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The Demon Angel War takes place after the events of Soul Calibur V.

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Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War
Developer(s) All Petals Fall, Project Soul
Publisher(s) Sakuras, Namco
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Singleplayer, multiplayer, online
Ratings 8/10






Seres Saharah


















Demon Sanya*



Sköll and Hati*










Edge Mistress





Kyou started a war between the Angels and the Demons by attacking Seres Saharah's Daughter, Kasimira, thus breaking the Peace Treatie between the Worlds. Although Sakura is a demon, she sides with the Angels along with James and Zeta. Kyou's plan is to take over the Angel World and kill Kasimira and Siegfried and the rest of the Human Race.

Game Modes

Story Modes

Angel Side- Play the story of the Demon Angel War

Demon Side- Play strictly from the Demons' point of view in this alternate storyline (excluding Sakura, Zirg, James, and Zeta)

Non-Story related

VS Battle- Play against a friend or a computer. You may also make two computers fight each other.

The Tournament- Using a Created Character, enter him or her in a Tournament to find out who the best fighter is. Get through the maps, upgrade your weapons, upgrade your armor and more!

Super Challenge- Fight against the Angels, Demons, Humans, and Finally the unknown on an extremely high difficulty. If you win, you will unlock exclusive costumes.

Museum- Look through the gallery as you unlock pictures and biographies of all the characters in the game. Watch special extras of The Demon-Angel War story. See tid bits of Characters' pasts.

Creation- Create your own character or customize an existing character.

Xbox Live- Play online against other people.

Options- Change various options for the game. (langauge, sound, controls)

Story Mode Episodes

Angel Side

Episode 1

Kasimira surveys the supposed empty field as she roams just outside a human city Playable character(s): Seres Saharah

Opponent(s): Denzel (3 out of 5 battles)

Stage: Ancient Citadel: Peacetime

Episode 2

Denzel flees back to the Demon World. There, he rallies as many Demons as he can and declares war against the angels. He sends Kyoko and Koichi to lead a few other Demons to attack the Angel World. Andromeda and Prometheus, along with some other angels, defend their home. The war begins.

Playable character(s): Andromeda and Prometheus (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Lesser Demon (1 Battle), Kyoko (1 Battle), and Koichi (1 Battle)

Stage: Utopia of the Blessed

Episode 3

Eliana protecting Kasimira

Eliana, protecting Kasimira

Andromeda and Prometheus kicks Kyoko and Koichi into the Human World. Meanwhile, Kasimira meet up with Yuner and Eliana after she runs through the forest. Denzel realizes that both are Human/Angel spawns. A deep feeling of hatred erupts within him, prompting him to order Kyoko and Koichi to pursue the angels.

Playable character(s): Eliana and Kasimira (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Kyoko (1 Battle) and Koichi (1 Battle)

Stage: Unknown Forest: Dark Night

Episode 4

Owen vs. Lexa

Owen faces Lexa.

Although Eliana and Kasimira are able to defeat Kyoko and Koichi, another demon, Lexa, appears in order to kill the angels. Lexa proves to be difficult for Eliana and Kasimira to handle. Fortunately, Owen arrives in time and help them out.

Playable character(s): Owen and Eliana (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Lexa (1 Battle, 200% Health)

Stage: Tranquil Wasteland

Episode 5

Sakura and her own demon soldiers are fighting opposing demons when she notices Denzel among her enemies. She speeds through the demons and immediately aims her blade at Denzel. Denzel blocks the attack, Sakura's blade sliding roughly against his.

"You dare betray your own?" he growls.

Sakura back-flips and raises her blade again.

"You're not my own," she responds.

Playable character(s): Sakura

Opponent(s): Denzel (3 out of 5 Battles)

Stage: Last Rites on the Battlefield

Episode 6

Zirg shade form

Zirg appears at Denzel's doorstep.

After a semi-long battle, Denzel retreats into the Demon Realm. There, he goes off to one of his many fortresses to give more commands. He does an overview of where his soldiers are and what demons are fighting the angels. He is interrupted by a commotion near the front of his fortress. Sakura, her children, James, Zeta, and some of her other soldiers are rallied outside his fortress. Denzel growls and moves back to his planning room. A few moments later, Denzel feels an extremely strong force. The owner of the power tauntsd Denzel into a rage.

