"The true fighter can stare death in the face and lash out in rage against it!"


Akuma (悪魔 or アクマ, "Demon, Devil" in Japanese), known in Japan as Gouki (豪鬼, Gōki, "Great Devil", "Great Demon" or "Great Ogre"), is a popular fighter as well as a popular villain in the Street Fighter series and UDON comics. He is known as "The Supreme Master of the Fist."

Originally appearing in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a secret character and hidden boss, he is Gouken's younger brother and Ryu's adoptive uncle. Akuma is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in all of Capcom's 2D Games; in Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, he is voiced by Taketora.

He will make an appearance on SoulCaliburV as a secret Boss. (Note: FancharStory only) .

What lies in his soul is Rage.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred as The Master Of The Fist.


In the StreetFighter Games, Akuma /Gouki usually wears a black gi, but varies in the series (occasionally displayed as blue in artwork). He has red hair, sharp, pointed teeth, and is often bare-footed, though some games have him wearing brown sandals. He has a tanned skin and crimson eyes, and wears his deceased master Goutetsu's prayer beads around his neck, with a visible black Ten (天, ten, "heaven") kanji on the center bead in some video games. He was seen with a black belt around on his gi, but is now replaced by a tightened rope around his gi. On the back of his gi, he has a red Ten kanji (天, Ten) that sometimes appears glowing during certain win poses.

In SoulCaliburV promotional material of his, he now wears a dark blue gi, his hair is now yellow and his skin is much darker than before. His eyes are now very redish, resembling much more of a demon than the previous images. His prayer beads are now used on his right fist, and the kanji on the back center of his gi is now Kill ( 殺す), wich sports a glowing yellow/red color around it. In this game, he his bare-footed.

Fighting Style

In SoulCaliburV, Akuma passes throu a major change over his overall gameplay: he can't use hadokens much often, rather only one can be done as an unlockable attack and to break the defense (thou it can damage the opponent if hits directly). His Tornado Air Slashing Kick (Tatsumaki Zankukyaki) is used as a major guard break, rather taking down his opponents to the ground when hits.

Thou both are only usable once per move, his Shoryuken is quite useful on combos. A simple input of buttons ( down front Triangle button ) will move Akuma to perform his Shoryuken, and if hits, he can follow up with another combo or doing Tatsumaki or his Hadoken.

His Raging Demon can be used, but only as a glide (putting aside his critical edge, wich is his Shun-Goku-Satsu). Akuma can move rather quickly to the opponent, even passing by him or throu him, and he can also go back using his glide. This can be used as a backup or an ensurance if something on the strategy goes wrong.

Also, it is important to refer that Akuma has a new habilitie on SoulCaliburV, wich makes him go high (much like on SF series) where he is capable of launching his Gohadoken or performing an fall-down Tatsumaki.



The dark men has defeated another one on a battle to the death. The thunder has roared against the sky, lashing it on rage while the men walked away from the scenario, the latter fueled with blood on his own gi. Bare-footed, Akuma lashed out his warcry against the sky. It was the enough to shut out the thunders that where going down to the soil, as the sky becamed more dark than before.

Suddenly, on his way home to train himself once more, Akuma felt a sudden need to meditate. Doing that, he sensed the air changing, the trees going down and the sea gaining another smell. Suddenly, when Akuma openeed his own eyes, he saw himself on another Era. Ships around ports, pirates, all new to this warrior. Some of the pirates, viewing the man meditating still, had the need to steal his prayer beads, for they thought it was precious enough to value an excellent fortune.

But soon it was proved to be their downfall. All of the pirates around where defeated, murdered down to the ground, bleeding at the sea. The man turned his back at them. Akuma was now standing up to a new way, as he now desires to challenge the strongest ones on this new place. Returning to home was not on his ideas. Not until he kills the strongest one on this place.

Soon, all of them would fear the Satsui no Hado. Soon, they will fear Akuma..

Critical Edge

On the material promotion from his trailer, it was revealed that his critical edge will be the Shun-Goku-Satsu.

Akuma will pose himself towards the opponent, glidding at the opponent. If connected, it will deliver a powerful combo, wich will not reveal how much will be. The screen will turn black when he connects, and only the traditional Kanji of his attack will he puted on his screen. If he does not connects the attack, he will stop his glidding and return to his own pose of combat.


  • Malfested Battlefield (SoulCaliburV)

Theme music

Street Fighter IV Akuma's Theme02:52

Street Fighter IV Akuma's Theme

Theme music of Akuma for SoulCaliburV



  • Do something. Do anything. It won't work.
  • My name is Akuma. And you shall be teached the meaning of pain!
  • Hm!
  • Within my fists..lies true power.
  • Face the Satsui-No-Hado!
  • In the end, you will know why i am called 'Demon' .
  • Nu-rya!
  • Shô!
  • Tatsumaki!
  • Hahahaha..
  • Witness.. - Spoken during his Critical Edge
  • Messatsu.. - Spoken at the end of his Critical Edge
  • You are the so called Nightmare? Amuse me.. - Spoken when engaging in battle against Nightmare.
  • It was this malfested spirit who could whistand against my fists? Pathetic! - Spoken after defeating Nightmare in battle.
  • Hmpf. Show me your strenght, giant. - Spoken when engaging in battle against Astaroth.
  • Your so called ' brute-strenght ' is no match against my fists. - Spoken after defeating Astaroth in battle.
  • To challenge me is to respect chaos, and to respect death!
  • It's time for you to experience a million deaths in an instant!
  • You weren't even enough for a warm up!
  • You want to be beyond god-like power? I must beg to differ. - Spoken when engaging in battle against Algol.
  • In this realm, even the " Hero King " is nothing to me. Begone! - Spoken after defeating Algol in battle.
  • My fists are the only source of power that i rely on.


  • Killik seems to somewhat pose exacly like Akuma on his image promo. However, Killik lacks the kanji and the evil glow and energy that Akuma poses with.
  • His secondary Costume is Shin-Akuma. His bonus costume is Oni.
  • To be somewhat strange on the game, when Akuma glides at the opponent, laughs of children will be heard. If his Critical Edge connects with the opponent, children's laughing will be heard also.
  • Like the state above, in one of his winning poses, children will laugh exacly like in Sf series. This will happen only when some characters are defeated: Mostly the ones of good, and some of the evilness.
  • Like on Super Street Fighter IV, the bonus costume of Akuma (Oni) is able to produce a new tipe of Hadoken, as well is more brute and almost unstoppable character. However, his speed will be lacked, severed much, compensating for his strength.




His bonus outfit.


his first costume

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