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Soul Calibur: Legacies is an installment in Namco's Soul series of fighting games, for the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. The events of this game take place a few years after those of SCV. The franchise's roster has surprisingly small growth, but has more references to existing characters, some are re-imagined or retconned, and more emphasis is placed on Created Characters.


"Only a few years after the two ancient blades have been cast into the Astral Chaos, a mighty need has arisen for their strength again, for a growing cult is waging an underground war on Europe, with the disastrous goal to re-create the most feared weapon known to man: Soul Edge. Once the new Evil Seed rains from the sky, various stalwarts and new heroes rise once again from their places of hiding to prove their mettle and eventual ownership of the absolute power that corrupts absolutely."


About two years after the events of SCV, where Soul Calibur and Soul Edge were lost to Astral Chaos, the Fygul Cestemus is under new management, trying to research and re-create the process of forging a new Soul Edge. During this time, Wolfkrone is regaining power and stability, whereas the Schwarzwind has become their military force. The squabbling kingdoms of SCIII's "Chronicles of the Sword" storyline are retconned to exist within the game's canon, and squabble aimlessly. Ostrheinsburg, previously the home of Graf Dumas and Tira, has been reformed as a legitimate kingdom, and the head of an alliance. The surviving Alexandras(including Cassandra) have moved together to a manor in Athens; while Pyrrha lives in relative peace, Patroklos and his aunt have created an independent group of travelling missionary-warriors based off of the traditional Holy Warrior teachings, with the intent to combat Malfested and any Soul Edge influence.

Because of meddling from the Fygul Cestemus and their attempts to calibrate the original Soul Edge's shards, another Evil Seed suddenly rained from the sky, and many characters, both benign and malicious, recognized the second coming of Soul Edge, seeking its source for their own purposes. The player can choose among several Story Modes to decide who is successful in this regard, but most of them involve the return of a corrupted "Boss" such as Abyss gaining the power of one or both Soul Edges, and the Player-chosen hero or villain to defeat them and save (or conquer) Europe.


Newly Playable Characters

  • Bangoo - Rock's adopted son, drawn to Europe by a mixture of wander-lust and a desire to find the meaning behind the shard of Soul Edge that he possesses.. Wields a single tomahawk and dreamcatcher as a makeshift shield; it is imbued with a shard of Soul Edge, and has magical properties. His fighting style is reminiscent of Patroklos from SCV, but adds multiple magical attacks.
  • Kunpaetku (Unlockable) - An ex-monk turned Cult leader, he seeks to recreate the "ultimate weapon" and conquer a new country in his own name. His fighting style is based heavily off of Devil Jin from SCV, adding reach and magical elements to his fists and malfested Nightmare-hand.
  • Ike (Guest) - Exotic mercenary from Gallia, hailing from the "Fire Emblem" series. He utilizes a Zweihander and is somewhat comparable to Nightmare from SCV. His Critical Edge is his famous "Great Ether" attack. Appears in the WII U port of the game.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak (Guest) - Nordic antihero, hailing from the "Elder Scrolls" series, specifically "Skyrim". He uses a Longsword and incorporates various "Dragon Shouts" into his combos, such as fire breath, a superhuman sprint, and invisible, physical force. His Critical Edge is the "Dragon Aspect shout". Appears in the Xbox One port of the game.
  • Lu Bu (Guest) - Grisly and imposing warrior from ancient China; a historical person, but this incarnation is instead based on his "Dynasty Warriors" appearances. His stellar hight and reach are coupled with his trusty halberd weapon, Sky Piercer. His Critical Edge summons the legendary steed, Red Hare. Appears in the PS4 port of the game.

