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Fan Game Ownership
This Fan Game was created and is owned by JaseyJasee (talk) and LightningSakura (talk), and as such is not part of the Soul series canon.
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Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny

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Developer(s) JaseyJasee
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Released PS3/Xbox 360
JP October 10th, 2016
NA October 12th, 2016
EU October 12th, 2016
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
PEGI: 16
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light
Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage (Chronologically)
Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage II (Chronologically)

Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny (ソウルキャリバーアストラルソード - ダークデスティニー, Sourukyaribāasutorarusōdo - dākudesutinī) is the sequel to Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light and the fourth overall game in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. It is the final game in the Astral Swords Trilogy, and is set to bring closure to the Cassaventes family main story-line. The game takes place two months after the events of Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage and focuses on the Cassaventes family trying to save Kilina from Astral Chaos. It is due to be released October 12th, 2016 in America and Europe.


Two months have passed since Kilina succumbed to the darkness and transformed into Kilina Ω, before being killed. Klymene has also returned from her two month long journey, helping her good friend Alexader who has now fell comatose due to a broken heart.

With the return of Klymene and a comatose Alex she will need all the help she can get to wake him up.. Or he may die. She turns to her Mother, Kisandra who decides that they should seek out the alchemist Ivy for help. Klymene has other plans though, and tells her Mother that they have to search for Alex's true love instead. Thus they go on a journey of their own.

As for Millicent she has been dreaming about her Mother, Kilina being alive, begging for help. Following her heart she swears she will save her, but at what cost? Will more time-travel be involved to get her Mother back?

The end is nigh, will Klymene and Kisandra be able to save Alex? Can Millicent truly save her Mother? The family comes across a revelation that changes everything.. With many new faces, new evils, and having to face their greatest threat yet, will the Cassaventes family be able to pull through this time? Or will death greet them? The final adventure to save Kilina is about to begin, and the world is about to change...


Playable Characters

Returning Characters

Kisandra Cassaventes (Kisandraカサヴェテス, Kisandra kasavu~etesu) is the older sister to Kilina, Mother to Klymene and Aunt to Millicent. She has been confirmed to be playable and appear in the story. All that is known is she will discover her sister is alive and will go on a journey to rescue her from the darkness inside of her.

Millicent Cassaventes (ミリセント・カサヴェテス, Mirisento kasavu~etesu) is the daughter to Kilina, niece to Kisandra and cousin to Klymene. She was revealed through the second character reveal poster. She has been confirmed to be a playable character and will appear in the story.

Klymene Cassaventes (クリュメネーカサヴェテス, Kuryumenēkasavu~etesu) is the daughter to Kisandra, niece to Kilina and cousin to Millicent. She was revealed through the third character reveal poster. She has been confirmed to be a playable character and will appear in the story. It is unknown what her role will be at the moment.

Kilina Cassaventes/Kilina Ω (キリナカサヴェテス, Kirinakasavu~etesu), (キリナオメガ, Kirinaomega) is the younger sister to Kisandra, Mother to Millicent and Aunt to Klymene. She is currently malfested and is residing in Astral Chaos as the rightful heir. Her family thinks she is deceased, but a new face unknowingly confirms that she is alive. Kilina Ω is the malfested version of Kilina and will appear in the story.

Alexander Tadeas (アレクサンダーTadeas, Arekusandā Tadeas) is a character created by LightningSakura. He is confirmed to be playable and will appear in the story. After his previous adventure with Klymene he attempts to help the Cassaventes family in rescuing Kilina, just like how he was helped to be rescued by Klymene. However, Alex needs some help of his own first to come out of his comatose state.

Cyril (シリル, Shiriru) is a character created by myself and LightningSakura. He made his debut in Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage. He will appear in the story mode as he is trying to find a way to save Alex. He tries to help the Cassaventes family save Kilina from Astral Chaos, but in the process he uncovers some major revelations about his family ties.

Rosie (ロージー, Rōjī) is a character created by LightningSakura. She made her debut in Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage. She is a playable character and will appear in the story. She is on a mission to take revenge on Alex and kill him as he killed her brother Aaron. She attempts an assassination at the Cassaventes residence but is defeated by Kisandra. She swears she will be back though.

New Characters

Stellar (ステラー, Suterā) is a new character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. Not much is known about her origins. She will meet the Cassaventes family and help them find a way into Astral Chaos, as she has a lot of experience within that realm. Not much else is known about her role, or her backstory.

Celestial (天体の, Tentai no) is a new character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. Not much is known about his origins. He is on a journey to find his long lost sister who went missing in Astral Chaos years ago. He resides in Astral Chaos. Not much else is known about him.

Kristos Bellacheron (クリストス ベラシェブロン, Kurisutosu Berasheburon) is a new character created by myself and LightningSakura. He will appear in the story mode travelling alongside Cyril. He's searching for The Cult that kidnapped his son years ago. He was once a prisoner there and what's to get revenge on them for taking his son away. He has no idea who his son is, but swears he will find him one day.

Non-Playable Characters

New Characters

Lil Tira (リルティラ, Rirutira) is a new character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. She is a shapeshifting Watcher who serves Tira. She was raised alongside Tira within The Birds of Passage and became very close friends with her. She doesn't remember her birth name and was so named "Lil Tira" by Tira herself. She appears in the story mode and is also a boss battle.

Game Mechanics

To be announced.

Game Modes

To be announced.

Story Episodes


It's a dark and stormy night, lightning strikes through the sky. Klymene is walking through the dark, damp forest with Alexander slumped over her shoulder. A flash of lighting reveals her face, she looks injured. Tears are seen trembling down her cheeks, she looks broken inside... Angry yet sad.

"I will save you Alex, I promise" Klymene whispers to herself as thunder is heard in the background.

The screen fades to black

It's Astral Chaos, Kilina Ω is standing in the former throne room of Astra. She falls to the ground screaming in pain, she looks over and standing there is Millicent.

