"Kill or not kill.. wich one will suit me better?"

— Uni

Uni (ユニ) is a character in the Soul Series of fighting games. He had kepted himself on the shadows on Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV and will make his first ever official playable appearance on SoulCaliburV. He has been behind the corruption and manipulation over the things that where happening on the events of SoulcaliburIII, but always hiding on the shadows. Now with the new Nightmare rising from the shadows and adopting his name as "Dumas", Uni decides to show himself also, in order to absorb Nightmare.

In other ways, the real motive why Uni awoked was to absorb Algol. In order to have the style and moveset of the "Hero King", Uni must kill him in battle to honor his style, and then shatter both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur (the real ones). Only on that way, Uni will be the new "Hero King" .

What lies in his soul is Selfishness.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is referred to as The chaotic puppet master.



The death of Strife Astlar turned to be the word that pulled together all the nations back to the course: instead of the war that was cursed upon the rule of the latter, his death granted seeds of hope and joy to the population victim of the war. But while this curtains of despair where closing, another curtain of despair was opening slowly. Among the people that gathered to congratulate the heroes, the ones that stopped the madness of Strife, was a dark one. This dark one was not only ' interested ' on hearing the success of the heroes, but also was smirking at them. What was he, and why was he smirking? No one knew. At a glance, the figure had vanished from the crowd.

Few weeks have been passing by. The news of the cursed sword rising again and the sword of the salvation still being on Siegfried's own hands where delightfull for the still unknown one to hear. His defeat against Sophitia and Cassandra maded him realize that his plans where about to be changed: a few might had the chance to be used for his own good.

Days ago, before the events of another tale, Tira was sended down to kidnapp two childs from Sophitia. She only had one with her, while the other was well and still on Sophitia's embrace of motherhood. Unfortenally for both, he was there, manipulating Tira to choose to leave with the daughter over the son.


A giant tower was blossoming from the earth itself. The great "Hero King" Algol was back, alive and more dangerous than ever before. But while others where to fight this great resurrected king, or even to find salvation or power for their own souls, the unknow men appeared for a short moment before leaving again. Going at Zazalamel, the men whispered softly as the latter was panting, tired from his defeat against Sophitia.

"My time has comed. Rest, for my work will begin with his death.Uni will end this."

As Zazalamel was trying to understand who would die, and who was Uni, the latter disappeared, leaving behind nothing but a trail of mystery. Still, on the way of his darkest slumber, Yoshimitsu repented the evil doer, but relentless to that, he knew that it was not tottally evil, thou his intentions where only about destruction. Encountering a man that named himself Noah, he shared the plans of his own with him. Noah accepted to serve him, under one condition: To be the next heir of the cursed sword. To the unknown one, the heir of both swords was nothing important for him. No, what was really important for him was another thing...


A great cave. A great, dark, giant cave, landing its mystery under the sea. The local people where about to be surprised. For Uni was to awake, preparing his ritual to realize his mission.

Getting up from his 17 years of sleep, only thinking about the mission. Ah, the mission. The mission that was plotted all this years, all of the moments of golden was time to repent all of them to Hell. Walking to the exit of the cave, it was the time to unleash his own power. Hearing about the new heir of the holy sword, and that "Dumas"; alas, the new Nightmare, son of the old One. He summoned Noah, his faithfull servant. He had a shard of the blade with him. But he had another shard: a blue one. Uni was pleased: with two shards of both the cursed sword and the sword of salvation, the time had arrived to claim what he wanted: the power of the Hero King. Time was cruel. And for both the Hero King and the Puppet Master, time was deceiving them. Both. But for now, time was servant of Uni. Uni sended Noah to finish the Holy Wielder, while he was to deal with Dumas. The time has arrived.

Moments after the encounter with his servant, Uni arrived at a giant mansion. The mansion seemed to belong to someone very rich. Uni was curious about it. He was tempted..and he was walking to the inside of the mansion without thinking twice.


Uni is an deceiving entity. He pulled out the strings that culminated on many events: the death fo Strife Astlar; the kidnapping of Pyrrah, the daughter of Sophitia, by the hands of Tira; and many others. He does not care for the well being of the world or other things. He is full committed on landing his mission to full success, wich is revealed later that is to be granted with the power of the Hero King. Besides this, he only seems to trust Noah to do his biding.



