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I do not own Soul Calibur, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, or any sounds or effects used. Thank you.


Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze is a fan game based on Soul Calibur V fan character, Rage(protagonist) and Samus Aran fighting against Dark Samus (antagonist) and her power of Phazon.

This fan game is based on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Its sequel is Soul Calibur-Rise of the Unknown.

Main Story

In Soul Calibur: Essence of PhazeDark Samus flies back to the past in order to find Soul Edge and inherit its power. Meanwhile, other traces of the modern day, such as Samus Aran, Dark Samus' arch enemy, Link, and Sonic the Hedgehog. These three partner up with Rage, and defeat the monstrous being.


Main Characters

Rage - Main protagonist of Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze. He is looking for his older brother, Mark, and best friend, Joseph.

Samus Aran - Tags along with Rage for a short time, but goes her own way to face Dark Samus again.

Soul Calibur Essence of Phaze Trailer01:07

Soul Calibur Essence of Phaze Trailer

Watch the trailer!

Dark Samus - Main antagonist of Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze. Her current objective is to combine her power with the power of Soul Edge in order to destroy all good and eliminate Soul Calibur.

Elysium - Elysium wants to destroy Soul Edge as much as Dark Samus wants to destroy Soul Calibur.

Mark - Lost in thought, wandering around. Found by Dark Samus, and defeated by Rage, turning into Pure Mark.

Pure Mark -After living a holy life, and is asked to do some dirty work for Elysium, Mark denies and battles her.

Supporting Characters

Link -'Fight Rage and Samus in Rage's story, reappears in Samus and Dark Samus' story, and becomes phazed in Dark Samus' story.

Sonic The Hedgehog- Fight alongside Link when fighting Rage and Samus in Rage's story.

Dark Link-Fights Rage in Rage's story.

Shadow the Hedgehog-Fights Samus in Rage's story, due to Rage's last battle causing his power to go down.

Nightmare -Him and Soul Edge play a large role; Soul Edge can create shadows of anyone they wanted to.

Secret Characters

  • Shadow- Complete Rage's story.
  • Link- Complete Rage's story.
  • Sonic- Complete Samus' story.
  • Phayla- Complete Dark Samus' story.
  • Dhaipha- Complete Elysium's story.
  • Edge Samus- Complete Final story.
  • Pure Mark-Complete Extra story.
  • Porton- Complete Extra story.
  • Blake-Complete Extra story.

Playable Characters

  • Shain "Rage" Massey
  • Samus Aran
  • Dark Samus
  • Mark Massey
  • Link
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Pure Mark
  • Blake Benvolio
  • Porton Hayes
  • Elysium
  • Nightmare
  • Phayla
  • Dhaipha

Nonplayable Characters

  • Dark Link
  • Drago
  • Edgling(s)
  • Space Pirate(s)
  • Edge Samus
  • Phazonic
  • Phazage
  • Phazoark
  • Phazed Nightmare


Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider(Rage)

Astral Chaos(Samus/Dark Samus) 

Utopia of the Blessed(Elysium)

Ancient Citadel: Peacetime(Mark)

Astral Chaos: Pathway(Pure Mark)

Unknown Forest(Link)

Unknown Forest- Night Version(Dark Link)

Ancient Citadel: Under Siege(Sonic/Shadow)

Denevér Castle: Assault(Nightmare)  

Music (Themes)

SoulCalibur Version

Note: Some characters don't have Soul Calibur/Other themes.

  • Rage: Faster Than a Howling Wind
  • Mark: Thantanos
  • Pure Mark: Phantasmagoria

Other Versions

  • Samus: Space Pirate Metal
  • Dark Samus: Dark Samus Battle (Corruption Mix)
  • Sonic: Fight the Knight
  • Shadow: It Has Come to This
  • Link: Legend of Zelda Theme

Story Themes

  • Rage
    • VS Edgelings: Maze of the Blade
    • VS Dark Link: Final Boss (Twilight Princess)
    • VS Shadow: For True Story (Generations)
    • VS Nightmare: Through the Jaws of Death
  • Samus
    • VS Space Pirates: Emperor Ing Phaze One
    • VS Dark Samus Copy: VS Metroid Prime
    • VS Link: Tabuu's Theme (Brawl)
    • VS Phazonic and Phazage: Brinstar Depths (Brawl)
    • VS Dark Samus: VS Metroid Prime
  • Dark Samus
    • VS Mark: Theme of Mark
    • VS Link: Theme of Link
    • VS Rage, Sonic, and Samus: Themes of Rage, Samus, and Sonic
  • Final Story
    • VS Nightmare: Theme of Dark Samus
    • VS Civilians: Theme of Rage/Samus
    • VS Nightmare and Edge Samus: Through the Jaws of Death/Aura Core Theme (Corruption)
    • VS Phazed Mark: Theme of Mark
  • Extra Story
    • VS Elysium: Sacred Dawn

Story by Character


Rage traveles all through Italy to find Mark, but finds nothing. After searching southern Italy, he finds a man who, strangely, knows who he's looking for, and challenges him to a fight. Rage wins, and reveales the masked man: his older brother!