"You! You did this to me! You left me!" Kilina screams at her!
"I need help! I'm in so much pain" Kilina screams, grabbing her head in pain. Millicent stumbles backwards and falls to the ground.
"N.. No.. I want to help you, please!" Millicent begs. Kilina shoots a nasty stare at her
"Too late" she whispers. Kilina jumps up from the ground and launches towards Millicent and attempts to strike her. The screen goes black.

Act 1

Klymene returned from her two month long journey with Alexander. However, neither of them are in good shape. More-so Alex, who is currently in a coma. Klymene needs to find a way to save her best friend, she needs to find Cyril. However family issues begin to get in the way. Millicent is going crazy, she's determined that her Mother, Kilina is alive. She is also having strange hallucinations. Kisandra tries to protect her but ends up getting caught up in some trouble herself. Will Klymene be able to find Cyril and save Alex? What even happened to Cyril? Only time will tell in Act 1 of A Dark Destiny.

Episode 1 - Nightmares

Millicent wakes up screaming and sweating, she breathes heavily and looks around her room. Kisandra comes running in.
"Millicent are you okay?" Kisandra asks panicked.
"I.. I'm fine.. It was another nightmare.. It.. It felt so real, like a vision. My Mother tried to kill me... Kisandra, my Mother is alive I just know it!" Kisandra walks over to Millicent's bed and sits down, she strokes Millicent's hair.
"Millicent.. I know it's hard to accept but Kilina... is dead. We need to accept that... You need to accept that" Millicent looks away.
"I never will! I know she's alive and I will do anything it takes to save her!" she says determinedly. Kisandra's eyes sadden, she stands up and begins to walk away.
"We'll find her Millicent, but you have to prepare yourself for the fact that she may be..." Millicent interrupts her
"She's not! I know it!". Kisandra walks out.

Kisandra leans against's Millicent's closed door.
"Oh sis.. Where are you?" she says to herself. She looks down towards the floor and hears a panicked knock on the door. Looking confused Kisandra cautiously makes her way towards the door and grabs her sword, lightning fills up the dark hallway. The knock on the door gets more frantic, Kisandra walks over and stretches out her hand to open it. Suddenly it bursts open and Klymene falls through with Alexander on her back. The pair crash hardly on the floor.
"Klymene?!" Kisandra exclaims. Klymene rolls over and is covered in blood.
"Klymene what happened to you?!" Kisandra exclaims and kneels besides her, Millicent comes out of her room.
"What is.. Kisandra behind you!" Millicent shouts. Kisandra turns around and blocks a chained sickle flying towards her with her sword.
"That boy has been nothing but a pain! He killed my Brother, and now I'll kill him!" a battle is initiated.

  • Battle 1 (1 out of 2 Rounds - Easy)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Rosie
    • Weapon: Chained Sickle - Bloody Valentines

Rosie picks herself up off the ground.
"Ugh, no! I'll be back!" She exclaims as she rushes out of the home. Kisandra looks down towards Klymene and Alex, she looks at Millicent.
"Come on, let's take these two into there" Kisandra nods towards the bedroom and attempts to pick up Klymene.

Episode 2 - Recovery (Cutscene Only)

Kisandra lays Klymene on the bed and Millicent places Alexander next to her, the pair are unconscious. Kisandra kisses them both on the forehead and cleans up Klymene's wounds, cleaning the blood off her face. She does the same to Alex, who hasn't shown any sign of being awake since Klymene brought him here. Kisandra looks at him with worry in her eyes.
"Don't worry aunt, I'm sure they'll both be fine.. Let's get some rest" Millicent suggests.
"No.. I'm going to stay here with them, they're both covered in blood I need to know what happened to them! I should have went with them..." Kisandra says, looking disappointed in herself.
"It's not your fault that they're injured.. At least... At least they're alive, isn't that good enough?!" Millicent says angered, and storms out.
"I didn't mean..." Kisandra huffs to herself and lays her head on Klymene's stomach.
"Wake up soon dear".

The next day

Klymene stirs and begins to wake up, Kisandra lifts her head up and starts calling out Klymene's name.
"Klymene! Come on, open your eyes! Please!". Klymene opens her eyes and looks at Kisandra who smiles down at her. Klymene's face turns to shock.
"Alex! Where's Alex?!" Klymene asks panicked, she tries to lift herself up and wheezes in pain.
"Slow down dear, you're injured. Alex is right here don't worry!" Kisandra reassures her.
"No.. No, you don't understand! Has he woke up at all?!" Klymene asks worried. Kisandra looks confused.
"N.. No.. He's been unconscious since you arrived here last night. Klymene, what happened when you were gone?!". Klymene looks at her Mother with sadness in her eyes.
"It's Alex he.. He succumbed to Soul Edge, we.. We fought and he was saved from the darkness.. Since then though, he has been unconscious.. Mom, we have to do something! He said he would protect me, but it was him who needed protecting! We have to save him, I can't lose him!!".

Klymene's eyes fill with tears. Kisandra looks shocked, she looks at Alex with worried eyes.
"Oh Klymene, I'm so sorry! Alex is like a son to me. I promise you we will find a way to save him! We should seek out Ivy, I'm sure she'll have some sort of potion!" Kisandra suggests.
"No.. This is different. A potion just won't cut it! We.. We need to find a Man named Cyril, I think he will be able to save Alex".
"Well then, let's go find this Cyril" Kisandra says. Klymene looks away.
"That won't be easy... The last time I saw him he took Soul Edge and opened a rift into Astral Chaos. Finding him will be hard, but we have too! I won't let Alex die!" Klymene is determined. Kisandra looks at her and nods.
"Well then, we will do all it takes to save him!".

