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SoulCalibur: The Future War
SC Future War Poster1
Developer(s) Created by SoulGauger
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

SoulCalibur: The Future War (ソウルキャリバー:未来戦争 Sourukyaribā: Mirai sensō) is an add-on game that can be played in as a new Feature in Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega next to the main game.


In an Alternative time of Chaos and War, on the battlefield there soldiers and other humans fight for their survival and to win the War they are in and to make an end to the Chaos that spreaded around by the Malfested under the leadership of Nightmare, These Malfersted raged across lands and villages and burned them to the ground

In one of these Wars a group of Survivors are also fight against the Malfested grip of Nightmare and his Malfested Soldiers and also a group of mechanical Robots who are using giant Axes as weapons, This group was the strongest of all groups of survivors because this group was leaded by two Veteran Fighters names Leandra Scott and Helen Flanders Leandra had already lost a part of her left side on her face after that she was wearing a Face Mask she now has a Bionical face part with an alternative eye, also Leandra's Omega-Side was destroyed by the last encounter with the previous Nightmare and Helen Flanders lost also her Left side during the wars and was also replaced by a Bionical part but helen didn't loose her left eye, These two leaders where also the strongest fighters the group owned.

The group of Survivors Leaded by Helen Flanders and Leandra Scott had also a group of very good fighters their names where: Luke Scott, Alexandra Scott, Owen, Xie Tian and some other survivors

Character List

Main/Playable Characters

  • Helen Flanders (ヘレンフランダース, Heren Furandāsu) First Leader of the group, she leads the group together with Leandra Scott
  • Leandra Scott  (リーンドラー・スコット, Rindora Sukotto) Second Leader of the group, Together with Helen she is the leader from the group of survivors who are fighting to survive
  • Xie Tian (謝天, Sha Ten) Third in command of the group, he is the husband of Helen Flanders
  • Luke Scott  (ルーク・スコット, Rūku Sukotto) He is the son of Leandra scott and fights to survive and to help others
  • Owen  (オーウェン, Ōu~en) Son of Xie Tian and Helen, together with his parents he helps remaining survivors in this war
  • Alexandra (アレクサンドラ, Arekusandora) Leandra's Daughter, Alexandra trained for yaers with Xie Tian and Helen and became a stronger fighter and and a great addition to the group
  • Hanako Ariga (花子有賀, Hanako Ariga) Daughter of Sakura, has become Luke's girlfriend and fights along with him to end the War

Canon/Non Playable

  • Chaos Omega (カオスオメガ Kaosuomega) Created by Chaos Nightmare from Leandra's memory and changed her into a more suitable version
  • Chaos Nightmare (カオスナイトメア Kaosunaitomea) This evil incarnation of Nightmare is responsable for the Chaos and the War and must be stopped 

Storymode Chapters

  • Epsode 1 - Veterans

Leandra Scott and Helen Flanders must fight their way out on the battlefield against Malfersted Soldiers

  • Battle 1
  • Playable characters: Leandra and Helen (Tag Battle)
  • Opponents: 5 Malfested Soldiers (Weapons: various)  (5 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 2 - Robot Invasion

While Leandra and Helen fighting the Malfsted Soldiers a group of killing robots with axe's appearing on the battlefield Helen's son Owen and Leandra's Son Luke must fight them to assist their mothers

  • Battle 2
  • Playble characters: Owen and Luke
  • Opponents: 4 Robots with Axes (Weapons: Axe) (4 out of 4 battles)

  • Episode 3 - Leadership

When the battles are over a Cut Scene will be seen as the group of survivors comes together to talk about the further doings in the war, then a Giant Robot breaks in and a new fight begins.

  • Battle 3
  • Playable characters: Leandra. Helen, Owen, Luke and Alexandra
  • Opponent: A strong and Giant Robot with multiple weapons (Weapon: Various) (1 out of 3 battles)

  • Episode 4 - Fight for Survival

Xie-Tian Helens husband try's to stay alive when he fights some Malfrested Soldiers and 2 Robots

  • Battle 4
  • Playable character: Xie Tian
  • Opponents: 2 Malfersted Soldiers and 2 Robots (Weapons: Various and Axe) 4 out of 4 battles)

  • Episode 5 - Group attack

As the entire group is complete now, the real fight begins against the Malfested Soldiers and more Robots

  • Battle 5
  • Playable characters: Xie Tian, Owen, Luke, Alexandra
  • Opponents: 3 Robots and 4 Malfested Soldiers (Weapons: Axe and Various) (7 out of 7 battles) 

  • Episode 6 - The Fight continues

The hardest battle is yet to come against Chaos Nightmare as the group appears on the battlefield and see a huge croud of Malfested Soldiers awaiting for battle

  • Battle 6
  • Playable characters: All group members (Tag battle)
  • Opponents 10 Malfested Soldiers (Weapons: Various) (10 out of 10 battles)

