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Three Kingdoms, Two Swords is a new Soul Calibur expansion that involves the characters of Dynasty Warriors crossed over into the Soul Calibur world.


After the fall of the Han Dynasty, He Jin had ordered Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Liu Bei to vanquish the Yellow Turbans. After so, they had Yuan Shao lead the forces against Dong Zhuo, but something disrupted this. Cao Cao found a sword that was laying there. He called over Sun Jian, Liu Bei, and Yuan Shao to inspect the sword. When they touched it, they appeared in a green lushious grassland. Not knowing what to do, they went on and scout out on their own.


In addition to the original Soul Calibur characters, 13 new characters from Dynasty Warriors was introduced with their own story modes. The first 4 characters are playable, and 9 are unlockable. The characters are:

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable characters are only unlocked after you complete a story mode with a certain amount of characters. The characters are:

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