Episode 3 - Crazy

A few days pass before Kisandra and Klymene leave to seek out Cyril. Klymene's wounds needed time to heal, she was injured badly during her two months away.
"Klymene what exactly happened.. How did you get so injured, and that wound on your face.. Who did it?" Millicent asks. Klymene looks away from her
"I don't want to talk about it.. I just need to find Cyril and save Alex". Millicent looks angered.
"It's all about Alex isn't it?! What about my Mom? Your Aunt?! Does no one care that she's been gone for two months?! That she's possibly.. Possibly dead?". Klymene looks at Millicent in shock
"Millicent, of course I care! I want her back just as much as you! Right now though Alex's life is in danger, and Kilina is malfested.. She's the Queen of Darkness! We will save her! Just wait a little longer!" Millicent scoffs at Klymene.
"You know you would think you would care more, Kilina raised you! You may not have had a life with your Mom but you get one now, I got raised by darkness and it was horrible! I just want a life with my Mother too!" Millicent stomps out and pushes past Kisandra who is just entering the room. Klymene looks up at her Mother.
"I didn't..." Kisandra interrupts her.
"I know.. She's just having a hard time accepting that Kilina is gone. We will find my sister, I have told her that.. It will just be difficult. I'm finding this hard too." Kisandra sits next to her daughter.

The screen fades to black

Millicent runs out of her home into the forest. Tears dripping down her face.
"Why don't they care?" she says to herself. "I know you're alive Mother! I.. I didn't even get to know you! I will find you!" Millicent screams to the sky and slumps herself against a tree, she curls her legs up towards her face and hugs them crying. All she can think about are the nightmares she's been having about her Mother. Kilina, standing there screaming for help towards Millicent. Blaming her for what has happened.

"It's all my fault.. It's all my fault! I should be dead, I shouldn't even be here!" Millicent bawls. She stands up from the tree and grabs her ring blade with force, cutting her hands, she's so angry with herself.
"I... I'm so sorry" Millicent holds her ring blade to her throat.
"Wait! I'm being a fool, why not just kill them? Get revenge?" Millicent says in her head with a sinister voice.
"No! They're your family, go and save your Mother you can do!" she says in her head, with a softer voice. Millicent drops her ring blade in shock.
"What's happening to me?" she asks herself. She drops to the ground again. Ruffles are heard in the bushes near her.
"Who's there? Show yourself, now!" Millicent shouts. Millicent looks towards the bushes, and slowly a familiar person emerges. Millicent's face drops... It's Astra.
"You! Stay back!" Millicent attacks the creature.

  • Battle 2 (1 out of 2 Rounds - Easy)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Weakened Powers of Chaos

Episode 4 -

Millicent hits Astra with her ring blade and she goes flying across the forest, hitting a tree.
"Now you die!"
"Millicent, stop!" a voice is heard shouting her. Millicent turns around and sees Klymene running towards her.
"What the hell are you doing?" Klymene says angrily. Millicent turns around back to Astra.
"I was..." Millicent stops "Oh my god.." she rubs her eyes "Kisandra?! I... I thought you were..." Millicent panics and looks disorientated. Kisandra leans against the tree injured, Klymene runs towards her Mothers side.
"What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you attack her?" Klymene screams. Millicent stumbles backwards.
"I... I thought she was Astra! I.. I'm sorry! I have to leave!" Millicent runs off deep into the forest.
"Millicent stop! Damn it!" Klymene shouts.
"Come on Mother, we have to get you home!" Klymene helps Kisandra up and she limps home, holding onto Klymene's shoulder.

Klymene sits her Mother down.
"What happened out there Mom? Why did she attack you?" Klymene asks worried. Kisandra looks towards her with sorrow on her face.
"She truly believed I was Astra. She wasn't at home, she left when you two argued. I found her out there, talking to herself.. Klymene, she's sick. She.. She was going to kill herself". Klymene looks at her Mother in shock.
"She what? I have to find her! I have to apologise!" Klymene jumps up and runs towards the door.
"Klymene no!" Kisandra jumps up but is too weak to catch Klymene, she had already left. Kisandra limps towards the front door and sees no sign of Klymene, she sighs and closes the door. Knowing she won't be able to catch her in her current condition. Suddenly a bang is heard coming from Alexanders room. Kisandra rushes through the hall towards the room, she opens the door and inside is Tira.

Tira looks towards Kisandra and smirks.
"He was such a perfect host... He's going to get Soul Edge again!" Tira giggles.
"No!" Kisandra shouts and launches towards the malfested girl.

The battle starts with Kisandra on 80% health

Tira blocks Kisandra's attack and kicks her in the stomach, Kisandra flies towards the wall and falls down, unconscious. Tira laughs and jumps towards Alex, she picks the young man up and flees out the window.

Episode 5 - The Watcher

Many hours later Kisandra begins to wake up, as she opens her eyes she sees that she is no longer at home, and is instead tied up in a dark, damp cave. Kisandra struggles and tries to free herself, but to no avail.
"Ugh, how did this happen? Where am I?" Kisandra asks herself. Kisandra looks around to see if she can find anything to free herself, when suddenly she senses a great evil. She looks over to a small rock and sees a Raven holding a small shard of Soul Edge in it's beak.
"No.. Not Soul Edge! Wait.. A Raven? I know what you are.. You're no normal Raven are you? You're a Watcher!" Kisandra states. The Raven flies down and lands in front of Kisandra. A bright red light begins to engulf the Raven and a beautiful woman emerges. She's wearing mostly black, with pieces of armour scattered on her, some broken off completely. Her hair is green-blue, and she's as pale as Tira herself.

"So you know of us?" the woman says. Kisandra looks at her in shock.
"I knew about The Watchers, I didn't know they could shapeshift though." The Woman laughs.
"Oh.. They can't. I'm no ordinary Watcher though, they call me Lil Tira. I was raised alongside Tira, we became very close.. My Magical abilities proved very useful to her and I willingly became a Watcher, dedicating my life to her. I watch people, I've been watching you for a long time. I also collect fragments of Soul Edge. I know Tira cares for me deeply." Kisandra snarls the woman.
"I didn't ask for your story. Just let me go! And tell me what you have done with my friend!" Kisandra demands. Lil Tira laughs.

