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Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle
Legendary Battle.(alt poster)
Soulcalibur:Legendary Battle Poster
Developer(s) SoulGauger

Project Soul

Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Playstation 4
Released May 4 2016 (Japan)
May 8 2016 (US)
May 19 2016 (Europe)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL, Digital download
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega - Back in Time

Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle (ソウルキャリバー:伝説の戦い, Sourukyaribā: Densetsu no tatakai) is a game in the Soul series it will follow the events of the Legendary Warriors against the Helios Army summoned and leaded by Dark Leandra in the company of Henri and Edge Mistress

Legendary Battle

Somewhere on the earth in an abandoned castle the evil beeing Dark Leandra is making plans as she has the idea to call forward the deadly Helios Army she will be supprted by her two ally's Henri and Edge Mistress as they will lead the Helios army to invade the world and taking it over.

Soon my plan will take form as i will call the Helios Army from the Helios Realm and then no one will be able to stop me, not even that good natured Leandra will be able to hold me Dark Leandra spoke

soon also Henri and Edge Mistress arrived as they enter the room where Dark Leandra will keep the ceremony to bring the Helios Army from its realm

Sow your plan is to call a deadly army from another realm and why do you think they will do you biddings,.... Henri said

Thats because this army lives for causing death and destruction as it will help me conquer this world Dark Leandra said

When we rule this world.....  Henri interrupted

Whatever..... Dark Leandra spoke

I heard rumors about this army that they are very dangerous and will stop at nothing to kill everyone in their way Edge Mistress asked

This army comes from the helios realm where they live as i will summon a portal that will bring them to this location, but since its a giant army of thousands of creatures i will held the ceremony outside this room Dark Leandra said

Meanwhile outside the castle a stranger is listening to what the three are saying to eachother

The Helios invade earth, we are in for a big suprise a voice spoke

Inside Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress made the preperations for the ceremony to summon the deadly helios army as they went ouside to a location behind the castle as a shadow hides behind a wall as it sees the ceremony's beginning

I will call the Helios Army and then we will lead them to victory.......... Dark Leandra spoke

Then it stabbed her Soul Edge into the ground as it said

Dark forces of the helios realm i command you open the gate and let the Helios Army enter this world to invade it and to cause death and destruction Dark Leandra yelled

Suddenly a giant hole was appearing in front of Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress as a giant mass of creatures stepped out from the vortex as the shadow was looking thousands of creatures where coming out from the vortex

No......... this a catastrophe, if this army invade our world it will be the end of humanity as we know it........i must seek help the voice spoke as it disappreared

Meanwhile Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress

looked how the enormous Helios Army was marching from the vortex to the human world 

This is perfect................ we will rule the world...........and there is no power on this damn earth to stop us from taking it over Henri spoke

As we will invade this pathetic planet and bring chaos to it with this army Dark Leandra said,,,, as is walked up on the army and stoot in front of them as it yelled

Listen my army of destruction today we start with the invasion of this world and let no one stand between us and victory.....NOW MY ARMY MARCH FORWARD AND BEGIN DESTRUCTION

Henri and Edge Mistress where looking how the Helios Army marched underneath the gate of the castle as it was about to start chaos and destruction.

Meanwhile the message of the beginning of the Helios Army invasion had reached a serval people also as Siegfried was the first one to got the knowledge of this eadly army that was brought to earrh by Dark Leandra

Siegfried did alo knew that Dark Leandra wasn't the Original Leandra but a dark clone of her made by Soul Edge

We are in for a big invasion by an army this big we need help to win this battle, i will spread out a message over the earth and might it will bring together a group of warriors who can fight this army Siegfried spoke to Hilde

This was the beginning of a battle wich Siegfried had never fought before as he also needed help to lead this group of warriors as the news of the invasion was going around the world the first two warrior arrived at Siegfried's outpost these two warriors would lead togther with siegfried the battle against Dark Leandra and the Helios Army

The two other comanders where none less then Helen and Sakura as they had the experiance to lead a team into battle.

Within some hours more and more warriors gathered at Siegfried's outpost as he was making a plan togetehr with Helen and Sakura

We need more warriors to beat the helios army, the warriors i own myself are not enough Siegfried said

I also spreaded out the message to gain more warriors Sakura spoke

Also have i.. Helen said

The message of the Helios Army invasion also reached far beyond the landborder as it also reached japan and more lands

Siegfried was ready to lead the Legends in battle supported by  Helen and Sakura.

The Helios Army was causing mayor damage and chaos on the entire region as different warriors tried to beat them as the succeeded to draw them back but where unable to defeat them

a team of warriors Kilik. Maxi, Taki, Talim, Yun-seong and Seong Mi-na tried already to beat some of the creatures from the Helios Army but where also unable to beat them as they vanished

Man that was lame Maxi said

Yeah to beat an army this size we need more fighters to work together as one to beat this army Taki spoke

A guy named Siegfried is gathering a group of warriors to fight this army, we must go and assist him Seong Mi-na said

As the six warriors went off to join Siegfried's side somewhere else another warrior was fighting against the Helios Creatures

These guys are food for my blades and i love to feed my blades Shura spoke

Shura also heard of Siegfried's message as she also went off to join his side

I might be an evil woman that i know, but no one likes a death planet and there is also no one to battle then if this planet is empty she spoke in thoughts

Meanwhil the Helios Army gathered itself on the battlefield as Siegfried was in the company of allot of warrior he would call the Legends

Supported by his co leaders Helen and Sakura.he would bring victory with Legendary Warriors like Demon Sanya, Lexa, Kilina, Kisandra, Leandra, Steven, Owen, Xie Tian, Hotaru, Seres Saharah and others like Sophitia, Cassandra and Ivy as more Legends would join Siegfried's side

This would become one of the most intence battles for the survival of the earth

This was the start of THE LEGENDARY BATTLE


Legend Warriors



Dark Side

  • Dark Leandra
  • Henri
  • Edge Mistress
  • Helios Soldiers
  • Helios Elephant Army
  • Helios Army Generals
  • Helios Army Creatures
  • Helios SkeletonBeasts
  • The Helios Giant
  • The Helios Dragon


The Episodes:  if  one episode is cleared it will automatically switch to a new episode till all battles are completed it will switch again to the next episode

Opening Scene

As the Helios Army leaded by Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress are coming together to battle against the Legends they are marching to the battlefield as Siegfried and his Legendary Warriors making themselves up for a big battle against the helios army they will get company of more Legends as they standing all around Siegfried he will say This is it the battle to save earth, now may our victory bring back peace on earth......., Lets go!!!!!!!!

