SoulCalibur VI is a new installement in Soul series. It will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360.



Siegfried (Requiem)

Patroclos (Soul Calibur)

Z.W.E.I. (Three Edges)

Viola (Fortune Teller)

Yoshimitsu (Yoshimitsu & Tekken)

Nightmare (Edge)

Olcadan (The Ancient)

Natsu (Twin Edges)

Leixia (Ten Feet of Blue)

Xiba (Three Karmas)

Raphael (Flambert)

Ivy (Valentine)

Edge Master (Olcadan's 2p costume) (Master's Blade)

Tira (Eisselene Drossel)

Hilde (Wolfkrone)

Algol (Resurrection and Memory)

Setsuka (Sacred Blade)

Inferno (Uses claws on chains) - (Soul Edge & Chaos)

Necrid (Maleficus)

Taki (Rekki-maru, Mekki-maru and Sayan-maru)

Aeon Calcos (Hunger and Prey)

Mitsurugi (Sushi-yo)

Cervantes (Acheron & Nirvana)

Maxi (Master's Legacy)

Guest Characters

Bayonetta (Scarborough Fair)

Dante ( Devil May Cry)

New Characters

Ivan (Armed with sorta shotgun and saber) (Peter the Great & Ivan the Terrible) - For years, Ivan was a servant in Tsar's house, unless the Tsar sent him on a journey to find Soul Calibur. Duringhis travels, Ivan encountered Z.W.E.I. who found a way to hypnotise Ivan and force him to worship the werewolf. Now they work together.

Critical Edge (Revolution): Ivan says "Whatever you do, it matters not" and impales his enemy with his saber. He then takes his shotgun and shoots them into stormach, throwing enemy away and dealing great damage.

Ali-Bin Ahmed (Janissary dagger) (The Janissary) - Ali-Bin Ahmed is Arabic man who works to find Soul Edge and bring it to Allach's justice. During his travels, he encounters Z.W.E.I. and Ivan, and is tricked into following them.

Critical Edge (Allach's Justice): Ahmed says "Allach guide you" as he throws his dagger at enemy. He than runs to them, and only Arabic words "Immediation" is shown. His Critical is also great-damaging.

The Hidden One (Shadows) (The Shadow) - A strange entity who seeks murder. He is supernatural, able to teleport and control shadowy fog.

Critical Edge (Darkness): The Hidden says "Revenge awaits you!" and covers all stage with smoke. If opponent isn't guarding and is cought in the smoke, Hidden teleports to them and creates a gigantic shadowy monster who attacks them.

Inferno (Claws) (Soul Edge and Chaos) - Despite Inferno appearing in most previous games, in VI/ he gains a new style and thus counts as new character. Now he's fully separate from Nightmare. He is also able to summon spheres of chaotic energy on the battlefield.

Critical Edge (One Thousand Suns): Inferno will say "The end of the beginning!" and grab an opponent. He will rapedately claw them, throw them to the air, and summon two giant spheres what will hit opponent.

Dante (Sword and two pistols ) (Devil May Cry) - Dante is a devil hunter who seeks complete annihilation of demonic creatures. He wields his signature sword, Rebellion, and Ebony & Ivory, his firearms.

Critical Edge (Spardas Legacy): Dante runs up to his enemy and delivers a low strike which causes opponent to lift into the air. Dante pulls out Ebony and blind-shots his target, saying "Jackpot!".

Bayonetta (4 pistols, katana and demon) (Scarborough Fair) - Bayonetta is a witch. She seeks elimination of corupted Lumen Sage, Father Balder (who's her father) and angels who turned into beasts. She uses her magic hair demon, Madam Batterfly, and a set of firearms to dispose of her enemies.

Critical Edge (Allim Ahertus): Bayonetta shoots her opponent, stunning them. While her enemy is dizzy, she performs magic ritual which summons Madam Batterfly, who appears as a gigantic fist and strikes an enemy into back.

Story Mode

The Story Mode is a mode similar to that of Mortal Kombat 2011, telling the story of Patroclos once again.

Chapter 1. "Beginning of the Era" (Patroklos)

Upon SCV's end, Patroklos has become free of Soul Calibur, and Soul Edge seems destroyed. But as time marches on, Patroklos encounters Zasalamel who is obsessed with an idea that Soul Edge is alive, and is forced to fight. As the fight ends, Patroklos lies defeated, and Zasalamel implants Soul Edge's shard into him, saying "My eternal reward can no longer wait".