Rage later finds Samus, after running away to a citadel. They find some "edglings," and fight them. After travelling into a forest, the duo find Link and Sonic, and they fight.

Later that night, Samus leaves to find some firewood to sleep for the night. A shadow, called Dark Link, starts speaking to Rage in a ghostly way, and appears out of the dark night. After Samus' return, the two set out to leave the forest.

The next day, they are in a city, and another shadow, named Shadow, starts speaking to them. They turn around to leave, but Shadow reappears right in front of them, challenging them to a fight, Rage prepares to fight, and wins.

They somehow manage to get into the middle of a random war. Elysium then speaks to the two, transferring them into a stranded, dark wasteland. Elysium explains that she wants Rage to destroy Soul Edge and its wielder, who apparently was Mark. Samus wants Rage to stay back, so she can fight Elysium. Samus loses, and Elysium gives Rage three days to make his decision.

Rage gets Samus to a doctor, and leaves to go find Mark. He finds Mark at another citadel, and challenges him to a fight. After winning the fight, he feels regret, and finds Elysium.

He explains he doesn't want to destroy Soul Edge in its current form. This angers Elysium, causing her to threaten Rage by taking his body to destroy Soul Edge. Rage fights the fierce spirit and wins.

Rage later finds Nightmare and the two shadows from earlier.Nightmare challenges the ninja to a final fight. Rage then rethinks about the other times he's fought him (from past adventures, with his friends), and fights the cursed man. He won.


After Samus left Rage’s side, she went on a search for Dark Samus. After a short while, she came upon a group of prehistoric space pirates. Of course, she was shocked, and took action, defeating the space pirates. She walked on to the abandoned wasteland she and Rage had fought the fierce spirit, Elysium. She heard the sound of something from her time…something familiar…She couldn’t name it now. As she walked further into the wasteland, a small puddle of Phazon appeared, and started to form Samus. But it wasn’t Samus. It was Dark Samus! <p class="MsoNormal"> Samus’ shock also resulted into a state of anger as she began to fight the dark copy. As she won the fight, the dead form began to speak: <p class="MsoNormal"> This was only a copy of the real thing! Expect the worst!”

The voice was strange to Samus, but it didn’t bother her, for the moment. She continued on. That same night, she went back to the forest she was at earlier that week with Rage. She heard some familiar rustling, sighed, and called out the irritable hero, Link. He had stated he was lost, and asked for help. Samus stared long at the hero, and looked away. Link begged and begged, but Samus just wouldn’t budge. Link went from nice to mean in a short instant.  He DEMANDED that Samus helped him, resulting in him getting hit in the head. Link challenged Samus to a fight; if he won, she had to take him out of the forest. If he lost, he had to stay and find his own way out. After losing the fight, Link went and hid in a small cave he had formed. Samus, annoyed, walked away. <p class="MsoNormal"> Samus eventually found a small cavern where she could find something to eat. In the cavern, she saw a familiar figure, and one other. She called out to them, and they moved forward into the light, revealing to be Rage and Sonic, but reconstructed into slaves of Phazon! Samus had no choice but to defeat the two. <p class="MsoNormal"> After winning the battle against her friends, they returned to normal, questioning their surroundings and the current situation. Samus explained what was going on, and the three went on to find Dark Samus. <p class="MsoNormal"> The three walked to a large castle ground where a giant monster was being tamed. Across from the monster, in front of a huge gap, was a person. Or a thing. <p class="MsoNormal"> The thing transformed into what seemed to be a humanoid dragon. <p class="MsoNormal"> “Fear me, “ it said, “Before you regret the decision of—“ <p class="MsoNormal"> The monster was cut off by Dark Samus. <p class="MsoNormal"> “I see you’ve made it this far…now let’s see how far you get with me!” <p class="MsoNormal"> After defeating the fiend, Samus rested on the ground, happy. <p class="MsoNormal"> Rage asked if she had to leave back to her time, Samus saying, <p class="MsoNormal"> “There’s more to this battle with Dark Samus than that…” <p class="MsoNormal"> And with that, Samus walked away. 