Major Veteran Characters

  • Viola - The cynical fortune-teller with a mysterious past takes the starring role for this game in place of Patroklos and Siegfried from prior titles. As the only character able to glimpse into the future, she is able to see through the trees and use her knowledge for good, despite her totally indifferent personage. She currently works independently, but keeps strong ties to the Schwarzwind, in case she needs their help again...
  • Cassandra Alexandra - Having survived years of desolation and isolation within Astral Chaos, her cheerful and happy-go-lucky disposition has waned significantly, but not diminished; Cassandra has the cold-minded experience of a war veteran, and has united with her nephew to lead their own unique band of wannabe Holy Warriors as an affront to Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and any who may be influenced by either.
  • Xiba - The honest young man and heir to the Kali-Yuga. Despite his own desires to live in relative peace, he has been visited by strange adults who sought to better him and his fighting abilities, for an unknown purpose.
  • Lord Geo Dampierre - "Le Bello" returns, trying to keep himself afloat after the "great slump" that was his investment in Graf Dumas, even looking to other, equally calluous invididuals for help. He sees much potential profit in the chaos surrounding the new Soul Edge. His 2P outfit in this game is his original 1P costume in his previous incarnations, and is seen once or twice during The Adrian storyline. His 1P outfit is somewhat drab (befitting his lost fortunes) and more closely resembles a traditional highwayman (such as Zorro).
  • Shura - This infamous, heartless assassin has wandered the world in search of worthy targets to sate her spirit. She is currently under the employ of the Fygul Cestemus, but her motives with them are shaky, at best. Even the high monks of the Cult fear her vicious disposition. Her moveset is reiminiscent of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, though she still utilizes her Twin Katanas in place of the latter's various daggers.
  • Algol (Unlockable) - The ancient king-of-kings still wanes somewhat in power, and is struggling to find a place in the "modern" world of this game's setting. He observes the petty drama of the European monarchies with the highest form of contempt, and once he learns of the true meaning behind the Evil Seed, he takes it upon himself to put a stop to it, and any other sources of chaos.
  • Aeon Calcos - The depraved and maniacal Lizardman has regained significant sentience from the memories of countless humans he has murdered, a terrible irony that he cannot live with. He yearns heavily for a way out, a way to become the mindless savage he once was, so that he can kill without qualms. However, fate seems to have a different path for him in mind...
  • Spawn (Guest) - The dark hero with the living suit makes a return, summoned by Zasalamel to combat the Soul Edge and its influence. His trusty, shapeshifting cape is improved upon for this incarnation, being able to take the form of not only Agony but various other weapons. He is the "universal" guest character, and appears in all ports of the game.

Minor Veteran Characters

  • Patroklos Alexander
  • Isabella "Ivy" Valentine
  • Hildegard Von Krone (Unlockable)
  • Aurelia Dichala Dolce (Unlockable)
  • Demuth Beel Zebus Halteese (Unlockable)
  • Strife Astlar (Unlockable)
  • Pyrrha Alexander (DLC / Pre-Order)
  • Siegfried Schtauffen
  • Arthur
  • Voldo
  • Natsu
  • Lexixa
  • Astaroth
  • Maxi (Unlockable)
  • Zasalamel (Unlockable)
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Raphael Sorel (Unlockable)
  • Edge Master (Unlockable)
  • Hong Yun-Seong (Unlockable)
  • Talim
  • Cervantes de León (Unlockable)
  • Z.W.E.I.
  • Kilik (Unlockable)
  • Tira
  • Ashlotte Maedel (Unlockable)
  • Johan Dürer (Unlockable)

Unplayable Boss Characters

  • Inferno - Kunpaetku becomes one during the Schwarzwind, Fygul Cestemus, and The Inquisition storylines.
  • Night Terror - Siegfried, after being tributed as a host for a new Soul Edge during the Schwarzwind storyline.
  • Pyrrha Ω - Pyrrha, after being tributed as a host for a new Soul Edge during the Fygul Cestemus storyline.
  • Fafnir - Aeon, after being tributed as a host for a new Soul Edge during various storylines. He becomes an agile dragon with more emphasis on fire breath and claw attacks. He is playable during one stage of the Independent storyline, but nowhere else.
  • Elysium - Fought in alternate Modes such as Arcade. Still uses randomized Female weaponry.
  • Abyss - Zasalamel, after being tricked and tributed as a host for a new Soul Edge during the Humanity's Guide storyline.

New Mechanics


In other modes than The Gauntlet, one can choose between Traditional and Advanced Combat Systems. The Advanced Combat System gives statistics to Weapons, Armor, and other mechanics such as Armor Breaking and Morale, changing noticeably how fights are calculated. Traditional System makes Weapons, Armor, and Armor Breaking totally aesthetic like in SCV. Weapons retain unique characteristics, like in SCIV, but are put into three categories: Basic(The starting weapons), Advanced (Most weapons are these, and are balanced amongst themselves, always better than Basic Weapons), and Legendary Weapons (better than Advanced Weapons. Most characters have only one).

