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Main Plotline

As Siegfried Schtauffen was slain by Nightmare, the holy sword, Soul Calibur, was forced to become simply a relic, forever stuck in the stone of the Tower of Remembrance, and was never to be seen again, as the sinister wielder of Soul Edge began to wreck havoc on the world. Only to increase on the danger, a new villain, an evil shapeshifter with the name of only Convict, had finally climbed to the floor which Soul Calibur had forever been perched. Easily able to shift his form to Siegfried, the being then claimed Soul Calibur, knowing that both the holy sword and wicked sword combined could take control of the world. The few that were to attempt to stop him were also on his trail, he would need to find Nightmare and Soul Edge, quickly...

Returning Characters

-Rock, teamed with Xianghu and Kilik to stop Convict.

-Xianghua, teamed with Rock and Kilik to stop Convict.

-Kilik, teamed with Xianghua and Rock to stop Convict.

-Nightmare, very powerful, with a complete Soul Edge.

-Footsoldier, also wanting to stop Convict, but considers Xianghu, Kilik, and Rock unworthy to fight such a monstrous shapeshifter.

-Lizardman, who is a survival enemy in the game.

New Characters

-Convict, an evil shapeshifter bent on world domination

-Warrior 6, a samurai wanting to use Soul Calibur to avenge his village's destruction.

-Sharrka, a legendary warrior who was sent to destroy Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.


-Wartorn: Footsoldier's arena. Cannons, barracks, and craters sprawl across the land in a place that is no stranger to bloodshed.

-Padded Cell: Convict's Arena. A cell once used to contain the dangerously evil criminals such as Convict, the guards, two Footsoldier and one General, lie dead in the background. A single window that gives off an eerie red light is in the background as well.

-Castle Rooftop: Warrior 6's arena. One of the towers of the large castle that was once standing proud in his village is now set ablaze and embers fly everywhere.

-Dynasty Street: Sarrka's Arena. One of the confusing alleyways of a busy street.

-Old Ruins: Rock's Arena. Crumbling pillars, gold treasure, and dangerous traps are everywhere in this old temple that served the spirit sword.

-Ruined Village: Nightmare's Arena. Stone buildings are set ablaze as the Soul Edge wielder attacks the town for souls to increase power. Ash clumps together as a choking danger.

-Sailor's Ship: Xianghua and Kilik's Arena. To travel the land, they sail by ship to search for Convict, and stop him from his plans to rule over all.

-Silk Road Ruin: Lizardman's Arena. This arena strongly resembles the Silk Road Ruin.


-Training: Players can train as all the characters to find the best combos.

-Survival: Enemies appear endlessly as they survive for as long as possible to gain gold.

-Story: Players follow a storyline as the selected character.

-Shop: Used to purchase new concept art and weapon demonstrations for each character.

-Multiplayer: Two players can fight each other in a 2P deathmatch.

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