Soulcalibur Apocalypse (ソウルキャリバーの黙示録/Sourukyaribā no mokushiroku) is a fangame from the Soul Series. This is a spin-off, was created to be-if the game exists, but doesn't-in XBox360, PS3, WiiU and PSVita.

The game have three characters as principal characters, who take the story on a different roll. The game was originally planned to be released in December 21 of 2012, but, for unknown motives, are released in January 1 of 2013

The game was made by a fan (as say) who have a different history from the original. You can visit her here:




Soulcalibur Apocalypse, as the name says, is in the border of the world's distortion, induced by Nightmare, who taken Soul Edge again, and, in the middle of an infinite chaos, try to end the world with a massacre.

Siegfried can't stop Nightmare's power, because his brother is with the creature, is his new servant and he can't fail to Nightmare. In a chaos, he is the unique who have danger of die-again-at the hands of Nightmare-or  maybe Siegfried-.

Main Characters

NightmareIs the principal villain in the game, he have a new servant, and the power of destroy the entire world with only a sword in his hand. Soul Edge. That power is so dangerous. No one can stop him

Siegfried - Is the principal character who can help, but the power is useless, he know Nightmare have his brother against the power of the sword, who can't do anything only for escape

Kilik - Main victim. He, in this case, is the "lost brother of Siegfried" and too, the new Nightmare's servant. He only have a useless Dvpara-Yuga and problems with help in the world's end. In the game, he have problems with the madness that Soul Edge given to him, if he help Nightmare's or not, any way can die by the two. No have escape

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