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Soul Calibur- Rise of the Unknown is a sequal to Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze. It is a multiplayer fighting game for PS3, Xbox 360, and PS Vita.


It has been two years since Dark Samus had roamed the world. Samus, Link, and Sonic had went back to their times. It has also been a while since Rage and Mark have last spoken to each other, and Nightmare and Soul Edge have been defeated. As everyone thought Dark Samus was defeated, everything was safe now. But it wasn't.

Rage's old friend, Joseph, who's mind is completely enveloped into Soul Edge and its ways, and Dhaipha, a new villain, has decided to take action, and roam the land, and take over cities, countries, and eventually led to the conquering of Central Europe.. Now Blake Benvolio, a clumsy hero, and Porton Hays, a Shadow Summoner, who's family died, must help save Europe, before it's too late.


The gameplay is similar to that of Soul Calibur V. The only different thing is the music settings, story mode, and versus modes. 

The Music

The music varies from different Soul games.


The story mode, unlike its previous version, is played in episodes, and also has two sides (Hero's Side, and Villain's Side), other than complete stories. There are a total of 26 episodes. This time, you can do more that one player; the second player will be the character's 2P costume (i.e., if Blake is the playable character in the episode, the second player will be Blake's 2P costume.)


Short video describing the current situation:

(How to Play Battle versus Algol)

Blake is just now awakening from his last battle with Algol, he was killed by Nightmare, resurrected by Elysium, and continued his battle in his Nephillian form. Elysium comes down and explains the current scenario, and Blake sets out on another death-defying adventure.

Episode One

Blake wakes after his battle with Algol stunned and confused.

"What is going on? Where am I?" Blake pondered his situation for a minute, realizing what was going on. He had just been revived from his last battle. Blake was still unsure what was going on, but he knew that whatever that last battle was, it was over.

Then, out of the blue, a mysteriously familiar person appears out of the blue.

Episode Two

After his battle with Nightmare, Blake goes on to find any sort of civilization. He comes to an abandoned city. He sees sad people; people who have lost their home in some kind of fire. Blake sees a woman and a man, both with dangerous looking weapons. Blake, being the person he is, goes and talks to them. They turn around, look at each other, and the woman says, "Attack!" The man looks back at Blake, and lunges towards him.

Episode Three

After defeating the man, he and his master vanish. Blake is tired, so he finds the nearest resting area. After nice long rest at the local inn, Blake ventures off to the next area. 

While venturing off to the next area, Blake meets Elysium, but she looks different. Elysium says that he's going the wrong way, because he's suppose to meet someone. Blake sarcasticly says that he's already met someone, and walks on. Elysium becomes agrivated, and appears right in front of him. She says "You will do exactly as I say." Blake says he doesn't want to, and fights her.

Episode Four

Blake defeats Elysium, and she disappears, but in a shadow-like way, instead of holy. Blake keeps this thought in mind, and walks away.

In another area, Porton walks through a city in search of Patrokolos. After finally finding him, Porton tells the annoying blonde boy, "You're dead!" Patrokolos is sarcasticly confused, and claims he has no idea what he's talking about. Porton draws his weapon, and summons his shadow. He challenges Patrokolos to a fight.

Episode Five

The stubborn child loses, and runs away. The people around Porton cheer and clap, and he just smiles and waves. Porton moves on to another location, and encounters Blake.

Blake thinks Porton is some kind of mastermind villain, and Porton thinks Blake is another guy who just kills people because they're "evil." So the two prepare to fight.

Episode Six

The two leave their fight as a draw, and they decide to team up. As they begin to walk away, the man and woman that Blake had encountered in the city had appeared right in front of them. They introduced themselves as "Dhaipha" and "Joseph." Blake and Porton engage for battle.

Episode Seven

After their fight with evil, Blake and Porton run before Dhaipha and Joseph get up. 

As they walk through a forest, and unknown force knocks Blake off a ledge and he falls into a river and flows away. He awakes in an dark, unknown forest. As he rises, he is encountered by Nightmare, yet again. But Blake is defenseless! Nightmare is about to strike, but an white ninja comes to his aid, and counters Nightmare. The ninja turns out to be Shain Massey, better known as Rage. Nightmare curses Rage, and prepares to fight. 

Episode Eight

Rage has defeated Nightmare. Not permanently, but only until he strikes again. Blake thanks Rage for helping him, and attempts to leave. Rage asks if Blake even knows how to get out. And Blake pauses, stares, turns around, and says, "No." Rage laughs and offers to help him. And he grabs Blake's shoulder, and they vanish.

Porton encounters a very strange man. He has dark skin, red hair, black clothing and utilities, and seems very...dead. The dead-like man, looks up and spots Porton, and goes towards him. Quickly. Porton prepares to fight.

Episode Nine

Porton is stuck in the cavern at which it fought the zombie. He isn't sure on what to do next, so he sits and waits, and practices his fighting.

Pure Mark is sitting in a cave with some of the lizard people he has befriended after being kicked out of the heavens. He is encountered by three lizard people, and they say to him, in their lizard voices, that its time to practice. Pure Mark gets up, and prepares his dual axes.