All of the legendary warriors will take up their weapons as they are standing in front of the biggest army they ever saw as Helen will say LEGENDS ATTACK.............

As all legendary warriors running towards the Helios army to defeat them once and for all

End of scene

  • Episode 1 - Leaders First

Siegfried Helen and Sakura are taking on a group of helios creatures as the legendary battle begins

  • Battle 1 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Siegfried Helen and Sakura
  • Opponents: 5 small Helios Creatures and 4 Big Helios Creatures (weapons: swords)

  • Episode 2 - Demonic Assault

Next up to battle are Demon Sanya and Lexa as they have joined this battle to fight for the good side

  • Battle 2 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Demon Sanya and Lexa
  • Opponents: 7 big Helios Creatures (weapons: Giant Ax's)

  • Episiode 3 - Unlikely Allies

Ivy and Cervantes hate eachother but in this case they team up to assist in the Legendary Battle

  • Battle 3 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Ivy and Cervantes
  • Opponents: 6 small Helios Creatures and 6 big Helios Creatures (weapons: swords and rods)

  • Episode 4 - Like Old Times

Xianghua, Kilik and Maxi are also fighting alongside the other legends as they formed a team just like the old days

  • Battle 4 (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Playable characters: Xianghua, Kilik and Maxi
  • Opponents: 8 small Helios Creatures and 7 Helios Soldiers (weapons: rods and swords)

  • Episode 5 - Sister's Trust

Now its up to Kilina and Kisandra to take part in the battle as they will have faith in eachother and a fawless victory

  • Battle 5 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Kilina and Kisandra
  • Opponets: 9 Big Helios Creatures and 4 Helios Soldiers (weapons: Ax's, rods and swords)

  • Episode 6 - Rivals United

Two rivals, four swords, as Leandra and Shura will be united as one to battle against the Helios Army and take out all whats is needed to succeed

  • Battle 6 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Leandra and Shura
  • Opponents; 7 small Helios Soldiers and 9 Big Helios Creatures (weapons: swords and Ax's)

  • Episode 7 - The Greek Battlestyle

Sophitia and Cassandra have their hands full with the upcoming Helios Soldiers but they are sisters who can overcome this battle

  • Battle 7 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Sophitia and Cassandra
  • Opponents: 14 small Helios Soldiers (weapons: swords and double ax's)

  • Episode 8 - The Battle with the Rods

The battle against the Helios Army is getting bigger as more Helios Soldiers and Creatures appearing on the battlefield but Owen and Seong Mi-na will beat them all as they are battling with their Rods

  • Battle 8 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Owen and Seong Mi-na
  • Opponents: 5 Helios Creatures and 6 Big Helios Creatures (weapons: swords and rods)

  • Episode 9 - The Sword and the Fist

Steven who is the company of Xie Tian must show their own skills in battle as they have allot to fight against as the first Helios General appears

  • Battle 9 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Steven and Xie Tian
  • Opponents: 4 small Helios Soldiers, 3 Big Helios Creatures and 1 Helios General (weapons: swords, double ax's and heavy ax)

  • Episode 10 - The Shadows of Taki

Taki the ninja with her strong powerfull attacks has no trouble beating the Helios Soldiers on her own as more and more soldiers are trying to attack her she defend herself like a pro

  • Battle 10 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Taki
  • Opponents: 15 small Helios Soldiers (weapons: double ax's)


While the legends are taking om the Helios Army Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress are looking over the place  from a distance as the Helios Army fights of the Legends

This was my best plan i ever made sow far Dark Leandra said

Yeah its going very well as soon this planet is ours to take over  Henri said

If you thought this was the entire Helios Army you are wrong cause this army has also bigger enemies to bring,... send in the reinforcements  Dark Leandra yelled

While Siegfried fights off some Helios Soldiers Sakura runs towards him as she yelled Our problems are just getting bigger as Siegfried looks another army dropped from the vortex made by Dark Leandra this army was in the possesion of enormous weird looking elephants as he saw them entering the batttlefied Siegfried had to make a plan to take them down

As Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress saw the elephant army was invading also henri said Its time to get involved into the battle Edge Mistress get there and help out the army

As you wish Edge Mistress spoke as she joined in and her first opponent was waiting for her as it was Edge Master

Alright let's see what you can do Edge Master said

End of cutscene

  • Episode 11 - Battle of the Edges

Edge Master and Edge Mistress are standing against eachother as behind them the battle continues, as both fighters are ready to battle

  • Battle 11 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Edge Master
  • Opponents: Edge Mistress (weapons: zweihander, rapier, katana)

  • Episode 12 - The Angel from the other World

Seres Saharah an angel from a distant place joined the Legendary Battle to make sure the Helios Army would not invade her homeworld aswell, she will stay at the side of the legends till this battle is over

  • Battle 12 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Seres Saharah
  • Opponents: 5 small Helios Creatures and 4 Big Helios Creatures (weapons: swords and rods)

  • Epsiode 13 - The Elephant Breakdown

Siegfried and Sakura need a plan to take down the first elephant as Maxi and Cassandra joined them to take the plan into action as the elephant storms upon them the four warriors jump aboard the elephant and start their battle to reach the elephants head where the driver is located

  • Battle 13 (the elephant battle is a battle spot wich the players must reach the elephants head to take out the driver as it is protected by a serval horde of Helios soldiers)
  • Playable characters: Siegfried, Sakura, Maxi and Cassandra
  • Opponents: 3 hordes of small Helios Soldiers and 1 elephant driver (weapons swords and 1 bow)

  • Episode 14 - Amy's Stand Alone

Some Helios Creatures are attacking Amy as she is all alone and no one can get to her as they all are busy fighting off the Helios Army themselves as all the sudden Raphael joins in to save his foster daughter

  • Battle 14 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Amy and Raphael
  • Opponents: 9 small Helios Soldiers (weapons: double ax's)

  • Episode 15 - The Sword Umbrella Strike

Setsuka owns a sword umbrella as she is busy fighting her own battle against the Helios Army as she runned towards a group of soldiers and hits them one by one with her sword as the Helios Soldiers are defeated but more are coming towards her as she prepared herself for a new battle as the second Helios General appears along with a group of Helios Soldiers

  • Battle 15 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Setsuka
  • Opponents: 6 small Helios Soldiers and 1 Helios General (weapons: rods and giant ax)