"Oh.. And why should I do that? I can't let you go.. Tira needs you here! Once Soul Edge is found and your friend wakes up he will be brought here, then you will be slaughtered in front of his eyes.. Just enough to make him go crazy and malfest, becoming the perfect host for Soul Edge! Good plan, huh?"
"You evil b-" Kisandra is interrupted by Lil Tira.
"Ah, ah, ah..." Lil Tira grabs the shard of Soul Edge and shines it towards Kisandra.
"We can't have you being naughty now can we?" Lil Tira says mockingly. The shard of Soul Edge shoots a beam into Kisandra, Lil Tira smiles. However, the beam bounces back and hits Lil Tira.
"What the? Why did that not work? What did you do?" Lil Tira shouts. Kisandra looks confused for a moment, but smirks as she thinks up a plan.
"Ah.. You're probably just too weak" Kisandra mocks.
"Me? Weak?!" Lil Tira says angrily.
"Yeah, weak! I'm just too powerful, I could beat you in a battle any time!" Kisandra smirks. Lil Tira looks enraged, she grabs her Ring Blade and walks towards Kisandra. She raises her Ring Blade in the air and smashes it into Kisandra's shackles.
"We'll see who is the strongest! Fight me!" Lil Tira demands. She makes a sword and shield materalize in the air and Kisandra grabs them.
"Okay then!" Kisandra says.

  • Battle 4 (2 out of 4 Rounds - Easy)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Lil Tira
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Raven's Ring

Episode 6 - Crazed Cousin

Kisandra strikes Lil Tira who flies across the floor. Kisandra smirks at the downed Watcher and walks towards her, sword extended.
"Now.. Please, tell me where Alex is?". Lil Tira looks at her and flicks her hand in the air, the sword Kisandra was holding disappears.
"You fool! I magically summoned that sword did you really think you could hurt me with it?" Lil Tira stands up as Kisandra stumbles backwards.
"I would really like to kill you right now.. But Tira would be very angry..." Lil Tira continues to slowly walk closer to Kisandra.
"But... She didn't say I can't hurt!" Kisandra staggers backwards and hits the wall. Lil Tira raises her ring blade and Kisandra looks at her in horror. Kisandra glances to her left and see a loose rock. Lil Tira attempts to strike Kisandra with her blade but Kisandra rolls out of the way and grabs the loose rock. She jumps up behind Lil Tira and whacks her over the head with the rock. Lil Tira collapses on the ground. Kisandra throws the rock down and runs out of the cave.

The screen fades to black

Klymene has been searching for Millicent for hours, with no sign of her anywhere.
"Millicent where are you?" Klymene says to herself. She continues searching for her cousin, she has to be near. As she continues down the road Klymene sees a familiar flower laying in the middle of the road. She runs over to it and recognises it immediately.
"Oh no... This is Millicent's! What has happened to you?" Klymene panics and begins to run down the road, she heads towards the docks.
"Millicent! Millicent, are you around here?!" Klymene shouts. Klymene looks around and sees no sign of Millicent anywhere, suddenly in the corner of her eye, she sees what looks like a dress flutter down a dark alleyway. Klymene goes down the alley and shouts Millicent's name again.
"Are you down here?". Klymene becomes wary and walks slowly through the dark alley, she sees a girl standing in the corner.
"Millicent is that y-" Klymene is cut off.
"I knew you'd come.. I'm sorry Klymene, I can't let you stop me!" Millicent turns around and is holding a shard of Soul Edge. She launches herself towards Klymene.

"Millicent please stop!" Klymene shouts! "This isn't you!". Millicent scoffs, with a crazed look in her eye.
"You don't know me.. You don't care! I just want my Mother back, and this shard can help me!" Millicent states. Klymene shakes her head.
"Millicent please, nothing good comes from Soul Edge! Where did you even get that?!" Klymene asks.
"A woman with blue hair gave it too me! She said it will get me into Astral Chaos and help me find my Mother! I'm going!". Klymene steps towards Millicent.
"I know it's hard.. I don't want it to be true.. But she's dead! We will find some way to bring her back, but this isn't the right way!" Klymene tries to talk sense into Millicent.
"Enough!" Millicent shouts and strikes Klymene. She turns around and holds Soul Edge in the air, causing a rift to open into Astral Choas. Millicent looks back at Klymene and jumps through the rift, it closes behind her.
"No!" Klymene screams, but it's too late.

Episode 7 - The Search Begins (Cutscene Only)

Klymene sits in utter shock as she watches the rift close. She slowly stands up and grabs her sword and shield.
"I.. I have to get home.. I have to tell Mother!" Klymene says to herself, she runs off.
Klymene gets home and bursts through the door, she attempts to shout her Mother but stops.. She see's the broken bedroom door. Her expression drops
"Alex!" she shouts and runs towards the bedroom. Klymene frantically searches around the bedroom but Alex is nowhere to be found.
"No! What?! Mom?! Where's Alex?" she shouts with a panicked voice. Although no response is heard. The front door to the house is heard opening, Klymene runs out and see's her Mother standing there.
"Mom! Where have you been? Why did you leave Alex? He is gone!" Klymene shouts.
"Wait.. What happened to you?" Klymene notices that Kisandra is injured. Kisandra catches her breath a moment.

"I didn't leave him.. He was kidnapped by Tira. I tried to stop her but she rendered me unconscious, when I woke up I was in a cave. I was taken by a Watcher who could shapeshift. A blue haired woman named Lil Tira" Kisandra explains.
"Blu.. Blue haired?! No.. Millicent was manipulated! Mom, I lost her.. She.. She had a shard of Soul Edge from Lil Tira. She opened a rift to Astral Chaos, I couldn't stop her!" Kisandra looks at her daughter in shock.
"Klymene we can't lose her! We need to rescue her" Kisandra suggests.
"What about Alex? We need to save him, he doesn't have much time left! Please Mom! If we want to get into Astral Chaos we will need a lot of help whilst there. Let's find Cyril, save Alex and go find Millicent, please?!" Klymene begs. Kisandra sighs.
"Okay.. Let's go then!". The pair leave their home.

