1. REDIRECT Template:UserCharacter (Old)Soul Calibur: The Seven Blades is a beat em up style video game that is available on PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS. The story of Soul Calibur: the Seven Blades takes place 5 months after the events of Soul Calibur V and it focuses on the main character Hatsuko Toriyuki, a 19 year old half Japanese, half Portuguese peasant and swordswoman who goes on quest with her friends to destroy the newly awakened Soul Edge and save her father Retsuyama Toriyuki and her people who were kidnapped by the resurrected Azure Knight Nightmare


Hatsuko Toriyuki was living a peaceful life in Igashikage village in Japan by helping her fellow villager residents with their farmwork and growing crop and food, she even made friends with a 19 year old villager girl name Miyuki Chiba who introduced her to 5 of her other friends Bangotsu, Tomakiyo, Rin, Shiori, and Daisuke (a young peasant that Hatsuko fell in love with). Everything was peaceful until that one fateful day when an large army of malfested soldiers led by Graf Dumas led an rampaging skirmish at Igashikage village and slaughtered every villager in their path and even kidnapped the women and children. Hatsuko's father Retsuyama Toriyuki arrived to stop them, but he failed and also kidnapped by the malfested as well. Three days have passed since the destruction of Igashikage village, Hatsuko and her friends decided to venture out into Europe to rescue the villagers and Retsuyama Toriyuki and destroy Soul Edge. With determination in her heart, Hatsuko heads out on a quest to put a stop to Nightmare's chaos and save the world.

Playable Characters and Assigned Elements

Hatsuko Toriyuki

Weapon: Iai Blade

Element: Light

Daisuke Hinomori

Weapon: Nodachi

Element: Lightning

Miyuki Chiba

Weapon: Twin Steel Folding Fans

Element: Wind

Bangotsu Chiba

Weapon: Yari

Element: Ice

Rin Chigosuke

Weapon: Double Bladed Naginata

Element: Wind

Tomakiyo Segawa

Weapon: Morning Star

Element: Fire

Shiori Matsuda

Weapon: Magic Floating Orbs

Element: Darkness


  • Igashikage Village (Abandoned)
  • Yamazaki Plains
  • Sakai Port Part 1 & 2

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