Episode Ten

Porton then finds way out of the cavern because he got bored. He finds Pure Mark and his lizard friends in another part of the caverns. Pure Mark tells the lizards to get back, and that he'll deal with the intruder.

Episode Eleven

Pure Mark and Porton later become friends, and Pure Mark helps Porton get out of the caverns and back to civilization.

Rage and Blake go back to the city where Blake first encountered Joseph and Dhaipha. Rage sees a familiar figure, and blasts Blake out of the way in time, and dodges the attack just in time. Its the zombie! The zombie dashes past Rage and bites Blake, causing Blake to fall to the ground and moan like a child. Rage prepares the fight the zombie and says, "What have you done to my brother...?"

Episode Twelve

Blake is out of commision, and is taken to the nearest hospital. Rage detects some kind of activity, and vanishes to the exact point.

Rage appears in front of Pure Mark and Porton. Rage greets his brother and his new-found friend. Rage fills in what just happened, and suggests that they go back to the hospital. The group is encountered by Nightmare, but he, like Elysium, looked different. Pure Mark tells Rage and Porton to get to Blake, and he'd take on the different Nightmare.

Episode Thirteen

After Pure Mark defeats Nightmare, he begins to walk away, but Nightmare quickly gets up and performs a cowardly attack and throws Pure Mark of the ledge, into the river. Then quietly fades away.

At the hospital, Blake lays quietly, but looks more pale, or blue. In his mind, he's having a war. A war to keep away the monster inside of him. To make sure that it stays away.

Episode Fourteen

Blake loses his mental battle, and awakes, but feels more powerful. As Rage and Porton arrive, Blake begins to light the room and transform. Out of the light comes out Blake, but into his form at which he is dead. But not a zombie, like Mark's dead body, but, a Nephilim. Rage tells Porton that he must find Mark, but Porton doesn't know where. Rage teleports Porton to the exact location of Mark, and Rage prepares to fight the monster inside.

Episode Fifteen

Porton finds Mark, but he is in bad shape. Porton uses his shadow to heal Mark, and it works. Now they must find a way to get out of the forest. Rage suddenly appears, but looks as if he hasn't fought anything. Rage asks Porton and Mark whats going on, and Porton fills in Mark and Rage about EVERYTHING. Rage says there is a way out of the forest, and points that way. Porton asks how come Rage doesn't just teleport them out, and Rage says that he needs time to refuel, and suggests that Porton and Mark go on without him. They do as he instructs, and they leave. Rage suddenly disappears, and becomes a red skeleton, who happens to be a shape-shifter.

After walking for a few hours, Porton and Mark become tired, and they decide to rest.

The real Rage is at the hosiptal attempting to keep hold of the evil Blake. Dhaipha appears, and demands that Rage hands over Blake. Rage refuses, and Joseph comes out of no where and attacks Rage, leaving him motionless. Blake looks over, and goes toward the two. 

Its Dhaipha's turn to fight.

Episode Sixteen

Blake is lost in his Neiphilim thoughts. He encounters his Nephilim self again, and prepares to fights it, but it disappears, and he returns to normal, only to find himself traveling alongside Dhaipha and Joseph. Blake removes his chains and quietly runs away, only to be caught by Dhaipha.

"Oh, you know I worked hard to get you here," she says kindly. "Now you're gonna stay!" She quickly switches from nice to mean. Blake is frightened, but is prepared to fight both Dhaipha and Joseph.

Episode Seventeen

Blake defeated the duo, and quickly left.

Back at the forest, Mark and Porton prepare to leave the campsite, and Rage appears. Mark and Porton, look at Rage in confusion. Rage asks what's wrong with them, and Porton says that Rage left them in the forest while he went to go do whatever. Rage ponders this for a moment, and retaliates saying that he hasn't been to the forest for the past 5 hours. Mark said that it was Rage, and acted clueless about what happened. Rage told them it wasn't true, but they didn't believe him, and decided to fight him to knock some sense into him.

Episode Eighteen

After the vicious fight, Porton and Mark come to an understanding with Rage, and apologize. They then leave to find Blake, Rage's way.

The trio appear right next to Blake, who greets them. Blake was being chased by Joseph, and Joseph isn't happy because he had to run after Blake. Rage recognizes Joseph, and tries to talk to him. Joseph won't accept it, because of what happened when they were thirteen years old. That event happened twenty-two years ago, during their childhood. Rage wants to help Joseph, but Joseph won't let him. Now its time to set things straight.

Episode Nineteen

After a monster fight with Joseph, Rage falls to the ground, exhausted. Mark quickly helps him up. Blake realizes what has happened, and begins to feel confused. It Elysium; the real one. She's trying to get him to perk up in his head, because he feels that this whole thing is his fault. Blake starts to feel hatred, and curls into a ball.

In his head, he is feeling angry. He doesn't know what to do, so he fights himself.

Episode Twenty

Elsewhere, Dhaipha is infuriated and filled with anger. She just wants to go out and hurt something. Ruin someone's day. So, she finds a few citizens just lurking around, and goes in for the attack.

