Soul Chains is a fan game created by user WaterXWind. It is not a part of the Soul Calibur canon. Do not edit without his permission.


Soul Chains takes place 700 years after the Soul Calibur canon in a non canon parallel dimension known as Alternate Earth 701. The protagonist is a young thrill seeker named as Desir Ado. He discovers a shard of Soul Calibur in a chest he stole from a hidden temple. This shard fuses with his blade creating the second Soul Calibur. The awakening of Soul Calibur is discovered by Vicore Resblem the leader of the cult Edge. Edge plans on resurrecting Nightmare to "restore chaos" to a world that is mostly under the order of large empires. They believe Soul Calibur is the key to unlock Soul Edge which is the key to Nightmare. Now on the run from Edge Desir meets a few allies including a young Catgirl named Dei, a magician in training named Rella Reme, and a thief and con man named Jacred. The four are on the move knowing Edge follows them as they speak. A mysterious girl in white who calls herself the guide is also hot on their trail.


Desir Ado

Age: 17

Weapon: Dual Swords

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 174 lbs.

Bio: Desir was a young thrill seeker robbing temples to get the rare artifacts. After finding a shard of Soul Calibur and it fusing with his blade he got the thrill he always wanted. On the run from the cult edge he meets a young magician then....

To Be Edited Later

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