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Kunoichi is a pretty young woman with dark blue eyes and dark brown hair that is cut short and center parted. She is very brawny and tall for her gender, due to the fact she is a trained ninja.

She typically wears a red battle mask and a short, floral-patterned dress. She bears a small tattoo on her left arm and obtained a scar across her right eye from a training accident.


Kunoichi is the eldest member of the six members of Ninja Mountain; she is therefore considered the leader and is looked up to like an older sister. The youngest of the group Hiro, even has an obvious crush on her, but she is too preoccupied with her training to respond to his affections.

This crush however was enough to make her the rival of Suzume, the second and younger female member of the group. Suzume was jealous of Hiro's admiration and strived to focus on looking better in order to win his heart. Kunoichi however pointed out that it is her martial art skills, and not her her looks that he is focused on, and that she should change her priorities too.

Despite Suzume's desire to reach perfection, the two grow closer albeit the love triangle.

When their master sensed a disturbance in the West that was said to be brought on by a wicked sword, Kunoichi, being the eldest, was sent first to take care of the problem.

But she hasn't returned in weeks...


Kunoichi is a feisty and level-headed young woman. She is drawn to the battlefield and shows much confidence in her skills. She has deep pride and respect for her country, as when she fights, she states that she is fighting for her homeland.


Theme Music

  • Innocent Vision (SoulCalibur IV Arrangement)

SCIV Innocent Vision 1504:33

SCIV Innocent Vision 15

Kunoichi's Theme

Fighting Style

Kunoichi fights with a halberd pole type weapon called a naginata, and thus benefits from maximum spacing between herself and her opponent. She is equipped with some the longest non-projectile attacks in the game. A fair amount of her attacks increase in damage depending on how far away her opponent is at the point of impact. To facilitate adequate spacing Kunoichi has a handful of attack sequences that she will jump or dash back at the end of. Although she has many long range attacks, most are very linear and a wary opponent could feasibly evade them quite easily via sidestepping, though this requires good anticipation and/or reaction time. Kunoichi has a decent array of low attacks to utilize, most of them relatively slow horizontal strikes however.

Critical Edge

Kong's Dance of Qi Tian Da Sheng: Knocks her opponent into the air with her spear, and then delivers a midair kick combo (three kicks), and strikes them down with her weapon.


  • You look nice and tough!
  • I'll teach you a lesson in humility
  • You're not getting away! - Taunt
  • You're nothing! - Taunt
  • Lights out!
  • Be still.
  • No way.
  • Go.
  • That all?
  • Leave!
  • As if!
  • Handle... This!
  • Die!
  • Ready?
  • Too strong! - Spoken during Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge.
  • Damn you! - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuud Markab.
  • Watch!
  • Give it up!
  • Useless.
  • It's useless!
  • Now... Retreat!
  • Let's start.
  • Perish!
  • To your grave!
  • You've got nerve!
  • This one's gonna hurt!
  • What now?! - Spoken during a tremor
  • What's this?! - Spoken during Guard Burst.
  • Prepare to die! - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • Quit... Stalling! - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • It's over!
  • Why you...!
  • Yes!
  • You were just too weak.
  • Come back after some training.
  • You want to serve under me?
  • Nobody said life was easy.
  • Just pathetic.
  • No! - Spoken when ringed out.
  • Not again! - Spoken when ringed out.
  • Pity the evil... - Spoken when KO'd by Ivy's "Embrace of Guilt"
  • Agh! I can't believe it! - Spoken when timed out.


  • "Kunoichi" is Japanese for "Female Ninja".
  • Her voice type is Reliable Leader (Pitch +6/Tone +6).
  • Her original appearance is in the game Mini Ninjas along with the original protagonist Hiro.



Kunoichi without her mask.

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