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SoulCalibur x Final Fantasy (pronounced Soul Calibur cross Final Fantasy) is an installment in Namco's Soul series of fighting games for the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Wii U and PlayStation Vita. While it is a crossover game, it is developed completely by Namco’s Project Soul team and plays like a traditional Soul Series game with the inclusion of Final Fantasy characters and elements. Its canonicity is left for the player to determine as the plot was crafted to not actually alter or interfere with the established continuities of either series.


Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold. An everlasting battle, breaking the boundaries of history has tainted our world with pure Chaos. The Shackles of Time hold Destiny at their mercy, an everlasting battle, an untold tale. Those who fight destiny's battle will never be freed from The Chains of Fate.


The battle between the two swords has broken a new limit. The latest clash between them has created yet another Rift through the Void, this time reaching through dimensions and into another world, where its warriors fight an eternal war. The warriors have felt the power of the swords and have now crossed into our world through the Interdimensional Rift. Now, the swords are ready to begin their battle anew, and the restless otherworldly warriors seek them, both emissaries of Harmony and Chaos alike, to ensure the victory of their respective sides, and have brought their battle to our world, creating a new cycle. Prepare for the Ultimate Battle of Souls and Swords!!!

In the Paradox of Souls mode, it is explained that both the energy of the conflicting swords and the conflicting gods has created a massive rift in time space and created a pocket dimension by merging “shards” of both universes. Since this is a different dimension, time is frozen and what transpires here does not affect either universe. After awakening, warriors from both sides are unaware of what has happened. Initially confused they nevertheless continue on their set paths, either hunting the swords or finishing the cycle of battle to return home. But upon meeting warriors from the other world they soon realized what has happened and either set out to destroy the swords, obtain them or restore the worlds to normal. Eventually some characters form allegiances, such as Exdeath and Cervantes who desire to find the sword Soul Edge, Nightmare and Garland, the former wishing to use the power of discord to strengthen Soul Edge and the latter wanting to use Soul Edge to power up Chaos, and Siegfried and the Warrior of Light, Siegfried wishing to destroy Soul Edge and the warrior wanting to stop Garland and end the cycle. At the end of their journeys each character confronts their rival and eventually band together by factions to destroy a major threat that rises from the side effects of the worlds merging.


Gameplay will remain the same as it was on SoulCalibur V, including the increased speed and pace of battles, tiered stages and the Brave Edge/Critical Edge system, Critical Gauge, Just Guards and Tiered Stages. The Game Modes included will be Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Museum Mode, Character Creation which also works the same as in V and Paradox of Souls the new story mode. Character Creation will be the same as SCV’s as well as battle game play. Tiered stages have been somewhat altered, instead of just featuring two tiers as in V, they will feature multiple tiers, some alternating. For example, in the Money Pit a ring out will cause the fighters to descend one level into the pit, and can continuously do so until having descended three times (three different floors, each based on a different iteration of the stage from different Soul games). Others will be alternative layers, such as the Tower of Remembrance, where if the floor is damaged enough the players will descend from the “Encounter” layer to the “Spiral of Time” layer at the beginning of a round, or if the floor is not damaged enough the landscape will randomly change from the Encounter layer to the “Degradation” layer.

Game Modes

The game will include a new mode called Paradox of Souls, which has been described as a mixture between Soul Calibur II’s Weapon Master Mode and Soul Calibur IV’s Story Mode and to a lesser extent Dissidia’s Destiny Odysseys. The mode will feature a map similar to the one found in Weapon Master Mode, the difference being that although the entire map is connected, only certain parts will be explored by certain characters. Each character will have his/her individual story in which they will follow their own path in which they will meet, join or battle other characters. Eventually however, all characters will come together in the final branch of the story line and the entire map will be explored in complete freedom.

