Front art of Footsoldier Trevor

Chapter: 1 (General's Will)

As the empire begin to rage, a group of Footsoldiers rage their attack under the command of General. But the duel was a fate of lost since General couldn't penetrate the attack from Raphael's saber. However, they retreat since the lose of General's duel to sacrifice himself for the Empire.

Meanwhile, a young boy was having a bad dream that he suddenly awake and shout "Father!". He says, "I hope my dad is still alive".

A royal guard giving a message and says, "Young Master Trevor, I got a bad news for you!".

And he said, "tell me".

royal guard says, "your father was killed in the battlefield".

Trevor was hesitate look for his father.

His father(general) leave a last breath to his son(Trevor) and says "My son...".

And Trevor says, "Father, please... don't leave me alone...".

General says,"I must... but it's up to you... to be...".

Trevor says "Dad... I promise... someday, I will avenge for you...".

General says, "Jefford...". Jefford was General's loyal assistant, General wish to offer his last words to him.

Jefford says, "Sir...".

And General says, "It's the time for you to take my place, and train my son to be... Urg...".

Jefford says, "Sir, are you alright? General!".

Trevor says, "Father, Father!!!".

General close his eyes gently and rest in peace.

Charpter 2 Continue

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