Samantha is a character in the Soul series, making her debut in SoulCalibur IV.


Samantha is the second child of Elizabeth and Arthur Nightfall, two English aristocrats. Her elder sister, Helena, constantly demanded all attention and focus, while her younger sister, Rebecca, was quiet and unassuming. As such, Samantha was overlooked greatly by her family. However, while her sisters learned her parents' style of defensive fighting, Samantha self-taught her abilities. When her sister ran from the family deeply worried Samantha, who had been close and protective of her younger sister. For many years, Samantha roamed in search of her younger sister, to convince her to return.

SoulCalibur IV

While travelling, Samantha heard the rumours of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. When she realised the legends were true, she knew instinctively that Rebecca would search out the swords in order to destroy them. Seeing it as her chance to contact and maybe even save her sister, Samantha instantly enlisted. Samantha progressed to the third round, where she faced Rebecca. While Samantha begged her sister to return, Rebecca consistently refused, and the two engaged in battle. Rebecca was the victor. She insisted that Samantha return home, but Samantha refused, and continued to follow her sister. They soon met the guardian demon of the Tower of Rememberance, Sindren, who slayed their sister, Helena. In a rage, Samantha attacked Sindren, and defeated her, allowing the sisters to progress. Samantha aided her sister, until she was knocked out mid-battle in the fourth round. For her own protection, Rebecca lay her sister to sleep for a while, and continued on alone. While Rebecca fought Eronoru, Samantha awoke, and was kept on the sidelines to watch Rebecca defeat Eronoru and Algol. At the conclusion, Rebecca left the Tower alone, while Samantha watched. However, seeing her sister's great success led Samantha to realise that she no longer had to protect and worry for her sister; she would always be able to care for herself. As such, Samantha departed the tournament, pacified of her fears, and resumed normal life, and settled to live in Italy.

Fighting Style

Samantha's self-taught style means her fighting style is deeply unpredictable, fast and full of fake-out techniques. She does not possess great strength, but her speed is useful for incapacitating her opponents, and dealing great damage while she does.

Physical Appearance

Samantha shares her eyes, hair and skin with all her sister; though they are paler than Helena's and darker than Rebecca's. Samantha dresses in a tomboy-ish style, with a short-sleeved shirt, and baggy pants for her 1P costume, but a more warrior-esque battle attire, possibly reminiscent of her nomadic lifestyle, for her 2P costume.

Critical Finish

Samantha spins around and slashes her opponent repeatedly, disorientating and incapacitating her opponent. Using their weakness to her advantage, she then creates a large ball of blue energy, which then explodes, knocking her opponent away.


Samantha is a neutral character. Her primary objective in the game is to protect her younger sister, Rebecca, and to a lesser extent, her older sister, Helena. Her quest does not include either Soul Calibur or Soul Edge.


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