Apart from the story missions, there will be numerous optional missions players can take which will unlock content in other modes. The map will also feature many branching paths giving the player more freedom and the mode more diversity in contrast to Weapon Master’s mostly linear nature. Destined Battles will return in this mode as every character’s end battle at the end of their respective chapters. The map will be an amalgamation between the Soul Calibur world and the Final Fantasy world, the former being mostly original and will include both fictional and real locations. Locations from SC lore such as Osthreinsburg, Wolfkrone, the Tower of Remembrance, the Lost Cathedral and others will appear. The Final Fantasy world itself is also an amalgamation of other Final Fantasy worlds and locations such as Cornelia, Palamecia, Baron, Midgar, Balamb Garden, Alexandria, Rabanastre will appear among others. Daishi Odashima has stated that supporting characters from Final Fantasy games will not appear in these locations (or others) but will be mentioned by the characters. The reason for their absence despite shards of their worlds appearing in the game will be explained.

Another mode called Soul Nexus has also been stated to appear. Similar to Character Creation, it allows players to create original short story chapters with any characters they wish and customize their opponents abilities and battle conditions. They will also be able to use characters from Character Creation for this mode. Once completed the story modes can be played in the same way Soul Calibur IV’s story mode was played and can be shared online.

The standard Arcade Mode, Versus Modes and Museum Modes will also return, virtually unchanged with the exception of team battles in Versus Mode, which will play the same as in Soul Calibur IV and the museum mode’s character profile once again containing more detailed character profiles like Soul Calibur II and III’s while retaining the Chain of Souls feature from IV.

Arcade Mode does have a unique quality though. If played by a Soul Calibur Character, the seventh stage will feature either Nightmare or Siegfried and the eight stage will feature Inferno, and if played by a Final Fantasy character, it will feature the Warrior of Light or Garland and the eight stage will feature Chaos. When using a character from Character Creation, Algol will be fought in the end. If Paradox is used, it will fight itself in the end.


The game will include all the cast of the sixth game (Soul Calibur V),except for guest Character Ezio Auditore who will be replaced with characters from the Final Fantasy series. The Game will follow a larger scale, as it is actually a crossover game.

Returning Characters

























Algol (Unlockable)



Night Terror (Unplayable, Super Boss)




All returning characters retain their fighting styles from Soul Calibur V except for two:Kilik and Elysium. Instead of being mimic characters, they have their own fighting style, Kilik using a style similar to his old style (and Xiba's) and Elysium using an enhanced version of Sophitia's. The role of mimic characters is taken by Edgemaster who mimics Soul Calibur characters and Gogo who mimics Final Fantasy's.

Guest Characters

Warrior of Light








Gilgamesh (Unlockable)



Shadow (Unlockable)


Sephiroth (Unlockable)






Auron (Unlockable)

Judge Gabranth (Unlockable)


Chaos (Unlockable, cannot be used in Arcade Mode or Paradox of Souls)


New Characters

Paradox (Unlockable, cannot be used in Paradox of the Soul)

Guest Character profiles

Warrior of Light

Birthplace: Unknown

Real Name:Unknown




Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Broad Sword and Shield

Weapon Names:Crystal Sword and Bucler

Discipline:Warrior Class


Critical Edge-Oversoul

The world lies shrouded in darkness, the light of the crystals had shimmered out and the elements were cycling out of control. It was then when the prophecy came true. A warrior appeared, accompanied by three others; carrying each a crystal. After saving the princess of the kingdom of Cornelia from the twisted knight Garland, he was given access to the rest of the land. Then he, with his comrades; gave light anew to the crystals thus restoring balance. At the end, they once again faced Garland, who had engineered


Birthplace:Unknown, varies because of the cycle of rebirth

Real Name:Unknown



age:Unknown, cycle has lasted 2000 years

Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Adaptive Sword

Weapon Name:Earthbreaker

Discipline:Self Taught

Family:Unknown, is one with the being Chaos

Critical Edge:Soul of Chaos


Birthplace:Salamand, but raised in Fynn

Real Name:Firion




Blood Type:AB

Weapon:Masters a vast variety of weapons including a sword, axe, daggers, spear, buckler(shield) and bow and arrow.

