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Returning Characters

  • Astaroth - Kulutues
  • Heishro Mitsurugi - Muichi Monji
  • Hilde - Glänzende Nova & Fruchtbare Erde
  • Isabella "Ivy" Valentine - Valentine
  • Leixia -
  • Maxi -
  • Natsu - Kuzukiri & Awayuki
  • Siegfried Schtauffen -
  • Taki -
  • Tira -
  • Voldo -
  • Viola -
  • Z.W.E.I -

New Characters

  • Soul Calibur "Chiyo" - Iron Fans
  • Soul Edge "Dracul" - Small Duel Swords

Secret Characters

  • Sophitia - Omega Sword & Elk Shield
  • Li Long - Falcon

Exclusive Characters

Wii U:

Micaiah - Light Mage Staff and Tome

Ike - Ragnell


Ken - Fists

Ryu - Fists

Xbox 360:

Spawn - Agony

Helena Douglas - Fists and Legs

Character Creation

Character Creation returns to the simple original format and includes the same customization Features from Soulcalibur IV.

Classes in Character Creation include:

Warrior - Swords and Shields, Axes, Small Swords

Sage - Staff and Magic, Concealed Dagger, Small Swords

Ninja - Kunai, Duel Katana, Iron Fans

Samuri - Katana, Chinese Sword, Setsuka Discipline

Barbarian - Great Swords, Axes, Spears, Astroth Discipline


Eurydice Shrine Gallery - Sunset

South France Mansion - Villa

Lakeside Colisseum

Valencia Port

Kaminoi Castle - Sakura-Dai Gate

Jurakudai Villa - Sunrise

Imperial Capital Ayutthaya - Sunset

Ostrheinsburg Castle - War

Seong Dojo - Practice Arena

Cepheus Seal Stores - Main Hall

Wolfkrone Kingdom Castle - Front Entrance

Zasalamel's Library

Wii U:


Downloadable Content

Exclusive Downloadable Content

Wii U:

Fire Emblem Character Kit (Includes Parts to make various Characters from the Series)

Fire Emblem Weapon Pack (Includes Weapons from the Series to use for Custom Characters)

Link & Zelda (Comes as a set)


Street Fighter Character Kit (Includes Parts to make various Characters from the Series, along with the Fists Discipline)

Final Fantasy Discipline

Xbox 360:

Dead or Alive Character Kit (Includes parts to make various Characters from the Series, along with the Fists Discipline)

Dead or Alive Helena Costumes

Content for all Systems


Valentine - Ivy

Omega Sword & Owl Shield - Sophitia, Phyrra & Patroklos


Inferno (Does not come with weapon Pack as he will mimic other Characters)

Xianglian - Krtia-Yuga (Only weapon she comes with)

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