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Soulcalibur: Undead






Developer(s) Project Soul


Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released TBA
Genre(s) Fighting
Soulcalibur V

Soulcalibur III (chronologically)


Soulcalibur: Undead is a game within the continuity of the Soul Series. The game's story takes place after the event of Chronicles of The Sword in Soulcalibur III. It took place 6 years after the fall of the Grandall Empire in the hands of the Arthias Rebels, who proceed to become the absolute ruler of the kingdom. It follows the sudden event of the resurrection of the deads that create chaos throught the world. Unlike the previous games, Soul Calibur: Undead does not feature any of the original cast (e.g. Kilik, Siegfried, etc..), but in their place, it features bonus characters from Soulcalibur III as well as new characters. The two soul swords, Soul Calibur & Soul Edge, also plays an important part in the story.


Gameplay wise, all mechanics that were introduced in Soulcalibur V makes a return to this game. New addition includes the "Tag Battle" mechanics that allow players to choose 2 characters in a tag team battle, simillar to Tekken: Tag Tournament. Another mechanic is "Critical Harmony". It is simillar with "Critical Edge", albeit, it allows two characters to release their critical edges simultaneously. This feature can only be use during tag team battle only and needs a full soul gauge to perform it. Should the Critical Harmony used by two characters that shared a history/ have a connection (e.g. Abelia & Luna, Saki & Nawaki), a unique Critical Harmony can be perform instead of the normal simutaneous critical edges. Quick Battle makes a return where players can fought NPC's. The Quick Battle mechanics however has been altered a little, making it simillar to Tekken's Arcade Mode/ Ghost Battle, where players make their way and rank up by defeating opponents (lowest rank is Beginner, highest rank is Soul Deity). The story mode is simillar with Soulcalibur V, as it is design in a campaign-like style of storytelling. However, unlike Soulcalibur V that was solely focus on one character story, all characters within this game have their own campaingn story consist of 15 episodes each. One character's campaign may cross or intersect with another character's campaign, thus all characters campaign are creating one huge story. Character creation also makes a return.




Returning Characters

Abelia Schillfelt (アベリア・シルフェルト Aberia Shiruferuto?), a soldier of the Arthias Empire. After the fall of Strife, she helps rebuilt the kingdom into it's former glory by training youngsters the art of Sword & Shield fighting style, like her former master Girardot used to. When she hear that the deads are coming back to life and many recent sightings of Girardot, she set on a quest to find her master, while also fighting for Arthias in the war. Abelia fights using a modified version of her Sword & Shield style from Soulcalibur III.

Arthur (アーサー Āsā?), a samurai who is searching for the curse sword, Soul Edge. After the recent event of the dead's resurrection, Arthur conclude that Soul Edge was the cause of this and set off to find it and destroy the sword once & for all. He fights with a katana.

Aurelia Dichalla Dolce Dalkia (オーレリア・ジカルハ・ドルシェ・ダルキア Ōreria Jikaruha Dorushe Darukia?), the former queen of the Dalkia Empire. After the fall of her empire in the hands of Grandall, she wait & plot to take over the kingdom by using the raging war between the Arthias Empire & The Rebellion lead by Demuth. She fights with a snake sword.

Chester (チェスター Chesutā?), a wanted confict of Arthias. Chester escaped custody during the raging war between Arthias & The Rebellion. He currently work together with Aurelia as her advisor to take over the kingdom, while secretely plotting to use her as well. He fights with two hidden blades in his sleeves.

Demuth Beel Zebus Halteese (デムース・ベル・ゼバス・ハルティース Demūsu Beru Zebasu Harutīsu?), the former king of Maletta and the leader of the rebellion. He started a war between his rebellion faction and the Arthias empire to overthrow the king. Since his lost to Grandall, he abandoned his steel fan and fights with nunchucks.

Girardot Argezas (ジラルド・アルゼザス Jirarudo Aruzezasu?), a former knight from the Grandall Empire who was killed in the hand of Strife. He woke up later not knowing where he is and find that his rebel army had won the war and became the absolute ruler of the kingdom. Girardot, realising that he is not meant to be alive, set of on a quest to find the cause of his resurrection. He fights with a Lance and a Dagger.

Greed (グリード Gurīdo?), a mystery thief and mercenary. He was hired by Demuth to be his assasin and fight for the rebelion. He is also looking for a member of his organisation of thieves who went missing. He fights with dual-kunai.

Luna (ルナ Runa?), a former soldier of Dalkia. She is considered as a honorary knight within the Arthias Empire for her help during the previous rebellion, however she refused to join among the ranks and decided to travel the world. When she heard that there is a raging war between Arthias and Demuth's faction of rebellion, she fights alongside Arthias. When Abelia set off on a quest to investigate the recent events of resurrection, she accompany her comrade on her journey. She fights with a chinese blade.

Miser (マイザー Maizā?), a female member of the same thives organisation Greed belongs to. When the resurrections are happening, Miser went missing. It was later revealed that her mind was controlled by Duuza and she became his loyal soldier when she accidentally encounter the monster. She fights with a modified version of her fighting style from Soulcaliur III.

Strife Astlar Grandall (ストライフ・アストラル・グランダールSutoraifu Asutoraru Gurandāru), the former king of Grandall who was killed during the first rebellion by an Arthias rebel. He was resurrected to find that Soul Edge is absorbing his soul because of the constraints when he used the curse sword on his final battle. He decided to find a new host for Soul Edge in order to prevent it from absorbing his soul entirely. He fights with a Zweihander.

New Characters

Agatha (アガサ Agasa), a malfested assasin. She is a loyal servant of Duuza, seeing him as the sole power that can take over the world. She fights with a ring blade.