Discipline:Weapon:Freelancer Class

Family:Parents-Killed in war

Friends:Maria, Leon, Guy (Adoptive brothers and sister), Princess Hilda (Ally)

Critical Edge:Fervid Blazer



Real Name:Luneth



Age:About 15-17

Blood type:Unknown

Weapon:Short Sword and various magic spells

Weapon Name:Broadsword

Discipline:Onion Knight Class


Raised by:Elder Topapa and Nina

Best Friend:Ark

Critical Edge:Onion Technique:Overcast


Birthplace:Unknown, has lived for a long time

Real Name:Master Xande



Age:Unknown, extremely old for a human

Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Telepathic Staff

Weapon Name:Sage Staff

Discipline:Magus Class

Family:Master-Arkmage Noah-Deceased

Fellow students:Dogah(deceased) and Unei(deceased)

Critical Edge:Apocalipse Trio


Birthplace:Outskirts of Baron

Real Name:Cecil Harvey (Military Title:Lord Captain Cecil Harvey of the Red Wings of Baron)


Weight:128 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Long Sword

Weapon Name:Mythgraven Blade

Discipline:Paladin Class


Mother:Cecilia-Died at childbirth



Wife:Rosa Joanna Farrel

Future son:Ceodore Harvey

Raised by The King of Baron

Critical Edge:Soul of Light



Real Name:Kain Highwind


Weight:134 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown


Weapon Name:Dragoon Lance

Discipline: Dragoon Class

Family:Father-Ricard Highwind(died in battle)

Best Friend-Cecil Harvey

He secretly love Rosa Joanna Farrle, Cecil's Wife

King of Baron:raised him

Critical Edge:Dragoon’s Pride



Real Name:Bartz Klauser


Weight:128 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Broad Sword, Mimicry and Blue Magic

Weapon Name:Brave Blade

Discipline:Mime Class, Blue Mage Class

Family:Father:Dorgann Klauser (deceased)


Pet Chocobo(Boko)

Friends:Faris, Galuf(deseaced), Lenna, Kryle

Critical Edge:Rapid Fire Combo


Birthplace:Forest of Moore

Real Name:Exdeath



Age:Unknown, extremely old

Blood Type:The Power of The Void

Weapon:Short Sword

Weapon Name:Moore Branch

Discipline:Warlock Style

Family:Underling:Gilgamesh(vanished to the rift)

Critical Edge:Power of the Void



Real Name:Gilgamesh




Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Various Swords

Weapon Name:Genji Blade

Discipline:Self Taught, he calls himself a “Master Swordsman”

Family:Exdeath, former master

Enkidu, underling

Bartz, considers him his eternal rival, though Bartz may not reciprocate this

Critical Edge:Ultimate Illusion



Real Name:Edgar Roni Figaro


Weight:169 lbs


Blood Type:O

Weapon:Machinized Spear

Weapon Name:Steampunk

Discipline:Machinist Style

Family:Sabin, twin brother

Critical Edge:Royal Flash



Real Name:Once used the name Clyde


Weight:145 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown


Weapon Name:Kunai

Discipline:Assassin Style

Family:Baram, former partner (deceased)

Estranged daughter

Interceptor, pet dog

Critical Edge:Shadow Fang



Real Name:Cloud Strife

Height:5' 8"



Blood Type:AB, contains Mako Infusions and Jenova Cells

Weapon:Extremely Large Broadsword, Materia

Weapon Name: Buster Sword

Discipline:Self taught, variation of SOLDIER 1st Class Fighting style

Family:Mother (Deceased)

Zack Fair-Companion and Friend (Killed in Action)

Denzel-Foster Child

Marlene:Friend's Daughter, lives with Denzel, Tifa and him

Tifa Lockheart-Friend

Aerith-Valuable Friend(killed by Sephiroth)

Sephiroth-Former Idol, related due to experiments with Jenova Cells

Jenova:Shares her cells

Critical Edge:Omnislash



Real Name:Unknown

Height:6' 1"


Age:True Age unknown, speculated to be 30 or close

Blood Type:Unknown, contains Jenova Cells

Weapon:Incredibly long Katana Nodachi

Weapon Name:Masamune

Fighting Style:Self Taught, only he can master it.

