that once the Soul Edge has taken them, his mission will be complete.

Enemy: Kunpaetku, Inferno
Team: Ivy, Patroklos, Siegfried*, Pyrrha*

When Kunpaetku is downed, he admits that he underestimated the strength of the victor, begins a chant to transform into an Inferno, and continues the fight.

When Kunpaetku finally burns out and falls for good, The scene changes slightly again based on Episode 13.

  1. Patroklos is the one to examine the body, and realize that Kunpaetku did not possess the Soul Edge. A dark presence materializes in his eyes to a lump on the ground, that slowly rises and reveals itself - as Pyrrha Omega. Patroklos immediately surrenders to his emotions; in denial, he approaches his sister disarmingly, and is swiftly knocked down and unconscious by the Malfested girl. The scene blacks out when he does.
  2. Ivy and Patroklos stick together to examine the body, and come to an agreement that Kunpaetku did not possess the Soul Edge. Night Terror makes an appearance in a burst of flames. Ivy immediately understands what has happened, and tries in vain to dodge the specter's assault. Patroklos tries to help her up, and the monster flies off in triumph.
  3. Siegfried and Patroklos stick together to examine the body. Pyrrha questions the location of the Soul Edge, when suddenly a beastly roar echoes throughout the temple, and through the broken window flies a dragon. It downs everyone before flying off.

Episode 16

A few weeks after the siege on the Desecrated Temple, another meeting at Ostrheinsburg takes place; this time including Ivy and Patroklos, and Dampierre is absent. Hilde confirms the rumors of a Malfested Army making its way for her kingdom, with Orstheinsburg close behind. A successor to Kunpaetku is supposedly leading the charge, wielding the full power of Soul Edge. She asks for reinforcements from the other rulers, and is almost universally denied. Demuth, Strife, and Aurelia are the perpetrators of this betrayal, and blame her for the death of the Empress. Before Hilde's eyes, the alliance begins to dissolve, simply because the time is dire. Only Yan Wujin shows sympathy and offers to send troops exclusively to Hilde's aid, to the anger of the other nobles. The squabbling continues until the king in rags from before bursts in through the doors and reveals himself as Algol. He decries the petty immaturity of the European rulers, instead opting to find a solution all on his own. He spots Patroklos in the crowd, and bids him step forward, and come with him.

When outside and away from the crowds, Algol challenges the boy to a one-on-one duel to "prove his worthiness".

Opponent: Algol
Team: Patroklos

Algol is impressed; so is Wujin, who has watched from afar. The Hero King proposes that the solution to Wolfkrone's problems lie in the kingdom itself, and invites Patroklos to come with him and recover it.

The duo travel to Wolfkrone. In a scenic garden, the ancient, magical blade lay in a set stone. Algol reveals how it was his design to take back the Soul Calibur from Astral Chaos and test the boy with it once more. Patroklos initially protests this; his prior quest with the Soul Calibur left a bad taste in his mouth. Algol insists that he can tame the sword and still use it for good - even if he could defeat the Soul Edge himself (hinting that he can), he wanted to see if a mortal man could solve the problem created by other mortal men. Patroklos accepts this answer, and pulls out the sword a-la King Arthur. He makes a vow as he holds the Soul Calibur up high, depending on the casualty suffered during Episode 13:

  • "To redeem her again." (Pyrrha)
  •  "To end his tragic tale." (Siegfried)
  • "To slay the Dragon." (Aeon)

Episode 18

The remaining heroes save Algol arrrive at Wolfkrone's castle grounds just in time to see the first signs of the Malfested army closing in. Hilde gives a speech to her warriors and the remaining Schwarzwind, and Patroklos volunteers to head the front lines. He sees the Boss in the distance and he narrows his eyes on the prize. The horn for the fight sounds, and Hilde orders a charge.

Opponent: "Malfested" Characters, Lizardman*, "Cultist" Characters (total of 15)
Team: Hilde, Siegfried*, Pyrrha*, Aeon*, Z.W.E.I., Viola, Johan, Ivy, Patroklos
(Lizardmen do not appear if Episode 9 was finished in Aeon's favor)

After the front line enemies are destroyed, the Boss confronts Patroklos.

Opponent: Pyrrha Ω, Night Terror or Fafnir
Team: Patroklos, Ivy, Algol (In that order)

If Patroklos is defeated: Ivy catches sight of Patroklos down on the ground, and rushes to him. He is unconscious by the time she reaches his body, and the Soul Calibur is corrupted. She curses the weakness of Soul Calibur, and angrily vows to end the chaos once and for all, regardless of what happens to herself.