Episode 8 - The Search Continues

Mother and Daughter travel the country in search of Cyril. They have been searching for a few days now, and have came across no sign of Cyril.
"Dear, we've been out here for days. Do you have any idea where Cyril could be?" Kisandra asks her daughter.
"Like I said, the last time I saw him he jumped through a rift into Astral Chaos. I know where the rift was, we're heading in the right direction!" Klymene reassures her Mother. Kisandra shakes her head.
"You said the rift closed. Klymene I want to find this Cyril and save Alex just as much as you, but I don't see how going to where the rift once was is going to help?". Klymene stops and looks at her Mother, tears forming in her eyes.

"Please! We need to find him! I.. I'm so angry with him! He left us, he left Alex! I.. I don't understand how he could do that?!" Klymene begins to cry. Kisandra hugs her.
"Calm down sweetie. Just, at least answer me this.. How do you know Cyril can even save Alex?" Klymene wipes her tears away and looks at Kisandra.
"When Alex was malfested we didn't know what to do.. Cyril said he had a plan, he went up to Alex.. And Mom he was crazy, Alex... Alex was the one who gave me this scar. Cyril grabbed Alex and pulled him towards him, he kissed him.. And in that moment Alex was himself again, and he dropped Soul Edge. With that kiss, Cyril managed to bring Alex back. I'm sure if he kisses him again he will come back to us! He has too! If Cyril never left then.. Then Alex would be fine! We need Cyril!" Kisandra hugs her daughter once again in reassurance.
"Okay, I'm sorry for questioning you. Let's go, we'll find him! I'll make sure of it!"

The screen fades to black

"Finally! We're here!" Klymene exclaims. They have made it to where the rift opened, the place where the battle against Alexander took place. Klymene looks around in horror as she sees the dead bodies of the people she knew. Images flash on screen of the deaths of Nirvana, Lucinde and Ryo. Klymene falls to the ground crying.
"Klymene are you okay?" Kisandra runs over to her daughter.
"The memories... I just, I didn't want to see this.. Their bodies.. Mom.. I knew these people.." Klymene cries more as Kisandra hugs her. Klymene wipes her tears and stands up, she takes a deep breath.
"I think Cyril is close.. I.. I can sense something evil though..." Just as Klymene says that a Raven flies past and drops a shard of Soul Edge. It lands between the corpses of Nirvana and Lucinde. The shard glows and lets out a blast surrounding the corpses. Suddenly, Niravan and Lucinde twitch. Their bodies raise reanimated.

Episode 9 - The Search Concludes

The un-dead Mother and Daughter, Lucinde and Nirvana fall to the ground. Once again becoming dead bodies. Klymene stands in shock, speechless at what just happened. She looks traumatised. The shard of Soul Edge remains on the ground, Klymene runs over to it and slams her sword into it. The shard shatters into tiny pieces and an explosion of red comes from the shard. Klymene and Kisandra fly backwards, and hit the ground. In the distance a scream is heard, it sounds like someone is in pain. Klymene lifts herself up
"Did you hear that?!" she asks her Mother. Kisandra nods and stands up.
"I think it came from over there, be on guard Klymene". Kisandra helps Klymene up and the pair start to run over to where the scream came from. More screams are heard, it sounds like a Man.

The pair arrive and a blonde haired man is on the ground screaming, covering their eyes.
"Cyril?! Is that you?!" Klymene asks. The man looks up, it is indeed Cyril. His eyes are glowing purple and he's in much pain. Cyril screams and jumps up, he launches himself towards Klymene and tackles her to the ground, attempting to stab her. Klymene screams.
"What are you doing? Get off me Cyril!" she struggles under the mans weight. Kisandra runs and Cyril and tackles him off Klymene onto the ground. Cyril grabs Kisandra's leg and stabs her, she winces in pain. Klymene jumps up and attacks Cyril.
"Get away from my Mother!"

  • Battle 7 (3 out of 6 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Cyril
    • Weapon: Hunting Knives - Robin and Highway

Klymene hits Cyril and he flies across the battlefield. Klymene runs over to her Mother.
"Mom are you okay?! I don't know what's wrong with him?!" Kisandra nods. Klymene walks over to where Cyril landed, he opens his eyes which have now returned to normal and looks up towards Klymene who's sword is extended towards his neck.
"Explain yourself, now!"

Episode 10 -

Klymene is enraged.
"What the hell was that? Why did you attack us?! And your eyes? You have a lot of explaining to do!" Cyril breathes heavily, with sadness in his eyes.
"I'm sorry..." he says. Klymene snarls the man.
"Sorry? SORRY?! No! I don't want a "sorry" I want an explanation! You left me, you left Alex! You bastard! You have no idea what you have done! How could you just leave like that? What were you trying to achieve? Don't you see, you saved Alex?! Why did you leave Cyril?!" Klymene's eyes fill with tears, she's so angry. She puts her sword closer to Cyril's neck, her blade now touching his skin.
"Answer me?!" she screams. Cyril goes to open his mouth but before anything can be said a chained sickle comes flying towards Klymene from behind.
"Klymene look out!" Kisandra screams, who is still on the floor due to her injured leg. The sickle catches Klymene's side and retracts, ripping her skin. She falls to the ground and Kisandra screams. Cyril jumps up and see's Rosie, he attacks the young girl.