Chapter 2. First Encounter (Patroklos)

Due to Patroklos being the medium for Soul Calibur, he has extra resistance to Soul Edge's corruption, and can whistand it's curse. But he is wounded, and is found by Olcadan. Olcadan saves Patroklos and brings him to the Labyrinth, but they are suddenly attacked by a strange shadowy entity. Olcadan manages to fend the entity off, but is killed in process.

Patroklos runs away and gets to the forest, where he encounters Z.W.E.I. They have a brief dialogue, and Z.W.E.I. reveals that he is also defeated by Zasalamel. The two decide to go to Ling-Sheng-Su temple to ask Edge Master if he knows anything about Zasalamel.

Chapter 3. Assassins (Patroklos)

But before they are able to depart, the two are assaulted by assassins sent by Vercci, who is led by Voldo. The team defeats assassins and Voldo. They decide to take him with them because he must be held in cage. As long as they travel, they finally arrive at the Temple and encounter Edge Master. Edge Master retells them that Zasalamel is a powerful mage whose power comes from his weapon, Kafziel. Because of this weapon's eternal curse, Zasalamel is unable to free himself from immortality unless he harvests enough souls to break the magic chain which connects him with Kafziel. Edge Master seals Voldo in his temple and commands Natsu to go with the group.

Chapter 4. The Prophecy (Patroklos)

Now knowing that Soul Edge is still alive, Patroklos leaves his group and goes to find Schwartzwind HQ. As he approaches it, he encounters Raphael who seeks Amy. Raphael is depressive and forces Patroclos to fight. However, after being defeated, Raphael returns to his mind and asks Patroclos if he haven't seen Amy. Patroclos says no, but Raphael intends to join Schwartzwind because he was attacked by shadowy entity and his castle is destroyed. After a brief talk with Siegfried Patroclos goes to investigate Viola. Viola predicts him that shadow will endanger everyone. As soon as she ends the fortress is suddenly attacked by the malfested, led by shadowy creature.

Chapter 5. Blood Concerto (Raphael)

As the fortress is assaulted, Siegfried tells Raphael that they need reinforcements, and sends him along with Viola to find someone. They decide to ask nearest village's settlers for help. But as they arrive in the village, it appears to be burning. Raphael goes to investigate what's happening while Viola tries to save villagers.

Raphael fights his way through the village and finds wounded Nighmare who tries to fend off the malfested. Raphael saves Nightmare and asks him why would his minions attack him. Nightmare responds that these malfested belong not to him but to shadowy creature. The knight follows Raphael to the fortress and joins the fight agains the malfested.

Chapter 6. The Good Seed (Leixia)

Something very horrific was happening in the Ling-Sheng-Su temple. It is attacked by the malfested, but while the evil army was reforming, the Temple's livers invited best warriors of east (Yoshimitsu and his Manjitou, Setsuka, Taki) to their help. But suddenly, some shadow entity breaks the wall and allows the malfested to in. Yoshimitsu commands Leixia to defend the north side of he temple, when suddenly the light from the sky appears. First, it is white, but it starts to turn darker and darker. Out of thin air, Soul Calibur appears. Leixia tries to touch it, but is stopped by Kilik, who says it's too dangerous to use. Kilik touches Soul Calibur and disappears, and the sword reveals itself to be corrupted and lets a huge charge of energy out like Soul Edge did before. Several Manjitou are burned by this energy and the temple is almost destroyed, but Voldo manages to find a way to escape and leads all crew out. They decide to go to their friends, Schwartzwind.

Chapter 7. Tower Defence (Siegfried)

The Schwartzwind was almost destroyed, when out of sudden, all malfested disappeared in burning portal. But shadowy entity was still alive, and it attacked Siegfried. They clashed at the top of the fortress' tower. Siegfried defeated the entity and threw it down into burning portal, but was cought by it and fell down as well. As Patroklos looked down, his best friend disappeared forever...

Chapter 8. The True Direction (Patroklos, Mitsurugi, Viola, Raphael)

After losing Siegfried, the Schwartzwind chose Patroklos as their new leader, and the Asian Fighters have joined them. At the same time, another kind of the malfested appeared in the world. They had better power, speed, agility, etc. They started to overcome all normal people, and Patroklos decided to ask the Hero King, Algol, for help. Patroklos commanded all his people to relocate to Mt. Fuji. He also created a group of himself, Mitsurugi, Raphael, and Viola. Viola used her magic powers to create a portal to alternative dismension where Algol resided, and the group headed inside, battling their way through demons of Chaos.

