This takes place in Soul Calibur 5.So,Amy hides from Raphael.Viola hid her.Setsuka met Viola and disguised as Amy.So she revealed herself to her and one hit,her clothes are ripped.Viola won against Raphael and Z.W.E.I wanted to kill him.In the Jyurakudai Villa,Mitsurugi went there while Patroklos and Pyrrha are sitting.When he saw these two,a woman with black hair,using a flute,using a parasol revealed that she is Setsuka.She fought Amy and she hold her going to the Jyurakudai Villa.When Amy woke up,she wore a kimono,her weapon became like Setsuka's.Mitsurugi saw her walking.When he asked that where she got the skills,she said,"I've learned that from Setsuka".Mitsurugi got mad and said,"Don't say her name or I will kill you!!!"She came back to her house and Setsuka said,"You will be the second generation of Setsuka." She vanished.


New Characters


New Stages

  • Cave of Cherry Blossoms-Ayame
  • Angkor Wat Temple-Kase-Kaze
  • Future School-Maya
  • Chapel of Light-Loz
  • Chapel of Light(Indoors)-Tifa
  • Mountain Cliff-Cloud
  • Mountain Cliff(Ground)-Sephiroth
  • Village of Kyoto-Shintaro
  • Castle of Doom-Melissa
  • Village of Eternity-Geroku
  • Shenkin's House-Shenkin


  • Battle
  • Create and Customize
  • Multi
  • Survival/Endless
  • Story

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