  • Battle 8 (3 out of 6 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Cyril
    • Weapon: Hunting Knives - Robin and Highway
  • Opponent: Rosie
    • Weapon: Chained Sickle - Bloody Valentines

Cyril impales Rosie and pushes the girl down, she grabs her wound and runs away in pain. Cyril goes to chase her but stops as Kisandra shouts him.
"Leave her! You have to help Klymene!" Kisandra says, who is leaning over her daughters body.
"Come on baby, you'll be okay I promise!" Kisandra cries hard, hugging her daughter. Klymene's eyes role and she is turning pale.
"Cyril do something! I can't lose my daughter!" Kisandra begs. Cyril get's closer to Klymene and examines her wound.
"It's okay, it's not fatal. We just need to stop the bleeding" Cyril says. He takes off his scarf and wraps it around Klymene's wound.
"We have to take her to rest, she needs some water!" Cyril states.
"No..." Klymene mutters.
"We need... To save Alex". Cyril stops and looks at her in shock.
"Wha- What's up with him?" he asks panicked. Kisandra grabs his shoulder.
"We don't have time for this, please! Help me get Klymene home! I'll explain everything then" Cyril nods and carefully picks up Klymene.
"Lead the way then."

Episode 11 - (Cutscene Only)

Cyril makes it to Kisandra's home, she opens the door for him and they enter the home which still has broken doors and windows. Cyril raises an eyebrow but continues on through the hall anyway. Kisandra points to the bedroom and Cyril takes Klymene and lays her down.
"Her wound will need stitches" he says.
"I know.. I have some herbs which will help it heal faster, I'll stitch her up" Kisandra leaves and goes into the kitchen to get some herbs for Klymene. She enters the room again and goes towards Klymene's side.
"Could you give me a moment?" Kisandra asks Cyril. He nods and leaves the room. A few moments later Kisandra comes out.
"She's okay now.. The herbs were infused with magic. She should be alright in a few hours. Then we can go and save Alex".
"What exactly happened to Alex?! Where is he?" Cyril asks worried.
"Klymene will explain everything when she wakes up. I need to go and heal this leg, thanks to you" Cyril scratches his head.
"Yeah.. Sorry about that.. I don't know what was wrong with me!" he states. Kisandra raises her eyebrows and walks away.

A few hours past and Klymene finally comes out of the bedroom, her wound seems to be more-or-less healed now. She walks into the living area where Kisandra and Cyril are.
"Sweetie your up! Are you okay now? How do you feel?!" Kisandra asks.
"I'm fine, just a little painful. Now you!" Klymene points at Cyril.
"Tell me what the hell is going on with you! What happened to Soul Edge? And why did you leave?!" Klymene asks sternly. Cyril huffs.

"Look, I will explain everything once we find Alex! Now please, can we go?!" he asks.
"Cyril you're such an idiot! Don't you realise what has happened? Since you left Alex has been in a coma! He was overwhelmed, broken hearted! He doesn't have long.. He could die! He's like this because of you! You're the one that made him like this, and now he could die all because you left! I swear Cyril if he dies I WILL kill you!" Klymene threatens. Cyril looks at her in shock.
"I don't know why, but Alex seems to care for you. When you kissed him he came back to us, kiss him again and I know he will come back! If he doesn't though-" Klymene is interrupted by Cyril.
"I know.. I promise I will save him, and tell you everything!". The trio leave the house, they are finally going to find Alex.

Episode 12 - It's Time for Teo

"Mom, where exactly are we going? We don't even know where Alex is!" Klymene states.
"Remember I was taken by one of The Watchers? Well, we're going to the cave where she took me! If she's there, I'll get her to tell us where Tira is!" Klymene smiles at her Mother.
"Okay, I hope she is there! I don't know how much longer Alex has!". The trio keep going, getting closer to the cave. Lil Tira has to be there.

The eventually arrive to the entrance of the cave, they stand for a moment before entering.
"Shhh, can you hear that?" Cyril states.
"It sounds like banging". The three of the run towards the noise, they see a young boy standing there bashing his head against the wall.
"Woah, kid. I wouldn't do that if I were you" Cyril says. The boy ignores him and keeps banging his head.
"The poor thing, I bet Lil Tira brought him here!" Kisandra says. As she does the boy stops banging his head.
"No, not Lil Tira.. Teo doesn't like her much" the boy says. Cyril walks closer to him and puts his hand on the boys shoulder.
"So your name is Teo huh? I'm Cyril." Teo turns around and looks at Cyril. Their eyes catch each other and Teo looks at him in awe.
"Teo.. Teo is me, yes!" The boy says nervously.

"What is blonde haired man doing here? Why did the long haired lady mention Lil Tira?" he asks.
"Lil Tira, do you know her? We're hoping she can tell us where Tira is" Cyril states. Teo steps back a bit.
"Sister.." he whispers.
"Why are you looking for Tira? You.. You're not going to hurt her, are you?" Teo asks, sounding worried.
"Tira took our friend for her own evil deeds! We need to find her to find our friend!" Cyril says.
"No, no, no! Teo can't let that happen!" Teo bangs his head against his Ring Blade.
"Kid stop!" Cyril shouts, but is ignored. Teo bangs his head harder and attacks Cyril.

  • Battle 9 (3 out of 6 Rounds - Medium)
  • Playable Character: Cyril
    • Weapon: Hunting Knives - Robin and Highway
  • Opponent: Teo
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Surprise!

Teo falls to the ground in pain.
"Ow, ow, ow!" he says, and bangs his head against the wall again.
"Please kid, tell us where Tira is!" Cyril asks. Teo begins to cry heavily.
"Sister is at Denevér Castle. Please.. Please don't hurt sister! She- she's not bad!" Teo says, sobbing. Kisandra's face saddens.
"The poor thing!". Klymene shakes her head.
"He's probably been through a lot, being the sister to her.. He's crazy" she says sadly. Cyril looks at Teo with sad eyes.
"Thank you, kid." he says. The trio leave and Teo turns around, banging his head against the wall once again.