"Why is the king of demons hiding behind walls and his own minions? What would others think of you now? If you're not a coward, then come out of your little hole!"

Denzel, now in his true Demon-form, Kyou, orders his troops to stand down and comes out to battle alone.

Playable character(s): Zirg

Opponent(s): Kyou (3 out of 5 Battles)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 7

On another side of the realm, Bardiel confronts Demon Sanya. He demands to know why he is not involving himself in the war. He says that if he is truly a demon, he will aid Kyou in the war. Demon Sanya refuses to become involved in the war. Bardiel growls and demands he take part. Once again, Demon Sanya says he he wants nothing to do with the war.

Playable character(s): Demon Sanya

Opponent(s): Bardiel (3 out of 5 Battles)

Stage: Astral Chaos

Episode 8

Demon Sanya Vs Lexa 9

Demon Sanya prepares to fight Owen and Eliana

Demon Sanya manages to defeat Bardiel and prepares to leave but is interrupted. Bardiel struggels to his feet.

"I'd choose wisely which side you ally yourself," he says.

Demon Sanya asks what he means.

"Your precious Lexa seems to be having a bit of trouble with the angel side of this war. I would check on her if I were you..." With that, Bardiel leaves in an eruption of flames.

Demon Sanya pinpoints Lexa's location and transports himself there. He arrives to the scene and discovers Lexa under attack from a group. He announces his presence and Lexa runs to him. Eliana and Owen prepare for battle.

Playable character(s): Owen and Eliana (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Demon Sanya (1 Battle, 200% Health) and Lexa (1 Battle)

Stage: Tranquil Wasteland

Episode 9

The Angel Realm is being overrun with demons. Prometheus fights off a demon before rallying the angelic soldiers and requesting reinforcements. Suddenly, a bright light erupts from the sky and a woman appears along with a hooded man. Mercury and Seraphiel had arrived. They begin to fight off the Demons. Abruptly, a giant statue is cut in half and bursts into dark flames as a heavily armored Demon lands in its ruins. He stands up and sticks his dual blades into the ground, causing a burst of dark fire to erupt everywhere. Angels scatter.

"I am Caron," he says. "And you have met your doom."

Playable character(s): Seraphiel and Mercury (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Lesser Demon 1/2 (1 Battle), Lesser Demon 2/2 (1 Battle), and Caron (1 Battle)

Stage: Utopia of the Blessed

Episode 10 (Cutscene)

Caron is powerful but he is no match for the combined prowess of Mercury and Seraphiel. Andromeda, Prometheus, Seraphiel, and Mercury along with the rest of the Angelic Soldiers fight off the army of Demons, either killing them or banishing them back to the Demon Realm. Seraphiel sends down word to Eliana that it is safe for Kasimira and Yuner to take refuge up in the Kingdom, just as Kikyou appears and tells Lexa and Demon Sanya that they are needed in the Demon Realm. Kasimira and Yuner, along with Owen, ascend into the Angelic Kingdom, while Eliana and a large assemble of Angels follow the demons to the Demon Realm to meet Sakura at a Rendevous point.

Owen is enthralled by the pure magnificence of The Angelic Kingdom as they are brought to the gates. Seraphiel gestures to the golden gates, behind them, a glorious castle sits. "Welcome......"

Episode 11

Kyou was weakened after fighting Zirg, so he orders Karai to handle his army as he recovers. Zirg, satisfied, retreats to his own realm as well. Hanako and Hitoshi, along with Sakura, lead the Demons who side with the Angels. Karai has Bardiel and Kyoko to back her up in battle. Karai goes head-to-head with Hanako and Hitoshi while their mother goes to meet the Eliana and the others.

Playable character(s): Hitoshi and Hanako

Opponent(s): Karai (1 battle, 200% Health)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 12 (Cutscene)

Seres Saharah watches the fighting from the Cloud Kingdom.

She frowns and looks to her Angel siblings. "Kyou refuses to give up. We must force him into a corner."

"I've never seen you so serious," Prometheus says, "We could negotiate a meeting; find out what he wants."

"We know what he wants," says Seraphiel, "He covets what he cannot obtain. The only thing he shall receive, is death."