Episode Twenty-One

Blake eventually gets out of his little ball-state, and returns back to the world. He and his group were ready to go, but Miss Dhaipha has shown up, and isn't pleased. She just walks right up to Blake and attempts to kill him. Blake evades, and is instructed to run. Rage, Porton, and Mark all offer to hold off Dhaipha.

To Dhaipha, this would be the greatest day of her life.

Episode Twenty-Two

Dhaipha easily defeated the trio, and left them on the ground. She ran after Blake afterwards. Was this the end? No, it wasn't. Elysium finally came down from the Heavens, and healed the three, giving them ultimate strength. They got up, and thanked Elysium. She told them not to get up yet. She had to hide Blake, and stop Dhaipha before she got anywhere else.

Blake ended up taking a boat, but the boat was wrecked after quite sometime. He got a little worried, and a little sea-sick. Joseph was on this boat too, and encountered Blake. He told him that he wanted his power, and would stop at nothing to get it.

Episode Twenty-Three

Blake was defeated by Joseph, and Joseph took some of his power. He laughed maniaclly and began to transform. After his transformation, he disappeared into the day.

Elysium followed Dhaipha, and stopped her in her tracks. She forbid her from going any further. Dhaipha refused to move, and Elysium charged at her.

Episode Twenty-Four

Elysium succesfully stopped Dhaipha, but knew it was too late for Blake. She quickly returned to the trio, and ordered them to find Joseph and Blake. Rage went after Joseph, and Mark and Porton went after Blake.

Rage found Joseph. But he looked, different. Rage went up to him, slowly, but Joseph, quickly slashed back at him, Rage evading his attack. Rage and Joseph battle, but it won't be easy.

Episode Twenty-Five

Joseph is very unhappy. He turns the whole world into a dark pit. He eventually disappears after he turns the world dark. Elysium, Porton, Mark and Blake all came back to Rage. Elysium wouldn't be able to operate her holy abilities in this darkness. Ragw said he'd do something, but he had just fought another traumatic fight. They will have to go by foot.

Blake had felt a little more powerful in this condition, but didn't know why. 

They had followed a trail of dark power, and they had came across Dhaipha. She was very mad. She said that she would kill all of them.

Episode Twenty-Six

The group finally encountered Joseph. He seems a lot more than just Joseph. He was a little bit of Blake too. And pale. Like Blake's final from.

Speaking of which, should be out and about now.

Blake felt like he was being stabbed in the stomach, which he was, by Porton. It wasn't neccesary, but needed to be done. Blake suddenly transformed into his dead-form. Blake prepared for battle with his demonic counter-part.


Blake defeated Joseph, and Joseph lost all his evil inside of him, but all the evil inside directed itself towards Blake. He was strucken by the evil and that evil took over his body. Rage stated that he would defeat the evil Blake, but everyone said that they'd help, and they did.

Blake was defeated and returned to normal, and everyone returned to where they needed to go.

But an evil spark inside of Blake lit up, and Evil Blake came back.

Game Modes

Boss Battle

Boss Battle is once again playable, but instead of your normal boss battle, you cannot choose the difficulty. The difficulty will be on Very Hard, but you only have to defeat that boss once. You can also have up to three characters, but only their P1 costumes are available.

Versus Mode

There are some returning game modes, such as One-on-One Versus. In this battle mode, there are new effects, such as when using a Critical Edge, the view of the screen becomes a shade of whatever color that person's Edge is(i.e., Blake=blue). Team Battle is returning, also. You can now have up to five people per team.


The game now includes a new type of element called "Edge." Edge is the color of one person's inner soul. That person Edge also effects that persons Edge Finish;the screen becomes the color of that person's Edge, and they perform their Edge Finish.


New Characters

Rise of the Unknown introduces Blake Benvolio as the main character and protagonist. Alongside Blake is Porton Hays, a shadow summoner. The two fight side-by-side as the main characters. Dhaipha Ferrel was an unlockable character in Essence of Phaze, and Joseph Phillips, Rage's closest childhood friend, becomes a playable character, and the lead antagonist. He and Dhaipha fight alongside each other as the main villains.


Rage his appearance once again as a returning character. Samus won't appear, due to the fact she had went back to her time during the events of Essence of Phaze and Rise of the Unknown, along with Sonic and Link. Rage's older brother, Mark, is also a returning character, but as a zombie. His spirit form, Pure Mark, makes an appearance.



Zombimark- New form of Mark; he is zombified, though his pure form remains the same.

Joseph Phillips- Mentioned in Rage's profile many times as a "malfested." Now becomes a playable character.


Blake Benvolio- Returning to the game, but he is the lead character.

Porton Hays- Returning as a main character.

Shain "Rage" Massey- Returning as a supporting character.

"Pure Mark"- Returning as a supporting character.

Dhaipha Ferrel- Originally an unlockable character, now a main character.

Elysium-Returning as a story character, and playable.


Coming Soon!


Samus Aran- Samus Aran is a DLC character for the PS3 and XBox 360 versions of the game.

Dark Link- Dark Link is a DLC character for the PS Vita version of the game.


  • "Edge Finish" is just another name for Critical Edge. Each character has a unique Finisher that corresponds with that person's Edge.

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