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This page is under construction by prisoner D, please don't edit it! if you want to tie in one of your characters just toss me a line and lets see what can be done.

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D is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. He appears in Soul Calibur IV and also appears in Soul Calibur V. He is an escapee of the malfested prison known as the Abyss.

In Soul Calibur IV what lies in his soul is freedom.

In Soul Calibur V he is referred to as the sole survivor.


D knows very little about who he actually is. At a very young age was taken away from his family by a group known as Infinity due to having lesser malfestation. He was then taken to the prison for the malfested known simply as the Abyss located under the streets of Osthrienburg. he would remain there fighting for his life against the mad and malfested for twelve years aided only by his prison mates Souxie and Prisoner 00 for twelve years.

"It's time..." was all the warning 00 gave Souxie and D as they began there escape. The trio fought their way through the guards and fellow inmates until they reached the final gate leading to the surface were they were confronted by the warden Stella Harkness. Harkness then proceeded to attack the trio but was stayed off by 00 who gave his final message "Find Soul Edge and bring the fires of hell to the Abyss!" he then used the last of his strength to fight off Harkness and with a wave of unseen force, pushed Kisano and D through the gate which slammed shut behind them leaving them with a final task

Soul Calibur IV

Vowing to complete his master's final request, D set out to find the demonic sword. He began to follow rumor after every rumor which eventually led him to Japan, where due to his status as a malfested, was hunted down until he was confronted by Taki. He was trounced by the kunoichi master but was released after receiving information about a holy sword equal and opposite to Soul edge.



  • Looks to 00 as both a mentor and a father.
  • Trained along with Kisano under Prisoner 00.

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