"That's right," Seres agrees, "I'm going to stab him in his stupid face!"

She stomps her foot and her zweihänder materializes in her hands, along with her battle armor. "I'm going to the battlefront. Wait for my command."

Seres then disappears in a pillar of light.

Owen then approached Seraphiel.

“Seraphiel, I would like to continue to help your cause,” says Owen.

“Are you certain?” Seraphiel asks.

“Yes,” says Owen, “My weapon, the Jingu Staff, is very powerful. I believe I can fight your enemies.”

“If you wish to fight, I can provide you with what you need to face demons,” says Seraphiel.

The hooded Angel leads Owen into a room with several white-and-gold closets. With the raise of his hand, one closet opens, containing a set of armor.

“This armor will allow you to survive when you enter the Demon realm,” says the Angel.

Episode 13

Once at the rendezvous point, Sakura meets with Eliana and Naamah, Zirg's second-in-command. "This is who has been sent down so far?" she asks, eyeing the small army that had gathered. Eliana nods.

"This is the group so far, Queen Seres Saharah wants to be sure we have a secure area before sending down more troops," explains Eliana.

"Do not call me Queen," Seres interjects, appearing in a bright light along with Seraphiel, Mercury and Andromeda. She looks around before speaking. "We need a plan to bring Kyou down for the count. Any ideas?" There is silence for a moment.

"I suggest," Sakura begins, "We weed him out by giving him what he wants. Now, let me explain. Kyou wants Seres, so we send out someone with their Aura masked and Seres's over top to trick him into leaving the comfort of his army."

"And then what?" Seraphiel questions. "Surely, he will become enraged when he discovers that it is not Seres Saharah."

"Once he's out in the open, we focus attack on him with our stronger forces, or we have Seres surprise attack and kill him," Sakura fills in. Mercury opens his mouth to say something, but is interrupted by the arrival of a few demons. Seres scoffs at the sight of them and says she will handle them.

"What a joke..."

Playable character(s): Seres Saharah

Opponent(s): Lesser Demon 1/3 (1 Battle), Lesser Demon 2/3 (1 Battle), Lesser Demon 3/3 (1 Battle)

Stage: Astral Chaos

Episode 14

After the demons are finished off, the angels and allied demons return to their meeting.

"I will take down that bastard myself!" says Seres.

"As Sakura has stated, someone will need to disguise him or herself as you, my queen, for which I will do as such," says Andromeda.

"So it's settled?" asks Sakura.

They all nod to each other in agreement and the allied forces travel towards Kyou’s castle. On Seres’ command, reinforcements of additional angel warriors appear. Among the reinforcements is Owen.

Playable character(s): Seres Saharah and Eliana (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Lesser Demon (1 Battle), Koichi (1 Battle), and Kyoko (1 Battle)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 15

The battle continues, with neither side having an edge. Kyou still had yet to appear and tension is beginning to set in. Sakura and Naamah stand together in battle.

Playable character(s): Sakura and Naamah (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Lesser Demon (1 Battle), Demon Sanya (1 Battle), and Lexa (1 Battle)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 16

Having finally arrived to help fight, Owen refuses to be in the background. He sees that the anxiety is increasing as as Kyou takes longer and longer to appear. Fully powered up, he bursts into the field to help combat against the Demons.

Playable character(s): Owen

Opponent(s): Caron (1 Battle), and Karai (1 Battle)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 17

Hanako refuses to miss a chance to fight alongside her mother, and makes her way to the battlefield, cutting through demons. James is right on her heels, killing off demons in her wake with his bow.

Playable character(s): Hitoshi and James (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Lesser Demon (1 Battle), Lesser Demon (1 Battle), and Sköll and Hati (1 Battle)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 18

The Angels continue to battle Kyou’s minions, expecting the Demon King himself to make a personal entrance. As the fighting drags on, a demoness rises from the ground. She unleashes a blast of energy in all directions. Andromeda immediately loses her disguise. Her halo then disappears, followed by her wings. Within seconds, she collapses to the ground, her body dissolving into nothingness. Soon, all other nearby angels follow suit, including Eliana. Now, all that remains are the demons fighting on the side of the Angels, holding their own against greater numbers.