Chapter 9. The Hero King (Mitsurugi)

As soon as the group found a Tower of Glory, Algol already knew of their arrival. As they got to the Tower's top, Algol had a speech with them, saying that he wants to battle Mitsurugi in order to ensure their strength once again. Mitsurugi batles Algol and defeats him, and thus, Algol agrees to help. Moments later, the group along with Algol appear at the base of Mt. Fuji, their new home.

Chapter 10. The Secret's Secret (Olcadan)

As Olcadan died by the hand of shadowy entity, his soul made its way to Chaos. Floating around it and fighting lost souls which tried to absorb his, Olcadan suddenly faced a huge palace. Once Olcadan entered the palace, he saw a shadow entity talking to some "master" and Kilik standing near them like a guard. Olcadan knew that they are evil, but was unable to fight them because of Chaos' influence. With all of his will, Olcadan sent mental message to Viola: "You must find Soul Calibur!"

Chapter 11. The Demon Sword (Patroklos)

Viola retold her vision to Patroklos, who decides to go to Ling-Sheng-Su Temple, the place where Soul Calibur lies. As soon as he gets there, he encounters Ivy. Ivy tells him that she was assaulted by Zasalamel and is now infected with evil. Patroklos says that Soul Calibur will not help her, but instead speed corruption up. He than touches Soul Calibur, and is strong enough to retain his mind and will. He must now return to his HQ.

Chapter 12. Tricks (Patroklos)

The time has come. As malfested killed more and more people, the Portal was growing larger and larger. The giant palace appeared from it. Shadows were around it.

Patroklos commanded his people to summon as many unmalfested as they could. Thus, Aeon Calcos and many others joined them. But the Schwartzwind required some way to go back to Europe, and surprisingly, Cervantes' ship, The Adrian, came out of hell to help them. As Schwartzwind got to Europe, it was all burning. The war devoured it. Heroes proceeded to the Palace, and fought their way inside. The huge army was battling the malfested on the ground. As they march on, they encounter Zasalamel and defeat him.

When the group finally reached the Palace's top floor, they saw shadowy entity and Inferno.

Chapter 13. Enlight the Shadows (Patroklos)

Surge of rage run through Patroklos. Shadowy creature stood before him. Out of sudden, Ivan and Ahmed appeared on the side of heroes. Inferno commanded shadowy creature to kill Patroklos, and thus, a fight started. As Patroklos impaled shadowy creature, it disappeared.

Inferno was his next target. But when Patroklos was about to deliver a finishing blow, Zasalamel appeared again. He asked Patroklos not to use Soul Calibur on Inferno because Inferno will absorb Elysium and become whole once again. He will be given control over the shards of Soul Edge what would normally help people to defeat Inferno. With these words, Zasalamel dies.

Patroklos didn't listen. He struck Inferno with Soul Calibur...

Chapter 14. As You Wish (Kilik)

Inferno got his power back. With a fingerklick, he sent Patroklos into Chaos, and defeated the entire team. Inferno commanded Kilit to finish them off, thinking that exposure to Chaos broke Kilik's will. Inferno said to Kilik: "Kill the ones you want to kill...". "As you wish" was the answer, and Kilik stepped into battle with Inferno. He was almost killed in the battle, but Edge Master appeared. "Evil spirit! If you want to kill my student, you'll have to get through me!" - he said, and the same words were repeated by all, even Nightmare. Inferno smiled. "As you wish..."

Chapter 15. What Lies Inside (Patroklos)

Patroklos was flying around Chaos. His will was almost broken, and he was almost dead. But suddenly, two spirits approached him. They were Siegfried and Olcadan.

- Patroklos, awaken! Our world needs you! - Siegfried said.

- I don't have Soul Calibur... - was the answer.

- Don't rely on your weapon but on your own will. Now, go. - Olcadan said.

Patroklos fell down from the sky, directly into the palace. All his friends were defeated, and several members of malfested were about to finish them off. Patroklos ran up to them. He defeated Tira and all loyal Soul Edge's servants. Inferno will be next.

Chapter 16. Era's End (Patroklos)

Patroklos was ready. Inferno appeared before him, and they finally clashed. As the fight proceeded, they teleported into Chaos and continued the fight there. After being almost defeated, Inferno suddenly impaled Patroklos with his power:

- I have full power now! No way you can win!

- You're not yet complete... You don't have this! - and with these words, Patroklos used his soul to take Soul Calibur and Soul Edge from Inferno. He impaled the demon and threw him of the platform they were standing on. Patroklos used his soul to return back to reality, and portal to Chaos closed forever.

The text-only epilogue says: "The malfested are gone, the era of swords and souls has ended. Now, time has come for new era."


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