Episode 13 - Tira's Control

The trio head for Denevér Castle, hoping that Alex will be there. Cyril can't get Teo out of his head.
What's wrong with him? What was he doing there? What's with the head banging? Is he alright? all these question he had. Right now though, it was about saving Alex.
"There is is, Denevér Castle. I remember being here 3 years ago.. With Kilina" Klymene says. Kisanra looks at her with a sad expression.
"We'll find Kilina soon sweetie. We'll bring her back!" Kisandra reassures her.
"Now though, let's go get Alex!" The three of them go to walk through the castle doors, but are stopped by a familiar Raven. The Raven transforms, it's Lil Tira.
"Oh Kisandra, how did I know I'd see you here?" Lil Tira laughs.

"Leave creature!" Klymene shouts. Lil Tira giggles.
"Oh? Is this your Daughter? Feisty isn't she?" Lil Tira taunts as she circles Klymene.
"Leave her alone!" Kisandra says.
"Hmm... I suggest you leave Tira alone then! I won't let you harm her!" Lil Tira snaps.
"Just tell us where Alex is!" Cyril says angrily.
"Oh, you mean the handsome comatose lad? He's inside, under protection by Tira. And, well.. You're not getting in!" Lil Tira runs towards the trio and attacks.

  • Battle 10 (3 Rounds - 1 Round each - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Cyril, Klymene and Kisandra
    • Weapon: Hunting Knives - Robin and Highway, Sword and Shield - Aeneas, Sword and Shield - Brave One
  • Opponent: Lil Tira
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Raven's Ring

Kisandra strikes Lil Tira down and she flies across the field. Blood comes from her and she turns back into a Raven.
"Now.. Let's go get Alex!" Klymene says. They all enter the castle.

The screen fades to black

The trio make their way to the Main Hall, Tira must be there. They open the main doorway and enter the room. Tira is inside, with a comatose Alex behind her.
"Ah.. I was expecting you!" Tira says. Klymene shouts Alex.
"Stupid girl! He can't hear you! He's almost dead! Luckily.. I have almost woke him up!" Cyril stops for a moment.
"Ugh.. Soul Edge is here.. Or at least some shards.. I can feel it!" he says, pained.
"Wha-?" Kisandra asks as she looks over towards Alex who is surrounded by shards of Soul Edge.
"Yes.. These shards have the power to wake him.. Wake him up to evil.. Wake him up in order to become the host for Soul Edge!" Tira says, giggling.
"No! I won't let that happen!" Klymene says and attempts to attack Tira. She dodges the attack.
"Ah, ah, ah! Stupid girl!" Tira holds up a shard of Soul Edge and shatters it. She throws the pieces towards Cyril.
"No!" he screams. His eye's glow purple once again.
"Now Cyril. Attack!" Tira commands and Cyril abides.

  • Battle 10 (3 out of 6 Rounds - Hard/Medium)
  • Playable Character: Klymene and Kisandra
  • Opponent: Cyril
    • Weapon: Hunting Knives - Robin and Highway

Episode 14 - Saving His Soul

Klymene hits Cyril away and he flies into the wall.
"Mother, restrain him!" Kisandra runs over to him and holds him down.
"Keep him there, calm him! He needs to change back to normal!" Klymene demands.
"Ugh, you stupid bitch!" Tira shouts.
"Must you continue to ruin my plans?! I have plenty of shards, I can continue to control him" Tira scoffs.
"I don't think so! This ends now!" Klymene launches herself at Tira and bashes her with her shield. Tira falls to the ground.
"Ugh! Lil Tira, get in here!" she screams! Klymene laughs.
"Ha! I don't think she will be coming anytime soon! She is dead!" Tira's face curls up in anger and pain.
"De.. Dead! No! You BASTARD!" Tira jumps up and attacks Klymene.

Tira flies back weakened.
"Ugh! I'm not wasting my energy and Soul Edge shards on him! I need to save Lil Tira! This isn't the end, I will have my revenge! You and your whole family will die, I swear it!" Tira takes the Soul Edge shards and jumps away. Klymene looks at her Mother and Cyril.
"How is he?" she asks. Cyril moves a little and opens his eyes, that are once again their usual colour.
"I... I'm fine!" he says as he catches his breath.
"Cyril, that's the second time you have lashed out when around shards of Soul Edge! Why does it keep happening! You better tell me, NOW! I'm sick of these outbursts! We're here for Alex and yet you get so easily controlled! What is the problem?!" Klymene is angry with Cyril. Kisandra stands up and goes to Alex's side, he's looking very pale. Almost like he is dead.
"I..-" Cyril is interrupted.
"Stop arguing and come save Alex now! He looks like he doesn't have long, Cyril get here and do it now!" Kisandra shouts.

Cyril get's up and goes to Alex's side, Klymene joins him. Cyril looks at the young man, he places his hand on his cheek and slowly leans down towards his face, closing his eyes. His lips touch Alex's.

The screen goes black

Episode 15 - Alex's Return (Cutscene Only)

Cyril opens his eyes, and looking back at him is no one... Alex's eyes are still closed. Cyril stumbles back in shock.
"What the hell?! Why did it not work?! I.. I thought you loved him! It.. It worked last time?! Cyril?!" Klymene panics and shouts at Cyril. He looks shocked and heartbroken.
"I.. I don't know..." Cyril says.
"I do!" A Man's voice shouts from the shadows, he jumps down.
"Malik?! Is that you?!" Klymene asks. Malik walks out towards the alter where Alex is laying.
"It didn't work because Cyril isn't truly in love with Alex." Malik states.
"No.. NO! I do love Alex!" Cyril says, denying Malik's words.
"How did you even find Alex, Malik? How can we save him now?!" Klymene asks worried.

"The last time I saw you Klymene, I left Alex to you in order to protect him. I went looking for an answer on how to save him. Then I heard he had been kidnapped by Tira, so I sought her out and I have just only arrived... I saw everything... I know how to wake him." Malik explains.
"How?! Please tell me, I need to wake Alex up! He's my best friend and I love him! I can't lost my friend!" Klymene begs and cries.
"Don't worry. I'll do it!" Malik says.
"What?!" Cyril shouts.
"How could you do it? You don't love Alex, I do!" Cyril is in denial.
"You think you do." Malik replies calmly. "But, that simply isn't the case." Cyril raises his daggers.
"No Cyril! If you truly care for Alex let Malik do this!" Klymene shouts. Cyril lowers his daggers. Kisandra looks at Alex.
"Quickly! He doesn't look good!" she says. Malik goes over to Alex, he grabs his face and lowers himself down. Their lips meet.