  • Episode 16 - Hilde

The princess of wolfkrone heard the rumors bout te Helios Army invasion and lefted her kingdom to take part in the Legendary Battle while arriving on the battlefield she sees other legends fighting against the Helios Army and stepped forward to enter the legendary battle at the side of Siegfried

  • Battle 16 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Hilde
  • Opponents: 7 small Helios Soldiers and 4 big Helios Creatures (weapons: double ax's and katara's)

  • Episode 17 - A New Elephant Problem

A giant elephant runs towards the legends to attack as Sophitia, Rock, Mitsurugi and Talim jumps aside to avoid the elephant attack, Sophitia sees that others have brought down one of the elephants as she understand what to do as the four warriors jumps aboard the elepnant to do the same what Siegfried did before

  • Battle 17 (elephant battle)
  • Playable characters: Sophitia, Rock, Mitsurugi and Talim
  • Opponents: 5 hordes of Helios Soldiers and 1 elephant driver (weapons: swords and giant double ax's)

  • Episode 18 - Yoshimitsu's Battle

Yoshimitsu leader of a clan joined the side of Siegfried to prevent that the Helios Army would locate his village and made the journey to join the legendary battle along with the other legends, as he sees a group of giant Helios Creatures are coming towards him he calms his mind as he says: Evil doer... you shall repent!

  • Battlle 18 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Yoshimitsu
  • Opponents: 5 big Helios Creatures (weapons: giant swords)

  • Episode 19 - Shura's Rivalry

Shura who defeated already allot of Helios Soldiers can't stop battling as she enjoys it, after her team up with her rival Leandra she wanted to battle alone again as she is a one powered force that can beat an entire army on her own.

As Shura is busy again to beat up her opponents Leandra joins in again as Shura says I don't need your help anymore, and i work alone

But Leandra joined her again to make their rivalry a bit stronger

Come on don't talk just fight Leandra said

Then a new Helios General appears as Shura says Fine...., just don't get in my way

  • Battle 19 (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Playable characters: Shura and Leandra
  • Opponents: 8 small Helios Creatures and 1 Helios General (weapons: katara's and giant ax)

  • Episode 20 - Yun-seong's Breakout

While the other legends haveing not much trouble to beat up the Helios Army Yun-seong can't get rid of the Helios Creatures that are coming towards him as he slaps his sword they coming closer and closer as the Creatures are closing in Yun-seong Kisandra joins in as she says Get back you ugly creatures and leave him alone

Yun-seong thanks Kisandra for saving him and together they are ready to beat up these creatures

  • Battle 20 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Yun-seong and Kisandra
  • Opponents: 8 Helios Creatures (weapons: katara's)


Almost the complete Helios Army had arrived as Edge Mistress returns from the battlefield and joins Dark Leandra and Henri And how did it go.....? Henri asked

I was beated but i could get away as my opponent was trying to finish me off Edge Mistress spoke

This battle is going well, soon all those pathetic sow called Legends will be out of our way Dark Leandra said

Helen who was looking around spotted the three leaders of the Helios Army as she said Henri you are here aswell

Helen grabs her sword and runs towards Henri to kill him but Xie Tian stops her as he says No...... don't do it if you are attacking Henri right now you would be killed by the other two who are with need to wait til there is a plan of approach Xie Tian said

But..........I....... Helen helen said as she looked up to Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress

Not now Xie Tian spoke

Helen and Xie Tian returns to the battlefield as Owen is attacked by a serval Helios Soldiers Xie Tian says

Come on Helen, our son need us as the rest of the other Legends

End of cutscene

  • Episode 21 - Saving Owen

Helen and Xie Tian are off to help their son Owen as he was trapped by a group of Helios Soldiers after Seong Mi-na got her own battles to do sow she could not help Owen out as his parents arrived in time to help out

  • Battle 21 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Helen, Xie Tian and Owen
  • Opponents 12 small Helios Soldiers (weapons: swords)

  • Episode 22 - A General Battle

Siegfried took down one of the giant elephants with three others as he fights alone now against a few Helios Soldiers as all the sudden three Helios Generals arrive to take down Siegfried as Hilde joins him to deal with the Generals

  • Battle 22 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Siegfried and Hilde
  • Opponents: 3 Helios Generals (weapons: giant double ax's)

  • Episode 23 - Zasalamel's Future Sight

The strong and powerfull Zasalamel uses his death scythe to attack the Helios Army as he takes out every Soldier one by one as a giant elephant storms in upon Zasalamel as he knows he have to take out this giant on his own.

Zasalamel stares to the upcoming elephant as he closes his eys as he says: I see your downfall coming as he jumps on the elephant to take out the horde of Helios Soldiers and the driver and with that the elephant

  • Battle 23 (elephant battle)
  • Playable character: Zasalamel
  • Opponents: 5 hordes of Helios Soldiers and 1 elephant driver (weapons: rods and a giant sword)

  • Episode 24 - The Demon and The Samurai

Lexa the female Demon and her partner Demon Sanya where seperated during their battle against the Helios Soldiers and Demon Sanya fights as he is helped by MaxiLexa will need also some help as Mitsurugi joins her to assist as Mitsurugi looks to Lexa he thinks cool costume

  • Battle 24 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Lexa and Mitsurugi
  • Opponents: 3 Helios Soldiers, 4 small Helios Creatures and 4 Big Helios Creatures (weapons: ax's, swords and giant ax)

  • Episode 25 - Snake Sword Assistance

Cassandra has a hard time right now as she fights off a horde of Helios Soldiers and Creatures but they keep on coming as Cassandra was almost closed in as all the sudden small metallic blades are starting to appear and defeat a horde of Helios Creatures as Cassandra looks up she sees that Ivy lands next to her as she says Lets take out these pests

  • Battle 25 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Cassandra and Ivy
  • Opponents: 10 Helios Soldiers and 10 Helios Creatures (weapons: rods and katara's)

  • Episode 26 - The Master and the Student

Kilik has joined Edge Master as they must fight of the next Helios General as he is in the company of a big horde of Helios Creatures, Kilik must work together with his Master to beat the Helios General and his company

  • Battle 26 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Kilik and Edge Master
  • Opponents: 12 Helios Creatures and 1 Helios General (weapons: katara's and giant sword)

  • Episode 27 - Maxi's Super Moves

Maxi on his own must fight off a bunch of Helios Soldiers but these Soldiers are half Skeleton and half Beast and they are equipped with new weapons, Maxi prepars himself for a new duel

