The story takes place half a year after Siegfried Schtauffen froze himself along with Nightmare. After half year has gone by, Nightmare was freed from his ice prison on the Tower of Remembrance because of the remaining Soul Edge shards reactivating because of Inferno's return. When Nightmare had been freed, he was given a new form with crimson armor being renamed Crimson Knight since he no longer wore azure armor. Not to long after Nightmare's release, Siegfried had also been freed, but not from Inferno's return, he was released by Zasalamel to once again keep the balance of the world. Like Nightmare, Siegfried had also been reborn in new armor, most of his armor had been turned into azure armor (similar to Nightmare's Soul Calibur II armor but mixed with some of the crystal armor from Soul Calibur IV), thus, giving himself the nickname Azure Knight. During the rebirth of Nightmare, a shard of Soul Edge had been turned into a human form, he was named Rage, he is the shard of Soul Edge's anger. During the rebirth of Siegfried, a shard of Soul Calibur was also turned into a human form, her name was Sorrow, she is the shard of Soul Calibur's sadness. Once again all over the world, warriors fight again for the power of the Soul Swords and for their own reasons.


The gameplay is the same as Soul Calibur IV except that everyone has 2 Critical Finishers now, the 1st can be used against any character and the 2nd can only be used against certain characters, but for the 2nd finisher to work, the player will have to press all attack buttons along with movement controls before pressing the buttons (similar to the Street Fighter games).


Story Mode - The player can choose a character from the roster and play their story. Instead of having 5 battles like Soul Calibur IV, there will be 8-10 battles depending on the character's storyline. Created characters are also playable in this mode.

Battle Modes - The player will be able to choose from 3 single player modes:

  • Arcade - The player can choose one character and fight in 9 battles meeting a guest character at the 7th stage, the character's destined battle at the 8th stage, and Inferno at the 9th stage
  • Survival - The player can choose one or two characters and fight to stay alive for 25 or 50 rounds
  • Tower - The player has to choose a floor and then a character and beat the characters on the floor to move on to the next floor. Each floor of the tower has a certain condition to earn a win, if the conditions are not met at the end of the battle then the player will fail that floor and must try to beat it again. There will be 50 floors and can only battle one floor at a time.

Versus Mode - The player can play against another local player, a computer player, or an online player, and gets to choose to play 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or 3-on-3.

Chronicles of the Sword - One player can choose a created character and play a new Chronicles of the Sword story with new and returning bonus characters from Soul Calibur III with the same gameplay. The story will be an alternate version of the Soul Calibur III Chronicles of the Sword story and will have hidden scenes in the story when the player defeats an extra character. There will also be boss battles where the gameplay will be switched to a 3rd-person hack and slash game, but these battles will only be against big monsters like the ones in Soul Calibur Legends.

Create a Soul - The player can create their own character or edit one of the main characters. Like in Soul Calibur III, the clothes of the character depends on if the character is good, neutral, or evil but cannot effect the main characters, and like Soul Calibur IV, the clothes can effect the stats of the characters but it cannot effect the health bar this time. Created characters will have to choose a class (Knight, Samurai, Ninja, etc.) before creating their own character; each class will have their own weapons. Created characters will be able to change the ending text of their story and the player can choose a unique weapon class only for created characters or the same weapon class as a main character. Guest and DLC character weapons will not be available for use.

Shop - Certain characters can be bought here along with weapons, classes, stages, and illustrations.

Options - The player will able to switch the controls, sounds, voices, and difficulty

Extras - View illustrations, videos, awards, and character bios in this mode

Create a Soul Classes

Saint (starting), Weapons - Steel Fan, Scythe, Staff

Barbarian (starting), Weapons - Hammer, Battle Axe, Great Sword

Monk (starting), Weapons - Bo Staff, Nunchucku, Chinese Longsword

Ninja, Weapons - Kunai, Katana & Shuriken, Chain & Sickle

Samurai, Weapons - Katana, Naginata, Spear

Knight, Weapons - Rapier, Lance, Longsword

Assassin, Weapons - Hidden Gun & Knife, Dagger, Chain Whip

Pirate, Weapons - Broad Sword, Scimitar, Pistol & Rapier

Thief, Weapons - Dagger & Bomb, 2 Daggers, Shortsword

Priest, Weapons - Shortsword & Shield, Magic Rod, Magic Paint Brush

Strategist, Weapons - Feather Fan, Snake Sword, 2 Rapiers

Joker, Weapons - Ring Blades, Wave Swords, Anchor Spear

Brawler, Weapons - Tonfa, Grieve Edge, Gauntlets

Sword Master, Weapons - All Create a Soul character weapons (no DLC weapons)