Malik opens his eyes and lifts up, still leaning over Alex. Alex begins to stir slightly. His eyes twitch and slowly open. Alex looks up at Malik standing over him.
"M.. Malik? I... Where am I?" Alex asks confused. Malik smiles and pulls Alex towards him, kissing him again. Alex is taken back. Cyril looks over and cries at the scene. Klymene screams and jumps on Alex.
"You're back! You're back! I thought you were going to die! I've missed you so much, never leave again Alex!" Klymene cries tears of joy. Kisandra goes over and hugs Alex, kissing him on the forehead.
"It's good to have you back, son" she says. Alex sits there in complete shock.
"I.. I don't.. Huh, Klymene! What happened to your face? That scar?" Alex asks. Klymene smirks and brushes her hair with her hand.
"That's not important right now!" she smiles.
"However... Cyril! You need to explain yourself! Tell me, tell us! Why did that not work? What does Soul Edge have to do with all this?! Why did you leave?"

The screen fades to black

Episode 16 - The Truth (Cutscene Only)

Cyril wipes his tears and sighs.
"I guess I owe you all an explanation.. Especially you, Alex I.. I do love you Alex, and I didn't leave to hurt you! I... I'm malfested, you could say.. I.. I don't know why, but whenever Soul Edge is around I find it very hard to resist the urge to kill.. That's why, I think it didn't work when I kissed Alex. Because of my Malfestation." Cyril explains. Everyone looks at him in shock, expect for Malik.
"That can't be right. I myself am malfested." Malik says. Cyril stumbles, he swears he loves Alex.
"What's going on Cyril?! I'm sick of this, tell me right now why you left then! Were you trying to harness Soul Edge? Tell me??!" Klymene screams!

Cyril starts crying more. Kisandra looks at her daughter.
"Klymene! Calm down! Give him a moment to explain himself" Kisandra scolds Klymene.
"He's had more than enough time Mom! Cyril! Now!". Cyril wipes his tears away.
"I wasn't abandoning you, Alex. I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought it was over and that you were fine. I left and went into Astral Chaos in order to destroy Soul Edge. If I destroyed it I thought you would never fall to it again.. And that I wouldn't be effected by it. However, when I got there I was attacked by a Woman. She was absolutely crazy, and really powerful.. I sensed something familiar about her.. I don't know what it was.. But she took Soul Edge away from me and almost killed me, I was lucky to escape" Cyril explains. Kisandra looks at him, mouth slightly widened.
"A Woman? What did she look like? Tell me, now!!" Kisandra shouts.
"She.. She was wearing red, he arm was pretty messed up.. And she had a scar over her eye." Kisandra screams.
"It's my sister! It's Kilina! Klymene she is alive! Millicent... Millicent was right! Why didn't we believe her? Why didn't we have more faith?! We have to get into Astral Chaos! We need to rescue her!" Kisandra shouts.

"I.. I can't believe it! Cyril.. I'm sorry for what I said to you! If you never went there, you would never have known that my Aunt was alive! I'm so sorry! Still, if you didn't leave none of this would have happened with Alex... At least he is here though.. So thank you!" Klymene apologises. Cyril lets out a smile.
"You're welcome.. I have to leave now though... I... I do love you Alex, I really do! But I need to find out the truth about what happened to me, why does Soul Edge have a hold over me? It has to have something to do with when I was a child. I promise, I will be back! Once I know the truth.. Goodbye for now, everyone" Cyril goes to Alex and hugs him, he then takes his leave.

"So, what now?" Alex asks.
"We go and find my Sister!" Kisandra states.

End of Act 1

Act 2

One Month has passed since Alex had been rescued. Now, Kisandra and Klymene are determined to get into Astral Chaos and save Kilina. With help from Alex and other friends, will they be able to do it? Millicent is still missing, after jumping through a rift into Astral Chaos, she's also searching for her Mother. On her Astral journey however she comes across some new faces. As for Cyril, he's on a journey to find out the truth about his past, and why Soul Edge has a hold on him. On his journey he meets an interesting man, and finds out things about the Family he never knew. Will Kisandra find her Sister? Can Millicent make it through the Chaos to her Mother? And what will Cyril uncover about his past and present? Find out in Act 2 of A Dark Destiny

Episode 1

Act 3

To be announced.


To be announced.


  • The original name of this game was going to be Soulcalibur: A Dark Destiny completely excluding Astral Swords from the title.
    • You can see this from previous logos for the game.
    • The original logo for this game used the same "Soulcalibur" text as the one used in the previous two games in the Astral series.
  • The events of this game chronologically follow the events of Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage, a game created by LightningSakura.
  • It has been confirmed that this game will have two different endings. A canon ending and a non-canon ending.
    • This could mean a sequel is possible.
    • At the moment it is unknown how you will reach each ending.
  • There is going to be a scene that is reminiscent of Kisandra's and Kilina's Soulcalibur IV ending.
  • There will be a total of 3 Acts. Each act will contain a variable amount of episodes.
    • Act 1 contains 16 episodes, which is already half the amount of episodes that were in the previous instalment which had 30 episodes plus the prologue altogether. This indicates that this game will be the largest in the Astral Swords Trilogy, possibly having well over 30 episodes in total.
  • All characters that appear in Act 1 will appear in their main costume from their last appearance (Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light and Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage) unless they are new to this game.
    • Characters in Act 2 and Act 3 will appear in brand new costumes made for this game. These costumes are the characters default costumes for other modes of the game.
  • There will be an event that is reminiscent of a scene from Soulcalibur Astral Swords.






To be reviewed.

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