  • Battle 27 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Maxi
  • Opponents: 5 Helios SkeletonBeasts (weapons: swords and shields)

  • Episode 28 - The Sharp Claws of Sakura

Sakura fights together with Helen against a group of Helios Soldiers as Helen is drawn away from Sakura a big group of Helios Creatures are gathering around Sakura as she is about to be closed in as also a Helios General appears to battle Sakura but this lady is not planning to give herself up as she makes herself ready to fight this horde and the Helios General

  • Battle 28 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Sakura
  • Opponents: 12 Helios Soldiers and 1 Helios General (weapons: rods and giant double ax's)

  • Episode 29 - Wish of the Demon

Demon Sanya fights against a group of helios SkeletonBeasts with his Zweihander, after he has defeated them all he says: Is this it?......i need more

The wish of Demon Sanya was about to come true as 4 Helios Generals appear as he said

Me and my big mouth

  • Battle 29 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Demon Sanya
  • Opponents 4 Helios Generals (weapons: giant ax's)

  • Episode 30 - Legends Breakdown

Siegfried Helen and Sakura are looking around as they see the Helios Army is getting bigger as they need a plan to stop this invasion they see that all other fighters are starting to get tired

We need to do something but what...... Siegfried said

This battle is getting more intense............and the others are getting tired but they will never give up i know that Helen spoke

We need to start by the source, those three up there Sakura said

As it wasn't enough Siegfried Helen and Sakura are getting attacked by some Helios Soldiers as the three need to handle this off

  • Battle 30 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Siegfried Helen and Sakura
  • Opponents: 5 Helios Soldiers (weapons: katara's)


Sophitia and Cassandra are fighting off the Helios Army as Dark Leandra mentions the strength of the Alexandra Sisters

Those two are are team and are getting closer to my location, i need to stop them Dark Leandra spoke

You better come with a plan to make this battle reach its maximum Edge Mistress said

And i will, cause i have one more trumpcard left and this one will crush all those pathetic Legends Dark Leandra spoke with a smile

Henri watches over as he thinks............. This plan might work as i am curious what Dark Leandra is up to

Dark Leandra then steps forward and jumped of the cliff as she attacked Sophitia and Cassandra


Cassandra................ watch out Sophitia yelled as she wanted to help her sister but was kicked away also, as Dark Leandra steps forward and says Now Watch........

Dark Leandra stabs her Soul Edge into the ground as speaks out another spell, the the ground started to crack open as an enormous hand erupts from the crater as also a very Giant Creature appears from the crater as Dark Leandra says

You fools meet your end,,,,,,,,,,the Helios Giant he will crush you all Dark Leandra spoke and vanished

All of the Legend Warriors are looking how the Helios Giant is climbing out of the crater as the all look to the enormous Giant

What the............ Maxi spoke Kilik yelled

Shura sees the Helios Giant approaching as she says Finally a worthy challenge for me and me alone.........

Shura steps forward upon the approaching giant as the others see what Shura is doing

Shura get will be killed by that thing Leandra yelled

Don't try to stop me............, This creep is mine and mine alone sow do not try to help me Leandra

This is Shura's end she can't win Seong Mi-na yelled

Just watch me little girl Shura spoke as she stepped on to the Helios Giant as the other Legends needed to stop the rest of the Helios Army as Leandra watches how Shura was about to fight the Helios Giant

Let her go Leandra, if she needs help we will assist her Siegfried spoke as he was attacking some Helios Soldiers assisted by Leandra

End of cutscene

  • Episode 31 - The Helios Giant

Shura wants to beat this enormous giant on her own as no one is allowed to help her as she prepars herself to attack she sees that the Helios Giant is equipped with two enormous swords as it stands before Shura and she looks him right into his eyes 

as Shura says to the Helios Giant: Youre mine............

  • Battle 31 (1 out of 1 round - this battle takes place on entire an open battlefield (like shadow of the colossus) as you must climb on the Helios Giant to find his weak spots, everytime you hit a weak spot he will throw you off as you must climb back on him to find the next weak spot, but if you are on the ground the Helios Giant will attack you with his enormous swords wich will cause allot of damage)
  • Playable character: Shura
  • Opponent: The Helios Giant (weapons: 2 enormous swords)

After the Helios Giant is defeated it will fall apart as Shura jumps down as she lands on the ground and walks away she puts her swords in her steaths as she walks further the Helios Giant explodes and Shura will say That felt great

  • Episode 32 - Kilina's Outrage

Kilina is mad and very mad as she smashes all of the Helios Soldiers that are around away from her as a new Helios General appears Kilina becomes even more frustrated as she says Bring it on

  • Battle 32 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Kilina
  • Opponent: 1 Helios General (weapons: giant double ax's)

  • Episode 33 - The Kilik Style

Kilik fights with his old trusty Kali-Yuga Rod as he is a master with this style as he beats one after one Helios Creature as a horde of SkeletonBeats coming towards him it was time to show the real Kilik Style

As he pointed his finger to the upcoming SkeletonBeats he says: Time for a new battle with the Kali-Yuga

  • Battle 33 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Kilik
  • Opponents: 12 Helios SkeletonBeasts (weapons: Katara's and swords)

  • Episode 34 - Owen's Revenge

Owen who hadn't forgotten the last battle when he was saved by his parents as he wants revenge on the Helios as he runs towards a group of battling Helios Soldiers who where fighting against Sophitia as Owen rushes in and says: Dear lady.............., allow me to assist you

  • Battle 34 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Sophitia and Owen
  • Opponents: 8 Helios Soldiers (weapons: swords and shields)

  • Episode 35 - Talim's Wind Dance

Talim who assisted three others to take down one of the Helios Elephants is a wind goddess as a groups of SkeletonBeasts and Helios Soldiers wants to attack her she preforms her dance and made a giant wind blast that knocked out all of the SkeletonBeasts and the Soldiers at once.

But more are coming as Talim says:Wind guide me

  • Battle 35 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Talim
  • Opponents: 4 Helios SkeletonBeasts and 4 Helios Soldiers (weapons: katara's and rods)

  • Episode 36 - Xianghua's Joking

As Xianghua battles on her own against one Helios Soldier he falls down as Xianghua starts to laugh and makes fun of the Helios Soldier but more are coming near her as she says: Just Kidding

  • Battle 36 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Xianghua
  • Opponents: 3 Helios Soldiers and 2 Helios Creatures (weapons: swords and ax's)

  • Episode 37 - Memory's from the Past

Leandra battles on her own as she used her skills what she learned in all of her years beeing a fighter as all the sudden Cervantes interfears with Leandra's battle.