Family:Lucrecia (biological mother)

Professor Hojo- Lucrecia's love and infused him with Jenova Cells

Jenova-Alien Monster, he calls it "Mother"

Critical Edge:Super Nova


Birthplace:Unknown, lived at Edea's Orphanage and Balamb Garden

Real Name:Squall Leonheart

Height:5' 8"



Blood Type:AB


Weapon Name:Revolver

Discipline:Self Taught, self styled variation of SeeD Style

Family:Edea Kramer-Foster Mother

Cid Kramer:Foster Father

Ellone, Irvine Kinneas, Seipher Almasy, Quistis Trepe, Slefie Tilmitt, Zell Dicht-Foster Brothers and sisters

Laguna Loire-Possible Ancestor

Critical Edge:Lion Heart


Birthplace:Unknown, raised at Edea's Orphanage and lived at Balamb Garden

Real Name:Seifer Almasy

Height:6' 2"



Blood Type:O


Weapon Name:Hyperion

Discpilne:Self Taught, self styled variation of SeeD Style

Family:Edea Kramer-Foster Mother, he was also her Sorcerres Knight

Cid Kramer:Foster Father

Ellone, Irvine Kinneas, Seipher Almasy, Quistis Trepe, Slefie Tilmitt, Zell Dicht-Foster Brothers and sisters

Critical Edge:Devil Trigger


Birthplace:Planet Terra

Real Name:Zidane Tribal




Blood Type:Unknwon

Weapon:Double Bladed Sword, Twin Daggers

Weapon Name:The Ogre (When fused), Mage Mashers (when split)

Discipline:Self Taught, thief style

Family:Garland-Creator (killed)

Kuja-another Genome, could be considered his brother

Critical Edge:Reverse Gaia


Birthplace:Planet Terra

Real Name:Kuja



Age:Around 24

Blood type:Unknown

Weapon:Genome Magic

Weapon Name:Flare

Disciline:Genome Style


Zidane-Another Genome, could be considered his brother

Critical Edge:Final Requiem



Real Name:Tidus

Height:5' 9"



Blood Type:Unknown


Weapon Name:Brotherhood

Discipline:Warrior Class, includes elements from Blitzball


Mother-Fate Unknown


Yuna-Summoner to which he was Guardian

Critical Edge:Blitz Ace



Real Name:Auron




Blood Type:Unknown

Weapon:Large Katana

Weapon Name:A-Blade

Discipline:Bushido Samurai Style

Family:Tidus-His apprentice

Braska:High Summoner, to which he was Guardian

Critical Edge:Tornado

Judge Magister Gabranth

Birthplace:Republic of Landis, Valendia Continent of the Kingdom of Ivalice

Real Name:Noah Fon Rosenburg



Blood Type:Unknown


Weapon:Twin Great Swords, can be combined into one, double sided Greatsword

Weapon Names:Chaos Blade and Highway Star

Discipline: Archadian Judge Magister Style

Family:Parents-Taken by war

Twin Brother-Basch fon Rosenburg

Larsa Ferrinas Solidor-He was tasked to guard him, as he, along with his brother Vayne were the only heirs to the Archadian Empire

Critical Edge:Unforgiving Sentence



Real Name:Claire Farron

Height:5' 10"


Blood Type:Unknown



Weapon Name:Blazefire Saber, l’Cie Magic, AMP Device

Discipline:Guardian Corps Style


Sister:Serah Farron

Critical Edge:Army of One



Real Name:???

Height:5' 5""

Weight:132 lbs

Blood Type:???


Weapon:Uses other's weapons

Weapon Name:Does not name them

Discipline:Mime Job


Critical Edge:Depends


Birthplace:Chaos Shrine

Real Name:None



Blood Type:Unknown

Age:2,000 years

Weapon:Four Longswords

Weapon Name:Chaosbringer

Discipline:Master of Bedlam

Family:Garland, his alternate form before falling to the cycle

Cosmos, eternal enemy and polar opposite

Cid of the Lufaine, creator and “father”

Cid’s wife-“Mother”

The Four Fiends, sustain his power

Critical Edge:Brink of Delusion

New Characters


Birthplace:Center of the Rift

Real Name:No real name



Blood Type:Pure energy and power flow through him

Age:Millions of eons gone by in a second

Weapon:Power itself

Weapon Name:Infinite Nexus

Discipline:Incomprehensible to anyone but himself.

