Template:UserGameSoulcalibur: Blades of Legends is a fanon video game and is thought to be the equivalent of Soulcalibur. It keeps the features of SC V, but marks the return of individual stories for each character. It is developed by Sr.Wario, so please do not edit except for spelling and grammar edits. If you would like to help, leave a message on my talk.



Siegfried: The blonde warrior who was originally the protagionist. He has aged clearly over all these years, but is still a hard hitting hero!

Nightmare: A secret unlockable character. The entity was destroyed in the fourth game, and replaced by a new one. However, this is the original villain.

Mitsurugi: A cocky fighter who craves to defeat the strongest warrior in the universe.

Ivy: The unaging lady warrior. She can be seen as a villain, or a hero, depending on how you view her.

Patroklos: The hero of Soulcalibur V. He is determined, and mocks his opponents and enemies.

Z.W.E.I: A dark and mysterious man. He can summon a werewolf like character called E.I.N. He was last seen dead, but has mysteriously been revived. But by who?


Death: A sarcastic horseman who uses his scythes in battle.(PS3 and Xbox only)

Ike: A recurring character from Fire Emblem. He uses his sword in battle.(Wii U only)

Yoda, Darth Vader, and Starkiller: Only acssesible by having data for Soulcalibur IV on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions on the systems.


Joe Tangolor: A teenage fencer who is looking for his father. He uses his lance.

Suki: A ruthless female vampire. She sees humans only as food, and uses her fangs.

Arthur Gehyhan: A great hero who died 100 years ago, but returns as a spirit to investigate a disturbance.

Hose Esapano: A Hispanic gambler who is cocky and uses a pistol and a staff.

Wayne Tinglee: A superhero from the year 2099, who is sent back to the time of the 1500s. He uses a blaster and electric staff.








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