As Leandra sees him standing there she thinks back at the moments she was his student and how he killed her parents that was something she never could forgive him, but these times where different as she joins him in battle and when Leandra looks to Cervantes and he looks back she says:

This doesn't change anything between us

  • Battle 37 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Leandra and Cervantes
  • Opponents: 4 Helios SkeletonBeasts and 3 Helios Creatures (weapons: sword and shield and katara's)

  • Episode 38 - A Friendly Duel

Seong Mi-na and Yun-seong are battling together as they are hoding a liitle contest who could beat the most Helios Soldiers, as Yun-seong has beated up more then Seong Mi-na he says: Looks like i win But more Creatures are showing up as Seong Mi-na says: Think again i am going to beat you

  • Battle 38 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Seong Mi-na and Yun-seong
  • Opponents: 10 Helios Soldiers and 6 Helios Creatures (weapons: ax's and swords)

  • Episode 39 - A General Beatdown Part 1

Taki, Rock and Zasalamel are battling as a team against a horde of Helios SkeletonBeasts as more and more are coming Zasalamel uses his magic to open a new vortex and sends them away as it closes he says: I could only use this once

But not all Helios SkeletonBeasts are defeated by Zasalamel's attack as Taki defeats the last remaining Beasts, Then Dark Leandra appears as she summons 3 Helios Generals to deal with Taki, Rock]] and Zasalamel as Dark Leandra vanishes it said Destroy them

As the three are seeing the Helios Generals appearing they are equipped with heavy armor and enormous swords and a new battle begins

  • Battle 39 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Taki, Rock and Zasalamel
  • Opponents: 3 heavy armored Helios Generals (weapons: enormous swords)

  • Episode 40 - A General Beatdown Part 2

As soon as the last of the 3 was beated Dark Leandra will appear again as it will say: Fools........, its not over yet as it raised its Soul Edge to the air and another portal opened as a enormous creature falls out, it is a giant Helios General this one is equipped with a serval weapons and its also heavy armored, Dark Leandra vanishes again as it will say: Good luck with destroying this General, cause this is the strongest General the Helios Army possesses

As this enormous General attack it knocks out Rock and Zasalamel as Taki is on her own now to take out this heavy armored General

I must defeat this creature on my own  Taki nodded

  • Battle 40 (1 out of 1 round - Taki must beat this General by destroying its armor first to show its weak spot, as this General will use a various amount of weapons wich he can switch during battle)
  • Playable character: Taki
  • Opponents: the Master Helios General (weapons: various)


Taki beats the master General of the Hlios Army as Dark Leandra sees it happening

NO!!!!!!, those pathetic legends are stronger then i thought as they almost beated all of the Helios Army but not yet all of them as i can summon even more, but i am going there myself as i will take them out one by one starting with that pathetic Leandra as the rest will follow later on.. Dark Leandra spoke

But Henri who is also looking what Taki did he says: Soon we are out of Soldiers and Creatures, sow what are we going to do

All Generals are beaten we have still three elephants left from the six we had.........and it goes down by the minute Edge Mistress interrupted

Dark Leandra jumps of the cliff and attacks Leandra as she was able to hold off her attack by crossing her swords in time as Dark Leandra yelled: This time i'll take you on by myself and i will destroy you once and for all

You know that good always wins and this time it will be no exeption Leandra spoke

SHUT UP and die.............. Dark Leandra yelled to Leandra as it attacked again and again

On the cliff Henri and Edge Mistress saw Helen as Henri said: Edge Mistress take down that woman helen for me as she is gone there will be two less to worry about

As you wish Edge Mistress said to Henri and jumped of the cliff and attacked Helen but she was also a tough one as she hold off the attack of Edge Mistress

Meanwhile Leandra brought Dark Leandra on her knee's but raised up and smashed Leandra away as she vanished again as it said

Don't think this battle is over yet

Dark Leandra summons a few more hordes of Helios Soldiers, SkeletonBeasts and Helios Creatures from the Helios Realm as it says

Enjoy this Leandra..........

End of cutscene

  • Episode 41 - Leandra Unarmed

Dark Leandra sended a horde of Helios SkeletonBeasts upon Leandra

as one of the Beasts hits her and looses her Master Dual Swords as they where stolen by the SkeletonBeast, with her swords stuck on the back of the SkeletonBeast Leandra has to find a way to get her weapons back as her brother Steven arrived

Lost your weapons sis...,Hold on i will get them back Steven said

The horde of SkeletonBeasts are standing around Steven and Leandra as Steven attacks the beasts and a new battle starts

  • Battle 41 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Steven
  • Opponents: 10 Helios SkeletonBeasts (weapons: katara's)

  • Episode 42 - The Fourth Elephant

As the legends where able to bring down three of the six elephants still three are around as it was time to take down the fourth one. as one elephant runs towards Kilina who battles one Helios Soldier as Kisandra sees it happeing she doesn't hesitate and pushed away Kilina but Kisandra got trapped in one of the ropes that are hanging on the elephant.

Kilina sees that her sister is now in trouble and jumps aboard the elephant as soon she had the chance, the only way to save Kisandra Kilina has to take out the driver as she is ready to take this giant beast down 

  • Battle 42 (elephant battle)
  • Playable character: Kilina
  • Opponents: 4 hordes of small Helios Soldiers and 1 elephant driver (weapons rods and 1 giant sword)

  • Episode 43 - Back Attack

Raphael who saved Amy from the Helios Army battles alone right now as he sees that Amy can handle her own fights as he turns away he was about to be attacked from behind but Raphael steps aside as he says: You missed

As the same Helios Creature attacked again as Raphael's battle begins

  • Battle 43 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Raphael
  • Opponents: 4 Helios Creatures (weapons: katara's)

  • Episode 44 - Setsuka's Calm Mind

Setsuka who defeated allot of Helios Soldiers on her own, Makes herself a queen of the battlefield as every Helios Soldier and Creature is defeated by her umbrella sword.

