Soulcalibur: Warriors Dynasty is a fighting game that takes place 12 years after the events of Soulcalibur V. It follows the story of 4 newcomers representing the disciples of the past. The game follows Saizo Hattori, Alisha Rolando, Ayesha Schlagneit, and Akihiro Sakamoto. These 4 warriors unite to fight the spreading darkness enveloping the Land of the Souls. The task must be complete by unlocking the true secrets of their sacred weapons

New Characters Saizo Hattori- a 25 year old Water Ninja from the Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. He is the successor of the Aqua Nymph hero, Ryuku Ensleava. His main goal in the game is to destroy the new Evil Seed before it consumes the rest of the world. By accomplishing this task, he looks for the Sword of Salvation, Soul Calibur in an effort to put his former lover Nirvana and Nightmare to eternal slumber. His weapons of choice are 2 straight swords.

Alisha Rolando- a 21 year old polearms fighter who is a part of the Black Gemini Squad. She is from an ancestral race called the Nevians. She is an upbeat and strong-willed warrior who also gives 101% to everything she does, even fighting on the battlefield. Her weapon of choice is a long spear that is capable of casting Light magic. She is similar to Cassandra by the attitude and mannerism.

Ayesha Schlagneit- a 22 year old Maiden who is training to become a Mage. She has a split personality like Tira, but her soul was fragmented in half because of Soul Edge's strong essence. One is innocent and kindhearted, and the other is sadistic and cold-hearted. Her weapons of choice are a cross hybrid weapon called the Piercing Wands, which are Emei Piercers fused with materials of a magic wand. She is the successor of the Moonlight Witch, Whitney Miwana.

Akihiro Sakamoto- a 28 year old police officer from the Legends Academy. He is a skilled and intelligent fighter who is very agile and evasive in battle. He fights with his bare hands in the style of Muay Thai. Akihiro is also fighting to put Nightmare down because his presence reminds him of Sergeant Greaver, whom he despises.

Returning Characters Siegfried Nightmare Sophitia Mitsurugi Cassandra Yun-Seong Seong-Mina Talim Tira Xianghua Kilik Taki Amy Raphael Pyrrha Maxi Z.W.E.I Leixia Ivy Hwang Setsuka Raphael Guest Characters -Tekken Jin Kazama Jun Kazama Asuka Kazama -Dead or Alive Kasumi Ayane Helena -Dynasty Warriors Zhou Yu Diaochan Xiaoqiao Zhu Ran Wang Yuanji Zhang He Sima Yi Liu Bei Guan Yinping Bao Sanniang Sun Quan Yueying Beauty Yu Zhang Chunhua -Samurai Warriors Yukimura Sanada Takatora Todo Yoshitsugu Otani Toshiie Maeda Keiji Maeda Kunoichi Nene Kai Aya Oichi Okuni Kojiro Sasaki Ranmaru Mori Noh -Sengoku Basara Yukimura Sasuke Kojuro Kasuga Nohime Itsuki Tsuruhime Tenkai Keiji Toshiie Matsu Hanbei Oichi Nobunaga Ieyasu

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