  • The past meets the present.
  • Your not Algol. Out of my sight!
  • The puppet versus The master.
  • This day will be marked with a recent death: yours.
  • The curtains of despair will open just for you.
  • Wich one will suit you better: life or death?
  • By the end of this, you will sleep for an eternal time.
  • Know this: your facing the endless despair.
  • And now..shatter!
  • Attack me!
  • Die.
  • Now lay down, you dog!
  • Sleep.
  • Hahahahaha.
  • Weakling.
  • Under death.
  • Just lay down.
  • Down!
  • Why the fight?
  • On your knees!
  • Shatter! Crusher! Death for you!
  • No..once again, time was cruel for me! - spoken after losing a time out.
  • You must realize..your defeat! - spoken during Critical Edge.
  • Hopeless. - spoken after Critical Edge.
  • Time will crush you. Just await that.
  • You where used by two masters. You are facing one of them. - Spoken to Tira at the beginning of the battle.
  • Once a puppet, always a puppet. Your nothing more than that. - Victory against Tira.
  • Noah.. you are willing to defy me? - Spoken to Noah at the beginning of the battle.
  • I've gaved you an opportunety. Don't expect to have another. - Victory against Noah.
  • I fear myself, not you.
  • Crush, you dog! - Spoken during a "Guard Burst" .
  • "Dumas"... finally we meet on battle. - Spoken to Nightmare at the beginning of the battle.
  • You are no Nightmare to me. Begone! - Victory against Nightmare.
  • Hm..your death is beautiful. Stupid..but beautiful.
  • Our ways are different. You are weak, i am strong. That is life.
  • After 17 years of slumber, it seems that no one has the guts to stand up against me.
  • 17 years..all of the strong ones have died?
  • Algol! This time you will be mine. - Spoken to Algol at the beginning of the battle.
  • Finally! The tittle and style of the "Hero King" are now mine! - Victory against Algol.


  • Dénever Castle: Assault (SC5)


  • Master of Noah, an unknown man who turned to do his biding.
  • Manipulated the decision of Tira about retrieving one of the childs from Sophitia.
  • Wants to kill Sophitia due to his defeat against her in the current events of SoulcaliburIII.
  • Noah informs him that Sophitia disappeared around the final events of SoulCaliburIV.
  • Has a related challenge against Nightmare, due to him wielding Soul Edge.
  • Wants to have Patroklos killed, sending Noah to have him down.
  • Wants Algol's own powers, due to be the last moveset he wants to copy.
  • He desires to be the next Hero King, by killing the first and only one: Algol.

Fighting Style

Uni is a mimic character. After 17 years of meditating within himself, he was gathering enlightenment and wisdom about the weapons and the fighting styles of any warrior who where pursuing Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Unlike EdgeMaster and the rest of the mimic characters, Uni only uses the Edge and Calibur versions of any weapon, althou it is consuming him litle by litle.



To at least have all of the fighting styles by his side, and desiring to also have Algol's style of fight, Uni development of his own style for 17 years has leaded him to be the most strongest warrior of the newcomers. The Omni-Mimicrum, while some says it is his heart, is his own body: by copying the style, his hands can produce the same effect and moveset as the real ones. However, it can only reproduce once per turn, and it cannot copy the same style until the battle is over.


  • Loyal to the name of his weapon, Uni always will fight with a different weapon each round, just like Olcadan, EdgeMaster and others mimic characters.
  • Althou he mimics all of the fighters, it is unknown if Algol will be part of his Mimicrum. In SoulcaliburIV, his style was forbidden to use, hence Uni was not there to be a playable character. He only has maded cameo appearances so far.
  • Like on the state above, Uni only appears as a cameo. However, if one looks well while playing with Noah, the second warrior walking with him on the Tower of Souls will be Uni. It is unknown if this was maded on purpose.
  • He is the only fanchar to not have a gallery for now.
  • He has a fusion of many characters: He his bald like Astaroth; sports a Greek cloth around his waist like Algol; he sports tattoos (the symbols) like Zwei; and has a metal azured skin like the armor of Nightmare.
  • He has similarities with Seth of the SF series. Both are bald, wanting to have all of the fighting styles, and also both are humanoids who at least control someone to do their bidding: Seth has Juri, and Uni has Noah.
  • It was said that he had losted against Sophitia. This is unknown, thou Uni claims to Noah during Noah ending on SoulcaliburIV that he has losted against her during their encounter.


Uni is a tall humanoid, around the same as Nightmare or Astaroth. He is bald and sports a Greek scarf around his waist (much like the ancient Greek fighters), with two symbols on each side (yet to be revealed). On SoulcaliburIII, he appears as a shadow. On SoulcaliburIV, he also appears as a shadow, but one can see his baldness and his size. Being a humanoid, his skin is mainly like metal. He has a builted body, oversized with muscle. He is visioned with a black tattoo on his back.


Uni means Only. His name was to be decided as Una (One in Latim) but it was decided to be Uni. Althou it is not related to the word Only, it is most probable to be the related word, since he is the Only fancharacter of the roster that can mimic all the others.

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