Family:The universes themselves are a part of him

Critical Edge:Existence Denied

Bonus Characters


Birthplace:A world beyond ours

Real Name:Teranor Alatus of the Zenithian Dynasty

Height:149 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown



Weapon Name:Imperial Zenith

Discipline:Unknown (Mimics Siegfried’s)

Family:Emperor Alvatos of the Zenithian Dynasty

Critical Edge:Same as Siegfried’s


Birthplace:A world beyond ours

Real Name:Her name has been erased from history

Height:204 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown

Age:Existed since Ancient Times as Soul Edge


Weapon Name:Soul Edge (Renatus)

Discipline:Unknown (Mimics Nightmare’s)

Family:Only the sword and the soul it has and will consume

Critical Edge:Same as Nightmare’s


Birthplace:A world beyond ours

Real Name:Captain Riel of the S.S. Stormbreaker

Height:155 lbs


Blood Type:Unknown



Weapon Name:Poseidon

Discipline:Unknown (Mimics Raphael’s)

Family:His loyal crew

Critical Edge:Same as Raphael’s

Final Boss Characters

§ Inferno

§ Algol

§ Chaos (Final Fantasy)

§ Paradox

§ Night Terror (Secret Super Boss)

For more information on the original character profiles (that is from the Soul series itself) visit the pages on this website. For more information on the FF characters, simply request them at my userpage, or visit the Final Fantasy Wiki.


Osthreinsburg Chapel (Tiered Stage)-Siegfried, Nightmare

Tower of Remembrance-Algol

Tranquil Wasteland (No ring outs)-Z.W.E.I.

Woflkrone Ruins-Hilde

Lost Cathedral-Zasalamel

Valencia Port-Cervantes

Valentine Mansion (Tiered Stage)-Ivy

Sacred Land (No ring outs)-Rock

Ancient Coliseum-Rock, Patroklos

Hwangseo Palace-Seong Mi-na, Yun-seong

Free Imperial City Center-Patroklos

Eurydice Shrine-Entrance (Tiered Stage)-Pyrrha

Osthreinsburg Castle-Battlement-Tira

Hoko Temple (Tiered Stage)-Natsu

Money Pit (Tiered Stage)-Voldo

Shrine of Palgea the Snake God (Tiered Stage)- Astaroth and Lizardman

Ling-Sheng Su Temple-Proving Grounds-Xiba

Pirate Ship-Hindu Harbor (Tiered Stage)-Maxi

Luoyang Imperial Garden-Leixia

Luoyang Grand Festival of Guandi Temple-Leixia

Jyurakudai Villa-Spring Blossoms-Mitsurugi, Setsuka

Sacred Mt. Fuji-Revered Path (Tiered Stage)-Yoshimitsu

South France Mansion-Study-Raphael

Romanian Valley-Castle Outlook-Raphael

Village of the Wind Deity-Talim


Cornelia Plains (Tiered Stage)-Warrior of Light

Chaos Shrine-Garland

Palamecian Palace-Firion

Crystal Tower (Tiered Stage)-Luneth, Xande

Red Wings Battleship-Cecil, Kain

Great Forest of Moore (No ring outs)-Bartz, Exdeath

Castle Exdeath (Tiered Stage)-Exdeath

Clash on the Big Bridge-Gilgamesh

The Floating Continent-Edgar, Shadow

Shinra Power Company Building (Tiered Stage)-Cloud, Sephiroth

Balamb Garden-Squall

Ultimetia’s Castle (Tiered Stage)-Seifer

Treno Rooftops (Tiered Stage)-Zidane, Kuja

Besaid Central Square-Tidus

Zanarkand-Blitzball Stadium-Auron

Imperial City Archades-Gabranth

Lake Bresha (Tiered Stage)-Lightning

Siege of Eden-Lightning

Edge of Madness-Chaos

The Rift-Universal Nexus-Paradox


Osthreinsburg Chapel-Raise Thy Sword, In the Name of Father, If There Were Any Other Way

