Sedantry is a minor antagonist of the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur IV.


Sedantry is a former ninja and samurai. In his youth, he was trained by his parents for ninjutsu, but when his age began to weaken his ninjutsu abilities, he trained as a samurai. However, the honorable samurai eventually found his new abilities to be too great, and soon he turned to evil and villainy. In order to go avoid shaming the name, he renounced his birthname, and went on as "Sedantry". Eventually discovered, he disappeared into the wilderness, and spent many further days, hiding on Mount Fuji. However, when he heard of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur spirit swords, Sedantry came out of hiding, in order to participate for the swords.

SoulCalibur IV

At the start of the tournament, Sedantry proved a difficult opponent. He managed to defeat every opponent he faced with ease. While in the tournament, Sedantry was met by a fellow Japanese warrior, known as Soukatsu. Having originally intended on battling Sedantry in retribution for killing his father many years before. However, Sedantry's silver tongue charmed Soukatsu into joining forces with him, promising him half of the power when Sedantry took Soul Edge for himself. Unfortunately, both the men were defeated by Eronoru before they could get close to Soul Edge.

After Eronoru took Soul Edge, the two returned, still hungering for Soul Edge. This time, they continued solo, rather than together. Soukatsu was defeated in the second round, while Sedantry was able to continue onwards. In response, Soukatsu attempted to help Sedantry in the third round; against the Nyanko sisters. Due to Soukatsu's interference, Sedantry was able to get the upperhand, and ultimately killed Nyanko Shiro, while Kuro was able to defeat him, ultimately removing him from the competition. Shortly after, the two men were seized on charge of murder, and were locked away for the rest of their days. The men endured seven years of incarceration, before they died in prison.

Fighting Style

While trained as a ninja and a samurai, Sedantry usually utilizes his ninjutsu abilities. He uses dual weapons, in both his katana, and the flagpole he keeps on his back. He is generally very strong, but can be easily avoided during battle; his speed, however, can be used to escape counter-attacks during this.

Physical Appearance

Sedantry shows signs of a European heritage, with deep green eyes, and grey hair. He is clearly aged with many notable wrinkles. In his 1P outfit, he wears earthy colours and a samurai's hakama. His 2P outfit is, oddly, that of a Western Knight. Both of these keep his flagpole trapped to his back.

Critical Finish

Sedantry delivers a devastating slash to the stomach, which leads the opponent to fall to the ground. He spins behind them, and pauses, as they breathe a sigh. As they do, he then slashes their neck, in a samurai-style execution.


Unlike his associate, Soukatsu, who is talked into joining forces with Sedantry, Sedantry searches for Soul Edge solely for himself, and even decides to kill Soukatsu, rather than give him half the power, when he seizes Soul Edge. While Soukatsu is rather neutral, Sedantry is solely evil.


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