Guardian (DLC), Weapons - Great Shield, Longsword & Shield, Shortsword & Bow

Angel (DLC), Weapons - Powered Fists, Magic Book, Magic Staff

Demon (DLC), Weapons - Claws, 2 Scythes, Bladed Wings

Ranger (DLC), Weapons - Bladed Rifle, Twin Spears, Bladed Longbow

Hero King (DLC), Weapons - All weapons (weapon randomization, more weapons will be added as more classes and characters are bought)


Returning Main Characters:

Siegfried Schtauffen



Mitsurugi Heishiro




Raphael Sorel

Amy Sorel

Chai Xianghua




Lizardman (Aeon Calcos and generic)






Seong Mi-na


Cervantes de Leon


Hildegard von Krone




Inferno (now using his own unique weapon)



Night Terror

Returning Bonus Characters:






Li Long




Johan Durer (DLC, NPC until downloaded)

Teppou Hei (DLC, NPC until downloaded)

Doppelganger (NPC, story and Chronicles of the Sword modes only)

(NOTE: all the characters characters from Soul Calibur III's Chronicles of the Sword will also be returning along with new ones and all bonus characters will be using their original weapons or new versions of their original and bonus characters also cannot be custimized except for their weapon)

New Characters:

Kunimitsu (new)

Sorrow - a woman born from a shard Soul Calibur, she uses a katana as her weapon

Rage - a man born from a shard of Soul Edge, he uses a great sword as his weapon

Ashtern Leone - a man in search of his old friend, he uses 2 rapiers as his weapon

Neo-Nightmare- a man born as a human but lost his mind in Soul Edge, he uses a claymore as his weapon

Kitsune - a man searching for the ultimate power to stop it, he uses a ninjato as his weapon

Sakura Akatsuki - a young woman looking for her lost father, she uses a wakizashi & katana as her weapon

Alice Hans - a strange young girl with an extreme blood lust, she uses a double-bladed sword as her weapon

Guest Characters:



Gabriel Belmont


(NOTE: All 4 guest characters are from the game Castlevania, but only 2 of them will be available for DLC since Aeon is a Nintendo exclusive character and Dracula will be available for all 3 systems)


Lost Cathedral - Hope

Lost Cathedral - Despair

Time Rift - Portal (Nintendo Wii)

Dracula's Castle - Destroyed Hall (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Dracula's Castle - Graveyard (Sony PlayStation 3)

Dracula's Castle - Throne

Sailor's Rest

Autumn Cliff

Pirate's Storm

Ostrheinsburg Castle

Tower of Remembrance - Encounter

Tower of Remembrance - Degradation

Tower of Remembrance - Omen

Spring Lotus Temple

Voiceless Volpe Bridge

Kunpaetku Shrine - Dream Remnants

Winter Shinto Temple

Summer Samurai Beach

Underground Spirit Shrine

Wolfkrone Monument - Starry Skies

King's Library

Sands of Time

Chaos - Spiritual Realm (Only when playing against Night Terror)

Downloadable Contents

Guardian (Class) - weapons: Great Shield, Longsword & Shield, Shortsword & Bow

Demon (Class) - weapons: Claws, 2 Scythes, Bladed Wings

Angel (Class) - weapons: Powered Fists, Magic Book, Magic Staff

Ranger (Class) - weapons: Bladed Rifle, Twin Spears, Bladed Longbow

Hero King (Class) - weapons: All weapons

Halloween (Clothes set) - clothes for character custimization

Christmas (Clothes set) - clothes for character custimization

Beast (Clothes set) - clothes for character custimization, also includes voices

Sengoku (Clothes set) - clothes for character custimization

Gabriel Belmont (Character) - guest character from Castlevania, only for Xbox 360

Hector (Character) - guest character from Castlevania, only for PS3

Algol (Character) - character from Soul Calibur IV

Teppou Hei (Character) - a character that uses a bladed rifle as a weapon (unique moveset)

Johan Durer (Character) - a character that uses a longsword as a weapon (unique moveset)

Broken Destiny (Weapon) - a legendary weapon from Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, for Siegfried and Knight class (Longsword)

Crystal Soul Edge (Weapon) - Soul Edge in a crystallized form, for Nightmare, Rage, and Barbarian (Great Sword)

Karasu (Weapon) - a weapon in the form of a black katana that makes crow fathers fall and a violet aura when slashing, for Mitsurugi, Arthur, and Samurai class (Katana)

Gilgamesh (Weapon) - a gold version of each weapon type (random weapon selection), for Hero King class

Sky Piercer (Weapon) - a weapon once wielded by the strongest Chinese 3 Kingdoms warrior, for Seong Mi-na, Knight class (Lance), and Samurai class (Naginata)

Chaos - 4 Seasons (Stage) - a stage that keeps changing seasons after a minute has gone by

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