  • Episode 7 - The Chaos Nightmare Clone

Chaos Nightmare shows himself (as a clone verion) on the battlefield but since every group member is busy to fight off Malfested Soldiers and Robots,  Xie Tian the only remaining member of the group takes on Chaos Nightmare himself and will try to defeat him on his own

  • Battle 7
  • Playable character: Xie Tian
  • Opponent: Chaos Nightmare (Clone) (Weapon: Chaos Blade) (2 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 8 - Shadows From The Past

Leandra is haunted by memory's from her Past as she must fight against one of her own imaginary selves, Leandra must face Chaos Omega in battle 

  • Battle 8
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Chaos Omega (Weapon: Soul Edge *Chaos*) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 9 - Helen's Revenge

Such as Leandra had to fight her Dark Omega self, Helen also must fight against an enemy from the past, Helen fights against Barberax to take Revenge for her past

  • Battle 9
  • Playable character: Helen
  • Opponent: Barberax (Weapon: Ax) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 10 - Return of Hanako

Hanako Ariga (Luke Scott's girlfriend) joins the group as the last member, she tells that her family has been captured by Malfested Soldiers awhile ago and needs help to free them, But also another battle awaits Hanako and Luke joins her to help out

  • Battle 10
  • Playable characters: Hanako and Luke (Tag battle)
  • Opponent: 2 Giant Robots (Weapons: Various) (2 out of 5 battles)  

  • Episode 11 - Hanako's Test

After Hanako and Luke defeated the Giant Robots Luke leaves her behind to inform Helen about what happend, Then Chaos Omega appears again and Hanako must defeat it on her own

  • Battle 11
  • Playable character: Hanako
  • Opponent: Chaos Omega (Weapon: Soul Edge *Chaos*) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 12 - Soul Calibur  (cutscene)

The cutscene begins when Luke returns to inform Helen about what happend to them, it was about time that there would they make plans to end this once and for all and the only way to do that was to destroy Chaos Nightmare

camera zooms in on Xie Tian who enters the room

he will say that the only way to destroy Chaos Nightmare is with Soul Calibur the Spirit Sword but this Sword will only appear when a worthy person can wield it 

camera zooms in on Leandra

she will say that she would be the One who should destroy Chaos Nightmare with Soul Calibur but later Leandra will decide that Helen must be the One that must destroy Chaos Nightmare with all strength she got

camer zooms in on alexandra

as she will say that that is a wise decision from Leandra to let Helen do the job

camera zooms in on the entire group

Helen will say that she is honored to do the job an to wield Soul Calibur with all power and strength she got as a true Leader and that she will destroy Chaos Nightmare in the name of FREEDOM

(cutscene  ends)

  • Episode 13 - Leandra's Rage

After the interval with the group Leandra herself is found outside then a group of Malfested Soldiers are circling around her to attack Leandra now that she was on her own.

But Leandra was in a bad mood because of the Soldiers where she had enough off as she drawed her Dual Swords she was ready to take the entire group on her own

  • Battle 13
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: 10 Malfested Soldiers (Weapon: Various) (10 out of 10 battles)

  • Episode 14 - Traces of Soul Calibur

As the group preparing themselves to plan a full attack run on Chaos Nightmare, Helen makes herself worry about ending Chaos Nightmare's life with Soul Calibur, as soon a Blue light appears in the sky not far from the Groups location Soul Calibur has arrived as they thought and needed to get to its location 

Helen and Leandra will go find the Sword as the rest stays behind to fight of some Malfested Soldiers

  • Battle 14 (Tag-Battle)
  • Playable characters: Hanako , Xie Tian, Luke, Owen and Alexandra
  • Opponents: 10 Malfested Sldiers (Weapon: Various) (10 out of 10 battles)

  • Episode 15 - Malfested Dominaton

After the battles of the remaining group members the camera switches to Helen and Leandra as they are almost at the location of Soul Calibur Then Leandra will say

You know what you must do once you pick up the Sword attack Chaos Nightmare and do not look back or care about what happends to me

Helen understands and walks to the Sword that stands before her then Chaos Nightmare appears in front of Helen and wants to smash Helen away as Leandra smashes Chaos Nightmare away as she yells

HELEN.............DO IT...........GET Soul Calibur AND FINISH HIM

As Helen runs to the Sword Chaos Nightmare stands against Leandra another clash begine

  • Battle 15 (part 1 of 2)
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Chaos Nightmare (Weapon: Soul Edge) (3 out of 5 Battles)

  • Episode 16 - Helen's Destiny
While Leandta holds off Chaos Nightmare with succes, Helen reaches the spot of Soul Calibur as she wants to grab the Sword from the ground Soul Calibur lights up and Helen comes in a trance as Leandra yelles at helen
FW Helen 1

Helen meets Helen (Elysium) and received Soul Calibur

HELEN HURRY UP...........