Lost Cathedral-Forsaken Sanctuary, Time Marches On, Lost in the Mirage

Tower of Remembrance-Supreme Sword, Thanatos

Tranquil Wasteland-Sleepless:An Untamed Beast

Woflkrone Ruins-Valiant Heart

Valencia Port-Eternal Struggle, No Regrets, Leaving the World Behind

Valentine Mansion-Unblessed Soul, She Doth Murdered Death, Face your Fate

Sacred Land- A Continental Gale, Gathering:Fatal Gravity

Ancient Coloseum-Heavenly Engage, Wings of Fate

Hwangseo Palace-Eye to Eye, Blade to Blade;Sword of the Patriot; Destiny Awaits No One

Free Imperial City Center-Swords of Resolution

Eurydice Shrine-Entrance-Unwavering Resolve, Inmaculate Pledge, Wings of Sorrow

Osthreinsburg Castle-Battlement-Mischievous Worshipper, Wings of Despair

Hoko Temple-Brave Sword, Braver Soul; The Cursed Image; Faster Than a Howling Wind

Money Pit-Ordinary Pain, Blind Loyalty, Phantasmagoria, Amid the Pure Insanity

Shrine of Palgea the Snake God- Chains of Disaster, Evil Reborn, Infernal Offering, Bred from the Gap

Ling-Sheng Su Temple-Proving Grounds- The New Legend, Labyrinth of Moonlight, Like a High Spirited Tiger

Pirate Ship-Hindu Harbor-Sail Over the Storm, Halcyon Harbor

Luoyang Imperial Garden-Tempered Soul, Bloom and Harvest

Luoyang Grand Festival of Guandi Temple-Hubris, Where Springs Not Fall

Jyurakudai Villa-Spring Blossoms-Ephemeral Dream, Innocent Vision, Duelists, The Wind and Clouds, The Invincible Blade

Sacred Mt. Fuji-Revered Path-Through Molten Caves, Yodeling in Meadow Hill

South France Mansion-Study-No Turning Back, Reing of Doom

Romanian Valley-Castle Outlook-Endless Warfare, Bloodthirsty Concerto

Village of the Wind Deity-Guided by Wind, Pure Breeze, To the Wind


Cornelia Plains-Battle Scene, Main Theme

Chaos Shrine-Final Battle, Chaos Shrine

Palamecian Palace-Battle Theme, Pandemonium

Crystal Tower-Battle !, Battle II, This is the Last Battle, The Crystal Tower

Red Wings Battleship-Red Wings of Baron, Battle Theme FFIV, The Dreadful Battle

Great Forest of Moore-Enchanted Forest, Battle Theme FFV

Castle Exdeath –Evil Lord Exdeath, The Decisive Battle FFV, The Final Battle, Castle Exdeath

Clash on the Big Bridge-Clash on the Big Bridge FFXII, Clash on the Big Bridge SC Edition, Samba de Chocobo The Floating Continent- Shadow, Figaro Castle, Decisive Battle FFVI, Dancing Mad, Battle to the Death

Shinra Power Company Building-Let the Battles Begin, Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII, One Winged Angel

Balamb Garden-Don’t Be Afraid, Force ypur Way, Maybe I’m a Lion

Ultimetia’s Castle-Liberi Fatali, Premonition

Treno Rooftops-Dark Messenger, The Final Battle FFIX, Battle Theme FFIX

Besaid Central Square-Battle Theme FFX, A Fleeting Dream, Zanarkand

Zanarkand-Blitzball Stadium-Otherworld

Imperial City Archades-Arcadian Empire, Boss Battle FFXII

Lake Bresha-Blinded by Light, Saber’s Edge

Siege of Eden-Eidolons, Fighting Fate, Nascent Requiem, Born Anew

Edge of Madness-The Messenger, Dissidia

The Rift-Universal Nexus-The Chains of Destiny are Severed!

Destiny Beckons!-Character Select

Entwined Destiny-Paradox of Souls, Soul Calibur Side

The Prelude-Paradox of Souls, Final Fantasy Side

Soul Calibur II Intro Theme


When development for Soul Calibur V began, director Daishi Odashima expressed interest in including guest characters from the Final Fantasy series, the development team agreed, seeing that they would fit in really well in the world of Soul Calibur. Deciding on a singular character was hard and they had a set time for development. Ultimately however, Ezio Auditore from Ubisoft’s Assasin’s Creed series was chosen as a guest character as he too fit in. After this the team pitched an idea to make a crossover game inspired by both Dissidia and Namco’s recent Street Fighter x Tekken title. The subtitle “Chains of Fate” was considered but later scrapped. The term however appears as the name of the story mode’s last chapter.