She pulls out the shards of Soul Edge. Her own sword, Valentine, starts to glow and resonate. Planning to power her own sword with Soul Edge's shards, she puts down the demonic sword pieces and unsheaths her blade; it begins to wrap itself around Soul Edge's shards, and, to her surprise, Soul Calibur as well. She braces herself, still holding its hilt, as the legendary blade and Soul Edge Shards shrivel into nothing, their energies dispensing into Valentine, creating a new weapon - Valentine(Completed). She struggles to stand up from the oversaturated power, and calls out her challenge to the Uber Boss.

"This is it...I've gone beyond the point of no return...And I'm taking you down with me!!"

If Ivy is also defeated: Algol, from afar, surveys the battlefield: the Wolfkrone army and mercenaries are being decimated by the Malfested and Uber Boss. The Hero King monologues about his disappointment in humanity and the failure of his plans, but makes up his mind to stop the chaos. When he arrives on the scene, the Boss is absorbing the upgraded Valentine. He calls out a challenge to the Malfested ruler.

The Boss, when defeated by Patroklos or Ivy, falls down and causes flames to surround the area. The victorious hero runs forward and drives their weapon into the enemy before the scene whites out. Algol instead delivers an energy-fueled punch.

Denouement / Ending(s)

Depending on the Input during the fateful cutscene, and the final battle, the ending differs significantly.

The scene is a courtyard in Wolfkrone, with Hilde and the remaining Schwarzwind celebrating the victory over Soul Edge. The lady soldier begins the festivities by naming Ivy and Patroklos as heroes for their efforts against the "abomination that threatened Wolfkrone and her people". Their eyes then turn to the casket before them. Hilde calls forth a silent salute for the deceased.

(Patroklos succeeds, Pyrrha dies in Episode 13):

Hilde then announces the "final departure of Soul Edge"; Ivy is summoned to place the Soul Edge shards in the middle of the courtyard, and Patroklos is ordered to destroy them with the power of Soul Calibur. Patroklos agrees to do it "for Pyrrha", and angrily stabs the pile of shards with all of his might.

The resulting explosion of light causes Ivy to scream and collapse as the shards disintegrate. Bewildered, Siegfried tries to help Ivy up; she barely manages to say "I...wanted..." before becoming totally limp and silent.

He lets her down slowly and is horrified, while Patroklos hears a familiar voice: Elysium, the voice of Soul Calibur. It congratulates him for destroying the last hosts of Soul Edge; he says aloud that he is "not like you". His denial grows and he becomes furious. Before Siegfried can calm the boy down, he grabs Soul Calibur and tries to break it with his bare hands. After a few seconds, he then holds it over his knee to break it. The sword cracks, and the screen flashes white. His voice is heard, apologizing to his dead sister for failing to protect her.

(Patroklos succeeds, Siegfried dies in Episode 13):
Hilde then announces the "final departure of Soul Edge"; Ivy is summoned to place the Soul Edge shards in the middle of the courtyard, and Patroklos is ordered to destroy them with the power of Soul Calibur. Patroklos agrees to do it "for Siegfried", and casually shoves the sword into the shards.

The reaction emits a sizable flash of light that causes Ivy to fall to her knees in pain. Patroklos drops the Soul Calibur and approaches Ivy, but she commands him to "finish the job". She says that herself and Soul Edge are one and the same, and thus she needs to be vanquished along with it. Patroklos vehemently refuses, and struggles to help her up. 

Later on, he approaches the aloof Ivy after her recovery, and asks about the predicament; she talks further about the atrocities she has committed, for the Soul Edge and in fighting it. Patroklos states that one can still do good in the world despite their past evil deeds, citing himself as an example. The woman claims to no longer have a purpose, but the boy insists that he will help her find one. Ivy is softened; she equates the nobility of Patroklos' soul to that of his mother, Sophitia, despite once being her enemy. She politely declines his offer to help her, resolving to find out her purpose on her own. As she walks out, she turns around to blow him a kiss.

(Patroklos succeeds, Aeon dies in Episode 13): Hilde then announces the "final departure of Soul Edge"; Ivy is summoned to place the Soul Edge shards in the middle of the courtyard, and Patroklos is ordered to destroy them with the power of Soul Calibur. Patroklos agrees to do it "for the Empress", and asks everyone to stand back before he carefully sheaths the sword into the shards.