Armor and outfits are divided into three categories: Clothing, Light and Heavy. They affect the amount of damage a character is dealt and the speed of their attacks and movement. The categories are all-encompassing, and are judged by whatever Armor type constitutes the majority of items a character is wearing (each item has an armor type). The customization system and items from SCV are largely retained. Base Characters have Armor Types as well, but there is no way to feel a difference in their movement unless one customizes them to wear a different armor style than the one they are associated with. Like in SCV, not all characters can have an Armor Break performed on them - unless they are Customized.

Morale and Armor Break

When a character has low health, and their opponent executes an attack described as "OverKill", then his or her Armor has a chance of breaking, and that character will, like in SCV, remain in their underclothes for the rest of the match. Team Battles always switch characters after one is defeated, and thus do not experience the effects of Armor Breaking.

Clothes have the lowest chance of breaking, whereas Heavy Armor has the highest. When Armor is broken, a character's movement and attack speeds are increased 10% above Clothing level, meaning even clothes-wearing characters can "benefit" from it. However, (s)he will take 10% more damage than Clothing level, so Characters in simple clothes are even more vulnerable than they were before when Armor Broken. Statistics of Clothing categories are as follows:

Armor Break Victim: +25% Speed / Damage Taken
Clothes: + 15% Speed / Damage Taken
Light Armor: +/0% Speed / Damage Taken
Heavy Armor: -10% Speed / Damage Taken Morale is also affected; this judges the ability of a character's starting Health and their ability to accumulate energy for their Soul Gague, among other subtle things. It scales from 0 to 5:

0: -50% Soul Gague buildup, -25% Total Starting Health
1: -35% Soul Gague buildup, -10% Total Starting Health
2: -20% Soul Gague buildup
3: Starting Point for most characters
4: +20% Soul Gague buildup, +10% Total Starting Health
5: +35% Soul Gague buildup, +20% Total Starting Health

Reactions to Armor Breaks include the following:

  • Humiliated: "This character is cowardly and totally lost without armor protecting them. He or she has has no more will to fight!" (Morale is set to 0)

These characters are Humiliated after an Armor Break: Demuth, Aurelia, Dampierre, Strife

  • Discouraged: "This character is modest and uncomfortable in his or her own skin. (S)he dislikes being forced to continue on in such an awkward state." (-1 Morale)

These characters are Discouraged after an Armor Break: Talim, Leixia, Pyrrha, Bangoo

  • Indifferent: "Hardened soldiers and other stalwart fighters care little about such insignificant things as losing their armor. They've been trained to do without." (No effect)

These characters are Indifferent after an Armor Break: Siegfried, Johan, Zasalamel, Algol, Viola, Aeon, Astaroth, Arthur, Shura, Z.W.E.I., Gel-O-Fury

  • Optimistic: "This character likes to be positive. He or she will take advantage of the extra, unexpected mobility." (+1 Morale)

These characters are Optimistic after an Armor Break: Natsu, Yoshimitsu, Xiba, Edge Master, Voldo, Yun-Seong, Marth

  • Vengeful: "This character will not stand for the humiliation and indignity that losing their armor has done them. If (s)he must beat down a foe in their nethers, so be it!!" (+2 Morale)

These characters are Vengeful after an Armor Break: Patroklos, Cervantes, Raphael, Kunpaetku, Ulfric, Hilde

  • Aroused: "This character doesn't mind being stripped by their foe. In fact, (s)he may do the same to them. You have been warned." (Morale is set to 5)

These characters are Aroused after an Armor Break: Ivy

Notes on Morale:

  • A character's Morale will rise if (s)he steps in for a loved one or friend who was K.O.'d during a Team Match, or lower if (s)he must step in and face a friend or loved one during a Team Match. Morale is also affected by specific match-ups with characters (such as when Patroklos faces Tira), or after losing to a time-out or Ring Out, or even being tauned by a foe.
  • As a robot, Ashlotte never experiences Morale, and will never feel its effects.
  • Tira's Morale is always randomized after each Round. Low Morale will activate her Gloomy State, and give a boost to her attacks.
  • Facing a Boss always starts a player off with 2 Morale rather than 3.
  • Characters who get along or are friends in the Soul universe's canon/story will have reduced Morale when beginning a match against one another.
  • Characters who are enemies usually start with increased morale against one another. Exceptions exist, such as when Ivy faces Cervantes, or Patroklos/Pyrrha face one another.
  • Taunting an enemy when one's health is lower than their own may increase their Morale. Taunting an enemy whose health is lower may decrease their Morale. The opposite may hold true, depending on the specific Character being Taunted.
  • The higher the health an enemy had before (s)he was Ringed Out, the higher chance their Morale will increase for next Round.
  • A character may lose Morale when losing by Time Out.
  • Created Characters will never be Aroused or Humiliated after an Armor Break.
  • Created Characters of the Lizard base will always be Indifferent after an Armor Break.
  • Created Characters using the "Revenant" creation element (turning them into a Skeleton) will always be Discouraged after an Armor Break.

Character Creation

Character Creation will return in SC:Legacies, and largely mimics mechanics from SCII and SCV. DLC will be available for costume parts, and many items from prior games will return. Players will be able to create a Male, Female, or Lizard character. (unlocked by obtaining the Bonus Ending #3 for "Soul Searching"). The Lizard can only use a limited number of customization options compared to the others, but can use most fighting styles.

Clothing parts such as armor and robes return and bear statistics, though they alone do not change a character's alignment. Weapon styles from most of the Veteran Characters throughout the Soul Series are available, as are less-seen styles such as the Wave Sword and Berserker Axe. Weapon Styles make a return, and many from earlier games such as SCIII are present. Most in-game characters can be imitated with specific weaponry, but there are exceptions:

  • Algol - Unavailable entirely.
  • Aeon - The "Dual Axe" Style instead mimics Kratos, without any of Aeon's new "lizard-specific" attacks such as tail-swipes and bites. (Lizard-based Characters cannot use the "Dual Axe" Style)
  • Edge Master - The "Jack of All Trades" Style allows a Created Character to use all weapons, but none of them will be the "Master" weapons exclusive to Edge Master.
  • Kunpaetku - Unavailable, but it is inspired by the very similar Devil Jin style which makes a return in this game.
  • Ike - Unavailable entirely.
  • Lu Bu - Unavailable entirely.
  • Ulfric - His swordplay is not unique. A creation element called "Dragonborn" was to be implemented (and exists within the game's programming), to let a Created Character use Dragon Shouts like Ulfric, but this feature was scrapped due to time constraints.

Note on Character Classes:

Character classes return to the game, and depending on the items (and Voice) equipped to a Created Character, certain classes may be chosen (Pirate, Soldier, Assassin, etc.) for him or her. Depending on the chosen class of the character, (s)he may show up (have a cameo appearance) in Story Modes or Arcade Modes as an opponent or ally. Lastly, one Story Mode exists where a Created Character of any kind may take a starring role (below)

The Gauntlet (Story Mode, 1610 A.D.)

One of several stories featuring different characters. During The Gauntlet, when the Character you are controlling is K.O'd, their teammates, if any, arrive(s) to finish the fight. When a player loses the level, the familiar continue screen will ensue. When selecting The Gauntlet, A Storyline Select screen will ensue, and the Story Mode that triggers depends on what team is selected.

Teams selectable for the screen are: Schwarzwind, Humanity's Guide, Eastern Heroes, The Inquisition, Adrian,  Fygul Cestemus, Ancient Usurper (Unlockable), Independent (Pre-Order / DLC)

The following Story Modes are available:


Main Character: Viola
Teammates: Z.W.E.I., Hilde, Siegfried, Raphael
Difficulty: ☆☆☆
The most prominent and lengthy story; follows the young protagonist Viola as she unites with the mercenaries of Wolfkrone in searching for the cause of the Evil Seed, eventually working to save Wolfkrone and the Holy Roman Empire from the re-emerging Fygul Cestemus' ways of sacrifical bloodshed. Familiar friends and enemies of the pairing find themselves wrapped up in the chaos.

Humanity's Guide

Main Character: Spawn
Teammates: Zasalamel, Ulfric or Marth or Lu Bu or Created Character
Difficulty: ☆☆
While preparing for the eras ahead, Zasalamel has a vision of the Second Evil Seed; he summons heroes from another time and place to help him in the endeavor of stopping Soul Edge and preserving humanity. He eventually falls victim to the evil sword's power, and his proteges must stop Abyss from assaulting Europe.