When it came to the plot, the team realized that many of the crossover games of this sort are never considered canon for either series, so they set out to make a story that would be self contained and would not drastically change the timeline and universe of either series, even if it was canon. That way there would be no discrepancies or debates about the canonicity of the game for either series. It was then when the “Paradox” concept was conceived.

When creating the game, the team has stated that they have “handpicked” the best from each game in the series and mixed it together in a balanced way to create the most enjoyable experience possible within the game’s conventions. While it is a crossover game, the title is developed by Namco, and plays completely like a traditional Soul Series game, with the inclusion and adaptation of the Final Fantasy characters to the game’s plot and style. Square Enix only provided legal copyright and licensing for the Final Fantasy Characters and concepts and minor advice on certain themes. New characters were originally considered to be included but it was decided against it as it would make the game and it’s development too convoluted and they would be hard to fit in given the game’s ambiguous canonicity.


The Subtitle "Chains of Fate" is derived from the concept of mixing the two mythos from the different universes into one. It refers to the eternal, never-ending cycles of battle that take place in both worlds, the eternal battle between Soul Edge, the evil demonic sword, and it's polar opposite, Soul Calibur, the holy spirit sword, in contrast to Final Fantasy's main theme of dualism and repetition, which is shown by the eternal conflict that rages between Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony, who summons the good warriors and Chaos, The God of Disorder, who summons the evil ones. This conflict was introduced in the recent fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy. After the exhausting battle, the God that perished is revived by a more powerful being and the conflict starts anew, similarly like how if one of the Soul Swords is "defeated" a new wielder comes to renew the battle (examples:Siegfried took Soul Edge from Cervantes after defeating him, thus becoming Nightmare, whom Xianghua defeated using Soul Calibur, which was then lost in the ensuing battle, and then reclaimed by Siegfried, which caused a new Nightmare to be formed along with a new Soul Edge, and once again resume the battle). This explains how characters from both universes are "chained by fate". This fact is further referenced by the choices the Final Fantasy characters make in game, the Cosmos Characters, going after Soul Calibur, either for personal choice or because they want victory over Chaos, and the pawns of Chaos going after Soul Edge. Another interesting point of view is how both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur as well as Cosmos and Chaos originate from the same source, Soul Calibur was created from a purified shard of Soul Edge and Cosmos and Chaos being somewhat of a mother and son respectively, even though this time the concept is reversed.

The mode “Paradox of Souls” also seems to apply this concept, taking its name from the time paradox from both the first Final Fantasy title and Dissidia.


Leixia, Raphael, Patroklos, Rock, Exdeath and Lightning are unique in that they all have more than one home stage. Patroklos and Rock coincidentally share their second stage.

Gilgamesh and Yoshimitsu share some similarities which are pointed out In game. Both are unorthodox, humorous, ninja-like characters with similar attires, personalities and fighting styles. They also have a “joke theme” in each of their stages. Yoshimitsu has Tekken 6’s Yodeling in Meadow Hills in his stage and Gilgamesh has Final Fantasy V’s Samba de Chocobo in his.

The concept of Paradoxes is highly used in the game’s plot. The developers described the world and the story itself as a giant paradox. There are also numerous references to this in the Story Mode. The Final Boss itself has a lot of these references. For example in its character profile it is stated that it’s age is “Countless eons gone by in a second” and the only way to fight it as a final boss in Arcade Mode is by choosing it as the playable character, furthering the theme. The fact that the story of the game “happens but doesn’t actually happen”, meaning that final events of the plot cancel out or “retcon” the events of the game itself as if they never happened in the first place, is another allusion to and was developed around this concept. This is similar to the original Final Fantasy and Dissidia’s plot.

All bonus characters are new to the series, do not appear in the story mode and have their birthplace stated as “A world beyond ours” in their profiles. The director has stated this will be explained in a later game.

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