The result is a slow, colourful aura, that grows and eventually fades in radius as the shards disintegrate. The crowd becomes jubilant at the safe destruction of the evil sword. Patroklos picks Soul Calibur up once again, holding it over his head in pride. However, in the corner of his eye, he notices Pyrrha looking distant, her head turned away from the festivities. When confronted, She tells him that she is upset over Aeon; despite his rampage, the reptile was still a good friend to her and displayed many acts of loyalty. Whereas Patroklos cannot comprehend her sympathy for a "Malfested monster", Siegfried consoles the girl, telling her that Aeon fought bravely, and though he was a monster at the time of his death, he likely regained his soul when he saw her, and through his heroism, finally achieved a well-deserved rest. At those words, Pyrrha walks off, resolving to give the deceased lizard a proper burial and goodbye.

Siegfried goes on to thank Ivy and Patroklos for their help in defeating the Soul Edge once again, and that should it ever be back, all of Europe will be more than ready.

BONUS SCENE (Patroklos succeeds, Aeon is helped in Episode 9, and dies in Episode 13): After the first scene in Wolfkrone, the new setting is the battlefield where Fafnir was fought. The sky is dark and stormy, without rain, in the early hours of the morning. Pyrrha is walking through the wide, desolate landscape alone, with a bag slung over her shoulder and weapons sheathed. As she strides throughout, bodies of the deceased on both sides are viewed by her and make her sullen. She silently wishes she did not have to live through such violence.

She finally finds Fafnir's body in the distance. The player's view pans to a nearby wood, where a pair of eyes are watching. Once the view shifts to Pyrrha again, the body is already buried, and Pyrrha is laying flowers around the grave. She ponders a moment, and decides to also lay her sword and shield on top. A few clouds clear and a heavenly sunlight shines upon Pyrrha as she issues a prayer to the gods for the safe passage of Aeon's soul.

The eyes from the brush materialize into the Frilled Lizard from the dungeon, and as Pyrrha quickly turns around, she witnesses the arrival of countless more Lizardmen marching towards her. Soon enough, she is surrounded by a literal army of the reptiles.

The Frilled Lizard approaches. Pyrrha gulps and tries to speak to him. "" she shakily asks.

"Aeon...Dead. You...Family." Is his reply. He ceremoniously places a headdress on Pyrrha, and then bows his own head, presenting to her a Gyulkus Weapon.

Bewildered at first, she hesitantly picks up the sword first and looks upon the lizardfolk, who are watching the girl intently. She then stares at her reflection in the blade, newly adorned with the headdress. An indescribable feeling comes over her, and she raises the blade in the air. She shouts "Family!" in a cracked, unsure voice.

All of the lizards roar in approval and raise their own weapons. Seeing this salute further bolsters Pyrrha's confidence and deludes her mind, and she inhales deeply. In an attempt to "roar" like them, she screams, and the "crowd" goes wild, jubilantly dancing and swinging their limbs. After a few seconds of celebrating lizardmen pass, the point of view shifts to Pyrrha in front of the massive crowd, with the Frilled Lizard close by. Her head turns around in view of the screen, and she gives a wide-eyed, mischevious smirk before the screen fades to black.

(Ivy succeeds, Episode 13 is irrelevant): Hilde nervously approaches Ivy and asks her "what happens now?". Ivy holds the upgraded Valentine in her hands, still pulsating and glowing with the sheer power of three blades in one. She starts musing on her personal, decades-long journey to eliminate the Soul Edge and its influence, and expresses regret that now it (and perhaps she) can never be permanently removed from the world. Hilde, sensing that the woman can be reasoned with, tries to convince her her compatriot that she is in charge of the sword and her own destiny, but Ivy responds with fear that she will become just as corrupt as those she had slain, and that she "never wanted that kind of power".

Algol arrives on the scene and expresses disdain for Ivy's surrender to the Soul Edge's power (in the form of Valentine) to save the kingdom. Ivy apologizes and begs the Hero King to take the sword from her and hide it from humanity. Algol replies that although he arrived to do such a thing, her acknowledgment of her own limitations interests him, and that he will instead watch from afar, and walks out on Ivy, who then resolves to find a new purpose for herself and her sword.

(Algol succeeds, Episode 13 is irrelevant): The aforementioned celebration does not take place, and the scene begins with Algol in the throne room of Osthreinsburg. As he sits on his newly-acquired throne, he muses to himself about the confrontation of the Soul Swords, and the failure of humanity to survive on its own. He decides to volunteer himself to guide the world, in a better direction...And before he can do that, he must conquer the continent himself, and save "his future people" from the pointless drama of inferior royalty. Johan presents to his new King the sword - the upgraded Valentine, and he absorbs into his body, instructing his comerade that the time will be soon to retake the world.

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