T.J. Marcus is character in the Soul series of games as he has made his first debut in Soulcalibur V. He is an African American high school student who is known for pulling jokes on criminals and villainous tycoons until he was pulled in a time rift created by Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, he is also the boyfriend of 18 year old Chinese American high school student Hannah Shang.

In Soulcalibur V what lies in his soul is Family

In Soulcalibur V's Promotional material, he is referred as The American Prankster.


Terrance Jason Marcuson also known as T.J. Marcus is an African American high school student in Marquette High School in St. Louis, Missouri located in the 21st century, he is also the grandson of church pastor Vincent Marcuson and church counselor Angela Marie Marcuson who is known preaching the word of god to the world. But what is known about T.J. is that he is skilled at pulling vicious pranks on people who prey upon the innocent which causes him gain respect and newfound popularity among the community and allows the mayor to give him the key to the city. But all of that changed one day at Marquette High, when T.J. was talking to his best friend Malik Brownlee and Hannah Shang (T.J.'s girlfriend) during lunchtime, he suddenly tripped on huge shard of ice while putting his tray away. He noticed it glowing and showed it to both Malik and Hannah for show, before T.J. knew was going to happen, the glowing shard let out bright shining light which turned the cafeteria ground to ice and released a time rift causing T.J. and his friends to be pulled inside the vortex below. Sooner than later, T.J. wakes up to find himself in front of the gates of a castle and was encountered by a tall broading man who goes by the name of Z.W.E.I who immediately attacks him, T.J. tries to escape but notices something on his arm was glowing and turned into pair of angelic punch daggers. Accepting this as a gift from god himself, T.J. rushes to fend off his attacker, Z.W.E.I was a deadly foe but T.J. manages to outsmart him with pranks and footwork. The fight continued until Siegfried came and put the conflict to a screeching halt, Siegfried introduces himself to T.J. and apologized for mistakening him as a malfested. T.J. explained to him that he found a glowing shard in the school cafeteria back in his time and that the shard created a huge pit in the floor unleashing a time vortex which pulled him and his friends in the 17 century timeline and was separated from them. Siegfried agreed to help him if he helps the Schwarzwind fight the malfested then T.J. will obtain the whereabouts of his friends. T.J. accepted his offer and heads out to fight the Malfested and save his friends.

T.J. Marcus

T.J. Marcus

Create-a-Soul SCV

Name: T.J. Marcus

Sex: Male

Style: Dampierre

Weapon: Tricks and Lies

Weapon Trail:8.62.08

Stage: Ancient Citadel: Peacetime

Voice: Scoundrel Pitch -4 Tone -4

Malfestation Level: None

Face: Male Face 1 (Brown Color)



Skin Color: Brown

Hair: Mohawk (black)

Head:Knitted Cap

Upper Body: Simple Top

Lower Body: Knee Pants

Undergarments: Sleeveless Shirt

Socks: Knee Socks

Feet: Back Laced Boots (black/white)

Accessory 1: None

Accessory 2: None

Accessory 3: None


  • the grandson of church pastor Vincent Marcuson and church counselor Angela Marcuson.
  • is the older brother of Keaton Marcuson.
  • is best friends with Malik Brownlee.
  • is the boyfriend of Hannah Shang.
  • Allies with Siegfried and the Schwarzwind to fight the malfested in order to obtain the whereabouts of his friends.


T.J. is a free spirited and wild young African American boy who enjoy pulling pranks and causing trouble in school which leads him to be scolded at by his grandpa, but he makes up for his mistakes by spending more time with his grandparents and younger brother. He also cares deeply for his best friend Malik and girlfriend Hannah when he hangs out and that strong relationship causes T.J. to believe that he wants to protect innocent people from dangerous criminals and drug dealers that appear on the streets on St. Louis. And to protect innocent lives, he promises to fight on to the bitter end.


T.J. has a black mohawk that is curved upwards and he has brown colored eyes. He also wears a black t shirt and has on blue jean shorts, he also sports black back laced boots on his feet. And he wears a knitted cap on his head.



T.J. wields a pair of angelic punch daggers as his primary weapon, they are called evangelism which means the punch daggers can heal T.J. every time he is gravely injured during battle. The Evangelism daggers can also unleash powerful light elemental attacks.


Soul Calibur V

  • Ah, This will be easy.
  • This is gonna hurt!!
  • Alright! this gonna be fun.
  • I can feel it!!! (before performing a Critical Edge)
  • Poor Baby!!! (after performing a Critical Edge)
  • I don't even know my own strength!!
  • That's gonna leave a mark!!
  • I might have a position for you.
  • Hannah, i am so happy you are alive- Spoken when engaging in battle against Hannah Shang
  • Come on Hannah, let's go home.- Spoken after defeating Hannah Shang
  • Let's go Malik, we have to finish this and get outta here!- Spoken when engaging battle against Malik Brownlee.
  • here Malik, let me help you up.- Spoken after defeating Malik Brownlee

Critical Edge

Godly Kangaroo burst

T.J.'s Critical Edge is the same as Dampierre's, except when he slides between the opponents's legs, he will face their back while on the ground, he then strikes them from behind with a powerful angelic blast.

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