Dark Samus

After the vicious defeat, Dark Samus trailed back to the dark, deserted wasteland to think of something else to do. Then it came to her: Become a manipulative mastermind. But how will she do it?

<p class="MsoNormal">“That one…” she thought out-loud. “That man who the ninja was speaking of…” <p class="MsoNormal">Time to set this plan to action. <p class="MsoNormal">Dark Samus found the citadel Mark was last at, and tracked him down. After finding him, she greeted him with a lifetime offer. Mark then became curious, and asked her to go on. <p class="MsoNormal">“First we must see if you’re up for it. Battle me. If you win, I will give you limitless power. If I win, you have to become a slave for me, and do as I say.” <p class="MsoNormal">Mark wasn’t really sure if he should take up this offer, but he decided to take up for it. <p class="MsoNormal">Mark lost the fight, and regretted his decision. Dark Samus laughed maniacally, and brainwashed the man. <p class="MsoNormal">Dark Samus was unsure if she could win her dramatic rematch with Samus, so she took Mark out to the woods to train him. There, she found Link, still stranded in the forest. <p class="MsoNormal">“Look at that poor boy…” Dark Samus told Mark. “It would be a shame if he…got injured…” Mark’s zombified nature slowly walked over to the tired hero. Link looked up at the random man. Link didn’t know who he was, or what he wanted, but he hoped that if he defeated him, he would lead him out of the forest. <p class="MsoNormal">Link lay on the ground, gasping for air. Dark Samus appeared over to Link, and brainwashed him. Link was now phazed. <p class="MsoNormal">“Now I have not only one, but two swordsman to take on the bounty hunter. I shall find her…” <p class="MsoNormal">Later on, in the center of a small city in Italy, Dark Samus found Samus and challenged her to a fight. <p class="MsoNormal">“What did you do to them?!” Samus exclaimed. <p class="MsoNormal">“Oh, you know.” Dark Samus replied. This battle will be intense, as was their last one. The battle placement was similar to that of small mutant animals that battled for their master. <p class="MsoNormal">Dark Samus had lost one of her fights; her Phazed Link had lost, but her Phazed Mark triumphed. <p class="MsoNormal">“This one may be useful after all…I think I’ll keep him.” <p class="MsoNormal">Dark Samus and the Phazed Mark disappeared, not to be seen for a long while.

Final Story

Dark Samus, after leaving the blessed utopia, searched for Soul Edge to combine its power with her. After finding Nightmare, Dark Samus brainwashes him, takes Soul Edge, and uses it for her own purposes. She turned the world dark, causing most civilians to become her mindless Phazon slaves.

Rage and Samus lost touch with Link, Sonic, and Mark. But until the two defeated Dark Samus, they will stay by each other's side. They went to place after place, looking for Dark Samus.

When they finally found Dark Samus, Elysium was just arriving at the scene. Dark Samus, along with the newly possessed Nightmare, turned to look at the few.

"Fear me for my newly possessed power!" Dark Samus had spoke. "Now, you shall call me 'Edge Samus.' Bow before me!"

"Begone!" Rage had shouted.

After defeating the cursed hero and her puppet, Rage stood back as she began to explode. Nightmare, inanimate, was kicked off a cliff by Elysium, who returned to her realm.

Samus thanked Rage for his help, and left for home. Rage started to walk somewhere, but was cut off by a small earthquake made by a shield.

"Oh no..." Rage began. "I forgot about Mark!" 

Mark, still zombified, stood in front of Rage, preparing for battle.

"Once again, I will turn you back to normal. At least I hope I can..."

After Rage defeated his brother, Mark's body started to glow white. A flash had just occurred, and Mark was normal. At least, Rage thought he was.

"Thank you, Shain. You have released me from the evil that is Dark Samus, and cured those who were possessed by Soul Edge and Phazon. Before you stands 'Pure Mark,' or your older brother, Mark."

"Mark..." Rage started.

"I am to go to the Utopia of the Blessed and live a happy life. I shall come and check on you every once in a while. Farewell to you, brother." And with that, the holy figure of his older brother left.

Extra Story

After becoming a pure spirit, Mark decided to have a little fun. 

"Maybe I'll pick on Link and Sonic. Or look into Shain's future." Elysium quickly noticed Mark's childish behavior, quickly correcting it.

"Foolish boy! You are not to tamper with the fabrics of time!"

"Oh..." Mark said.