Playable character(s): Sakura and Hanako (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Apollyon ( 1 Battle, 200% HP)

Stage: Astral Chaos: Pathway

Episode 19

"Where is the real Seres Saharah?" Kyou mutters to himself as his mother glided through the battlefield, taking down any remaining Angels.

"She will have to reveal herself soon, as I have put a major dent in their plans, I'm sure..." Apollyon says as she steps over the body of a fallen Angel. Before she can say anything else, a massive blade arcs through the air, successfully removing Apollyon's head from her body. Seres Saharah glared across the field at Kyou as Apollyon's body falls deftly to its knees and then to the ground.

"You've pushed my hand, Kyou," Seres announces as she stands amidst numerous stunned Demons, shining almost like a beacon. "You want a War, I'll give you a damn war." Piercing white armour materialized over her current attire. From beyond the field, a vibrant army marched towards the battle. Seres Saharah flies into the air and raises her sword.

"This Will End It!" she proclaimed. "In The Name of The Angels, Men and Women, Take Charge!" Zirg, Naamah and Sakura stand at the front of the lines along with Seraphiel and Prometheus.

"Wait," Kyou interrupts with a raise of his hand. He grins at Seres's annoyed expression. "Why throw away more lives when we can settle this with a simple one-on-one?" Seres Saharah looks back at her siblings for support. Prometheus shrugs while Seraphiel subtly shakes his head. Seres floats to the ground and lifts her chin at Kyou.

"Can I trust you to fight fair, High King Kyou?" she questions as the Demons all begin to back away to circle them. Kyou's smile widens and he places a hand over his heart.

"On my honour," he assures her. Seres barks a laugh.

"You don't have much of that," she retorts. "But I'll take your word."

Playable character(s): Seres Saharah

Opponent(s): Kyou (3 Battles, 200% HP)

Stage: Astral Chaos

Episode 20(Cutscene)

It was a tiny miscalculation on Seres's part. She soon found herself on her back, and isn't this how it all started. Immediately, Kyou's rapier, her own rapier actually, was at her throat. When had he even taken it out? Seres glares defiantly up at Kyou while the white-haired Demon stares down at her in shock. He obviously hadn't expected her to lose either. "I can't believ-

"My King-

It happens very quickly and quite unexpectedly. One second she's staring up at Kyou's face, the next second her son is pulling her to her feet. "Hotaru?" she says it like a question because what is he doing here? Beside him is Haku, his arms crossed over his chest, Hana at his side.

What the hell is going on? Seres thinks to herself.

Hotaru smiles and doesn't answer and instead gently pushes her out of the way and kneels down in front of a still shocked Kyou, who is pulling Lee's sword from his chest. Now, she suddenly understands. There was no way Kyou was going to survive, not from a weapon from Heaven like Lee's sword

"Hotaru... I swear... I'm going to kill you!" Kyou growls as he attempts to stand. Hotaru laughs in his face and grabs his sword.

"Too bad you're already dead, huh?" With a sickening finality, Hotaru drives the sword through his weakened father's skull and puts an end to Akaryu Reign in the Demon Realm. Hotaru stands and brushes himself off. He nods a few time and places his hands on his hips. "Looks like I'm the King!"


Unlockable Characters

Zane Shadow- to unlock, defeat him in Tournament Mode

Siegfried- defeat him in tournament mode

Tira- fight against her in Tournament Mode

Yuriko and Tsubasa- fight them and win against them in Tournament

Edge Mistress-Encounter in Tournament mode and win against her





Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels (Sun)05:17

Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels (Sun)

Two Steps From Hell - SkyWorld (SkyWorld)03:19

Two Steps From Hell - SkyWorld (SkyWorld)

Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb OST My Innermost Apocalypse05:01

Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb OST My Innermost Apocalypse

【東方アレンジ】 Demetori - リジッドパラダイス ~ Dawn of the Dead05:56

【東方アレンジ】 Demetori - リジッドパラダイス ~ Dawn of the Dead

Destruction "Faith is for the Transient People"- Theme of the Game

"Empire of Angels"- Upon Entering the Angel Realm

"Skyworld"- Battles that take place in the Angel Realm

Blinding of Isaac- Wrath of the Lamb OST "My Innermost Apocalypse"-Battles in The Demon Realm

Demetori "Dawn of the Dead"- Final Battle against Kyou

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