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Makato is a fan-made fictional character in the Soul series. She is made with Character Creation in Soulcalibur III, IV, and V.


Soulcalibur III

Makoto Tamahashi was the last born child to Kaori and Reiko Tamahashi, the two leaders of the sacred shrine found somewhere in Japan. The shrine was previously unknown to other people, until one day it was invaded by a group of Lizardmen. The members in the shrine managed to defeat the Lizardmen, with several of their men wounded or killed. Kaori, Makoto's mother, was also critically injured.

Only 18 people stayed in the shrine: Reiko, Kaori, Makoto, and Makoto's 15 siblings. Kaori's injuries were healing quickly, and she promised vengeance upon the shrine that worshipped the Greek god of war, Ares. Makoto was sent out by her father as an undercover assassin, posing with the name Makato, a slight variant of her actual name. She was given one mission: to completely destroy the shrine that killed her clan.

Halfway through her journey, she heard of many rumors of a cursed sword and the resurrection of a knight in azure armor who was said to have once wielded it. Surely the Greek god of war must want something to do with that sword. A large golem then stood in her path, and immediately, she sheathed her naginata to fight. She was quickly defeated by the monster, but managed to keep track of his whereabouts. She tracked him down and defeated him, and quickly continued her journey to find the cursed sword.

Makato eventually found the evil sword that was stated in the rumors, and ultimately destroyed it. There was nothing left for her to do except to go back home.

Soulcalibur IV

Shortly after returning home to her parents, she is informed by one of her brothers that Kaori, her mother, had died from her injuries. This did not make any sense to Makato, seeing as how her mother's injuries were quickly healing. She confronted her father to find out what happened, but her father would not tell her.

"Father, please, I have the right to know what happened to my own mother. Why won't you tell me?"

Months passed before her father would say anything to her. She was looking out the window and saw a woman carrying an umbrella. Makato quickly exited the shrine to confront the woman.

"Trespassers aren't welcome here. State your name."

The woman said nothing, just staring menacingly into Makato's eyes. She drew a sword from her umbrella and swung it at Makato. Makato dodged the attack and continued, "State your name."

After a brief silence, Makato ran inside to grab her naginata, but the woman blocked her path. She would have to fight bare-handed. She managed to defeat the trespasser, and asked one more time, "State your name."

After getting back up, the woman finally spoke. "My name is none of your concern, but I do have the answers you're searching for." With that, the woman quickly ran off. Makato ran inside to grab her naginata, and followed the woman. She finally managed to catch up with her, and demanded to tell her what she knew.

The woman told her of a man named Mitsurugi, who broke into the shrine while Makato was avenging her clan and killed her mother. The woman promised to help her find him by traveling with her.

The two managed to find Mitsurugi who was pursuing the cursed sword. Makato thought to herself, "but...I thought I destroyed it!" Suddenly, the woman pulled the hidden sword from her umbrella and said, "My master must be avenged!" The puzzled Makato asked the woman: "He killed your master?"

"Yes," the woman said, "he killed my master in a duel. This man is always looking for a worthy opponent, and he found one in my master."

"Wait, if this man is only looking for a worthy opponent, he could not have killed my mother! My mother was injured, she couldn't fight! You were only using me to help you get to him, weren't you!?"

The woman didn't answer her question, and began to fight Mitsurugi. The battle was fierce, but the woman was defeated. Makato couldn't stand this any longer. She pulled out her naginata and struck Mitsurugi. It seemed one single blow was enough to render him unconscious. "You lied to me. You made me leave my home just so I could help you avenge your master. For all I know, we could be under attack right now. I don't know what's going on, but I do know I need to destroy that cursed sword again, and once and for all." She proceeded forward, leaving the woman there on the ground.

She was able to destroy the cursed sword once again and take home with her, the spirit sword. Though her mother cannot be avenged yet, she knew that with this power, nobody else that she loves will leave her.

Soulcalibur V

In the 17-year gap between Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V, Makato gave birth to and raised her own child, a son. Suddenly, he fell ill, and he never got any better. Then, she began to feel weak as well. She knew this was no coincidence. Something had to be wrong. She put her son in her father's care, grabbed her Naginata, and left. She fought people who claimed to know about the mysterious things that have been happening lately, and managed to break her beloved sword in the process. Because of this, she would have to fight bare-handed for the remaining duration of her journey.

She learned the cause for her son's prolonged illness is the reawakening of the cursed sword, the one that everyone had thought to become dormant. The cursed blood that ran through Makato's blood from her previous lust for revenge had also affected her son as well. If this was the case, she needed to destroy the blade again.


Makato has shoulder-length red hair that is usually tied back into a large ponytail. She has deep, piercing blue eyes. She wears a red jacket over a pink undershirt, along with a denim miniskirt with leggings and red boots. Her alternate costume has her hair worn straight down with a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans, with short high heels and fingerless gloves. Despite being born in Japan to Japanese parents, she does not look anything like a Japanese woman.


  • Shāpusutikku


  • Daughter of Reiko and Kaori Tamakashi
  • Has 15 siblings (some were found near the shrine and were taken in)
  • Almost entire clan is slain by a group of Lizardmen.
  • Defeated by Astaroth during her journey to find Soul Edge.
  • Defeated Astaroth later on while continuing to find the sword.
  • Defeated Setsuka in order to find out the cause of her mother's death, and later travels with her.
  • Defeats Mitsurugi after learning that she was used by Setsuka.
  • Travels with NeNe and Adam
  • Mother of her unnamed son.


Makoto is a Japanese name meaning "sincerity" or "truth," though Makoto is a typically a male's name. Makoto as a name is pronounced mah-koh-toe, but with her alternate spelling, Makato, it is pronounced mah-kaw-toe.

Series' Appearances

Appears as a custom character in all three games.

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