As she sees some creatures coming towards her she closes her eyes and calms her mind as she opens her eyes all Helios Creatures are defeated by her fast handling as another group of Helios Creatures coming towards her she makes herself ready to battle again

  • Battle 44 (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Playable character: Setsuka
  • Opponents: 7 Helios Creatures (weapons: double ax's)

Episode 45 - The Battle with Edge Mistress

As the legends are beating down the Helios Army Henri sended in Edge Mistress to battle with the Helios Army against the Legends after awhile Edge Mistress confronts Helen as she was battling against some Helios Soldiers 

Helen,youre mine......... Edge Mistress said as she pointed her sword to her

Helen defeated the Helios Soldier and stoot against Edge Mistress as a battle between two powerfull opponents was about to start

  • Battle 45 (5 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable character: Helen
  • Opponent: Edge Mistress (weapons: various)

After the battle Helen defeated Edge Mistress as helen steps on to Edge Mistress and pointed her sword to the defeated Edge Mistress as she says;"Its over...... i won and now you will perrish

Just as Helen wants to deliver the final blow the attack was stopped by Henri as he said: Enough

You defeated Edge Mistress, but i can't allow you to kill her Henri said

Helen dropped her sword and Henri and Edge Mistress vanished by the doings of Dark Leandra who saw it all happen

  • Episode 46 - Rise of the Helios Dragon

Dark Leandra has found a way to summon one more enormous creature from the Helios Realm as it raises her Soul Edge and took the souls of the two remaining elephants and also that of its driver as it was enough to summon another enormous creature from the Helios Realm Dark Leandra spoke some words as a new portal opened and another giant creature came out from it

The Helios Giant wasn't strong enough..........., But this beast will take you all down by destroying you all with his flamebreath Dark Leandra yelled as she vanished again

The creature what came out of the portal was a giant enormous Dragon it was flying around and made a terrifying roar as the legends saw the enormous Dragon flying around it unleashed its flamebreath and made the legends do a step back but Leandra and Cervantes where trapped inside the circle of fire made by the Helios Dragon.

Leandra and Cervantes where the only one's who could stop the Dragon as it didn't passed the line of fire

I hope you are up for this my student......... Cervantes spoke

Student....!!, those times are far behind me Leandra said

The Helios Dragon came lower towards Leandra and Cervantes as once again Leandra had to team up with her enemy as it was her only chance to bring down this enormous Dragon.

  • Battle 46 (1 out of 1 round - dragon battle) - this battle is almost the same as the battle (with the Helios Giant) as you must find its weak spots, only the Helios Dragon has 5 weak spots to find and when you are on the ground the Helios Dragon will shoot its firebreath towards you what will cause allot of damage)
  • Playable characters: Leandra and Cervantes
  • Opponent: The Helios Dragon (ablilty: a powerfull firebreath)

If the Helios Dragon is defeated by Leandra or Cervantes it will crash on the ground and it will vanish by showing blue/purple flames coming from its body

  • Episode 47 - Discovery of the Power Gems

After the Helios Dragon was defeated by Leandra and Cervantes, still the battle wasn't over as Helios Soldiers, Helios Creatures and Helios SkeletonBeasts are still around and the Legends are still battling as a group of SkeletonBeasts are coming towards Sophitia andKisandra.

Kisandra attacks but missed and hitted the ground while swinging away the ground Kisandra noticed a strange shining object in the ground but she didn't have time to look at it as she and Sophitia must beat the upcoming horde of Helios SkeletonBeasts

  • Battle 47 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Sophitia and Kisandra
  • Opponents: 12 Helios SkeletonBeasts (weapons: double ax's)

After Kisandra beated the last SkeletonBeast she walks back to the spot where the strange light was located as it was still there and picked it up as she looked to it she was thinking: What are these..?

  • Episode 48 - Taking Down the Helios Army Part 1

As Kisandra showed the strange stone to Siegfried he knew what it was as he said

This is a Power Gem a very powerfull stone that can upgrade your weapon ability's for a short time aa it will make you faster in combat it can even destroy an enemy in one single hit no matter wich weapon you use, but a long time ago these gems disappeared and never where found again till today this might be our chance to take down te Helios Army and with it also their leaders

Siegfried wasn't barely finished as a new group of Helios Soldiers and Helios Creatures attacked him as he was holding the Gem in his hands he said: Lets test this out as he merged the Power Gem with his blade and started to light up as a new battle begins

  • Battle 48 (1 out of 1 round)
  • Playable character: Siegfried
  • Opponents: 5 Helios Soldiers and 5 Helios Creatures

Siegfried used the power of the Power Gem as Kisandra had found more Power Gems as she sneaked out to locate more Gems as she was able to find 5 more Power Gems she gave them to Siegfried

Good work Kisandra, now we may have a great oppertunity to take down the Helios Army

  • Episode 49 - Taking Down the Helios Army Part 2

While other Legends are holding off the Helios Army Siegfried took a couple of Legends with him to talk with as they need to hurry to start their plan to take down the Helios Army.

Siegfried who was holding the Power Gems which where found by Kisandra, as Siegfried started to explain his plan to his assembled team this team was existing with Kisandra, Taki, Helen, Setsuka and Leandra

Listen up, the power gems i have here can make an end to this Helios Army but we have to do it in ONE FINAL attack since we need different angles to attack i have chosen you to use these 5 remaining Power Gems to charge up your weapons and finish it as we will use a combined attack, but as you know i already used up mine sow its up to the five of you Siegfried told 

Siegfried started to give the power gems to one of the five Legends.

Kisandra, with your vertical attack you can unleash a powerfull attack with this Gem

Taki, your ground attack will also be of great help use this gem to make a powerful ground attack''

Helen, your leadership next to me showed me a real leader thats why must use this gem on your sword to make also a vertical attack to combine it with the attacks of the other members

Setsuka, your speed can unleash a powerfull and fast attack from your blade use this gem to power up your blade and merge your attack with the others

As Siegfried wants to throw the last Power Gem to Leandra and explain as Shura walks by and catches the last Power Gem as she said;; I know what to do, sow leave out the explainings

Leandra looked to Shura who merged the last Power Gem with her Katana's as she said: Sorry Leandra, but i am allot better with the sword then you

Leandra didn't say anything and joined the other Legends to hold off the Helios Army long enough to let the others make the ultimate attack that might could take out the Entire Helios Army.