Agbayani (アグバヤニ Agubayani), an ancient half-griffin warrior. After witnessing the resurrection of the dead, Agbayani set off on a quest to find the source of the event and destroy it. He is a mimic character and fights with all fighting styles.

Despair (絶望 Zetsubō), a darker, malfested form of Abelia whose body was consumed and controlled by Soul Edge. She fights with her original style from Soulcalibur III, albeit much more violent and uncontrolled.

Ikaruga (斑鳩 Ikaruga), a swordswoman from Japan. She is seeking for revenge on a man who was called "The Scarlet Samurai" who had massacered her village. One day, a monstrous figure visited her and offered her powers beyond knowing in exchange for her compliance. Though reluctant, she accept, hoping that he may lead her to the scarlet samurai. She fights with an iai sword.

Khasaanda/ Zoth , a duo fighter. Khasaanda is a swordwoman who fights with a cross-shaped sword, & Zoth is a supernatural wolf-like being. The two of them are members of a clan who vows to protect mother nature at all cost. When the resurrection event reached the ears of the clan elders, Khasaanda was sent to find the cause and stop the dead's ressurection.

Lafayette (Rabayett), a mysterious man from Egypt. It is said that he was sent by Anubis himself to take all the escaped souls back to the underworld (or so he thought) in which during this process, he massacered many people. He fights with dual katars.

Lilith (リリス Ririsu), a daughter of a wealthy merchant. Her family lost all of their wealths when they were robbed by pirates. This event lead to Lilith's father's depression to the point of insanity. She decided to find the pirate responsible for his condition, Greggory Szymon, hoping that by returning all of his wealth, her father's condition may return to normal. She is the travelling companion of Nawaki. She fights with a sword & shield.

Miltoni (Mirutoni), an undead skeleton monster created by Duuza by combining the souls of 100 dead warriors. It is a pure killing machine and accept Duuza's order without questions. It fights with dual-ax. It can also generate dark giant bird wings and breathe fire.

Nawaki (縄樹, Nawaki), a wandering warrior & the younger brother of Saki. He always live within his sister's shadow and wanted to proof that he is as much as a warrior as she is. He is a young man longing for adventure and is currently travelling with Lilith. Simillar with his sister, he fights with a lance, however he use it in the style of a rod fighting style.

Noir (ノワール Nowāru), a mysterious man who has supernatural abilities. Knowing that Duuza had chained Death and causing a massive outbreak of undeads, he set off on a quest to find Death & release it. He is travelling with Phareus. He fights with a Zweihander.

Olonrae (Olonlae), a rogue drow prince. He is the son of Orfeo, the Drow king. After witnessing and living with men, he decided to go againts his people and join the Arthias Empire to fend off the rebellion and the Drow kingdom. He fights with a curve sword.

Orfeo (オルフェオ Orufeo), The Drow king who hates mankind. He leads the Drow kingdom to help a Demuth's rebellion in overthrowing the Arthias Empire. He fights with a longsword & pistol sword.

Phareus , a young satyr who is the travelling companion of Noir. He is searching for his former master, Agbayani, believing that he will find him on his travel with Noir. He fights with a giant ax.

Raquelle (Rakerru), a mysterious nephillim woman from Noir's past. She is currently seeking for him after having a vision of Noir's death in the hand of Saki. She fights with a magical orb.

Rosela (とっぱつせ, Rosura), the sister of Agatha & a former servant of Duuza. She is on a run from her sister & Duuza's undead army after she betrayed them. She have a bitter rivalry with her sister. She fights with an iai sword,

Saki (サキ Saki), a descendant of an ancient tribe who sealed Duuza's body a millenia ago. She is on a quest to find Duuza and re-sealed him again, this time along with his soul, even though she will have to sacrifice herself in the process. She is currently travelling with Shizuku. She fights with a lance & dagger.

Duuza, an ancient demon who is responsible for the rapid events of resurrection of the deads. His soul manage to escape the underworld by chaining Death itself, & opening the underworld gate to let the souls of the dead escape. Now stronger then he's ever been, he plots to change the world into a massive field of undeads, with him as king. He fights hand-to-hand, along with the ability to shoot energy beams and generate dark wings from his back.

Shizuku (しずくShizuku), a ninja from the Fu-ma clan. She is a loyal friend of Saki. She accompany her on her journey to find Duuza. She fights with dual kodachi.

Suikazan (西瓜山 Suikazan), a master swordsman known as "The Scarlet Samurai". He had massacered many warriors & person who had challege him & failed to even amuse him. He is searching for someone who can do what those warriors cannot. He fights with a katana.

Greggory Szymon , a well-known pirate who was said to have travel the whole world. He fights with a rapier.

DLC Characters

Angol Fear (アンゴル・フィア Angoru Fia)

Ashlotte Maedel (アシュロット・メーデル Ashurotto Meederu)

Kamikirimusi (神斬蝕 Kamikirimushi)

Scheherazade (シェラザード Sherazaado)

Shura (修羅 Shura)


  • Story
  • Quick Battle
    • Solo
    • Tag Team
  • Versus Battle
    • Solo
    • Tag Team
  • Online
  • Character Creation
  • Training
  • Option


  • Despite being bonus characters in Soulcalibur III, Hwang, Li Long, Revenant, Hualin, Valeria, Lynette, & Amy are not playable characters. They can, however, be encountered in Quick Battle mode as created NPCs & can easily recreate using Character Creation Mode.
  • Excluding the DLC characters whose appearances are non-canon in-game, Arthur is the only returning character in the game that appeared on other Soul series as a playable character outside of Soulcalibur III.
  • The game released 3 different covers for different platforms. PlayStation's cover features Noir, XBox cover features Girardot, & PC cover features Abelia & Despair.


Returning Characters

New Characters

DLC Characters


Story Mode

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