Soul Calibur: 1584 is proposed to be an enhanced version of Soul Edge for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 made with the level of budget of a new Soul Calibur game. It should be designed to reboot the franchise in light of the failure of Soul Calibur 5.

Arcade Ready: The game should come with a license allowing it to be used in arcades. Select Arcade Mode and the game will run as an arcade machine. The game should be programmed to accept JAMMA. Select Home or turn off the power to exit arcade mode.

Story Mode: A Soul Calibur 5 style Story Mode. This time only canon events take place.

Creation: Creation mode gets a much needed improvement. A non Soul Calibur 4 based Creation mode is used this time. The new Creation mode allows a design mode that has all the benefits of Soul Calibur 3 and 5.

Guest Character: Sofia from Battle Arena Toshinden!

New Graphics: The cycle is complete with the interactive graphics being as good as the introduction and character ending graphics. The graphics are completely new.

Online Play: Online gaming with Soul Calibur 5's net code.

8 Way Run: The 8 Way Run system tried and trued in 6 games replaces the system that just didn't work.

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