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Seda is an antagonist of the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur IV.


Seda was born conceived miles from where she was born, but her mother, impregnated by a demon prince of Hell, attempted to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, to attempt to be rid of the demon child that she now held. However, before the poor woman could complete her pilgrimage, the child tore herself away from her human seed, her growth accelerated by her demon patronage. Growing rapidly, Seda named herself, and moved into the lands surrounding Persia. Upon reaching adulthood, her rapid aging drastically slowed, and she remained in her current form forever more. She built most of her own weapons, and destroyed any warriors coming after her with her inhuman strength. Although modern records of her were destroyed, in the 16th century, she was a hugely feared figure. Learning of Soul Edge from a warrior she was about to murder, she agreed to spare his life if he told her everything he knew; she somehow kept this promise

SoulCalibur IV

The warrior's words remained in Seda's memory, and when she learned of an upcoming tournament for Soul Edge, she knew she would compete. As soon as she saw him, she devoted herself to Nightmare, as the wielder of Soul Edge, and she promised that she would do anything he asked of her. She was asked to destroy all clear threats to him and Soul Edge, which she arrogantly promised. However, she was unable to pass the first opponent, and was destroyed in her first battle. In a rage, she fled.

However, when Eronoru took Soul Edge, Seda returned, and once again, devoted herself. Eronoru, having seen Seda's previous performance, was wary, but she still accepted her hand in allegiance. The first person she was sent to battle was Eleanoire, and once again, Seda was defeated with the utmost ease. Eronoru, furious, was only just willing to allow her to serve her, and she demanded that Seda attack Rebecca Nightfall. Once again, Seda was soundly defeated. Eronoru, furious still, appeared before them both, and berated Seda for her failures. Seda launched into battle to protect herself, but was unsuccessful, and was killed by Eronoru.

SoulCalibur V

After her callous murder at the hands of Eronoru, Seda rested in silence for seventeen years. Her body was taken from where she was slain in battle, and buried under an oak tree in Persia, where her birth was forced. After the long seventeen years, three people, who'd heard of her legends, performed a ritual beneath to long-dead tree. As the ritual ceased, the surrounding lands was bathed in a dark aura, the ground shook beneath them, and the dead tree was cut down the middle. As it broke apart, Seda rose from the ground, body untouched by the ravages of time. In a second, Seda had returned to life. Standing before the three men, Seda gave soft thanks to them for resurrecting her, before slaughtering them on the spot. With her weapon bathed in their blood, she let out a loud cackle, before heading off in another search for Soul Edge, now twice as cruel and bloodthirsty, out of rage from her death.

Fighting Style

Seda's fighting is distinctly aggressive and powerful, but is very slow in execution, leaving her very vulnerable to faster characters, such as Eleanoire and Rebecca, both of whom defeat her in the game. She shows some basic telekinetic ability, when she is able to grab and hold onto people without actually laying hand on them.

Physical Appearance

Seda has light pink hair and glowing white eyes; her skin is a pale-grey-to-white colour. She generally wears deep-red/maroon outfits; her 1P costume is a ruffled maroon dress with matching boots, and her 2P costume has a more aristocratic feel; a deep-red jacket and thigh-high red boots.

Critical Finish

Seda pins her opponent down with her axe, and pushes them across the arena floor. Her opponent, still pinned to the axe, is then swung around on the end of the weapon, until they are thrown away out of the arena.


Seda gives her allegiance solely to Soul Edge and its wielders; in the first part of the narrative, she pledges herself to Nightmare, and in the second, she pledges her loyalty to Eronoru, before ultimately being killed be her.


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