As Siegfried was readying his team the others stii, fought off the Army as Kilik and Cassandra where battling along with Rock and Talim to hold off a bunch of Helios SkeletonBeasts and Helios Soldiers as new battle started 

  • Battle 49 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable characters: Rock and Talim
  • Opponents: 12 Helios Creatures and 12 Helios Soldiers (weapons: rods and swords and shields)

Meanwhile Siegfried instructed the others to strike as one to beat the remaining Helios Army thug as they stoot ready to attack and to combine it

Get strike Siegfried said

  • Episode 50 - Taking Down the Helios Army Part 3

Siegfried and his team stoot ready execpt Leandra who returned to the battlefield as Shura took the last Power Gem as she was also ready to attack and combining it with the other 4 (Kisandra, Taki, Helen and Setsuka)

While the other Legends where still battling the Helios Army Siegfried said

Team........ DO IT NOW, combine all of your attacks into one

Kisandra, Taki, Helen, Setsuka and Shura did their attacks and the attack was successfull as the streams of the Power Gems where combined into one in the form of a white glow what was spreading itself over the entire battlefield and it took out all of the Helios Soldiers, Helios Creatures and the Helios SkeletonBeasts as the Legends where not harmed during the attack as the Power Gems only could destroy evil.

While the White energy stream vanished slowly, Dark Leandra saw that the entire Helios Army was defeated by the energy stream that came from the Power Gems used by Siegfried's chosen team as she became furious about the defeat of the Helios Army

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! army.....................its.................been......... Dark Leandra wanted to say as Henri interrupted Defeated.....,yeah i can see that to

Looks like your plan has failed......... Edge Mistress said to  Dark Leandra

Meanwhile the other Legends where looking around how the white energy was almost vanished and with it all of the Helios Army

Looks like we won.......... Sophitia said

That blast took out every soldier and also every other Helios thug Maxi spoke

This is a great victory and also we saved the earth Hilde said

As Siegfried joined the rest of the Legends with the five Legends that where able to do the impossible make one giant attack and defeat all of the Helios Army, Shura did the attack along with Kisandra, Taki, Helen and Setsuka and where thanked by the rest of the Legends besides Leandra she was not in the mood to celebrate yet as she knew the battle was not over yet

Listen we beated the Helios Army, but do not forget we still have Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress to deal with as they will not rest till we are all defeated Leandra said

She's right we have to deal with those three and i have the feeling we will meet them very soon Siegfried said

All the sudden Dark Leandra, Henri and Edge Mistress appeared in front of the Legends as Dark Leandra spoke

You foolish idiots beated my army, but do not think this battle is over now you have to face us in battle

As Edge Mistress stepped forward as she pointed her finger to Sophitia as Edge Mistress said

You.......... i will kill you right now and after that i will take you pathetic sister Cassandra down aswell

You fiend............. i will battle you myself and i will defeat you first Sophitia said

A new battle started for Sophitia against Edge Mistress as Dark Leandra pointed her finger to Leandra and said

After this we will settle the score.............'

After the battle Sophitia and Edge Mistress runned towards eachother and clashed swords with eachother as Sophitia said: You can never beat me cause you are at the side of evil and with that you are already beaten and leave my sister Cassandra out of this talk to much Edge Mistress said

Edge Mistress and Sophitia where able to do one more attack as the battle made them tired as Sophitia and Edge Mistress attacked echother Edge Mistress fell down and was beated as Sophitia looked behind her and said: Now where is all the tough talk not beaten yet Edge Mistress said and struggled to get back up but she fell down again: Its over...... Sophitia said and walked of can't just walk away from a battle..........., i can still fight Edge Mistress yelled


Sophitia joined the other Legends again as the winner of this battle against the Edge Mistress as Henri stepped forward but he wasn't about to take on the Legends as he said: I have enough we are leaving Edge Mistress, the plan of Dark Leandra has failed and we will get back to our own mission whatever that may be but i am not staying here any longer

Dark Leandra was getting more furious as it saw Henri and Edge Mistress taking off leaving Dark Leandra behind with the Legends: YOU FOOLISH COWARDS...........I NEVER SHOULD HAVE TRUSTED YOU Dark Leandra yelled

Henri and Edge Mistress where gone and Dark Leandra was left alone as the Legends surrounded it and Dark Leandra looked around her and said: Fools.......i can still take you on by myself as i have enough energy to beat all of you

You cannot even control an army sow why would you be able to defeat us Kilik said

Yeah and even sow youre two buddy's left you behind cause they knew when it was over Xianghua spoke

But Dark Leandra didn't listen to it as it stabbed her Soul Edge in the ground and said: Pathetic fools and made the gound shake as it took down all of the Legends as they where spreaded all around and some where injured by the blast of Dark Leandra's attack

Man...........that was hard Rock said

It still has strong energy Taki said

.......And attacks........... Setsuka spoke

Dark Leandra raised up her sword as it said: Now i will get rid from all of i will summon the Souls of the fallen Helios Army to make me stronger.............hehe

Dark Leandra Spoke: Souls of the fallen Helios join me and make me stronger to end the lives of these pathetic fools

After saying it Dark Leandra started to glow as strange lights came from the ground and it where the Souls of the fallen Helios Army and joined Dark Leandra's body and she started to transform.........

Ow man.............More trouble Lexa said

Danm........... Xie Tian spoke

Dark Leandra was totally changed with an armor that was created from helios Army thug the souls of Helios Soldiers and Helios Creatures had combined with Dark Leandra and gave her new powers and became stronger

NOW YOU WILL ALL DIE............ Dark Leandra yelled

As Steven stepped forward and said: Lets see how powerfull you are......... as he fired a bullit from his pistolsword with a powerfull shot as it hits Dark Leandra and was blasted away after the landing it made a clloud of dust and Dark Leandra was not seen.

Steven turned himself to the other Legends and said; Powerfull ey........... just beaten by on...... Steven wanted to say as all the sudden Dark Leandra's Soul Edge was stabbed in Steven's back as he immediately dropped his swords and Dark Leandra appeared behind him as it said: Just like youre pathetic sister never think twice,........and i just beated you Dark Leandra said and removed her Soul Edge from Steven's back and he fell on his knee;s and fell on the ground and didn't moved anymore

Everyone was shocked by what just happend and Leandra yelled: STEVEN........... as she dropped her swords and runned to her brother as Dark Leandra vanished to return later, the other Legends saw what happend with Steven as Leandra kneels at her brother and grabbed his body as she try'd to turn him around as she succeeded to do it Steven opned his eyes and looked to his sister as he said: Danm...... it i was careless.............. and breathed out his last breath as he passed away in the arms of Leandra as she started to yell STEVEN.........WAKE UP............WAKE UP STEVEN.......... PLEASE WAKE UP but he wasn't moving anymore.

Siegfried stepped on to Leandra as he said: Let him go Leandra he is dead...........

