Patroklos, Pyrrha and other series characters form an alliance against Algol's evildoers.

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Patroklos an Pyrrha lived a great life being reunited. After visiting Leixia, Natsu, Xiba, and Maxi, a shadowy figure stands before them. As they all gasped,Taki appears, saying she's found Natsu, but gasped herself after seeing Soul Calibur. When Patroklos learned about how equally dangerous Soul Calibur was to Soul Edge from Taki, he gave up his will of being the host of Soul Calibur and went to the Ostreheinsburg Castle with Pyrrha to dispose of it. Suddenly Algol appears and wants for the young man to keep his sword, join his new alliance so he can bring down Nightmare to become a part of him again. Patroklos denies his leadership to Algol and quickly stabs Algol with Soul Calibur. As Algol freezes to ice, Patroklos grabs Pyrrha and runs out of the castle with the ice freezing around him. As Patroklos runs out of the frozen castle, Siegfried, Hilde, and Gerhilde appear, telling him what he has done wrong. Algol, still alive, breaks free of his icy prison and swears vengeance on Patroklos.

Patroklos, confused as ever, doesn't know how he just helped Algol. Gerhilde said that once he pulls the sword from his chest (it will be long and painful) he will have Soul Calibur at last and will summon Elysium.

And so Patroklos went on to recruit people for his alliance to defeat Algol

Recruiting Souls Mode

In this mode, you go to a continent and complete challenges to unlock characters. After using a character at least once, you are able to use the character in Battle Mode


Seung Mi-na

Go to Southeast Asia, defeat 5 Ming soldiers


Go to East Asia, defeat Yan Wujin

Li Long

Go to North Asia, defeat Li Long


Go to Southeast Asia, defeat Seung Mina


Go to Northeast Africa, complete secret mission


Go to Middle Asia, defeat Astaroth


Go to Eastern Europe complete puzzle. Stars are:

Everything else has a cost!