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FanGame: SoulCalibur: Revolt of the Gods



All logos in Game

1.The sword of Siegfried in the middle of the background. On the handle of the sword is the logo of the game and bonus character Thor. Finally, in the left and right side characters stand Pyrrha and Jack.

2.The sword of Nightmare is in the middle of the background. On the handle of the sword is the logo of the game and bonus character Lokki. Finally, in the left and right side characters stand Katherine and Yoshimitsu.

Developer(s) Project Soul with Total Drama Junior
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360
Released July 10,2015 (Europe)

July 25,2015 (Japan) July 27,2015 (US) Novemeber 4,2015 (Digital downloads)

Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: T (Teen)

PEGI: 16+

Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL, Digital download
SoulCalibur V
SoulCalibur VI

oltSoulCalibur: Revolt of the Gods (劍魂:諸神的反叛, СоулКалибър Бунтът на боговете) is the ten installment of Namco's Soul Series of fighting games and was released on July 10, 2015 on PlayStationVita and Xbox 360 in Europe. It was released on July 27, 2015 in Japan and North America.


In SoulCalibur: Revolt of the gods has old and new characters, there are special bonus characters and there are new stories to characters.

Returning Characters















Elysium (Sub-Boss)

Night Terror (Boss)

New Characters



Guest Characters



Returning old Characters


Li Long



Bonus Characters





Non-Playtable Characters

Dorgone (in Jack ending)

Dong Minghsu (in Natsu ending)

Danryl (in Katherine and Hilde endings)

Tara (in Katherine ending)

Raphael (in Cervantes ending)

Amy (in Cervantes ending)


History 1: Germany War

Princess Katherine declared war on the Germany two palaces: the Lion and Wolfkrone Kingdoms or right on her worst enemy Hilde.
When the war was already in full swing many of the soldiers of the two kingdoms have fallen but not Katherine Hilde and miniaturization, but a little wrong movement of Hilde and she should come down and Wolfkrone Kingdom already belongs to Katherine.

History 2: Jack the Pumpkin

3 years ago

Near the cemetery walked a defenseless man named Jack just Halloween. He knew legends talked about: ghosts, goblins and monsters but although all were hiding in their houses he built a midnight stroll. Jack saw the mist rise, heard running horse when the horse got Jack, a man with pumpkin head instead it took the horse and when they reached old and uninhabited church and changed its monster head with pumpkin Jack put his rashtete sacred sword .. .. And since then no one has seen Jack.

Now: Somewhere in Ireland

Right next to the cemetery where Jack was kidnapped man named Yun-Seong walked. On the way Jack suddenly appeared who tried to kill Yun-Seong until he drew his sword and Chinese battle began between: Chinese sword and monster sword while Jack tribute to withdraw its cemetery.

History 3 - Raphael die

During the war in Romanian Valley in sea Castle Amy crashing seen from afar and told his brother Raphael, he went into the castle courtyard. When crashing approached the coast of the Sea Amy saw that crashing is pirated and until she came to his brother pirates were attacked castle against Raphael confronted pirate Cervantes. After swaddling hour battle killed Cervantes Raphael and ordered Amy run of away and not returned.

History 4 - Setsuka returning

History 5 - Revolt of the Gods


Sword and Shield (Omega Sword & Elk Shield) (Pyrrha)

Sword and Shield (Stigma Sword & Arcadia Shield) (Patroklos)

Dual Kodachi (Kuzukiri & Awayuuki) (Natsu)

Giant Axe (Kulutues) (Astaroth)

Ring Blade (Eiserne Drossel) (Tira)

Double Katana and Sashimono (Yoshimitsu & Fu-Ma Blade) (Yoshimitsu)

Short Sword and Spear (Fruchtbare Erde & Glänzende Nova) (Hilde)

Soul Edge (Soul Edge) (Nightmare)

Zweihänder (Requiem) (Siegfried)

Longsword & Pistol sword (Acheron and Nirvana) (Cervantes)

Jian (Yi Zhan Qin) (Leixia)

Katana (Korefuji) (Mitsurugi)

Snake Sword (Valentine) (Ivy)

Crystal Ball (Quattuor Orbis) (Viola)

Soul Calibur (Soul Calibur) (Elysium)

Soul Edge (Soul Edge) (Night Terror)

Monster Sword (?) (Jack)

Steel Fan (Fujin Fan) (Katherine)

Hammer (Mjolnir) (Thor)

Scepter and knife for war (Loki's Scepter and knife) (Loki)

Iaitō hidden in an oilpaper parasol (Ugetsu Kageuchi) (Setsuka)

Bladed Nunchaku or Three Section staff (Falcon) (Li Long)

Headed Axe (Krnielk) (Ashlotte)

Chinese Sword (Ramdao) (Yun-Seong)

Dual Jamadhar Katars (Manas & Ayus) (Voldo)

Knife (Hunter Knife) (X.U)

Amazon Axe and Shield (Amazon Queen axe and Shield) (Cleavus)

Wave Swords (Gatekeeper) (Revenant)



Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil - (Ashlotte and Revenant)

Unknown Forest: Dark Night - (Viola)

Penitentiary of Destiny - (Yun-Seong)

The Adrian - (Cervantes)

Mt. Fuji the Holy: Hidden Dragon - (Tira and X.U)

Kaminoi Castle - Sakura-Dai Gate - (Mitsurugi)

Secret Money Pit - (Ivy and Voldo)

Conqueror's Coliseum: Underground Fight - (Li Long)

Cavern of Light and Darkness - (Yoshimitsu and Cleavus)

Free Imperial City: Old Quarter - (Patroklos)

Shrine of the Snake God Palgaea - (Astaroth)

Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider - (Natsu)

Utopia of the Blessed - (Elysium and Night Terror)

New Stages

The Winter Forest - (Pyrrha)

The Dark - (Jack)

The Spring Mountain - (Leixia)

Thor Castle - (Thor)

The Loki Throne - (Loki)

Lion Kingdom - (Katherine)

The roof of the house in Japan - (Setsuka)



Non-Playtable Characters

Bonus Characters

Guest Characters

The Game

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