The Adrian

Main Character: Dampierre
Teamates: Cervantes, Maxi
Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆
Dampierre observes the chaos surrounding the ongoing hostilities, and decides to play both sides and profit off of the situation. His brain eventually teams with the brawn of Cervantes and his pirates, and the newly-formed crew seeks out Soul Edge's shards to sell for a fortune. This shaky alliance does face a certain obstacle, however...

Fygul Cestemus

Main Character: Shura
Teammates: Kunpaetku, Tira, Ashlotte, Astaroth
Difficulty: ☆☆☆
After slaying a prominent Eastern general, Shura is contacted by the agents of Fygul Cestemus for her peerless ability as a cold-blooded killer. Fueled with promises of bloodshed and worthy foes, she becomes an agent provacateur for the Cultists, assassinating cowardly nobles and stirring up trouble across Europe. When the alliances are properly distracted by the "Malfested Crisis", the Cultists begin a horrifying new ritual: the rebirth of Soul Edge. The malevolent spirit in Shura begins to demand a new host so it may stand by her side, and she must decide whether to help Kunpaetku conquer Europe or betray him and claim the power of Soul Edge for herself.

The Inquisition

Main Character: Cassandra
Teammates: Patroklos, Ivy
Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆
Under the guidance of the veteran Cassandra, Ivy and Patroklos lead a new, albeit small, squadron of wannabe Holy Warriors, seeking to destroy the Malfested for the sake of their odd definition of "mercy killing". After finding (and dispatching) the source of the Malfested, the trio learn of the Fygul Cestemus and begin their quest to stop the Soul Edge...And eventually, the Soul Calibur.

Eastern Heroes

Main Character: Xiba
Teammates: Leixia, Natsu, Yoshimitsu, Maxi, Kilik
After repelling an assassin and rescuing Yan Wujin, Xiba is recruited by the general to combat the Malfested Crisis in Europe, citing his suspicions of the Soul Edge as the culprit. Xiba is given a shard of the Soul Edge, trusted with its protection alongside his friends Leixia and Natsu. Under the guidance of Yoshimitsu (and later his ex-guardian Maxi), Xiba sets out to uncover the source of the Malfested and save the kingdoms of Europe from the Fygul Cestemus. He will also gain hints to his original heritage...

Ancient Usurper

Main Character: Algol
Teammates: Talim, Johan
Difficulty: ☆☆
After the whole Soul Edge fiasco, the Hero King decides that the best way for peace to reign in Europe is for him to rule all of it himself. He thus goes on a one-man crusade against all of the monrchies that underestimated him.

This storyline is unlocked by completing the final battle of the Schwarzwind, Eastern Hero or Inquisition storylines with Algol. Algol only appears during the final fight as a last resort. if your entire team is killed.


Main Character: Aeon
Teammates: Pyrrha, Bangoo
Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆
Freeing himself from his bondage, Aeon's ensuing rampage is stopped short by a fresh young face that reminds him of his long-gone family. He decides to cut his own path across Europe, slaying any antagonists in his way, the only thing on his mind being protecting the young couple, and redemption. There are many threats in the way, those who would bring out the beast in him once again, and Aeon's is a constant and aloof struggle with the Soul Edge that has been in his spirit from day one, the merciless god that betrayed him, and the innocent lives he no longer wishes to take.

This storyline is only available as a DLC or Pre-Order of the game, alongside Pyrrha as a playable Character.

Accomplishments (Xbox1 Only)

Only one Character is unlocked per playthough, but most of the Characters can be unlocked by other means (such as Arcade Mode). The following Story Mode Accomplishments are as follows:

"Tragic Hero" - Destroy the last remaining hosts for Soul Edge (Complete "Soul Searching" after Pyrrha dies)
Unlocks: Pyrrha as a playable Character, Soul Calibur as a Legendary Weapon for Patroklos, Iai Sword as a Fighting Style, Demuth as a playable Character
"A Kiss from your Valentine" - Spare and befriend Ivy after destroying the Soul Edge (Complete "Soul Searching" after Siegfried dies)
Unlocks: Pyrrha as a playable Character, Soul Edge as a weapon for Siegfried, Alternate costume for Ivy, Sword & Board as a Fighting Style
"Round Table Legend" - Slay the Dragon Fafnir with Soul Calibur (Complete "Soul Searching" after Aeon dies, and do not help his "people")
Unlocks: Pyrrha as a playable Character, Dual Ax as a Fighting Style
"Bound to the Sword" - Defeat the Malfested Army with the upgraded Valentine (Complete "Soul Searching" with Ivy instead of Patroklos)
Unlocks: Hilde as a playable Character, Valentine(Completed) as a Legendary Weapon for Ivy, Snake Sword as a Fighting Style
"Lord of the Last Resort" - Defeat the Malfested Army with Algol (Complete "Soul Searching" with Algol)
Unlocks: Algol as a playable Character, "Regicide" as a playable questline
"Disregard Women, Acquire Currency"- Successfully raid Europe alongisde the dreaded Pirate Captain (Complete "Fortune Seeking" without betraying Cervantes)
Unlocks: Cervantes as a playable Character, Tricks & Lies as a Fighting Style
"Honorable Thief" - Side with Hilde and out-crook the conniving nobles and Cap'n (Complete "Fortune Seeking" after betraying Cervantes)
Unlocks: Hilde as a playable Character, Tricks & Lies as a Fighting Style
"Chosen Hero" - Fulfill Zasalamel's prophecy and save Europe (Complete "Ambition")
Unlocks: Zasalamel as a playable Character
"Usurper" - Take your rightful place as wielder of Soul Edge (Betray Kunpaetku and complete "Conquest")
Unlocks: Ashlotte as a playable Character
"Fygul Cestemus Initiate" - Help the Fygul Cestemus overtake Europe (Stay loyal to Kunpaetku and complete "Conquest")
Unlocks: Kunpaetku as a playable Character, Bladed Ring as a Fighting Style
"King Once Again" - Conquer all of Europe as Algol (Complete "Regicide")
Unlocks: Stream of Infinite Power as a Legendary Weapon for Algol, alternate costume for Algol
"Heart of the Underdog" - Earn the respect and blessing of General Yan Wujin (Complete "Journey to the Edge")
Unlocks: Kilik as a playable Character. Jingu Staff as a Legendary Weapon for Xiba
"Queen of the Lizards" - Discover a bizarre alternate ending! (Complete "Soul Searching", freeing Aeon's "people" before his death)
Unlocks: Pyrrha as a playable Character (If not unlocked already), Alternate costume for Pyrrha, Lizard base for Character Creation, Gyulkus as a Legendary Weapon for Pyrrha

Canon Changes

Some notable changes exist between the traditional Project Soul canon and that of this game:

  • Arthur is retconned to be in his thirties during the setting of this game; he thus becomes the successor to Mitsurugi and his moveset.
  • Cassandra is alive and well; her imprisonment in Astral Chaos has hardened her resolve and made her a more serious character.
  • The Masked Emperor is re-invented as the new, albeit temporary, ruler of Osthreinsburg in place of Graf Dumas.
  • All of the past incarnations of Aeon Calcos in earlier games make an appearance, thus confirming them as separate, generic Lizardmen. Aeon has also become sentient from obtaining the memories of his countless victims, and he is losing his ability to cope with his own monstrosity, wishing to become a mindless savage again.
  • Ares' presence can no longer be felt by the Fygul Cestemus; this is a major motivation for their attempting to recreate Soul Edge in his name. The disappearance of the God of War may be a hint at the canonity of Kratos in the Soul Series.
  • Wolfkrone is re-assembled with Hilde as its head; this is never really explored within the Story Modes, but it is generally hinted by the other characters that her kingdom is "slowly recovering". As previously stated, Dalkia, Maletta and Grandall are also hinted to exist.
  • Shura as a character is less flirtatious and sexual in her dialogue, and instead has speech reminiscent of the "Cold Assassin" voice from SCV. Her outfit, however, is largely unchanged, save for various concealed akin to her "predecessor", Ezio.
  • Patroklos' α form is never mentioned by name; instead, Patroklos always wields an Iai sword, with his prior sword-and-shield moveset split between Pyrrha and Bangoo. In fact, his joke weapon for this game is the Ugetsu Kageuchi belonging to his teacher, Setsuka.

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