"I need you to do me something." Elysium had said. "I want you to take Sonic and Link back down to their times, along with Samus. And when you get back, search the world for any trace of Phazon, and dispose of it."

"Whoa whoa whoa! I'm not your find-it monkey, got it? I'm here to live as a spirit, not a servant." Mark rebelled.

"You dare resist me?!" Elysium said.

"Yeah, I 'dare' resist you. I'm flying somewhere else." Mark said.

"You shall remain my holy servant for eterinty..." Elysium said.

"Try me!"

Elysium lost her battle. As she lost, she began to decentegrate.

"This...isn't over..." Elysium said. The conscious war had ended, and Mark became a free spirit.

Story Mode: Videos

Coming soon!



Dark Samus



Game Modes

Some available game modes.

  • Offline Play
    • Arcade- Play a 7-stage series of random characters (1-4=random/5-6=destined battles/7=Dark Samus)
    • Versus Mode- Compete with friends with special settings!
      • One-on-One- Play with one character.
      • Team Battle- Play with up to 3 characters.
    • Boss Battle- Play story bosses!
    • Training- Practice battling and sharpen your skills.
  • Museum
    • Battle Theater- Watch computer-generated battles.
  • Online Play
    • Random Match- Match-up with random players worldwide!
    • Lounge- Either play with local or regional locations with certain people and rules.
    • World Competition- A monthly tournement with results that could rank you up big!
  • Story Mode: Raid of Phaze- Find out how Rage and Samus will encounter Dark Samus and defeat her!
    • Main Story
    • Redo Missions
  • Mission Mode: Play missions to unlock new things!

Mission Mode

Coming soon.


Unlock new things by completing a story mode.


  • New costume (3p)
  • New theme (Thantanos)
  • Unlock New Story! (Samus)
  • New character (Link)
  • New character (Shadow)


  • New costume (3p)
  • New theme (Space Pirate Metal)
  • Unlock New Story (Dark Samus)
  • New character (Sonic)

Dark Samus

  • Unlock new theme (Dark Samus Remastered)
  • New Story (Elysium)
  • New Character (Phazoark)
  • New character (Phayla)
  • New story (Final Story)
  • New character (Dhaipha)

Final Story

  • Unlock Extra Story!
  • New character (Edge Samus)
  • New costume (Nightmare/3p)

Extra Story

  • New character (Pure Mark)
  • New character (Porton )
  • New character (Blake)
  • New theme (No Turning Back)
  • New Game Mode (Boss Battle)


  • In game, the cutscenes used for Elysium's appearances are used from her other intros. In the actual fighting, Elysium is a created character styled with Pyrrha Omega, due to Elysium's mimic character style.
  • In an episode of Dark Samus' story, she brainwashes Mark and Link into becoming her personal servants, known as the "Phazed." In the following episode, she finds Samus, Rage, and Sonic, and challenges them two a duel.
    • In this battle, the player watches a computer generated match. The match goes like:
      • Phazed Link and Sonic
      • Phazed  Mark and Rage
      • Dark Samus and Samus.
    • In Dark Samus' story, this battle was described as "similar to that of small mutant animals that battled for their master." This is a reference to popular Nintendo franchise, Pokemon.
  • ​In the Game Modes category on this page, the mode "Boss Battles" is similar to the mode "Legandary Souls" on Soul Calibur V.
  • The Final Story is played with only Dark Samus (stage one), Rage and Samus (alternative: if Rage dies, Samus continues the battle)
  • The Extra story is only one stage long, with the gameplay of Pure Mark.
  • If you don't count the Extra Story as an actual story, but an epilogue, the Phazed form of Mark is the final boss. If you count the Extra story as a story, Elysium is the final boss.
  • Dark Samus and Edge Samus look very similar; the only difference is Dark Samus has on "Cowboy Pants" and is a darker shade of black and light blue, and wields a blue sword and shield. Edge Samus is a dark shade of a black-blue color, has no cowboy pants (revealing this pelvic skeleton of her inner body), and wields Soul Edge.
  • When a person is phazed, their name begins with the prefix "Phaz," indicating their current state (i.e., Phazoark= Phazed Mark)
    • A person's phazed.form is just a retexture of their 1P costume. These changes are:
      • Black sclera (white part of eye) and light blue pupils
      • Purple and black colors
      • Blue weapons


All images will be recreated soon. These are rough drafts, that I thought were pretty cool.

Box Art


In-game Photos



Soul Calibur Essence of Phaze (Demo Battle) Sonic VS Shadow02:12

Soul Calibur Essence of Phaze (Demo Battle) Sonic VS Shadow

Sonic VS Shadow

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