Helen herself is transported from her body (in Soul form) to another world as helen opens her eyes she looks around as she sees a woman who hold Soul Calibur in her hands, she was introduced as Elysium and she hands over Soul Calibur to Helen as Elysium says

Make an end to this War once and for all, and save youre friends  
FW Helen 2

Helen stops Chaos Nightmare's attack

As Helen comes to her senses again Chaos Nightmare attacks Helen as she clash with Soul Edge as the blades hit eachother. Helen looks to Chaos Nightmare and thinks

It all comes to me right now............

as the first Battle begins to end this War

  • Battle 16 (Part 2)
  • Playable character: Helen (with Soul Calibur)
  • Opponent: Chaos Nightmare (Weapon: Soul Edge) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 17 - The Final Defence

The first part from the final battle against Chaos Nightmare was a success for Helen with Soul Calibur as her Sword she was able to put Chaos Nightmare on his knee's and he gained allot of Damage after Helen was able to attack from out her defence position, as she striked her Soul Calibur it clashed with Chaos Nightmare's Soul Edge as Chaos Nightmare spoke:

You are strong with Soul Calibur as youre blade, but its me that will prevail over you Woman

As helen spoke
Helen SC-6

Helen standing

You will vanish from this world when i am done with you as she striked again against Chaos Nightmare as he stepped back Helen stands and looks to Chaos Nightmare as she thinks

Here we go, the final battle........

As Chaos Nightmare attacks Helen again he screams TIME TO DIE NOW WAAAAAAAAA

The final Battle begins

  • Battle 17
  • Playable character: Helen (with Soul Calibur)
  • Opponent: Chaos Nightmare (Weapon: Soul edge) (5 out of 5 battles)

  • Ending Sequence
The Battle is over and Chaos Nightmare was totally damegd by Helen's Soul Calibur as C
Helen SC-7

Helen stabs Soul Calibur into Chaos Nightmare

haos Nightmare struggles to attack Helen again she stabs him into the chest , as Helen pulls out Soul Calibur he falls down and Helen says: This is it, this ia all we fought for to end this War, with you destroyed Chaos Nightmare and the CHAOS ENDS and peace shall return to our land once again, and now
Helen SC-8

Helen charges up Soul Calibur

there is only one thing to do

Helen raise up Soul Calibur and starts to light up and does a special ability by charcging up Soul Calibur as it is full of energy Helen screams THIS IS YOURE END WHAAAAAAA

And Helen stabs Soul Calibur into the ground as it unleashes a powerfull attack that destroys Chaos Nightmare and Soul Edge
Helen SC-9

and Destroys Chaos Nightmare


As Chaos Nightmare screams NOOOOOOOO  Hlens ends her attack by taking Soul Calibur and stabs it into the ground as she says 

Its done.......... our land is safe once again

As Leandra came by and also the rest of te group: Xie Tian, Luke, Owen and Hnaako to see how Helen was doing.
Helen SC-5

Hlen defeated Chaos Nightmare

As Luke and Owen helps Leandra to get up helen says Its over, we have won and beated Chaos Nightmare and his Evil Robots and Malfested Soldiers

Xie Tian says Im proud of you my wife

Alexandra says The War is over.........

Owen says and Peace.........

Luke says will return........

Leandra says to our land and we will rebuild all homes and help others restoring their lives+ The Soul Calibur vanishes as it speaks to the group You have restored peace once again by defeating the Evil of Soul Edge

As it vanishes Helen returns to her Normal suit as she looks to the upcoming sun and says 




- The War Started 20G  (completed episode1)

- Malfested and Metal 20G (completed episode 2)

- True Leaders 20G (completed episode 3)

- Surviving 20G (completed episode 4)

- Teamwork Is All That Matters 30G (completed episode 5)

- How Many More?? 30G (completed episode 6)

- Chaotic Clone 30G (completed episode 7)

- Face Off 30G (completed episode 8)

- Revenge 30G (completed episode 9)

- Returned 30G (completed episode 10)

- Passed The Test 30G (completed episode 11)

- Soul Calibur Wielder 35G (completed episode 12)

- Revenge Is Sweet 30G (completed episode 13)

- Follow the Trace 25G (completed episode 14)

- Dominated 35G (completed episode 15)

- Elysium 25G (completed episode 16)

- The Final Judgement 100G (completed episode 17)



Soulcalibur The Future War (Trailer)

Soulcalibur The Future War (Trailer)

Soulcalibur The Future War (Trailer 2)

Soulcalibur The Future War (Trailer 2)

In-game screens


Character Teasers


  • This game takes place in an Alternative Timeline in the Soulcalibur Universe
  • The main characters are different in looks cause of the timeline
  • There are 4 stages in use in this game
  • While Rise of Omega has in total of 21 characters, The number of The Future War characters has been reduced to 8