But Leandra didn't listen and kept on to her brothers dead body, as all the other legends got also tears in their eyes dares it Taki said

It was her brother...........and now he is dead killed by that thing Kilik spoke

What can we do............. Cassandra asked the rest

Meanwhile Dark Leandra appeared again on the field and said: You crying for that pathetic you are

Leandra then letted go her brothers body and looked with a mean and angry look to Leandra as she yelled: I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS.............YOU HEAR MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as Leandra reached for her Swords and ctached them as they started to glow adn the others saw it aswell

What is happening to Leandra Taki said

She is is a state of rage Siegfried told
Omega V4

Leandra yelled a loud noise as her swords started to glow more as they combined themselves and made Soul Edge *Necro* and Leandra became Leandra Ω but this form was completly new as all smoke and light vanished Leandra Ω said: TIME FOR REVENGE

Dark Leandra wasn't impressed by Leandra Ω's words and said: You will soon join that pathetic brother of you

Leandra Ω was in a state of Rage and al the other Legends stepped back as Leandra Ω and Dark Leandra started the final battle that would be a battle for revenge for Leandra Ω to avenge her murdered Brother.

  • Episode 51 - The Final Battle
Dark Leandra killed Leandra's brother Steven and she became Leandra Ω in a new form wich no one ever saw before, this was a battle what was personal and Leandra Ω was full of rage and would do anything to destroy Dark Leandra and her evilness to avenge her brother.
Omega vs Dark

While the other Legends where looking they could better not interfear as this battle was all about revenge for Leandra

After the battle Leandra Ω is still full of rage as she slashed her Soul Edge *Necro* upon Dark Leandra and she keeps attacking as the other Legends could do nothing about it they could only hope it would destroy Dark Leandra.

YOU.............YOU.............YOU!!!!!!!!!!!............... Leandra Ω yelled

Leandra Ω kept slashing and smashed Soul Edge from Leandra Ω's hands and was threwed a way back as Dark Leandra was now defenseless but Leandra Ω kept smashing and hitting Dark Leandra as all te sudden Leandra Ω powered up her Soul Edge *Necro* and smashed away Dark Leandra and it landed some meters in front of Leandra Ω and it walked up on  Dark Leandra and stoot still and looked down to the beated Dark Leandra

NOW..............FEEL MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leandra Ω yelled as she stabbed her Soul Edge *Necro* inside Dark Leandra's body and exploded as the blast smashed away Leandra Ω and landed unconsious on the ground and reverted back to the normal Leandra as also Soul Edge *Necro* reverted back to her Dual Swords.

As all the other Legends runned to Leandra to see or she was awake after beating Dark Leandra who was defeated

Epilogue Ending Scene

As all legends surrounding Leandra as she wakes up but with tears in her eyes as she lost her brother in this big battle against The Helios Army and also against her enemy Dark Leandra who was dfeated now.

Meanwhile on the other side ot the battlefield strange lights appeared from the ground and surrounded Steven's lifeless body and started to glow and healed Steven's wound in his stomach.

On the other side Leandra was back to her senses but could not forget what was happend with her brother

That sucks............ to see a loved one beeing killed Hilde spoke

Yeah totally..........  Rock said

Meanwhile Leandra saw something strange on the other side of the battlefield as she saw that Steven's was gone as she said

Where is my brothers body

As all the sudden Steven called his sister's name and Leandra looked to him straight in the eyes as she yelled: STEVEN!!!......YOU ARE..............ALIVE Leandra stoot up and runned into Steven's arms as she asked: But how.....

I do not know............i really don't know Steven said

Everyone was happy to see that Steven was alive but how it happend no one knew

I will go home now Rock said

Yeah we will go home aswell Sophitia said

This battle was one of the biggiest i ever fought Hilde said

But we won and defeated all of the Helios Army Helen said

Now that this is over i hope we can have a normal life again for awhile Sakura spoke

We will all have.............. Siegfried said

Leandra and Steven looked to the others and said: We kicked some nice butt

As all legends said good bye to eachother all lefted again and had gone to their own homes and places only Shura stayed behind as she walked to Leandra and said: We are rivals and we will be that again but in this battle you where a good teamplayer as she also walked off to her new destenation

Lets go home Leandra said to her brother

Yeah........... i am hungry for some great food Steven said

Siegfried walked to the spot where steven layed and he saw strange lights as he said:Life Gems

the screen fades black as a text says:


as a white screen shows up and showed the battlefield as everyone is gone and zooms in on the location where Dark Leandra was destroyed as a strange wave of Dark Souls made a lightball and took humanic form as the screen fades in black as an evil laugh was heard

Game Modes

1 Player Modes

  • Story Mode: Legendary Battle (witness the greatest battle with the legends against the helios army)
  • Replay Mission (replay a mission from the story mode with a created character or one of the main characters)
  • The Helios Realm (enter the realm of the helios army and battle as many enemies as you can to get a high score)

2 Player Modes

  • Versus Battle
  • Special Versus Battle
  • The Helios Side (in this mode you can chose between helios soldier, helios creature or helios skeletonbeast to fight on the side of evil against the legends)
  • Training (train yourself to become a better fighter)

Online Mode

  • Co-Op Story Mode: Legendary Battle (witness the battle with another player online and team up to win the Legendary Battle)
  • Online Colosseum (battle against other players online
  • Episode Creation (create your own Legendary Battle Episode and chose your own side and events and share it to play it online with other players

Option Mode

  • Replay Theatre
  • Music Options
  • Sound Options
  • Controller Settings

Game Mechanics

Character Creation

Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle has also the Create-A-Soul option,

In this option you can make your own character as the created character can be used in the story mode of Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle but it will replace one of the other characters in the game you will follow the story with you own character wich will have its own intro's and outro's in a battle.also your created character will sometimes be assisted by one of the other characters in battle

If you are playing the normal story mode without the created character you will follow the Main story line instead of usage of your created character



  • Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle is not like other games in the Soul series as it makes use of open battlefield sequences
  • Past characters like Sophitia, Rock and Taki are brought back into this Soulcalibur game
  • It was ment to bring in the new characters from Soulcalibur V but that idea was dropped fast by the developers
  • Shura a bonus character from Soulcalibur IV makes her comeback in this game, but with a new look, as fans wanted to have her back with her own unique fighting style as she uses modified swords used by Cervantes
  • The Nightmare character doesn't appear in this game as Siegfried one of the former Soul Calibur wielders is
  • On Hilde's character poster she is wearing her armor as in the main game she wears her normal clothings
  • The last battle against Dark Leandra makes use off the entire battlefield



Posters and Teasers